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    Redrock :) We had some great fun there with some alternate tunings that were at 1st banned but became kind of a side thing. You could tune some cars to take the corners at full tilt like a slot car track. Lap times under 50 seconds in many models. I miss the Saleen Mustang a lot. It was one of my faves in 2. At least in 3 you have the Rome daytime tracks though many from 2 were gone. They brought back SS Rt 11 from 1. It has Seattle and Midfield too
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    I didn't run Red Rock a lot, but I did enjoy it when I raced there. Hopefully they bring it back for GT7.

    My favorite three tracks from the old days were Seattle (What's more fun than racing in the city?), Midfield, and a lesser-known track, Tahiti Road (I enjoyed many a race there in my old days).
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    Turned my attention to shorter races on the quest for 200 point runs.. I'll wait a while to update my post. A lot of beginner league is done. This stuff is quite hit and miss. Some events seem pretty simple and straightforward and some seem almost impossible, even using vehicles recommended in that part of the forums
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    That's just the nature of the beast. Some races are fairly easy to get lots of A-Spec points, some are quite difficult. Some cars are easier to get points in, some are harder. Then there are the cars that have obvious bugs in A-Spec base calculations (perhaps I should say "car" or better yet "vehicle" than "cars", and yes I'm talking about the Dodge Ram pickup).

    So it is what it is, I'm afraid.
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    Updated stat post on 10/10/16. added a few hundred a spec points and a little cash. winning % down. It's going to get hammered if I keep after a spec improvements. Oh well. between licenses and missions it got killed anyhow
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    Updated the following, to reflect that, likely after a 12-year absence, (with some GT1 in the meantime?) I turned the game on again, and encountered problems achieving goal times for the Nurburgring lap licence tests...
    I.e. probably....[/

    As in my current sig Basically an archive frozen in time, with occasional tweaks to organization.
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