GT3 Steering Settings & Counter Steer Findings w/ Wheel

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    Hello all,

    Rather than digging up the old threads linked below, I thought I'd post my findings here in a new thread for those having the same problem.

    It seems you cannot counter steer with a wheel in GT3 if you're running the simulation steering setting.

    The fix is simple: change the steering setting from simulation to professional. :)

    I kept loosing the rear in arcade mode over the fast left-right-left transition of Trial Mountain's turns 1, 2 & 3. At full lock, the car simply wouldn't come around. So I started watching the replay and noticed there wasn't any opposite steering angle. So naturally, I started playing around and found that to be exactly the case.

    If you don't believe me, try it yourself:

    Use exterior view, look backwards, take a corner, tap the e-brake, and try to counter steer.
    With a controller it works fine.
    With a wheel, it simply won't counter steer until your speed slows way down and you've effectively spun to a stop.
    On the professional setting however, I was able to over-correct and initiate snap-back oversteer.

    Hope this helps anyone who has been dealing with the same issue. :cheers:

    Sidenote: I tested in both arcade and simulation mode. I also used both a DFGT and an original Logitech Driving Force (not the DFP, but the older 180 degree one that looks like the Logitech Wingman).

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    I know this is old but man this will come in handy. I have been playing on simulation with the wheel and wondered why counter steering was impossible so that's all I need to do eh.

    Your amazing thanks!!
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