GT Sport Soundtrack Recorded at Famous AIR Studios in London

The instrumental music in this game - the tracks you hear right before a race - is outstanding. Yesterday i stared at the Nordschleife preview for 10 minutes or so, hearing this atmospheric tunes, witnessing the glory of 4K. Seriously. This games presentation is top-notch so far.
Hopefully, they also pay as much attention to engine-sounds as to the soundtrack.

In a game like Uncharted soundtracks are very important. Here, it is something less important in my opinion. But it is always better if the GT-soundtrack sounds great.
I'm a big fan of Muse, so the fact that they've also worked on albums in Air Studios is a pretty cool thing for me! :D
Now if only we get to see the cars in our garage with the classic 360 degree rotation, while listening to the soundtrack. I miss it. :(

Not a big fan of how it is in the beta. If we ever have custom livery or customizations and not being able to see all around the cars in the garage.
I hope we're able to walk around in a digital garage à la Test Drive Unlimited. Doubt it, but one can hope. Just walking around them and listening to the calming music. It would be great.