GT5 to GT6 transition

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  1. That's pretty clever. You're right about the serious feedback. The more we throw out ideas of our own, the more likely it'll be for PD to notice most of those ideas.

    What you explained is interesting. Immersion like that seems like a great idea for this game, which hasn't really strayed from it's simple formula since it began. It'll be good for the series, I think. Definitely not saying your idea for the game is the best, but you did set a great example.
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    Thanks, and agreed. There are far more clever people out there than me. It took me 30 seconds to think of that. I don't want it to be a Need for Speed, cops chasing us on foot storyline. Just give us something substantial to stimulate our minds. Put us in that drivers seat PD, but make us work for it.
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    They can do it if they have GT6P may be. But I think GT6 only should be from scratch

    Pretty sure all the GT5 DLC will be on GT6. GT5 XL comes with 2 DLC as well.
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    I agree with starting over from the beginning. There's definitely something exciting about starting off with a few thousand credits and carefully choosing your first car. The thing is once you go far enough in GT5, you can pretty much buy any car without much trouble and time. I want to work hard for new cars; that's what made GT5 so exciting for me when I first started off.

    I think this applies to any racing game in general. working hard to unlock/buy an elusive car creates a sense of accomplishment.