GT Sport to not feature single player 'career' events/races?

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How would you feel if there was no traditional single player 'career' in GT Sport?

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  1. Not happy and I won't buy a GT game without one

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  2. Not happy but i'll still buy a GT game without one

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  3. I don't mind, if one is there I'll play it but prefer online

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  4. I don't care at all, I don't want/need a single player career, will play online

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  1. SlipZtrEm

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    I'm not the one making an outrageous claim. You did — so you can prove it.

    (EDIT) And that's that sorted, then.
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  2. Draggon


    That's where I've spent most of my time lately, too. The fault in that is how the game chooses the AI and competing cars. Since it's more or less based upon what car you're in, not the PP level, the races can be incredibly lopsided.

    I'm just sorta stunned that after 15 years of GT the career mode might not be the bulk of the game. I'm also imagining how GT Sport life may be if the servers act like they do in GT6 :yuck:
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  3. super_gt


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  4. You know, once you can afford a PS4 you can then afford anything and your situation will never change.
  5. queleuleu


    AC jpdate :
    Poly, if you want my money, you know what to do.
  6. RaceBooth


    Yes I have raced in a quick match and you still don't know who you're racing against. Match making doesn't even work because I'm still racing against noobs and dirty drivers and of course the mics wouldn't be on. No matter what group you join there will be dirty drivers most wont even move of the starting line and its kinda obvious boost catch up is on. I remember back in 2014 on SSR5 when the lights come on the drivers have gone and im still waiting for lights out and everytime at the end of a race i somehow won, this is the sort of thing that will be in gt sport if it goes down this path.

    And I'm not an idiot driver I'm a clean and fast driver on GT6.

    The game completion shouldn't have anything to do with online it although it should just be targetted at GT mode really which is the career mode and yea 90% haven't completed it but thats probably most of em just want to do online races and use gt mode for extra cash. And most people probably have another account and completed it. I want to get 100 percent so i can unlock everything and completed the game and move on, i dont care about trophys but there will be youtubers like rynogt4 who would want to get 100% and that will do great for his channel but he can't if theres gonna be certain amount of leagues filled with dirty drivers. I don't want a game like GTA on tablet where you have to do online races in gt mode that are quick and open and is full of noobs and cheats them special bonus races on GTA is one of em.

    Anyway i don't feel well can't finnish it
  7. zooburner


    If there is no offline single player career mode then for me that's the end of the spirit of Gran Turismo (for me at least) , That's what killed GT5 and GT6 for me the poor offline modes.

    There are far better games coming out it seems if we must be forced online, Project Cars 2 seems to be the one I'm biased towards on this news. I think I will save my money and get Project cars 2.
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  8. Castrol96


    United Kingdom
    The overall campaign is very similar to GT4 Prologue which I enjoy!