Gt5 bathurst leaked?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by dodge2217, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. dodge2217


    today i rang up playstation support on1300365911 to ask why my gt5 dlc wasnt working and i told them my track pack wasnt letting me play the spa track so the told me to try somthing and call them back if it didnt work 10 minutes later i rang back and quoted the ref number they gave me and it was a different guy on the phone, he said "SO ur BATHURST TRACK ISNT WORKING" i said "bathurst" ? he said the maintenace has only just been done today for it u shouldnt even have that track yet. i then corrected him saying my spa tracks not working.
  2. DonZonda

    Germany Germany

    Maybe he was confusing the tracks??? Because I doubt some local Sony supporter on the phone has those Infos. But I could be wrong.
  3. Jay

    Australia Australia

    Most likely confusion, Playstation support wouldn't have data on future DLC releases (more than a few days away).
  4. Stavelot

    Belgium Francorchamps

    Calling BS straight up...

    BTW, re read the AUP :tup:
  5. patriotzero

    Turkey At HOME!

    He's infected..
  6. Milldrum

    Australia Melbourne

    Op, if you are right, I'm going to cry.
  7. dodge2217


    i thaught that to but then he said i shouldnt even have the track yet saying the maintenance has only just been done for it
  8. Gejabo

    Netherlands Arnhem

    This :tup:
  9. patriotzero

    Turkey At HOME!

    At least He knows Bathurst.It could be tip.
  10. dodge2217


    well the guy i was talking to was aparantly their gt5 expert
  11. magawolaz

    Italy Italy

    Bathurst confirmed.
  12. I hope no one reads this thread and believe that GT5 will get Bathurst anytime soon. Not that I don't believe you, OP, but until I see official sources on PD's website, nothing is confirmed for GT in my eyes. The wait for GT5 should've taught us all that.
  13. patriotzero

    Turkey At HOME!

    Yes Bathurst Confirmed. Yamauchi-San heard this.
  14. Stavelot

    Belgium Francorchamps

    Is English that poorly taught in Australian schools these days? My god...

    Like the others have said, the support guy's either confused himself, talking poo to stir a teenager or he's telling the truth and Bathurst is coming. Either way follow the AUP please...
  15. dodge2217


    i dont lie and it takes a long time and too much thumb effort to type a long parragraph on a ps3 controler
  16. Cosbuster

    Greece GTPlanet

    I should have known. Gottta stop clicking these sort of threads and only bother looking at the front page.
  17. dodge2217


    and its pretty hard to confuse SPA and BATHURST the second time i rang up the first thing he said was so ur having problems with your BATHURST track pack not loading?
  18. Stavelot

    Belgium Francorchamps

    USB keyboard :tup:
  19. Famine

    United Kingdom Rule 12

    Someone mis-speaking doesn't count as a leak or a confirmation. It counts as someone mis-speaking. The track you shouldn't have yet is Route X, which is in the 2.03 update but hasn't been unlocked through DLC purchases yet.

    This. The Acceptable Use Policy isn't a set of suggestions, but a ruleset you agreed to abide by. It includes these gems to which you are currently paying little heed:

    Your shift key clearly works when you want to emphasise things, so use it when you are required to.

    There's no AUP exemption for your input device.
  20. jus1029

    Philippines Metro Manila

    If this is true,

    Kaz, if you're in this thread, I would :bowdown: you!
  21. dodge2217


    but u guys can take it however u want im just relaying information and hey its free so why complain?
  22. amar212

    Croatia Croatia

    As always, any mention of Bathurst is good enough to justify posting this amazing video of real-life One Magic Race run on the Mount Panorama.

  23. crowhop

    United States Upstate SC, USA

    I didn't believe him until this beauty.
  24. swiftwilly


    hi, cheers for the info.

    i personally think most people here are being quite hard on you but lesson learned, this is the internet. if you post something just a lil wrong, your going to get trolled.
  25. jus1029

    Philippines Metro Manila

    Fixed! :)
  26. Famine

    United Kingdom Rule 12

    The staff do not appreciate being ignored. Do not do it again.

    Information that is not true is not information - it is misinformation. At present the evidence for Bathurst consists of someone relaying that someone else mis-spoke. That's not information either.

    There is also no exemption for having a yellow badge and a red name. Having just reminded someone of their obligations under the AUP it's unimpressive to see someone else who should know better also ignoring them.
  27. This is not leaked. It sounds more like confusion or rumor.

    The guy probably likes bathurst track and since it is in Australia he got confused.
  28. Guys dont be so quick to shoot down the original posters comment. Afterall if you had read a similar post 6 months ago regarding SPA coming to the game would you have believed it??? No, me neither but then look what happened. We got SPA.

    Would be great if it becomes a reality as i have no interest in route x whatsoever
  29. Hayden

    Australia South Australia

    I'm trying not to think more of this then a simple mistake by the guy, which trust me is really hard. Best track in Australia by far and one of the greatest in the world...
  30. JR86

    Australia Geelong

    Amen to that!
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