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  1. Scaff

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    Many who are regular here will already be aware of my tuning guides written for GT4 and GT5:p, however I have noticed quite a few 'how do I' threads already in existance.So to get people started here are the two tuning guides I wrote for GT4.

    Scaff's Suspension and Brake set-up guide.

    GT4 Suspension & Brake Tuning guide - right click and 'save as'
    Important Note - Toe-in and Out values were the subject of much debate in GT4, use the values on the GT5 screen to set in and out as required.

    GT4 Downforce, LSD and Gear Ratio Tuning Guide - right click and save as

    Both hosted here at GT Planet.

    The files are .pdf format and you will find them very in-depth, so I would advise saving and printing them out (we are talking around 80 odd pages here).

    I will be updating these to GT5 as soon as I have the chance (given that I work full time and have a family that could be a while), but in the mean time I hope that they help out.

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  2. Very nice! I remember reading these a long time ago, along with a few other guides relative to setting up real race cars.

    This info is invaluable people! I've already been in races online with my 08 Civic TypeR fully modded and tuned without turbo and because of proper setup adjusted around YOUR driving technique I've had a much greater advantage than other players with similar cars.
  3. Tagger


    For all the newer folks (myself included), I strongly advise you take advantage of the information Scaff offers in his guides.
  4. someone should make a tuning calculator soon for GT5 like Forza...
  5. daveyules


    I did it's just for the iPhone...

    Netherlands Under your bed

    Great app, mate. How about an iPad version? ;)
  7. daveyules


    I've got some tricks (upcoming GT5 apps) up my sleeve! You'll see 'em soon enough! and on the iPad too.

  8. Eric W

    United States Massachusetts

    I just started reading these guides. Invaluable!
  9. Is it like in gt4 that when the car is driven 0,0 km, you tune everything, then you change oil that it has more horsepower?
  10. Scaff

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    Thanks guys, glad you still find them to be useful.

    Just a note to say that I will be updating these for GT5, but everything (and I do mean everything) will need to be re-tested first so it will take a while.

    Fingers crossed these will hold you over until then.

    Nope - that's upgrades. This is tuning, i.e. suspension settings, LSD settings, what causes under and oversteer, etc.

    Download them and have a read.

  11. Rotary Junkie

    United States Canton, MI

    Very much looking forward to the updated version.
  12. Bob_Raptor


    Well I always wondered what I would be anticipating AFTER GT5 was released... Scaff's next tuning guid. CANT WAIT!

    You really did an awesome job in the GT4 guides I hope to learn even more from you soon. :bowdown: :gtpflag:
  13. NMK DOOM


    What's up with Toe values in the guide vs what it is everywhere else.

    The guide says toe in is negative, and out is positive. Shouldn't it be the other way around. Toe in (+) toe out (-)
  14. kut_u_up


    my only question, is where the hell is it? i cant find where to adjust ride height, camber, gears or anything at all in gt5. i know where to buy it dont get me wrong, but where do i adjust the settings for each car???????????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. kut_u_up


    ok my bad, after searching the car tuning from the garage i noticed i had to go all the way to the right where the knobs are at. i apologize for the stupidity there fella's
  16. Pako

    United States NW Montana

    Please make an effort to use basic grammar when posting. Capitalize your first word, "I" instead of "i", periods at the end of sentences... You know, just the basics.
  17. kut_u_up


    copy that, ghostrider.
  18. jwall

    United States Home

    Does GT5 not have it where ya can save 3 different setups for each car?! I call myself looking and I don't see it!!! Sucks if it doesn't!!
  19. juan3268


    I was actually going to ask this same question. It seems that we will have to use a notebook. So why if it was in GT5P and it was GREAT!!! will they take it out of GT5 :grumpy:

    This just makes no sense :dunce:
  20. Torero82


    Can we adjust the transmission gear ratios individually or not?
  21. Scaff

    United Kingdom Peacock Battlemode

    Not currently.

    Fingers crossed this is going to get patched very soon.

  22. Torero82


    Thanks Scaff.

    Now I can't wait for GT6 LOL.
  23. thank you very much for your time and effort

    looking forward to the gt5 guide!
  24. Hi , i have a 70 challenger and have increased the hp and the problem i am having is when going down a long straight i am maxing out the rev's .

    I added a 5 speed tranny and that didnt help .

    Do i need the 20,000 tranny so that i can adjust the gear ratios.

  25. Zphinx69


    Not in GT5 ... all you can do is final speed
  26. Yes. Once you have it go to the tuning and you can fiddle around with the 'max speed' but not the individual ratios.
  27. GTP_Cobra

    United Kingdom Nottingham/UK

    I know my mate a tuning guide book on GT5 that he got with the signature edition,, maybe if yourself or someone else has one that may help you speed things up abit?

    Just an idea, but looking forward to the new one! :)
  28. GTRL_Junior


    I just can't understand why they wouldn't let us change the gear ration. Scaff I am waiting anxiously for the new tuning guide. I have used yours in the past and it helped me big time. Now I can say that I am very confident driver online and off.
  29. Straightsix9904


    you just have to wait for the Playstation 4 (or 5)
  30. H3avyM3tal

    Israel Haifa

    One quick question:

    Is the ration between ride height and spring rate straight? If I lower ride height by 3mm will I need to tighten spring rates by 3mm?
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