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  1. Duke

    Duke Staff Emeritus

    United States
    Let's give this a shot. Post your GT4 Diaries in this thread! Give your current status, license results, precentage complete, credits, mileage, whatever. In the interest of keeping this thread manageable, lets have some guidelines:
    • One post per player! Instead of a huge meandering thread, please confine your diary to one post. Then edit that post as you update the world on your progress. Discussions should happen via PM or in separate threads on the specific topic.

    • Keep it fairly brief! It doesn't have to be bare bones only, but don't go off at great length. If something deserves a detailed writeup, by all means, make a separate writeup for it and link that in your post here.

    • Date your updates! Just a little "Last update on..." blurb will help.

    • Have fun! Make this worth reading and easy to read. Lets see the different approaches everybody takes.

    Enjoy the game, everybody.
  2. LoudMusic


    United States
    February 22:
    LoudMusic, "Is it in?"
    Employee, "Nope"
    LoudMusic, "****"
  3. dhwebb


    License: S (1 Gold, 24 Silver, 55 Bronze)
    Missions Passed: 1-10, 20-25
    Complete: 47.6%
    A-Spec Points: 16,680
    A-Spec km: 9,520
    B-Spec Points: 6,472 Skills (80,65,61)
    B-Spec km: 10,956
    Cars Owned::226
    Favorite Car::BMW M5
    Game Day: 1125
    Playing Since: 1/25/04
    Favorite Accomplishments: Nurburgring 4 hour race - I've done this 3 times now. No time for the 24-hour. I also have all 4 Black Cars from day 694.

    Last Update 3/12/2005
  4. 87chevy


    Well, As I return to the racing world after nearly a 6 month break, I've found everything has changed. I've blown all but 110,000 bucks and i have no car. I find out that only my A and B licenses are still good. Not being a very technical driver, i was hoping my other licenses would be good too, but no.

    Day1:So I need a car.... I stop by a Used Auto place and don't see much that impresses me. The Second lot i pass has a pure beauty sitting out front. A 1990 Toyota Twin Turbo Supra, in black. A match made in Heaven.
    I take it to the local driving park and get used to racing again. It seems sooo different than what i remember. But better somehow. I'm still very rusty, but then my racing always seemed a bit 'rusty'.

    Day2-12: I find the old Sportsman Cup and win fairly easily. Next on the list is the Rearwheel Drive challenge for ametuers. I win the first, barely, and don't do so hot in the second race. Time for some parts. I stop by the TOM's shop and pick up some minor things; exhuast/intake, coilovers, and some new wheels/tires. With the new Parts i finish off the FR Series. I win a sweet old Nissan Skyline or something. I think it's barely pushin' 100hp. But it's pretty classy. I might keep it around.
    I find out about a series for Japanese cars, made in the 90's only. Sweet. I watch one of the races and looks like i should be able to compete. So i enter and win all but one, i finished 3rd in that. I go and get a Stage1 Turbo from good'ol TOM and come back to beat that one. For winning all of the five races, The series sponsor awards me with....... A NISMO 400R!!!! NICE! the only Skyline Variant I ever liked. I used to have a yellow one back in the day, but it was too much car for me. I never raced it much. And to top it off, this one is BLACK! I'm starting to feel lucky...
  5. MarshyTVR2


    Could you include what cars you own too? Thanks
  6. Duke

    Duke Staff Emeritus

    United States
    Complete: 8.8%
    Game Day: 922
    Win Ratio: 39.6%
    Trophies: 91
    License: IB (23 gold, 25 silver, 0 bronze)
    A-Spec Miles: 484
    A-Spec Points: 2940
    B-Spec Miles: 0
    B-Spec Points: 0
    Cars Owned: 33
    Prize Cars: 24
    Prize Credits: 277,400
    Credits: 343,334
    First Car: VW Lupo from B bronze
    Most recent Car: M3 CSL
    Most Recent Event: Schwarzwald Liga B series; multiple times through the 'ring.
    Favorite Accomplishments: Finally getting that POS BMW 1-series around the Tsukuba B license test in gold time. Now I don't have to hear the damn thing's tires squealing as soon as I even look at the controller.

    Begun: 22 Feb 2005
    Last Update: 29 May 2005

    The Story So Far:

    Started right in learning new physics on B license tests. Currently gold on all B tests except 3 escorted laps.

    Took B silver prize Mazda KUSABI to Beginner FF.

    Tried the Sunday Cup in the stock Lupo. Won at R5 Clubman and HS Ring for 78 A points. Couldn't hold on at Motegi, so I finished the Cup in the Mazda 6 for 9 A points.

    Picked up a '97 RX-7 RS-R (FD for all you fanboys) in gorgeous yellow with black wheels. So far my only purchased car. Romped through the Beginner FR with a surprising ~78 to ~120 A points.

    Took the prize Abarth to the Beginner Kei Cup. Stock, I can't quite catch the Cappucino. Added Sport Suspension and Turbo 1 for 103hp. Awarded the Ginetta G4.

    Made the transition to the DFP wheel, and couldn't imagine going back to the controller except for rally or ice races.

    Bought an Audi RS-4 Avant and knocked off the Beginner AWD with the car stock, then bought an Elise 111R. The Elise needed a little power added to take both the Beginner MR and Beginner Spyder series.

    Then I bought a Ram 1500 and a blower and a set of Rallye wheels for it, and knocked out the Truck races.

    Next I got back into the bright yellow RX-7 and beat the Japan Championship with the car somewhat built up.

    After the relief of running a few races, I got back in the License Test saddle and collected my IB License in silver.

    With the coffers running low, I tried several cars to run the Capri Rally (Easy). Much as I wanted to run the Ginetta there, it just didn't have the power, and when it had the power, it didn't have the handling. I ended up using the prize car Acura DNX as a ringer, and then the Toyota RAID a few times since then.

    I did find a place for the Ginetta in the British Lightweight Series, wher the loose handling was not punished by the close walls, and you could build some momentum.

    Next I bought a Golf R32 and ran it stock through the Schwarzwald Liga A, adding Paris to the list of courses run, and having fun. I was remarkably surprised to be awarded the M3 GTR racer for such a short and fun series. After that I tried a BMW M3 in the Liga B series, marking my first ever lap on Nurburgring. However, the 'plain' M3 didn't have the legs for this series, so I went back with the CSL version to clean up.
  7. TheWizard


    Game Purchased: 02-22-2005 - 18:01 (6:01 PM) - Oddly, the receipt says 02-21-2005 :scared:

    Day: 557 - 10 OCT - Year 2

    Complete: 36.8 %

    Licenses: b, a, ib, ia - 6 G 12 S 59 B

    A-spec Points: 11,136 pts

    B-spec Skill Level: 4,960
    Machine Skill: 67
    Course Skill: 49
    Battle Skill: 48

    No. of Cars Owned: 91 cars

    First Car Bought:
    Honda Civic SiR-II (EG) '92 - Granada Black Pearl

    Driving Missions Completed:
    1 - 12, 19 - 25, 27 - 29, 33

    Cr. Start:
    Cr. Current: 8,305,758

    Major Accomplishment(s): Nothing worth of mention, yet

    Latest Race(s) Completed: Professional Events: 'Gran Turismo World Championship'

    Next Race(s) in Program: Start Racing in the Extreme Events

    Currently Driving: MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V Race Car '89

    Strategy so far: I am keeping all the cars that I win. I sell them only if they are duplicates, and I keep them all at zero miles. This means that if I win a car that I would actually like to drive, I do that particular series of races again, in order to win another copy the same car - this way I can keep one at '0 mile condition' and drive the other one. It's time consuming, but I want to collect all the cars and have them in mint conditions. I use B-spec only to do a race (or a series of races) that I have already won in A-spec - this way, B-spec is not helping me advance in the game at all, I am doing all the work. B-spec is only used when another of the same vehicle is needed (for the reasons stated above). I am also trying not to completely overpower the competition and keep the A-spec points per race at a minimum of 20-30, unless I get extremely frustrated and cannot win the race.

    Last Update: 4-9-2005

    The Wizard.
  8. Small_Fryz

    Small_Fryz Premium

    GT4 All Gold
    34 Driving Missions done
    9.5% completion

    Updated 17th March
  9. sals7tmp


    i have a quick question for the creator of this thread. what do u mean by GT4 Diaries? im just not quite sure what this means.

  10. VT


    License: S (8g 34s 38b)
    Complete: 42.7%
    Game Day: 563 (16 Oct. 2006)
    Cash: $1,564,221
    Win Ratio: 73.5%
    A-Spec Points: 5959
    B-Spec Points: 6227
    First Car: 2002 VW Lupo 1.4 from broze B License
    Recently Purchased Car: 1967 Shelby Cobra 427
    Recently Won Car: DMC DeLorean S2, Opera Performance S2000
    Current Car: 1967 Shelby Cobra 427
    Cars in Garage: 75
    Most Recent Event: Shelby Cobra Cup
    Favorite Accomplishments: Golding the Nurb on my first completion at 9:02.479

    Begun: 22 Feb 2005
    Last Update: 10:45pm 9 March 2005

    wow - I updated this
  11. rfa


    We in Australia get to wait, until the 10th of March

    heard elsewhere on this forum its on the shelf in Sydeny... not happy, Jan! :grumpy:

    then editing & updating begun.

    Thank god the Mrs is out of the country for a few days!

    She's still out of the country & refuses to buy me a DFP.

    will be at the friendly retailer in the morning attempting to cajole my copy from the stock room

    1st edit: Teal

    2nd edit: Blue

    Didn't go to uni on Thursday or Work yesterday

    Day 195, 12.3% complete.

    A-Spec: 2632 @ 384km
    B-Spec: 1865 @ 47km 22/19/16

    Licences: NOT S (yet), 4 Gold, 22 Silver (all on domestic B except for a gold), 38 Bronze)

    win ratio: 67/75 (just under 90%)

    26 cars 1st car:Monaro (transferred the $100k and licences, but "worked" for the cars from the tests.)

    found a TVR Griffith 500 ~ 20k in the used car lot, used this to make more money than everything else put together! goes in small car, convertible, euro, TVR, <1000kg, FR, NA... the list goes on and it handles like a dream.

    while doing the RSC Raid "freebie" (~$265k) remember to change tyres from "Sport" (that your'e forced to use in Beginner & Pro). i spent 48k on qualifying tyres, hey, for the money it makes its a good investment in the car. and i always go just off the throttle after the start, let the other car move over & blast past.

    i think this will get updated from memory @ uni & work, because when at home 'll have some thing better to do than sit on the net.

    until my thumbs fall off...

  12. EurotekniK


    GT4 and DFP sitting at home.... ----------200 miles away -----> me :crazy: :crazy:

    spot reserved
  13. Gitriko


    Liscense: A-all gold, B-all gold, IB-all gold, IA-all silver, S- all silver
    % complete: 25.3
    Beginer Hall: all gold
    Professional Hall: all gold
    Extreme Hall:-
    Rally Easy: all gold
    Rally Normal: all but yosemtie II gold
    Rally Hard: all silver
    Garage: 70-85 le mans type cars
    Current Car: BMW McLaren F1
    First Car: Subaru Impreza WRX STi Ver. III
  14. Jugend


  15. neurokinetik


    As of 3/10/05:

    game arrived on 12/31/2004
    Current car: Polyphony Formula Gran Turismo
    Most recent event: Motegi Super Speedway in the Formula GT series

    98.8% complete
    555 cars in my garage
    2078 game days elapsed

    17764 A Spec points
    68.8% Win percentage
    6528 km

    7505 B Spec points
    Driver skill: 90
    Machine skill: 76
    Battle Skill: 71
    49856 km

    After completing the Formula GT series, now all that remains is the seven missions below:

    Mission Hall
    Mission 11 :grumpy:
    Mission 12
    Mission 13
    Mission 14
    Mission 15
    Mission 18
    Mission 34 :grumpy:

    0 gold 9 silver 71 bronze
  16. 1Drifter1


    Last Update: Sept 1
    Date Begun: 10 March
    License: S
    Complete: 49.4%
    Day: 723
    Cash: 2,771,719cr
    A-Spec Points: 5216+
    B-Spec Skill: 5317+
    1st Car: Mitsubishi Evo GSR
    Favourite Car: Any BMW with a "M" Badge :drool:
    Garage Contains_ Cars: 151
    Fastest Lap at Tsukuba In Street Car:0:51:3 sec

    The Story So Far: Havent updated 4 ages coz i hav kinda stopped playing GT4, gone back 2 San Andreas!! But i am gettin a PSP in a few weeks!! :cheers:
  17. Carl.


    as of March 28th

    Stupid memory card got corrupted at 60% :banghead: :irked:

    So, back at 0%, just did B license.
  18. mtnsponger


    Got mine/started 2-22-05


    STATUS: 38.7%
    MISSIONS: 1-10
    GAME DAY: 588
    CASH: 6,257,219
    WIN RATIO:76.6%
    A-SPEC: 3117pts
    B-SPEC: 6537skill
    # OF CARS: 72


    Feelings: Fwd blows ass.
  19. Thirdeye


    United States
    Last Updated: 3/5/05 - 8:40am

    I've given up on updating my car list, takes way too long.


    Thanks to GTJugend for the pic!

    I'll update this post as I play it more.
  20. BlazingDragon


    BlazingDragon's GT4 status

    License: IB (48 gold, 0 silver, 0 bronze)
    Complete: 11.3%
    Game Day: 250
    A-Spec Points: 5147
    A-Spec mileage: 480 miles
    B-Spec Points: 3404
    B-Spec mileage: 113 miles
    First Car: Nissan Silvia K's (S13) [used]
    Current Car: Ford RS200
    Most Recent Event: Special Conditions : Swiss Alps (Easy).
    Favorite Accomplishments: Gold's in the first 48 license tests.

    Begun: 24 Feb 2005
    Last Update: 6 Mar 2005

    First impressions
    Awesome. The most imporoved thing is the vehicle dynamics - massively improved and more reaslistic than GT3. The autosave fature is kind of strange, Arcade mode now seems totally pointless for me (other than multiplayer).
    Can't wait to keep playing.... :)
  21. Zrow

    Zrow Premium

    Update: Day 22 - February 27, 2005

    Current Car: Nissan 350Z GT Limited Edition
    Began: February 26, 2005
    Percentage: 1.8%
    Licenses: B, A

    First Car: Nissan 350Z GT Limited Edition

    • Transferred A and B licenses as well as 100,000 credits from GT3
    • Won the Sunday Cup, sold prize car
    • Won MR competition, sold prize car
  22. Solid Lifters

    Solid Lifters

    United States
    License: S G: 80 S: 0 B:0
    Game Day:1,777
    Credits: 25 Million
    A-Spec Points: 28,987
    B-Spec Skill: 9,253 (100;91;92)
    First Car: Buick GNX (GT3 credit import)
    Current Car: Audi R8
    Most Recent Event: Super Stars
    Favorite Accomplishments: Racing the Le Mans II Family Cup Race on 10 with the CLK GTR Race Car and coming in first. 1000 Miles! Endurance race. Getting all licenses. Complete Missions 1-30 Finally getting to see the end movie and opening Extreme Hall. 24 Hours of Nurb.

    Begun: 23Feb 2005
    Last Update: 19 January, 2006
  23. glacier985


    United States
    License: S (36g 27s 17b) B A IB IA S
    Complete: 98.1%
    Game Day: 1531 (10 JUN Year 5)
    Cash: 11,244,042
    Win Ratio: 78.5% (588/749)
    A-Spec Points: 17911
    A-Spec Mileage: 3,219
    B-Spec Skill: 6731 (Machine 85, Course 67, Battle 63)
    B-Spec Mileage: 12,312
    Current Car: Mazda 787B Race Car '91
    Cars in Garage: 238
    Halls Completed:
    - Japanese Hall (Feb. 27)
    - Beginner Hall (Feb. 28)
    - American Hall (Mar. 3)
    - Professional Hall (Mar. 17)
    - European Hall (Jan. 6)
    - Special Condition Hall (April 9)
    One Make Halls Completed:
    - Subaru (Mar. 1)
    - Daihatsu (Mar. 13)
    - Nissan (Mar. 14)
    - Honda (Mar. 16)
    - Isuzu (Mar. 16)
    - Mazda (Mar. 20)
    - Mitsubishi (Mar. 21)
    - Hyundai (Mar. 22)
    - Peugeot (Mar. 23)
    - BMW (April 4)
    - Chevrolet (April 5)
    - Suzuki (Jan. 31)
    - Citroen (Jan. 31)
    - Renault (Feb. 13)
    - Mercedes-Benz (Feb. 13)
    - MG (Feb. 13)
    - Lotus (Feb. 13)
    - Toyota (Feb. 17)
    - Chrysler (Feb. 17)
    - Alpine (Feb. 18)
    - Audi (Feb. 18)
    - Alfa Romeo (Feb. 19)
    - Opel (Feb. 19)
    - Volkswagen (Feb. 19)
    - Aston Martin (Jan. 1)
    - Mini (Jan. 1)
    - Triumph (Jan. 1)
    - Shelby (Jan. 4)
    Favorite Accomplishments:
    - Completing the Japanese hall and getting absolutely nothing for it :grumpy:
    - Actually going around the Nurb without going off track :)
    - Finally Getting my S License after trying the last test 20+ times :)
    - Getting All Silvers on a license for the first time in my GT series history :)
    - Buying the four "Black Beauties"
    - 50% :D
    - Getting GT4 to work again after adjusting my PS2's laser Voltage :D :D :D
    - Getting All Golds on a license for the first time in my GT series history after beating test B5.
    - Getting a new slim PStwo for christmas and being able to GT4 again
    Began: Feb. 27, 2005
    Last Update: April 11, 2008
  24. standard235


    Spot reserved for me until... I get my reading grade up. Should be in a week or so.! :dopey:

    Rented game last night at 9:00 and played for a half hour. I can't explain it. Time to sit through a day of school then play all day. Woohoo!
  25. Derpp


    Complete: 50.1% as of today.

    A-spec points: 2150 pts.

    Licenses: b, a, ib, ia

    A-spec Mileage: 1360miles

    B-spec Mileage: 620miles

    Win Ratio:355/360 = 98.2%

    Total no. of prize cars: 95

    Total prize credits: 4,982,400

    No. of cars owned: 71

    B-spec skill: 4228
    Machine skill: 53
    Course skill: 41
    Battle skill: 41

    First car: Fully modded Mustang GT 05'.
    Current car: Jaguar xjr-9 race car, from completing 50%
    Favorite car: Well this one is hard I have a number ties here...
    69' Corvette stingray
    65' G.T. 350R
    69' Camaro SS
    67' Cougar XR-7
    70' Chevelle SS 454 Mom used to have one...

    There to many to list, let’s just say anything and every thing American :tup:
  26. Thirdeye


    United States
    GTJugen, that's really cool, do you happen to have it as a PSD with editable word layers? If not, that's ok.
  27. slowman


    United States
    License: S (6 Gold, 69 Silver, 5 Bronze) going for all silvers atm
    Complete: 23.7%
    Playing Since: 2/22/05

    Will be a little more complete once I get home... I'm at work ATM, just put what I remember
  28. l2ounD


    *updated* with licenses, missions, and specials completed plus some races

  29. yeti


    Received GT4 Wednesday 9th 2005.

    No import of GT3 or GT4:p

    Percent Complete : 70%


    B Licence - Passed to Silver (2 Golds)
    A Licence - Passed to Silver (2 Golds)
    IB Licence - Passed to Silver
    IA Licence - Passed to Bronze (12 Bronzes, 4 Silver)
    S Licence - Passed to Bronze (11 Bronze, 5 Silver.

    Totals = 4 Golds, 53 Silvers, 23 Bronze)

    Race events

    Beginner Hall - Complete
    Professional Hall - Complete
    Japan Hall - Complete
    European Hall - Complete
    American Hall - Complete
    Endurance Hall - Complete (Except 24hours at Lemans II)
    Special Conditions - Complete
    Extreme Hall - Complete

    Cars Owned (Some of them)

    Mitsubishi Lancer GSR '92
    Honda NSX '97
    TVR Cerbera Speed Six
    TVR Cerbera Speed Twelve
    Suzuki Cappuccino
    Ginetta G4
    Minolta 88Vc
    Polyphony F1
    Mercedes CLK GTR
    Subaru Impreza GD Spec C '04
    Renault 5 Maxi Turbo
    4 Black LeMans Cars.

    Memorable moments

    Silvering A licence Graduation... 50 seconds of blasting through a lot of bends on the ring in a high powered twitchy FR car... Was sweating after 5 minutes of it!!
    Bagging 88 A-Spec points with a blocking maneouveur 50 metres from the line... winning by .050 of a second whilst sideways!!
    Silvering IA 15 - First complete run around the ring after falling off the track about 10 times gleaned a silver medal and a congratulatory beer and fag!
    Beating Minolta 88V in a Subaru Impreza around Tsukuba Wet (Hard)
    After ten hours of watching B-spec dude around Nurburgring finally getting my hands on the F1 car!! (White and Purple)
    Getting all 4 Black Le Mans Cars in the first week available.
    Getting S licence - Lame lap of the Ring but was too scared of failing.
    Nailing all of the early licences to Silver. Pretty easy after a few months of playing GT4. Next stop all Silver for every licence.

    Last Update

  30. intelectualism


    my spot reserved till i actually get time to write in this