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Ferrari Shill
Alright, I'm going to stick a conventional duel into the mix here before the Car Olympics as an apology for the mix-ups last week. That won't be happening again and I take full responsibility. Now, let's get underway with one of the most anticipated duels from the suggestions in week zero. This week we have two rival cars with similar stats but different drivetrains competing in place of their F1 granddads.

GT6 Duel of the Week 74: Of Prancing Horses and Silver Arrows!

Please welcome two burning-hot premium cars to the ring. Let's pit these two cars together and set the fire with some laps around Silverstone Grand Prix this week. This trial by fire will be the ultimate test of these manufacturer's prowess.

Introducing a duel to remember... The:


2009 Ferrari 458 Italia
Versus the
2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Of course, this duel will be taking place at Silverstone, It's a long track so you have 19 minutes to get your act together. Tires are limited to comfort soft like usual, so make sure you exercise absolute control over these two tail-happy rubber-burners. There's not much more to be said, other than the fact I know which one I'm voting for right now and for you guys to give it your all this week. See you on the track.​

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Got them done. This isn't the first time the 458 has been in our ring, and I don't think it'll be the last.

Both of them oversteer, but the 458 is a lot more "racecar-like" leading to better performance.

Silverstone Trial:
458 - 2:21.019
SLS - 2:22.004

Rotenboden Trial:
458 - 1:41.266
SLS - 1:41.654

SSR5 Trial:
458 - 1:28.765
SLS - 1:30.184

This duel goes to the 458. I used the tires that came with the vehicles for the regular trials I do, but comfort softs for the online one. They behave similarly, but the 458 is just a little bit faster.

EDIT: Oversteer Thrasher. Not understeer, you sleep deprived idiot.
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Wow, nothing but @ThrasherDBS, myself, and a whole lot of crickets in this weeks TT. :indiff: I did OK in the Merc but found myself braking early to avoid locking up the front tires and sliding off the turns. The Ferrari was more of a challenge. Understeer on turn entry, and oversteer/wheelspin on turn exit. I was .2 secs slower in the Ferrari, but I imagine with a few more laps I could close that gap. However, CS tires minimizes the strengths the Ferrari has with its excellent brakes and cornering ability. It sounds a lot better too.

Merc SLS 2:20.509
Ferrari 458 2:20.722

Verdict: Ferrari 458 Italia it's just better 👍


Ferrari Shill
Wow, nothing but @ThrasherDBS, myself, and a whole lot of crickets in this weeks TT. :indiff:

I'll probably try my hand at this time trial tonight, not sure about anyone else.

I've also noticed participation has declined a bit. If any of you have any problems with me being the organizer of these duels, don't hesitate to tell me. I have thick skin and I don't bite.

Also, do you think someone could plug us on Beater or Sleeper? :lol:


Sorry I don't do any online GT6 racing stuff - My PS3's connection is dicey at best I try a Seasonal and I tend to lose my login Bonus before the end of the first lap - But I am with you in spirit. (This week it is Vodka, Ginger Ale and Lime Juice.) -
Both cars are good for the latest Modern F1 Nurburgring seasonal - good for a Samba Bus now we are sliding into winter.

Looks like it may be a win for the Prancing Horse...
A great combo this week. Many thanks to our thread host, MrWaflz55 for providing this chance.

So, it is my turn to post my findings on this great comparison. Always late and after ThrasherDBS as usual 👍.

Firstly the laptimes of them.

Silverstone GP circuit on CS tires

SLS AMG '10 2:19.609

458 Italia '09 2:17.681

Result of their hotlap butchering on this great track as clear about their ability on the limit or a bit above.

Italia is 2 secs faster, having the same PP and the same tires. Its close-ratio 7-speed gearbox helps much and lesser weight (-135kgs) than the SLS along with its MR setup (43:57 weight distribution) widen the performance difference on this smooth and very wide track. Its behaviour is a bit strange for an MR supercar. It has a bit of understeer when entering the corner which makes spinning difficult and then it stabilises and leaves the drives to balance it easily and beautifully with the right pedal.

SLS is great also, being 50:50 in weight distribution and having massive torque from its 6.2lt V8 along with its very good suspension and diff setup make this car great both when pushing on track and drifting it also. Its behaviour is typical of a great balanced and torquey car that is very easy even on the limit and capable of hotlapping in speeds close to supercars and not to heavy and powerful GT cars.

Their on track performance gives 10 points to F458 and 8 to SLS.

Their design is great also, although very different as italians and germans have their taste in it and being different in engine and transmission location makes big differences by itself. Gullwing doors of SLS gives a bit of an exotic touch to it. Those seperations continue in the interior design also. And thankfully they both are detailed ones.

Two points more go to F458 for its delicate front but muscular rear end opposing the gothic style of SLS, so F458 gets 10 points and SLS 8. A matter of personal taste here.

Price difference gives 2 more points to SLS and it gets 10 vs the 8 points of F458.

And the clear winner with 2 more points (28-26) is the Ferrari 458 Italia!



Stuttgart Germany -- Home ----- Maranello Italy
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG -- vs ---------Ferrari 458 Italia


7 Speed dual clutch -----gearbox----- 7 Speed dual clutch
4640mm -----length----- 4527mm
2680mm --wheelbase-- 2650mm
1940mm ----width---- 1937mm
1260mm ----height---- 1213mm
6208cc V8 ----engine---- 4499cc V8
7200 rpm ----Redline---- 9000rpm​

*** Round 1 *** Price ***

SLS 197,620 kazula
458 - 283,000 kazula

Both are pretty expensive cars but the Ferrari in GT6 is far more expensive - If you were to beef up the AMG SLS by throwing money at the car to match the 458 price tag, well lets not got that way.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 10 ::: Ferrari 458 Italia - 8​

*** Round 2 *** Paint chips ***

458 - Twenty six

Now we see the real reason why the Ferrari costs so much, Twenty six paint chips... BUT lets look at these wishy washy colours. There are a few good colours, Verde, Obviously is the very best one - but a lot of them are very anonymous greys and silvers -But it has a couple of good colours, Modena Yellow and Rosso Corsa. The SLS has a few modest matte shades a crazy expensive AMG alubeam Silver which takes 12 years to apply and each coat of paint is dried only on a cloudless night, when the moon is fat... or something spooky arcane. You can also get a very saturated Gran Turismo Blau but unless you eat apple strudel for breakfast, you will have to concede the round to the Italian car.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 8(18) ::: Ferrari 458 Italia - 10(18)

*** Round 3 *** By the Powah of Greyskull!***

SLS - 563-570bhp
458 - 562-563bhp

The Italian car has the sound but that doesn't translate to the winning this round as the hand farmed M159 DOHC V8 engine organically grown in Affalterbach Germany.
(Whose town logo is very suspiciously similar to Maranello... both with fruit trees on the crest...)

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 10(28) ::: Ferrari 458 Italia - 9(27)​

*** Round 4 *** There is Super light and then there is... ***

SLS - 1620kg - 47:53
458 - 1485kg - 43:57

The Ferrari is very modest when you buy it, with no information about how heavy it is (Italian girls are not usually that bashful) but once you trick her onto the bathroom scales she is heavier than you may think.
The Mercedes is called "Sport Leicht Super" - but it is 135kg heavier! However look at the weight distribution... 47:53 is Mid Engined car numbers, despite it having a monster 6.3 litre V8 at the front... but it has a few tricks, the Engine is mounted well behind the front axel line and it has a transaxle layout putting the gearbox far behind where it normally would be, Smart engineering, but it is still heavier than the Italian.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 8(36) ::: Ferrari 458 Italia - 10(37)

*** Round 5 *** Torque ***

SLS - 66.3kgfm
458 - 55.1kgfm

20% more torque for the German - Mama mia!

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 10(46) ::: Ferrari 458 Italia - 8(45)​

*** Round 6 *** I Feel the Need - Historic Route X Part 1***
Tiem to reach the 5000m split (Top of the Bridge)
SLS - 59.3
458 - 59.9

Both take the first split in under a minute, which is impressive but a Mercedes beating a Ferrari by 0.6 of a second, could be Formula 1.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 10(56) ::: Ferrari 458 Italia - 9(54)​

*** Round 7 *** I Feel the Need - Historic Route X Part 2***
Vmax at the 20000m - Mid way along the back straight - The cars have had 12 miles to get up to speed now, so no excuses as we learn the truth.
SLS - 221mph
458 - 209mph

Both power past 200 mph, but the AMG powers past to a greater degree.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 10(66) ::: Ferrari 458 Italia - 8(62)​

*** Round 8 *** I Feel the Need - Historic Route X Part 3***
Full Lap time
SLS - 5m25.9
458 - 5m36.7
Mercedes crushes the Ferrari by a HUGE margin of 10.8 seconds over just one lap.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 10(76) ::: Ferrari 458 Italia - 8(70)​

*** Round 9 *** A Question of Style ***

SLS - Slightly old fashioned throwback and it certainly has a strong unique look about it. The Front Lights are a bit Nissan - but Gullwing doors are just like a Grown up AZ-1 Autozam
458 - This car didn't wow me right away when I saw it but it does have very nice proportions. The Front lamps are overly fussy - never a fan of the fairy lights, the Aero Moustache is subtle. Mid Engine car without pop up headlamps - just like a Grown up AZ-1 Autozam...

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 9(85) ::: Ferrari 458 Italia - 10(80)

*** Round 10 *** Track Test - Mount Panorama ***
(Seasonal Event Race - Bone Stock - Sport Hard Tyres, TCS=0 ABS=0 No impacts, always inside the white lines)

A Real test of grip as we race upside down in Australia!
(Mt Panorama, Yesterday)

2m13.6 (5m58.7) SLS
2m12.9 (5m51.8) 458

Finally the Ferrari wins on track. The added downforce over the front axel relative to the SLS lets that cars front tyres bite a fraction earlier. (The 458 has 100/200 Aero, the SLS only has 0/200 over the rear axel only)

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 9(94) ::: Ferrari 458 Italia - 10(90)

*** Round 11 *** Track Test - Nurburgring Modern F1***
(Seasonal race - Bone Stock - Sport Hard Tyres, TCS=0 ABS=0 No impacts (By me anyhow.), always inside the white lines)

2m07.2 (11m08.5) SLS
2m05.6 (11m06.7) 458

Slightly harder to split these as the AI was all over the show and I had to take some safe lines to prevent getting rear ended

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 9(103) ::: Ferrari 458 Italia - 10(100)

*** Round 12 *** But how does it George Fredric Handel? ***

The SLS does tend to live or die by the condition of the front brakes/tyres - if they are too hot then you will enter the world of "Untersteuerung" - but it is what you would expect a lumbering lump you can chuck about but the real weakness was heavy brakes for me anyhow.

The 458 was lighter and rotated faster, which made it slightly edgey at times at Bathurst with those chunky cresting corners where you need to thread the needle at speed.

You can choose your favourite GF Handel song, mine would be that mexican/spanish/french revival dance classic of the Baroque and Roll period,a Sarabande - 헨델의 사라방드

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 8(111) ::: Ferrari 458 Italia - 10(110)

*** Round 13 *** Engine note ***

Speak of hitting all the right notes what about the engine? Well these are both V8's but the Bigger AMG engine has a deeper, more controlled less frantic voice. The Ferrari has smaller cylinders and so has a high pitch and it also revs higher.
The SLS has a solid V8 which pours out the good stuff, but the gearbox did feel like I was working the stick alot. The Ferrari? Nice thick rev range, the engine sounds crisp and savage at times.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 9(120) ::: Ferrari 458 Italia - 10(120)

Darn it, all square again. Let's have some trivia factoid to add points or take them away!

The SLS AMG was used as the F1 Safety Car (+5 points Mercedes)
Varients of the Ferrari 458 has won at the 24 hours of Le Mans, twice (+10 points Ferrari)
Numerous cool owners such as Eddie Murphy, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Sylvester G Stallone and South Boston's very own 'Marky' Mark Wahlberg. (+10 points Mercedes)
Uber dork Celeb Owners of the SLS AMG include Lewis "Blessed" Hamilton, Floyd "Humble" Mayweather, Jeremy "Censored" Clarkson...(-10 points Mercedes)
But not quite as bad as such horror show celebrity owners as... Simon Cowell or Kim Kardashian (-5 Ferrari)
Gull Wing Doors - Just like a Suzuki Cara/Mazda AZ-1 Autozam! (+5 points Mercedes)

I have to split them - I I prefer the facts the Ferrari is fun to drive looks great sounds great isn't known for being owned by Celebs. And when a Celeb does show in interest - they go classy like Eric Clapton and have a bespoke version made like the "SP12 EC" (+10 points Ferrari)

So Ryk Recommends the
... Ferrari 458
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I'll probably try my hand at this time trial tonight, not sure about anyone else.

I've also noticed participation has declined a bit. If any of you have any problems with me being the organizer of these duels, don't hesitate to tell me. I have thick skin and I don't bite.

Also, do you think someone could plug us on Beater or Sleeper? :lol:

No problems at all, I'm glad you've stepped up and kept this alive :P Some of the Beater or Sleeper regulars venture over here, I put in a plug. 👍


Ferrari Shill
After the mix-ups and lateness of some of the duels recently, and the lackluster participation in some of the newer duels worrying me a bit, it's good to know that nobody has a problem. Now onto this week's duel.

Alright, So this week I had two cars with some F1 heritage that come from two rival manufacturers. Ferrari and Mercedes have dueled in the likes of F1 for many decades now, and with Mercedes' dominance in the sport making it somewhat boring recently, what better way to kick some excitement back in then pitting their tailsliding road machines in for a duel.

Taking them down to Willow Springs, (the streets) I can confirm that the Ferrari 458 has much more of a punch than the SLS and has more dynamic cornering.

Ferrari: 1:16.720
Mercedes: 1:17.998

Let's tally up the votes:

Ferrari: 5
Mercedes: 0

So that means the winner is the...


2009 Ferrari 458 Italia!!!
(congratulations to @Rotorist for taking @Draggon 's crown this week)

Next week is the DoTW Olympics, so stay tuned for that duel coming tomorrow afternoon!

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Ferrari Shill
car olympics.jpg

Without any further delay, let's get into the GT6 Duel of the Week Car Olympics. There will be a total of 5 countries represented, mostly because anything more than five countries can get somewhat excessive. Initially I was going to do high-performance machines, but I decided with the name "Car Olympics", it sounded pretty Top Gear-ish, so I switched the duel to economy cars!

Here are the countries:


Straight from the great biscuit of the Atlantic tea... the


2001 Vauxhaul Corsa Comfort 1.4!!!


From the forests of Eifel, the...


2002 Mini One!!!


From the Animu, JDM, high life expectancy shores of Japanland, the...


1999 Honda INSIGHT!!!


from the land of spaghetti, pizza, plumbers and romeos, the...


2008 Fiat 500 1.2 8V Lounge SS!!!


From the country of fashion and romance, the...


2002 Citroen C3 1.6!!!

The time trial this week will be held at the Nurburgring GP-D, a world-class event deserves world-class facilities, does it not? Tires will be restricted to Comfort Hard, and Traction Control will be off. See which country's boring econobox stands out from the rest, and since this is the Car Olympics, think of some goofy challenge to do when writing up your reviews. I will be announcing the person with the best goofy competition along with the winner of the time trial, and that person will get to pick next week's duel!!!

I'll be watching to make sure everyone is using the right cars in the time trials too because there aren't as many restrictions.

See you on the track! :cheers:

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Would the Scion xA or xB get to play for the American team, or are they too Japanese? I figured I'd ask, since the Mini is classically known as a British car, but it's playing for the German team, and the Vauxhall is essentially a rebadged German Opel.


Interesting cars that I would never leap at driving but some people like driving in small cars. Ryk will be driving at the Five Olympic Rings...
  • Autumn Ring
  • High Speed Ring
  • Red Bull Ring
  • Nurburg Ring
and America's very own
  • Willowsp Ring


A Lady having fun in a small car, yesterday​


Ferrari Shill
Would the Scion xA or xB get to play for the American team, or are they too Japanese? I figured I'd ask, since the Mini is classically known as a British car, but it's playing for the German team, and the Vauxhall is essentially a rebadged German Opel.

The Scion is too Japanese, those are basically toyotas with badges. A Mini is a disguised BMW and Vauxhauls are assembled in Bedfordshire. Also each car is listed in these countries in the game.
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Well I tried to get the US involved. Oh well, looks like the United States is boycotting the car-olympics this go around.

So I hate to be the guy who complains about the regulations for the online trial again, but none of the cars in their stock forms with Comfort Hard tires can enter. The PP limit is set at 258pp, which not even the Fiat 500 (the lowest PP car of the bunch at 287pp) can get in. The PP limit needs to be at 332.


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United States
I'm casting two votes:
One for best overall
One for preference.

Best overall - subjectively speaking, the Fiat 500 is the most modern and best functioning model.
Preference - Honda Insight because hybrid power with a proper gearbox.
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Here it is, the famed Car Olympics. While the winner of the Olympics is determined by medals awarded, this is going to take my usual tournament style approach. 1st place wins 5 points, last wins 1 point, and so on.

After the United States was disqualified for hiring a Japanese national to compete on their behalf, the battle came down to five countries. Given the nature of the sport, we decided that a variety of events would need to be done. The Rotenboden and SSR5 are currently closed for repaving, so no trials there this week.

First up, we have the online hotlap trial!

Hot Lap Test at Nurburgring:
Corsa - 2:13.430 - 3rd - 3pts
Mini - 2:13.435 - 4th - 2pts
Insight - 2:12.341 - 2nd - 4pts
500 - 2:17.720 - 5th - 1pt
C3 - 2:10.847 - 1st - 5pts

Understeer all around, which is unsurprising given the fact that all of these cars are front-wheel drive econoboxes, but of note are the Mini and the C3 which wash out in corners especially badly. The C3 had much more power than the other four, securing it the win in this event. The Fiat 500 had incredible stability, but only because it was far slower than the rest.

So, since we have slow front-wheel drive cars at our disposal and we're having a Top Gear-esque challenge, what's the most logical event to test their might? That's right! We took them to Apricot Hill for a sector drift trial, and luckily for the fans, the road was a swimming pool and the rain would not let up.

Drift Test at Apricot Hill:
Corsa - 2,151pts - 1st - 5pts
Mini - 1,909pts - 3rd - 3pts
Insight - 1,990pts - 2nd - 4pts
500 - 1,585pts - 4th - 2pts
C3 - 1,541pts - 5th - 1pt

As is the case with drifting front-wheel drive cars, the handbrake was applied a lot in order to get the cars to slide, especially given the fact that they are slow and are on Comfort Hards. The 500's speed handicapped how much it could slide. After the first two sectors, it seemed as though the C3 would win, however it choked on the final turn, losing a massive amount of points, sending it from 1st to last in this event.

It only seems fair that we would do a top speed test for these vehicles. However, many people ask how fast cars go in a straight line. What about the people who wonder how fast it can go in reverse? Many a Hollywood stuntman and soccer mom have asked this question, so we took the liberty of putting these cars through the test.

Reverse Top Speed Test:
Corsa - 35mph - 3rd - 3pts
Mini - 38mph - 1st - 5pts
Insight - 38mph - 1st - 5pts

500 - 32mph - 5th - 1pt
C3 - 35mph - 3rd - 3pts

A tie for first and a tie for 3rd in this test. If you are doing a stunt that requires you to speed in reverse down an alleyway chased by a baddie, or you need to get out of your driveway the quickest to shave seconds off the time it takes for you to get to your hair appointment, look no further than the Mini and the Insight.

After these three events, it's time to tally up the points and see the country that wins overall!

Final Standings:
Corsa - 11pts - 2nd
Mini - 10pts - 3rd
Insight - 13pts - 1st
500 - 4pts
C3 - 9pts

It looks like Japan takes the gold, followed by Great Britain with the silver, and Deutschland with the bronze. A brilliant showing by all countries involved. Had the C3 not cocked up the last section of the dirt trial, France would have been the overall winner. That's how the Olympics are, I'm afraid. You aren't measured by what you could have done, just by what you have done.
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That's quite the thorough report @ThrasherDBS! I just finished up with all 5 cars, so here's my not-quite-in-depth review and rating. The Citroen was, as I expected the fastest and best handling. However, I was quite surprised by the Honda. Even though the pp is 1 more than the Citroen, I did not expect it to come within 1 second of the Citroen. I think the CVT trans hampers it, as does the battery. My fastest lap was #2 and then the battery petered out. I'm confidant that with full battery power and some more laps, I may have been able to equal or beat the Citroen. The Vauxhall was meh, the Fiat worse than meh ( of course with less than 300pp ) but I think the biggest loser was the Mini. 2 more pp than the Vauxhall yet 1 second slower, and it took some 10/10ths driving to get there.

Times and ratings:
1. Citroen: 2:06.651 4.5 points
2. Honda: 2:07.631 4.5 points
3. Vauxhall: 208.846 3 points
4. Mini: 2:09.759 0 points, its supremely disappointing
5. Fiat: 2:14.853 2 points only because the Mini doesn't get points

I give the Citroen and Honda a tie simply because without the issue of the battery running out, I think it could match the Citroen's performance.

Edit: Using the 5-4-3-2-1 points system, I think the Fiat should get 3 points, the 1 it earned for being slowest plus the Mini's 2 points that it would have gotten for 4th place but doesn't deserve cause its a slug.
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Results at Mid-Field Raceway on Comfort Soft tires:

101 mph

99 mph

97 mph

94 mph

85 mph

There's about 9 seconds and a 16 mph top track speed separating the fastest car from the slowest.

My favorite has to be the Honda Insight. To this day it is still my favorite hybrid ever produced, and I believe still the only one offered with a manual transmission. If I could buy one brand new from a Honda dealer, I would. The rest of these cars, I don't really care about :crazy:
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Time to contribute a bit in this nice thread's Olympics.

My ranking on those cars will depend on 5 factors:

Laptimes in Nurburgring GP/D
Max speed in best laptime's start-finish straight
Higher apex speed in lowest speed slowest corner from best laptime
Price/PS analogy

My preference in giving points will be: 1st-Gold gets 5 points, 2nd-Silver gets 3 points, 3rd-Bronze gets 1 point, 4th and 5th gets no points.

Lets see now how each car did.

Laptimes (lower is better)

C3 2:09.023 -----> Gold (5 points)
Mini 2:10.791 -----> Bronze (1 point)
Insight 2:10.431
-----> Silver (3 points)
Corsa 2:11.577
Fiat500 2:15.410

Max speed (higher is better)

C3 157 km/h -----> Gold (5 points)
Corsa 152 km/h -----> Bronze (1 point)

Mini 151 km/h
Insight 154 km/h -----> Silver (3 points)
Fiat500 139 km/h

Higher apex speed in turn 1 (higher is better)

C3 58 km/h -----> Bronze (1 point)
Corsa 54 km/h
Mini 60 km/h -----> Gold (5 points)
Insight 59 km/h -----> Silver (3 points)

Fiat500 57 km/h


Mini -----> Silver (3 points)
-----> Bronze (1 point)
Corsa -----> Gold (5 points)


Credits/PS (smaller is better)

C3 18130cr/113PS =160cr/PS -----> Gold (5 points)
Corsa 17960cr/92PS =195cr/PS -----> Silver (3 points)
Mini 19620cr/92PS =213cr/PS -----> Bronze (1 point)

Insight 21000cr/84PS=250cr/PS
Fiat500 23300cr/68PS=342cr/PS

Final result (adding the points of all tests)

Gold medalist: Citroen C3 (19 points)

Silver medalist: Mini One (10 points)

Bronze medalist: Honda Insight (10 points) which didn't get the same medal as Mini did because its laptime cannot be sustainable due to the battery getting empty after lap3 and producing laptimes 2 seconds slower after that point which drops it clearly below Corsa's laptime.

Corsa (9 points) and 500 (0 points) got a memo for their participation in this event.

A clear win for Citroen and France here. Well done!


You wanted the Olympics - But it is way too cold here in Englandshire. (All the money our industry burnt on Global Warming over the centuries and this is the Frosty Fallout, Piffle!)

So lets evoke the spirit of the very first Winter Olympics in France at Chamonix in 1924

*** Olympic Event 1 *** Ice Hockey ***

Puck You! You Pucking Puck! - Time to strap on those ice skates and put on your pads and kiss your front teeth goodbye, for a gentle game of... Price Hockey.

Corsa - 17,960 (Gold)
C3 1.6 - 18,130 (Silver)
Mini 1 - 19,620 (Bronze)
Insight - 21,000
500 SS - 23,300

Not quite a Miracle on Ice, But the Vauxhall just edged the French car into Silver with the bloated BMW in the Bronze badge spot.

*** Olympic Event 2 *** Bandy ***

What? What is Bandy? Only the world's second most popular Winter Sport, you sun worshipping heathens, get outside and some colour in your face ... and some colours on your cars with some paint chips (That was hard work!)

Corsa - 12 chips (Gold) (Due to having Krypton Green)
C3 1.6 - 12 chips (Silver)
Mini 1 - 10 chips (Bronze)
Insight - 5 chips
500 SS - 3 chips

*** Olympic Event 3 *** Ski Jump***

This is a tale of raw power and being able to get the vesy most from your engine... who can get the most and Fly(wheel) the furthest?

C3 1.6 - 108bhp - (Gold)
Corsa - 88bhp (Silver) Awarded due to lower PP handicap)
Mini 1 - 88bhp (Bronze) Awarded due to higher PP Handicap)
Insight - 69bhp
500 SS - 68bhp

*** Olympic Event 4 *** Skeleton Bobsleigh ***

The winners here are sleek and light. Well Skeletons are small and slight anyhow, Shelly Rudman, Amy Williams and Liz Yarnold are all small sleek light girls!

(Amy Williams Winter Olympic Gold Medalist and Gran Turismo 6 Driver, Yesterday)

Insight - 820kg - Gold
Corsa - 998kg - Silver
C3 1.6 - 1063kg - Bronze
500 SS - 1010kg
Mini 1 - 1125kg

*** Olympic Event 5 *** Curling (It sort of relates to Torque... I know I am on thin ice here!) ***

C3 1.6 - 15.3kgfm (Gold)
Mini 1 - 14.3kgfm (Silver)
Corsa - 12.8kgfm (Bronze)
500 SS - 10.4 kgfm
Insight - 9.4kgfm

*** Olympic Event 6 *** Speed Skating at the Frozen oval of Route X.***
Time to reach the 5000m split (Top of the Bridge)

Insight - 1m43.8 (Gold)
C3 1.6 - 1m44.7 (Silver)
Corsa - 1m47.8 (Bronze)
Mini 1 - 1m49.7
500 SS - 2m03.8

*** Olympic Event 7 *** Speed Skating at the Frozen oval of Route X.***
Speed at the 5000m split (Top of the Bridge)

Insight - 115mph (Gold)
C3 1.6 - 110mph (Silver)
Corsa - 107mph (Bronze)
Mini 1 - 105mph
500 SS - 88mph

*** Olympic Event 8 *** Speed Skating at the Frozen oval of Route X - Part 3***
Vmax at the 20000m - Mid way along the back straight - The cars have had 12 miles to get up to speed now so no excuses as we learn the truth.

C3 1.6 - 124mph (Gold)
Mini 1 - 122mph (Silver)
Corsa - 119mph (Bronze)
Insight - 118mph
500 SS - 102mph

*** Olympic Event 9 *** Speed Skating at the Frozen oval of Route X Part 4***
Full Lap time

C3 1.6 - 9m24.0 (Gold)
Insight - 9m31.1 (Silver)
Mini 1 - 9m35.7 (Bronze)
Corsa - 9m40.8
500 SS - 11m14.9 (Lets put that into perspective... the AMG SLS and the Ferrari 458 could do consecutive laps faster than the Fiat could manage one

*** Olympic Event 10 *** Skikjøring - High Speed Ring ***
(Seasonal Event Race - Bone Stock - Comfort Medium Tyres, TCS=5 ABS=1 No impacts, always inside the white lines)

I'll asume everyone is up to speed on their Norweigian. (GTPlant Mod - They won't be...) Okay then, Ski Driving!

Insight - 1m37.0 (Gold)
C3 1.6 - 1m37.3 (Silver)
Mini 1 - 1m39.6 (Bronze)
Corsa - 1m40.1
500 SS - 1m48.6

*** Olympic Event 11 *** Figure (Skating)***
Totally subjective, does it pull off a triple axel? Does it look good in frills and sequins?

Corsa - (Gold) I actually like this cute girly car, - (And when a Pink one can run into an Aston Martin and the Aston is the car that gets written off...)
C3 1.6 - (Silver) Seemed pretty bulky, the "diablo" style side windows elevate things
Insight - (Bronze)Shrouded rear wheels just like a LeMans winning Jaguar... (I feel terrible for saying that.)
Mini One - Looks like the old Mini, if it died and fell in a river and then they fished it out a week later all fat and bloated.
500 SS - Look like the old Cinquecento, if it died and fell in a river and then they fished it out a week later all fat and bloated.

*** Olympic Event 12 *** Super Giant Slalom ***

Abandonned due to a heavy fall of understeer.

*** Olympic Event 13 *** Biathlon - Chamonix ***

Shooting and cross country skiing just like a Viking praying to the Norse God Ullr! (Norse Gods have always been Cool, but this guy is Ice Cold cool!)
All cars were fitted with the very cheapest set of pre owned studded tyres then they took to the track.
I ran this stock apart from the fancy tyres ... so the traction control was cutting in

C3 1.6 - 55.8 (Gold)
Corsa - 56.8 (Silver)
Mini 1 - 57.1 (Bronze)
Insight - 57.6
500 SS - 58.3

Final Medal Table

C3 1.6 - 5 Golds 6 Silvers, 1 Bronze
Insight - 4 Golds, 1 Silver 1 Bronze
Corsa - 3 Golds, 3 Silvers 4 Bronze
Mini 1 - 2 Silvers, 6 Bronze
500 SS - Well thanks for taking part...

(In true Olympic Controversy - The Bronze that the French Entrant won in the Skeleton Bobsleigh has been awarded to the Italian Entrant...)

C3 1.6 - 5 Golds, 6 Silvers
Insight - 4 Golds, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
Corsa - 3 Golds, 3 Silvers, 4 Bronze
Mini 1 - 2 Silvers, 6 Bronze
500 SS - 1 Bronze

So Ryk Recommends the ... Citroen
Chamonix - c3.jpg

"Oh. They've encased him in Carbonite. He should be quite well protected. If he survived the freezing process, that is." C3 -- 1980, Bespin
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United States
United States
Well, I put out the word over in the beater or sleeper thread inviting the regulars to come on over here. So far I see no one has. I really expected ( hoped? ) to see see more participation. Right now we have only three Olympic entrants :indiff: I dunno, maybe because it involved 5 cars? I thought it was a lot of fun.


Ferrari Shill
car olympics.jpg



I would like to thank Germany for hosting the 1st 2016 GT6 Duel of the Week Econobox Car Olympics at the Nurburgring GP/D. All of the five countries involved brought their best athletes, yes even Italy. I would also like to thank our judges for their participation and for helping me decide the winner of this contest of everyday champions! But before we do that, here's a musical break from our special guest, Harry Chapin!

Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to announce the fastest times for the final event at the Streets of Willow.

Citroen: 1:38.969
Honda: 1:41.124
Mini: 1:41.652
Vauxhall: 1:42.518
Fiat: 1:46.308

So that means the Gold Medal for the 2,000m time trial goes to the United Kingdom!!!

But now, the moment you've all been waiting for... The Bronze medal of our event goes to...

The United Kingdom! Represented by the Vauxhall Corsa!!!


Meanwhile, the Silver Medal goes to Japan! Represented by the Honda INSIGHT!




So, it looks like France was finally able to win it's own war without the US, eh?

Now, it looks like it's time to announce our victors for this week's time trial.

@Draggon for France and the Citroen
@Draggon for Germany and the Mini One
@Draggon for Italy and the Fiat 500
@Draggon for Japan and the Honda
@Draggon for England and the Corsa

So he won all of them. All of you guys not showing up for the time trials are just letting him win everything, aren't you.

Also, like I promised at the start of the week, @Ryk gets the keys to the thread for next week for giving the most creative write-up, so think of a good duel for tomorrow.

...And speaking of tomorrow, I'll see you then! :cheers: