GT6 Duel of the Week 2 - The Last Lap

GT3 vs What???

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I wasn't all that comfortable with either of these tunes. The Ferrari was OK. As always, throttle control is my big issue. TC doesn't help much except for off the line. The Lambo was worse IMO. As @Baron Blitz Red pointed out, its "floaty" and the author points out for tires lower than RS suspension changes should be made. I did have more fun with it than the Ferrari, but as for going for fast lap, it's a handful.

As an aside to the TT, I took the Ferrari to the current QM at Trial Mountain, lowered the pp, changed the gears and put on SH tires and got a number of wins. I can get it into the low 1:34's which is good enough to best the average lot of GSX drivers. I refuse to use that car expect for seasonal TT's.

My ( sad ) times
Ferrari 458 2:00.652
Lambo Gallardo 2:00.526

Even though the Gallardo is a smidge faster, I vote for the Ferrari 458!

Onto the pic. The Lambo is gloating because he came in first. Just because he's in front of the 458 does not mean he won. :mischievous:

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It seems our dear leader @MrWaflz55 has decided to take a week off from GT6. I heard a rumor that his secret stash of maple syrup is endangered by the Canis lupus lycaon, or is that really @Baron Blitz Red caving into his late night cravings for sweets? While he is off moving his stash, or buying wolf traps, or maybe a large gun, I have been entrusted with the running of our weekly battle. I will be doing my best to live up to the creativity and sharp wit we are used to Waflz providing us. Have a good one buddy!

I have also been given the humungous job of picking this weeks duel. I promise it wont be anything FF. Maybe. More shall be revealed. I'll review the the Italian stallion challenge and post up later.
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So last week we had the face off of two Italian stallions, The Ferrari 458 vs the Lamborghini Gallardo, or as "some may say" Sly Stallone vs. Frank Stallone! Not to be content with the possibility of it being another Rambo fake-remake, @MrWaflz55 upped the ante by adding in tunes from @Ridox2JZGTE and @SirCagnuranis. As was to be expected, while some trial-ers noted the Ferrari tune to be a bit floaty, regarding the Lambo, @ThrasherDBS said it best: "This seriously drives like you're riding an actual bull" 'Nuff said ladies and germs. The TT at Suzuka was not as close as in prior weeks. "Someone" turned low 1:59's in both cars.

Congratulations "someone", uh, I mean @Baron Blitz Red for getting fast time in both cars this week!

Knock that off :lol: !

The verdict was unanimous this week. Ferrari is the overwhelming favorite. Not too hard to predict.
Ferrari 458 4 votes

Due to amateur error, voting results edited 6-14

Lamborhini Gallardo 1 vote

Now, for the big news that's been on my mind ever since I was called up for duty this week. The new duel is.....

The Shooting Brake-Dance Battle!

featuring the
Nissan Stagea 25t RS Four S '98 could they have made that name longer?


versus the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon GT-B '96


I'll get the TT up later today. Since it's my game this week, I've chosen to run this at one of my CM tracks, "Beau Ring Course B". You can find it on my page if you want to practice up. I've also chosen to allow SH to better utilize the chassis on the mix of turns. I realize I have a bit of home field advantage, but it's an easy track to learn and I expect you guys will get with the program. Until then my friends!
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So wait, my vote for last week didn't count?

Oopsy-daisy! Sorry buddy, that's what happens when they let an amateur steer the boat. I'll fix that.

An update to my Lambo review. It does pretty well in the current QM. I'm keeping it.
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Shooting Brakes? Don't people tend to shoot out the tires?

I don't know about that antiquated term or why that's still prevalent, but I know we've got a couple of station wagons to test this week. I remember the Stagea being somewhat relevant in GT2 but I haven't paid attention to it in any other game. The Legacy on the other hand has been present in every iteration of Gran Turismo. While it's far from my first choice for racing, I know it has a respectable amount of performance.

Taking a couple of laps around in an R33 GT-R to get a feel for the new course this week, I ran a 12-minute session with each of these.

Beau Ring Trial:
Stagea - 1:31.438
Legacy - 1:28.878

This seemed really clean cut for a battle. The longer U-shaped turn and the short-sharp angled turns especially put these 4WD wagons to the test where they would wash out in corners. Especially so for the Stagea which was already over 200 kilos heavier than its rival, and already at an acceleration disadvantage. The Stagea required very early braking compared to the Legacy, and was more unresponsive in corners.

The Legacy takes a clear victory in this one.


Ryk got his new Japanese version of the Wagonqueen Family Truckster,, in green. Got to the track and this laydee, barges onto the time trial circuit in a slinky scarlet Ferrari? Weaving all over the show, tooting her horn, giving Ryk the old pop-up headlamps...

ferrari laydee.jpg

Some Blonde Laydee in a Ferrari, Yesterday

And well, old Ryk got distracted...

wagonqueen family truckster.jpg

With all four wheels off the ground, Ryk didn't find that the understeer was much of a factor, Yesterday.​

But thankfully, Nissan Stagea shooting-estate-brake-wagon-stations are built tough!


Ferrari Shill
Hey guys! just letting you know I got in an argument and I said I had very few connections around GTPlanet on whom I could rely. Anyways, if you read that sorry in advance. Here's a picture of my food instead.

Got this at a chip stand in Toronto, it's a sausage made to look like an octopus in Mac and Cheese, it even has a little face, how cute!
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Anybody else get a chance to run these two wagons online? @Baron Blitz Red and @Draggon (and @Obelisk ) What say you guys?

I'm going against the grain, I figure. I like the Nissan Stage(a) Coach. Within the parameters of our testing, I found the Legacy to get all pushy and stuff when run hard though the corner. It feels like it either needs more front grip, or less rear grip. Its fast and has good brakes, and overall handles well, but I just think it's difficult to get though the slower corners.

The Stagea Coach is slower, and leans like a row boat in the turns, but the front end digs in, it rotates, and scoots off. I found it fastest when I turned in for the apex just a bit sooner than I normally would, sliding around the corner, and doing a bit of a 4 wheel drift out. It was a real hoot.

As an FYI, I discovered a couple interesting things. First, in my hands, the Legacy was faster on my track with CS tires. Secondly, "home track advantage" was a lot more of an advantage that I thought. I lowered the PP on both cars by 10, roughly 15 to 20 hp to even things up.

At the moment, verdict: Nissan Space Ghost!

Wagon's Ho...

This week's duel involves cars where you don't need to get the girl into the back seat for some fun, there's more room behind that rear seat... come lie down, be comfy! ;)

I started off with the Subie, thinking that this Legacy in it's own mind would be the clear winner, so might as well get the benchmark done and over with. Having basically forgotten what either drove like, I was pleasantly surprised with how the GT-B actually handled on this unknown track. But being the lighter of the two, my thoughts already were turning dark about the next victim... surely it won't really compare to this not-so-Superu. Handling would be the determining factor, surely, because neither car were going to be taking the "best looking" prize home... :scared: No such thing as a sexy station wagon.

Now off to the Stag party...

As I said, already I was building myself up for a lunch bag let down... you remember that feeling where mom said "I put something special in there today", so you wait patiently for hours to find out what you got. New sandwich? No no, you tell yourself, it's better cookies or a piece of fudge! Damn I'm hungry! So FINALLY lunch time hits and... you got a PB&J sandwich minus the J with a box of dried raisins. :banghead: Gee thanks mom!

Anyhoo... the Nissan with way more weight not only help up it's own, it almost equaled the Subie's time. Both were fairly easy to drive considering they're only station wagons. Both had smooth shifting, higher revving engines than expected just by looking at them, and both were equally as ugly. Well to be fair, the Nissan was more of a box on wheels than the GT-B. But who would expect a hearse to move like that???

So... even though the Subie was slightly faster, it wasn't by a mile. No landslide here. Considering the Nissan was the heavier of the two, it carried it's weight rather well. So well, I'd recommend going to the Stag party... was way more fun than I thought, let alone hoped for. Something you'll never hear at LeMans... the Nissan WINS!!!



substag head to head.jpg

Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon GT-B '96 vs. Nissan STAGEA 25t RS FOUR S '98

Ryk has got "Holiday Road" in his head and so he has been trawlling the dirty filthy part of the internet when the music lives to try to get this ear worm out of his usually pretty empty skull... Aww, poor old Ryk!

*** Round 1 *** Price ***

Stagea - 32,600kazula
Legacy - 29,330kazula

Not much of a price hike or saving but a slight lead to the Fuji Heavy Industries Truckster

Nissan Stagea 9 ++++ Subaru Legacy 10​

*** Round 2 *** Paint Chips ***

Stagea - 7 chips
Legacy - 6 chips

Both have Shotgun like range... I mean a Good spread that should satisfy all targets without them clumping together like a Mafia Suit catalogue ("Would Sir prefer the metallic silver or the silver metallic? Excellent choice...")

Nissan Stagea 10(19) ++++ Subaru Legacy 9(19)​

*** Round 3 *** But, more importantly does it have dark green paint chip? ***

Stagea - Yes - Green Pearl
Legacy - Yes - Vintage Green Mica

A Masterclass here we have two of the best cars in GT6 - Have no doubt about it, when a car comes with Dark Green as standard you know you have found a nugget of purest automotive excellence. Sixteen sweet green points for both cars!

Nissan Stagea 16(35) ++++ Subaru Legacy 16(35)​

*** Round 4 *** Powah ***

Stagea - 276 ->278bhp
Legacy - 276-> 275bhp

In the showroom they were equal, but once you unwrap your car the Nissan has an extra couple of ponies, your simple minded daughter will love you for at least a week longer! However, the Subaru has a pony missing... You may has well give her up for adoption now, it may hurt, but she will never respect you. Her heart will never recover from this Pony Massacre Slaughter event.


Girls love Unicorns and that is a fact.

Nissan Stagea 10(45) ++++ Subaru Legacy 9(44)​

*** Round 5 *** Weight ***

Stagea - 1650kg 54:46
Legacy - 1430kg 59:41

This is probably the pivotal round, On the See Saw The Subaru is 220kg lighter... it rises high above the fat lump that is the Stagea
Can't imagine what 485lbs looks like...

Four laydees that could rip your arm out of the socket and beat you to death with the soggy end.

Joanna "Champion" Jedrzejczyk,
Carla "Cookie Monster" Esparza,
Rose "Thug" Namajunas,
Valentina "Bullet" Shevchenko

and a 5lb tub of Rum and Raisin Dairy Ice Cream for them to share and be polite and not fight on the trip to Wallyworld.
"If you girls keep arguing, I will turn this car around."

Nissan Stagea 7(52) ++++ Subaru Legacy 10(54)​

*** Round 6 *** Dishy good looks ***

Often these kind of cars have a steel cage behind the rear seats, to keep unruly dogs or children or B Spec drivers away from chewing on the seats or licking the hand brake...

Stagea - Although it has bits of Skyline, it is still a munter in terms of looks - without the R33 meat on its bones, it looks a bit like an old man with a Dad bod, However underneath that mild mannered pudgy exterior beats a solid engine, but not quite the GT-R engine
Legacy - Has that wide slim front grill and lamps that should remind you of the Impreza ... actually have I bought the right car? I guess it wins by being not quite as ugly as the Stagea.

Nissan Stagea 9(61) ++++ Subaru Legacy 10(64)​

*** Round 7 *** Speed ***

B Spec time to the top of the big Bridge, then the ultimate flat track speed and then the total time for a complete lap.
Both cars went pretty fast for Aero brick estate cars.
Route X speed run
Stagea - 1m21.3 (Top of the bridge) - 164mph (V Max) --- 7m12.0 (Lap Time)
Legacy - 1m18.5 (Top of the bridge) - 166mph (V Max) --- 7m03.0 (Lap Time)
Nissan Stagea 7(68) ++++ Subaru Legacy 10(74)​

*** Round 8 *** Time trial with turns and stuff ***

Final rough and the Nissan needs a transform into Gojira and run amok on the track.

Location - Seasonal 500pp Event at Route Five Special Stage
Nissan Stagea 1m47.6 (9m36.5)
Car was fun but soft, Too pushy to drift as the fronts would just give up, and not enough power to unstick the rear Comfort tyres. With so much over the front axel weight coupled with a four wheel drive system it was never going to dance in the twisty stuff, but the comfort tyres were okay, you could probably get more fun factor by going Vegan and fitting Comfort Hards. Engine note was a bit whiney mechanical.

Subaru Legacy 1m44.3 (9m21.1)
Didn't feel as "fun" to drive but was much, much faster on the track and once you put your "A sliding object has no directional integrity" driver head on, you can set up some pretty nice lines, but you have to set them up well before the corner starts - no mid corner heroics in either car here. Engine is a deep throaty turbo flat-4.
Nissan Stagea 7(75) ++++ Subaru Legacy 10(84)


Ryk in the winning Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon GT-B '96, Yesterday.
I think the big walk away bit was Comfort tyres make everything fun. Until that tub of ice cream ran out...​
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Ferrari Shill
Alright guys, great stuff last week. I'll see you around tomorrow night with another duel for you all. And don't worry, a time trial too.
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So here's the final reporting/review/recap of last week's Wagon's Ho a.k.a the official DOTW Brake Dance Battle. It seems everyone had the same complaints about understeer with these beauties, except for @Ryk who thought himself "fly" enough to have a Christie Brinkley encounter. Well, the "fly" part was right. At least his Wagon Queen was green.

I thought to throw a wrench ( spanner for you folks on the wrong side of the pond ) in the works and let you all have the "pleasure" of one of my tracks. A bit selfish, yes, but when one is in charge, we must indulge ourselves. At least after all was said and done no one reported that my track sucked. Yet. 8 men entered, 3 men ran. Perhaps Master Blaster's cousin, Master @ThrasherDBS scared them off.


Anyway, neither of the wagon queens impressed a whole heck of a lot this week. Both had faults as tested. The course did test these two at their limits of grip. I found myself wishing for a Evo IX Wagon. The votes as follows:

Nissan Stagea 25t RS Four S '98: 2 votes
Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon GT-B '96: 2 votes
Octopus Mac-n-Cheese: 1 vote

What? An unheard of tie? Seeing as how our large vertically placed prism didn't register a vote, I'll let @Baron Blitz Red say it best: "I'd recommend going to the Stag party... was way more fun than I thought"

Winner: Nissan Stagea 25t RS Four S '98!

I'm really needing to step up my game here......"guess who" got top time in this weeks TT, in BOTH cars. Congratulations @Baron Blitz Red, job well done!

A big thanks goes to @MrWaflz55 for giving me the honor of running the TT in his absence. Glad you're back!


Ferrari Shill
GT6 Duel of the Week 2 #104: Hybrid Hijinks!

After my absence last week, I return bearing hybrid technology! Let me show you the world of clean driving through the next two cars featured here:


It's the Toyota Prius (G)!

against it's almost identical rival:


the Honda INSIGHT (the boring one)

So, does the Prius have the Honda in it's sights this week? I don't know, come down to the time trial being held at Tsukuba Circuit to find out. Yes, it's being held on the main community club btw.

I made this a quick one because I'm tired and somewhat busy. If you're looking for some witty humor from me right now, just look forward to next week, that's all. :)