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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by The359, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. The359

    United States Macungie, PA

    READ ME FIRST: This thread is meant to list any and all cars that might be confirmed or semi-confirmed for being in GT5. I'd appreciate it if people who find new cars would post their news in this thread, and not create all new threads because this will help keep the clutter and redundant posting down in this forum. Further, if you are not here to inform of us possible new cars that have been found, please keep off-topic posts to a minimum. Many thanks in advance...

    Also note that this is not a complete list. We know that 1000 cars are expected in GT5, and there are still plenty of cars to find, however we are only listing the ones that we know and will not be guessing on those that remain.

    Cars in black have been seen in screenshots or have been confirmed by Polyphony through lists. Cars marked with Premium are confirmed to be Premium level cars with full interiors.
    Cars in red have been seen being photographed and tested by Polyphony for the purposes of modeling. May not appear in GT5
    Cars in green have been mentioned by magazines or in interviews as being in the game, yet have not been seen. Also included are Pebble Beach and SEMA Gran Turismo Trophy winners. May not appear in GT5

    1500 Biposto ('52)

    NSX ('91) Premium

    Alfa Romeo
    147 TI 2.0 Twin Spark ('06) Premium
    8C Competizione ('09)
    Brera Sky Window 3.2 JTS Q4 ('06) Premium
    Giulia Sprint Speciale ('63)
    Giulia Sprint GTA 1600 ('65)
    Spider 1600 Duetto ('66)
    TZ2 ('65)

    A110 1600S ('73)
    A310 1600VE ('73)

    380RS Superleggera (Z33) Premium
    Carbon R ('04)
    S2000 GT1 ('04)
    S2000 GT1 Turbo Premium
    S2000 R1 ('04)
    (Opera Performance) 350Z RS Gran Turismo Premium

    Art Morrison
    Corvette Roadster (C1-gen, '60) Premium

    Garaiya (ARTA SuperGT, '08) Premium

    Aston Martin
    DB7 Coupe ('00)
    DB9 Coupe ('06) Premium
    DB9 Coupe ('10)
    V8 Vantage ('99)
    Vanquish ('04)

    A2 1.4 ('02)
    A4 (Abt Red Bull DTM, '04)
    R8 4.2 FSI R-Tronic ('07) Premium
    R8 V10 ('09)
    R8 LMS ('09)
    R8 LMS (PlayStation Abt Nur 24, '09)
    R8 (Joest Le Mans, '01)
    R8 (PlayStation Team Oreca Le Mans, '05)
    R10 TDI (Joest Le Mans, '06)
    TT 3.2 Quattro ('03)
    TT 3.2 Quattro ('07) Premium
    TTS Coupe ('09) Premium
    TT-R (Abt Red Bull DTM, '02)

    Speed 8 (Le Mans, 2003)

    Dunlop Skyline (ER34-gen, D1GP '07) Premium

    135i Coupe ('07) Premium
    135tii Concept ('08) Premium
    M3 Coupe (E92-gen, '07) Premium
    M5 (E60-gen, '08) Premium
    V12 LMR (Le Mans, '99)
    Z4 3.0i ('03) Premium
    Z4 M Coupe ('08) Premium

    Veyron 16.4 ('09)

    Camaro Z28 ('69)
    Camaro SS ('69)
    Camaro SS ('10)
    Corvette Stingray Convertible (C3-gen, '69)
    Corvette Stingray L46 350 Convertible (C3-gen, '69) Premium
    Corvette Z06 (C5-gen, '02)
    Corvette Z06 (C6-gen, '06) Premium
    Corvette ZR-1 (C6-gen, '09) Premium
    Corvette C5-R (Le Mans, '00)
    Impala SS (#14 Tony Stewart NASCAR, '09) Premium
    Impala SS (#24 Jeff Gordon NASCAR, '10) Premium
    Impala SS (#42 Juan Pablo Montoya NASCAR, '10) Premium
    Impala SS (#48 Jimmie Johnson NASCAR, '09) Premium
    Impala SS (#88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. NASCAR, '10) Premium

    C4 Coupe 2.0VTS ('06)
    C4 WRC (Red Bull WRC, '08) Premium
    GT by Citroën ('08) Premium

    Copen Active Top ('02) Premium
    OFC-1 Concept ('07) Premium

    Challenger 426 Hemi ('70)
    Challenger SRT-8 ('09) Premium
    Charger 440 R/T ('70)
    Charger Super Bee 426 Hemi ('71)
    Viper GTS ('02) Premium
    Viper SRT-10 Coupe Premium
    Viper ACR ('08) Premium
    Viper GTS-R (Le Mans, '00)

    330 P3/4 ('67) Premium
    458 Italia ('10) Premium
    512BB ('76) Premium
    599GTB Fiorano ('06) Premium
    California ('09) Premium
    Enzo ('02) Premium
    F2007 (F1, '07) Premium
    F40 ('92) Premium
    F430 ('06) Premium

    500F ('68) Premium
    500 1.2 8V Lounge ('08) Premium

    Focus ST ('06) Premium
    Focus RS WRC 07 (BP Abu Dhabi WRC, '08) Premium
    Fusion (#99 Carl Edwards NASCAR, '10) Premium
    GT40 MkIV ('67) Premium
    GT ('05) Premium
    GT LM Edition Spec-II Test Car Premium
    Mustang GT Premium ('07) Premium

    Garage Defend
    GT-R ('07)

    Grand Touring Garage
    Mustang "Trans-Cammer" ('70)

    High End Performance
    G37 ('07)

    CT230R ('08)
    Silvia (Genki Hyper D1GP '04)

    Civic Hatchback (EK-gen)
    CR-Z ('10)
    HSV-010 GT ('10)

    Insight (2nd gen, '10)
    Integra Type-R (DC5-gen, '04) Premium
    NSX Type-R (1st gen, '92)
    NSX Type-R (2nd gen, '02) Premium
    NSX (ARTA SuperGT, '06)
    NSX (Takata Dome SuperGT, '06)
    NSX (Raybrig SuperGT, '06)
    S2000 (Stephen Papadakis Drift, '05)

    TT ('07)

    G35 Coupe

    4200R Concept ('89)

    XJ13 ('66) Premium
    XKR R-Performance ('02)
    XK Coupe ('06) Premium
    XKR Coupe ('10) Premium

    Countach LP400 ('74)
    Countach 25th Anniversary Edition ('88)
    Gallardo LP560-4 ('08) Premium
    Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni ('09)
    Miura P400 Bertone Prototype ('66) Premium
    Murcielago LP640 ('07)

    Delta HF Intergrale Evoluzione ('91) Premium
    Stratos ('73)

    IS350 (WedsSport SuperGT '08)
    IS-F ('07) Premium
    IS-F Racing Concept ('08) Premium
    LFA ('09)
    SC430 (Bandai Direzza SuperGT '06)
    SC430 (Petronas Tom's SuperGT '08)
    SC430 (Denso Dunlop SARD SuperGT '08)

    Elise ('96) Premium
    Elise Sport 190 ('98)
    Elise ('00)
    Elise 111R ('04) Premium
    Esprit V8 ('02) Premium
    Evora ('09) Premium

    GranTurismo S ('08)

    787B (Le Mans, '91)
    Atenza Sport ('07) Premium
    Eunos Roadster (NA-gen, '89)
    Furai Concept ('07)
    Roadster (NB-gen)
    Roadster (NC-gen, '05)
    RX-7 Savannah GT-X (FC-gen)
    RX-7 Type-RS-R (FD-gen, '97)
    RX-7 Spirit-R Type-A (FD-gen, '02) Premium
    RX-8 Type-S ('03) Premium

    F1 ('94) Premium

    300SL Coupe ('54) Premium
    C63 AMG (W204-gen, '08)
    CLK GTR (FIA GT, '97)
    SL55 AMG ('02) Premium
    SLR McLaren ('03)
    SLR McLaren 19" Option ('09) Premium
    SLS AMG ('10) Premium

    Cougar XR-7 ('67)

    Skyline GT-R N1 Base (R34-gen, '06) Premium

    Cooper S ('06) Premium

    Lancer Evolution IV GSR ('96) Premium
    Lancer Evolution IX GSR ('05)
    Lancer Evolution X GSR Premium ('07) Premium

    (Nismo) Skyline GT-R R-Tune R1 (R33-gen, '99)
    350Z ('03)
    370Z ('09) Premium
    Fairlady Z Version S (Z33-gen, '07) Premium
    Fairlady Z (Z34-gen, '10) Premium
    Fairlady Z (Xanavi Nismo SuperGT, '06)
    Fairlady Z (Xanavi Nismo SuperGT, '07)
    GT-R Proto concept ('05) Premium
    GT-R "Black Mask" prototype ('07) Premium
    GT-R ('08) Premium
    GT-R Spec-V ('09) Premium
    GT-R (Xanavi Nismo SuperGT, '08)
    GT-R (Motul Autech SuperGT, '08) Premium
    GT-R (Calsonic Impul SuperGT, '08) Premium
    GT-R (Yellow Hat YMS Tomica SuperGT, '08)
    Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (R32-gen, '94) Premium
    Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R33-gen, '97)
    Skyline GT-R V-Spec Nur (R34-gen, '02)
    Skyline 370GT Type SP Coupe (V36-gen, '07) Premium
    Skyline 350GT Type SP Sedan (V36-gen, '06) Premium
    Skyline Coupe Concept ('07) Premium

    Zonda R ('09) Premium

    PDI Racing
    GT Kart 100 Premium

    C60 Hybrid-Judd (GT4 PlayStation 2 Le Mans, '05)

    205 Turbo 16 Evolution 2 (WRC, '86)
    207 GTI ('07)
    307CC Premium AVN ('04)
    908 HDi FAP (Le Mans, '10) Premium

    `Cuda 440 Six Pack ('71)
    Super Bird ('70)

    X1 Prototype Premium

    RE Amemiya
    RX-7 (FD-gen)
    RX-7 (Aspara Drink JGTC, '06)

    5 Maxi Turbo (WRC, '85)
    Clio Renault Sport V6 24V ('00) Premium

    Cobra 427 ('65)

    Impreza WRX STi Spec-C Type-RA (GD-III gen, '05) Premium
    Impreza WRX STi BBS Wheel Option (GE gen, '08) Premium
    Impreza WRX STi Sedan ('10) Premium
    Impreza WRC98 (Subaru WRC, '98)
    Impreza WRC2008 (Subaru WRC, '08) Premium

    Cappuccino ('95) Premium
    Cervo SR ('07) Premium
    Swift Sport ('07) Premium
    SX4 WRC (Shell Helix WRC, '08) Premium

    Roadster Sport ('08)

    Camry (#11 Denny Hamlin NASCAR, '09) Premium
    Camry (#18 Kyle Busch NASCAR, '10) Premium
    Camry (#20 Joey Lagano Home Depot NASCAR, '10) Premium
    Camry (#20 Joey Lagano GameStop NASCAR, '10) Premium
    Camry (#55 Michael Waltrip NASCAR, '09) Premium
    Camry (#83 Brian Vickers NASCAR, '10) Premium
    Celica GT-Four (TTE WRC, '95)
    FT-86 Concept ('09)
    FT-86 G Sports Concept ('10)
    Prius (3rd-gen, '10) Premium
    Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex (AE86-gen, '83)
    Supra 3.0GT Turbo-A (MkIII, '89)
    Supra (Tom's Castrol JGTC, '97) Premium
    Supra (Yellow Hat YMS SuperGT, '05)

    Celica SS-II ('03)

    Tamora ('02) Premium
    Tuscan Speed Six ('00) Premium

    Golf IV GTi ('01) Premium
    Golf V GTI ('05) Premium
    Type 2 Samba ('51)
    Type 82 Kübelwagen ('40) Premium

    C30 R-Design ('09) Premium

    Skyline 370GT Coupe Gran Turismo Edition (V36-gen, '09)



    9/25 - List Created
    9/27 - Adding a few more cars found in old screenshots.
    10/16 - Added cars from screenshot of GTHD presentation video
    10/21 - New Ford GT LM Edition.
    11/6 - Added SEMA GT Award winner.
    11/12 - Added Peugeot 307CC and Nissan GT-R Proto.
    12/1 - Added cars from the GT/Nissan collaboration.
    12/1 - List modified due to cancellation of GTHD and now turned into a GT5 list.
    12/21 - Slight update for GTHD release
    3/19 - Added the 2006 Xanavi Nismo Z SuperGT car from the new demo.
    4/27 - V36 Skyline confirmed.
    6/14 - Two new Audis plus some old Lancias and Mercedes
    7/12 - New cars seen at E3
    7/17 - Second set of cars released by Polyphony.
    7/27 - GT5:p scans
    10/18 - GT5:p Demo cars added
    11/2 - Added the Morrison Corvette Roadster from SEMA.
    12/13 - More GT5:p cars
    3/6 - Added cars from the US release of GT5:p
    3/14 - Added Ferrari F2007 F1.
    7/24 - Lotus Evora added.
    11/16 - New cars seen at Polyphony studios.
    5/31 - Oh look, I'm back...
    6/2 - E3 Update.
    7/25 - Two cars from GT Mobile video
    8/4 - Lamborghini and Bugatti added
    8/19 - German game show update
    9/23 - Early TGS cars added
    11/8 - SEMA '09 Winner
    1/9 - 2010 CES cars added
    6/20 - 2010 E3 updates.
    8/18 - Gamescom update
    9/16 - Rolling Tokyo Game Show updates
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  2. The359

    United States Macungie, PA

    It's baaaaaaaack.

    I'd greatly appreciate it if a moderator would sticky this, I'm sure people will be searching for it a lot now.

    Also, since I'm a little behind on all the TGS news, please feel free to tell me what cars I've missed.
  3. edit: :(

    Add to classic:
    Toyota GT-one
    Ford Model T
    Jay Leno Tank Car
  4. prayformaserati



    this is the moment i've waiting for; FERRARIS!!!!

    I hope that they put more new cars other than the comfirmed ones because if they put in maserati???
    now that will make my day!

    but i do have one problem, though.
    what is PD going to do to make this the best one yet? because the reviews i heard at E3 were pretty disappornting
  5. The359

    United States Macungie, PA

    Don't expect a lot of new cars, as stated the game is only supposed to have around 750 cars. That's only about 50 cars more then GT4, and some may just be updated models of cars we already have, such as the NC-generation Miata/Roadster being added.
  6. DuckRacer


    10 of them will probably be new Skylines.
  7. The359

    United States Macungie, PA

    Doubtful. They haven't made new Skylines for a few years now.

    Although I fully expect the new GT-R Concept and maybe the Nismo Skyline GT-R Z-Tune to be added.

    But then again a lot of new Japanese concepts should be showing up.
  8. The Vanishing Boy

    Online Now!
    Philippines Las Vegas, NV

    -> Um, 359, I think I saw an 1996 Lancer Evolution IV on one of the screenshots somewhere. I think this image will verify that (sorry I can't find bigger pics). (:

  9. DuckRacer


    Okay, maybe I shouldn't have said "new". There'll probably be more varieties though.
  10. The359

    United States Macungie, PA

    Vanishing Boy, I saw that video too, but is it a IV or V? I honestly can't tell the difference, because I seem to remember both of them having the rear wing with the center pylon.
  11. SkylineObsession

    New Zealand Dunedin

    Definately looks like a IV. The V and VI have squarer edges on the spoiler. And the car doesn't look quite as round from the back.

    And RE: the possibility of more Skyline varients being added - some people may be annoyed by that but others like myself will be seriously happy. If the R32 GTE/GTS, GTS-4, R33 GTS/GTS-25, GTS-4, GTS-25t and R34 GT/25 GT, GT-FOUR, GT-T were added i'd be SERIOUSLY happy. Especially if a four door GTS/GTS-4/GTS-t etc were included.

    Like the saying goes, you can't please everyone. :)
  12. The Vanishing Boy

    Online Now!
    Philippines Las Vegas, NV

    -> Here are the pics to the differenciate four CP9A chassis Evo's:

    Evolution IV



    Evolution V



    Evolution VI



    Evolution VI T.M.E. (aka. Evo 6.5)



  13. The359

    United States Macungie, PA

    I knew the VI had a completely different front end, so I was left with IV or V. Oh well, its been fixed.
  14. Dave A

    United Kingdom Altrincham, Cheshire

    There's a picture of the Ferrari F430 or rather part of an F430 on the official Gran Turismo web site.

    The car in the main pic and the car in the link to the GT-HD Concept movie below it are both Ferrari F430's. I don't know if that's enough proof that it'll be in the game or if you'd rather wait for more confirmation of that model specifically.
  15. The359

    United States Macungie, PA

    Actually the car in the main picture is the 599GTB Fiorano. You are right though, the F430 is in the "Movie" picture (and clearly shown in the movie). I simply listed it as red because we see a real car but not a car in the game.

    Hence similar to being photographed by Polyphony but yet to be digitized.
  16. Dave A

    United Kingdom Altrincham, Cheshire

    Fair enough.
  17. Robin

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    At the top of the thread it says....

    Cars in red have been seen being photographed and tested by Sony/Polyphony Digital and may or may not be in GTHD

    Well I was just wondering if the Ferrari's tested by PD that were seen / tested in the GT4 Prologue DVD (included with the PAL Prologue) should or could be included as possible ones in GT HD.

    Im only thinking this because even as far back as that maybe PD was determined to get the licence and they tested or gathered data for them just incase they got it. This would have saved them having to get hold of the cars again..... just a thought.

    The cars seen were the 360 Modena and F355.. I dont know if they are worthy of inclusion on the list.

    Here are some screen shots of them at PD's testing on twin ring motegi...


    Attached Files:

  18. Dave A

    United Kingdom Altrincham, Cheshire

    Arn't thoes from PD's staff day out vdeo on the GT4:prologue disk.
  19. Robin

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Yes they are, just wondering if they could be possible candidates......
  20. Michael88

    Austria Nicest part of hell

    Hope it drives and shifts better this time, like the real 905.:scared:
  21. McLaren

    United States Texas

    They could be, but I believe this thread is for those seen in-game so far.

    Glad to see you return to another list The 359. Was going to PM you about it sooner or later. :tup:
  22. The359

    United States Macungie, PA

    I'm going to leave the GT4:p Ferraris (and Porsches) out since as far as I know, PD wasn't photographing and attempting to digitize the cars, but merely drive them to better understand car physics and driving styles.

    Therefore there's no proof that anyone actually attempted to make 3D models of those older Ferraris.

    I also have a feeling that, given the recent announcement that Ferrari and PD had apparently reached some kind of agreement beyond simply putting cars in the game, that Ferrari would have PD test and digitize their cars under their conditions are their own facilities, not some used cars maintained by a driving school.
  23. Robin

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Ok, thats fair enough and you make a good point, thanks for replying..... :) :tup:

  24. Samberto

    Australia Great Ocean Road

    There are two types of footage that depict Ferraris. The first features on the DVD, and it includes PD staffers (some in their personal cars) learning about real world traction control systems. The second bit of footage can be found in the Prologue ending movie, (PAL only) and interestingly the Ferraris are sitting on display in Michel Hommell's collection. It's of note that many of the cars that feature in the Hommell footage were modelled for GT4, however, I agree that listing the cars is a bit premature at this stage.

    Oh, in regard to the RX7, let's not forget that a high res model was shown alongside the EVO IX in the 2005 Ruliweb vid. Looks like we have another asterisk.
  25. The359

    United States Macungie, PA

    I wasn't going to guess that the Evo and RX-7 were meant to be cars in the Premium version of the game. I'd rather wait for proof of what cars are Premium and what cars are Classic, especially since the RX-7 is an old car featured in GT4.
  26. The359

    United States Macungie, PA

    On second look at the GTHD trailer, I noticed that the Nismo car is actually an R33 R-Tune R1, not an R34 S-Tune R1.
  27. Samberto

    Australia Great Ocean Road

    Do still have access to the vid, Matt? If you have a look you'll see that the IX (which is identical to the render derived from TGS) and the RX7 are clearly high-res high-poly models that are not based on GT4 assets. Work would have commenced on the models some time ago, as KY noted that it takes one person six months to create one of the new high-res cars. Incidentally, when did the GT4 '01 Esso Supra turn into an '02?
  28. The359

    United States Macungie, PA

    When I was making the list quickly and going from memory on some things.
  29. The Pescarolo C60 seen in GT Classic is the '05 (or '06?) model. Not the '04 model.

    The added airbox is a giveaway.

    Please fix this

    -Pescarolo fan
  30. The359

    United States Macungie, PA

    Yep, you're right, I forgot that the '04 Pescarolo was more shades of blue then the '05 that was straight blue/white/neon green.

    '04 Pescarolo C60-Judd

    '05 Pescarolo C60 Hybrid-Judd

    '05 Pescarolo C60 Hybrid-Judd in GTHD

    It's definately not the '06 Pescarlo C60 Hybrid-Judd because the 2006 model doesn't have the large rear wing endplates seen on the 2005 model:
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