GT5 - Steering wheel vs controller!!!

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  1. Hyper-Dan


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    You mean when you get aggresive. :lol:
  2. s15specr


    Thinking about it i like the control as well, at least it's possible to drift with it unlike the wheel.
  3. Hyper-Dan


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    It's possible to drift with the wheel too, its just harder. :)
  4. austynn2001


    The G25 turns it into a whole different game. Laps are much more consistent and more controllable. Just a much better experience overall.
  5. studio54au


    So, just to be sure, can I use the cheap Driving Force lap attachment with the G25? I've read conflicting opinions and would like to avoid wasting the money. Thanks for the advice!
  6. Vince_Fiero

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    I bought my set-up to have a driving simulation, since I like using the H, I immediately went for the G25.

    Starting to drive with the G25 was easy, still having some control issues, even wondering how it reacts (seem to miss reaction of the throttle when in a corner, at least less direct then my day to day car).
    I'm actually using the pads during time trials or challenging events, since I find all the controls (full clutch, H, etc...) too distracting at this moment for time trials. In full clutch I'm still suffering too, need more playing with it.

    I'm also trying to use the controller. Without any previous controller experience, I find it very hard. I'm now trying drifts with it, which makes it more acceptable to spin out, so I feel less ridiculous squealing the wheels. I admit it is fun, but too hard for me at the moment to use it for time trials, where the control + force feedback the wheel gives seem an advantage to me.
  7. BolgOfThe North

    BolgOfThe North

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    I set my best lap times using a control pad on every track using the Evo 9, I tried again after I brought a Driving Force GT wheel and on every track my time improved by at least half a second so in my opinion wheels are certainly faster than pads, it is most likely due to the fact it is easier to be more precise with steering, braking & accelerating.
  8. Darkdog786


    Definitely steering wheel is worth buying. 100 times much better comparing to the controller due to the fact of gas/brake pedals. You will not be disappointed :--)
  9. FLASH48



    I ageee, plus it's more life like than a controller. And that is why i have a wheel, and i don't remember if made me any faster. But it's more fun!!:):tup:
  10. Darkdog786


    You sure mate ? First i could not drive with the controller. When i bought the steering wheel i can fly through the corners in standard physics with no problem at all. However i am not the guy who likes to hit the EBrakes so had to move it to Professional physics and practicing to be better.

    I agree playing Gt5 with wheel is just another level fun and with the force feedback you always think that how much technology has evolved these days :scared: . I can't buy a ferrari for like may be 40 more years but can drive and feel one in Gt5P :--).

    Which steering wheel do you use BTW ?
  11. Darkdog786


    In addition to that i can't wait for my stand to come which is compatible for both logitech and XBOX 360 steering wheel. Hopefully can use for both Forza 3 and GT5 full version.
  12. scrwrx


    I just purchased mine online today and hoping it gets here asap :D I'll give my initial impressions once I get it and try it out :)
  13. GTP_Heshmagray


    Just ordered a G25 today from for a bargain price of £99.99, ill post my thoughts once i recieve and test it out.
  14. Radracing

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    With this quote in mind how many of you guys think that the controller has more of andvantage due to the steering assist? Do you think that if they do, should they have a separate online events in tournaments? Although I don't think pad users would be allowed to compete for the GT Academy if they were just good at using a pad controller. Would they?
  15. Synwraith

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    From my experience of racing from Gran Turismo 1 in 1997 through all the GT games to April this year with a controller, then switching to G25 for the last 4 and a half months, there is no contest. Once you get fully used to the wheel it is 100% better and there is no going back for me at all.

    My thoughts here might also be useful to you :tup:

    All the best
  16. KC_HIX


    Just a quick question on setting up the wheel, I thought I would give my old Driving force a go on GT5:p just to see if I could justify getting a G25 for myself, however, I found that on the back straight on Fuji the car would start to weave side to side after I hit about 80 - 100 mph. I am going in a straight line and I just spin out.

    My Mercedes doesnt start to weave side to side in real life when I hit 80 (on a racetrack of course ;)) or when I drove a number of cars around Thruxton race circuit they didnt start to weave in a straight line either.

    Have I set the wheel up wrong? I love the feeling of running over the rumble strips and the feedback it gives me through the corners, I think its probably some set up issue and I am sure one of you guys can point me in the right direction!

  17. Tnerb


    Even if you are getting the same times, the wheel adds so much more to the game.
  18. DCP


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    A little late but none the less. The wheel is better then the controller for sure, esp for lap times. The controller is better for drifting.
    The G25 is the best wheel to have, just because a simple thing like being able to snap change (clutch), or change gears quicker then the default way, can give you nearly 0.500seconds, depending on the track.

    I'm quite certain that all the P1s for most cars on all tracks are using the clutch, depending if the car allows it to be used.
    Example, if u use a wheel without clutch, or a controller, take the mazda rx7 on fuji F, and race the ghost for p1. As much as u try to keep up with him, just on the main straight or after the first corner, he will just pull away.
    I managed p36 with just a wheel.
  19. skazz


    I'm not sure which wheel I prefer for GT5P. I own a G25 and a DFGT, and currently the G25 is attached to my PC and the DFGT to a Fanatec stand by the TV for the PS3.

    The G25 pedals and paddles and shifter are miles better, but it's extremely handy having all of the PS buttons on the DFGT. I don't feel any slower driving with the DFGT, and it manages the most important FFB effects decently. However I guess the G25 gives slightly more subtle effects. I've got the two wheels in their correct places for now: For iRacing I wouldn't consider using the DFGT, because the G25 works so brilliantly, but for GT5P (and DiRT2) I'm very happy with my DFGT.

    Oh, and as a long time wheel user I'm utterly crap with the controller. I can't get anywhere close to my wheel times :)
  20. Pakt Sardine

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    Oh boy, when my DFGT arrived months ago, my driving improved dramatically. It got to the point when I would go to work (I can play video games at work; it's all about staying awake) and have GT with me, I had to start brining my wheel, because of my utter dissatisfaction with driving/lap times and such. Sure, the improvements didn't show right away. It took me a couple of months to get me where I am now, but if I were to compare now, the wheel wins every time. Now, this does not mean that the wheel is better for everyone. The great thing about GT (and driving sims like it) is that it all comes down to preference. You have to find your niche.

    I plan on getting the G25 wheel by the time GT5 comes out (or before if I get extremely antsy). I do this, not really because I think it's going to improve my driving just because it has a clutch and H-gate (although, it might. I can't say until I know, obviously), but for immersion when I'm playing for fun. I would like it to be physically correct to the real car (i.e. I use paddle-shifts when driving the R35). This is not a must, but it's a nice thought. It would be nice if the G25 would improve my driving, but if it did, it would be purely incidental.
  21. ploopsy


    I have raced my buddy on a controller (while he is using a g25) and its 50% 50%. Its not any worse or better for me.
  22. heggsy


    i reckon that there is an advantage using the wheel.. when the gt academy was being played there were only 4 people (including myself) :p in the top 50 that were racing with controllers..
  23. TokyoDrift

    TokyoDrift (Banned)

    Cool, but top 50 got you nowhere in terms of the competition!
  24. jony azenhas PT

    jony azenhas PT

    I think my case is a really good one to tell the difference between wheel vs controller! :tup:

    I never had a PS1 or PS2.

    Played a lot of gt1 , a little bit of gt2 , nothing of gt3 and just few hours of gt4.

    Everything in a friend´s house.:sly:

    About a year ago i bought the PS3 (main reason because of the compability of blu-ray/gaming) with GTPrologue. :)

    Anyway after a few months (8 months ago) i started to make some time-trials on Daytona Road-Course with the Blitz Dunlop ER34 `07.

    I don´t know if it was because of the car or the track itself but i tried to make my best!

    So in the following months i did hundreds and hundreds of laps and the best i did was around 1`46`3xx (i can´t remember exactly) which at about until 3 months ago gave me 46 position.

    So 3 months ago i bought a g25 wheel :sly::sly:

    I live in Portugal but work in the U.K. so i stay 2 weeks at home and 2 weeks working , whoever when i´m home i have plenty of hours free to do some proper gaming! :tup::tup:

    After 1 month of having the wheel i decided to make a proper cockpit which can be seen here:

    Still missing a Full HD projector which is coming shortly and a buttkicker but i´m getting there! :dopey:

    (By the way i have to update the pictures of the cockpit :grumpy:)

    Coming back to the main topic!

    Since i´ve started playing with the wheel the difference is AMAZING!

    I love it , and although a controller is OK nothing compares to the feeling an imersion of the wheel!!!:sly:

    Moving on... So this time since i came back from work and alwaysssssss reading tips and information from wheels i focused ONLY on the Blitz Dunlop ER34 `07 on the daytona course....... :scared:

    I did this as an experiment to see the difference!

    So even a month ago i already did around 100 or 150 laps this time in just a week or so i probably did around 600 + laps.... :crazy:

    And the times started to go down and down and down.... :dopey:

    I got in the 1`45`550 , 1`45`340 and always coming down.

    Then i started to see and learn with the replays from the top players...

    And 1 thing i learned with the wheel is that SMOOTH is the predominant word!!! Smooth , smooth , smooth!!!

    The less input the better!!!

    So in the last 3 days my times went to the 1`44xxx which gave me acess to the top 20 :tup::tup::tup:

    And finally from yesterday night until 20 minutes ago my best were as follow:

    1`44.509 ; 1`44.451 ; 1`44.293 ; 1`44.222 ; 1`44.158 ; 1`44.136 ; 1`44.065 and finally 1`43.858!!! :):):):):)

    So currently i´m in 6th place and with more hard work (a lot) i´ll make it to top4 , maybe top3!!! :tup:

    The way that the first guy does the lap with handbrake on the curves..... Oh well , maybe in a year with practice............................ :crazy:

    All this to make the point that with a controller i would NEVER manage to this times!

    I know i still have a LOT to learn with the wheel (specially in Professional mode) but with practice , practice , practice and more PRACTICE i´ll get there!

    So in my case i´m faster with a wheel that i would ever be with a controller , but that´s just me :sly:

    And on top of that the pleasure that gives you it´s MUCH better than controller....

    Ups! Time to go and take off few more tenths of seconds... hihihihi :dopey:

    Regards , jonyazenhas.
  25. Balocco


    This is what makes a wheel so much better than a controller: the precision of control. Your steering inputs are no longer so extreme, which, especially on long, sweeping corners, means you can steer the car properly and not basically jerk it around. And not just the wheel, but it's so much easier to finely control the throttle and brake using pedals.

    Basically, a wheel lets you race with finesse instead of brute force.

    It's also a whole lot more fun.
  26. Dan_

    Dan_ Premium

    It's impossible to define the difference in a better way than this. :tup:

    Also, I went back to GT4, the fun factor of the game just doubled with a wheel.
  27. Balocco


    I got my G25 for Christmas, and shortly after that started a new game of GT4. It was like getting a new game.

    Also, driving on dirt or ice is so much easier when you're actually able to countersteer.
  28. Damirgt


    I would Love to get a wheel but paying around $200 for a wheel for me is too much. I have been on the controller and i'm not that good.
  29. Dan_

    Dan_ Premium

    I suck at rallying, because you have to be smooth to race it properly, using a controller was really hard to countersteer according the need of a given turn, with a wheel your times drop significantly because you actually have that smoothness. :tup:
  30. Badger-X-


    I would love some input on this.
    I've been racing with a DFGT since X-mas 2010 and while I love it, I still feel there's an imbalance between the difficulty of using a wheel vs controller online.
    The wheel's immersion and nuance is fantastic and yes, my times have improved immensely over a controller. But when I go online and race against good controller users, I can't seem to compete against their ability to avoid spin-outs by simply letting go of the analogue stick (steering neutral). Sure, I'm smoother and can pull off some extremely fast laps but when racing neck and neck online, the extra nuance of the wheel seems to be a handicap against a good controller user.
    I'm still learning, obviously, but I have to say, after almost two years of learning to drive with my DFGT, this still frustrates me. In fact, I feel as though to be competitive online or racing with a league I have to go back to using a controller to even the field.
    I've searched but I haven't found mention of this anywhere so I'm curious what anyone else's thoughts are on this.
    Among all of GT5's foibles this one has been an almost game-breaker for me (especially since I've dished out almost $500 for my set-up).
    Help! Anyone have the same problem?