GT Sport Players Suffer Widespread Server Issues During Latest FIA Events

United Kingdom
You know you've made it when you make it into a GTP news article :) That moment was distracting for sure :lol:

Last night I was extremely frustrated with the disconnects, but in the larger scheme of what's going on in the world you can understand what is going on in the background. What would be nice would be PD making some kind of statement on this. If they just told us what the increase in online users actually was so we can understand better what they are up against would help. Understanding the cause of a problem often eases frustration.

I was quietly hoping that PD will re-run round 4 today for EMEA but that's not looking likely. It is only an exhibition season after all, but it would be nice if PD put out some kind of communication on this.
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Yesterday i jumped back into GT racing after years of break since GT5 and thought this is what happens normally online.
Glad i was wrong, because before this happened later in the evening, it has been good fun.


I will lead us to victory!
Dundee, Scotland
I was able to connect to the servers fine in the morning but around about 2pm it gave me an error with Discovr and I couldn't connect to the server
at all after that so I ended up playing Borderlands 3 and no connection or lag issues at all so I hope PD will address the issue on the server loads
at some point.

Should add that I was playing Co-Op with other players in BL3, one from Belgium, two american's and me, no issues at all