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    I decided to make a list of questions answered on @Boabdulrahman and @BHRxRacer's threads. If you guys can think of anymore more questions, that'd be great.

    Are there licence tests? - Yes. Events are marked Novice, ib, b, ia, a and super. Each one of those has a set of cups. Each cup has a few races. In each race you get 1-3 stars depends on where you finish. You unlock licence tests of each category as well as races/cups/events with the number of stars you have.

    Special events? - Yes.

    Livery editor? - Nope. Paint chips, just like GT5.

    Nitros? - Yes. I think you slide a bar between boost power and duration.

    WRC and F1 cars? - The WRCs are there, but the Ferrari F1s aren't.

    RUFs Premium? - Nope.

    Are there any odd new track variations? (particularly for Matterhorn, Ascari and Route X) - Well there's Gran Turismo Arena Layout A and reverse. No other layouts though. Matterhorn has 4 layouts; short track, Rotenboden, Riffelsee and Dristelen.

    Alfa Romeo 155 2.5 V6 TI '93 premium? - Nope.

    Is the Audi R18 paintable? - I doubt it since we can't even pick a color from the dealership. You can paint base model race cars.

    Are the engine and tire sounds significantly better than GT5? - The tire sounds are different, with a more "full" sound, and the engine sounds are only slightly better. They seem more responsive to your throttle too, or maybe it's just the car.

    Tuning? - Tuning is practically the same as GT5. Only the interface changed, and there are Nitrous and brake upgrades.

    Is the Toyota 2000GT premium? - Yes.

    Can we listen to our own music stored on the PS3 HDD? - Yes.

    Is the TGTT in? - Nope.

    Are the Ginetta G4 and Jensen in? - Nada.

    Are the Mercedes E63 and A45 available? - No.

    Is washing cars on GT Auto relevant now? - Just makes it shiny.

    Is the museum thing back? - No museum so far.

    Are the CCB visible? - Yes.

    In replay can you speed up the images like in GT4? - Nope. It's the same replay as GT5 except you can take pics without having to go to the replay button.

    Can you remove the HUD during races like in GT5? - Yes.

    What exactly does the Recommended Cars tab do? - Shows you featured cars in certain categories.

    Is damage permanent? - No.

    Are paint chips limited to one use? - No, they're infinitely reusable.

    Does NOS change the PP? - Nope.

    How long does the game install take ? - The game uses an Auto-Install Function so the game installs while you are playing the game.

    Is the DeltaWing in? - No. It's back in with 2 versions. :D

    How is the photomode different from the previous game? - Photomode is basically the same. The only thing added are some filters which are cross processing 2 and 3.

    Standing or rolling starts? - Rolling, at the moment.

    Is there stage 4/5 turbo upgrade? - There are only 3 as in GT5 .

    What is the gallery view option in the dealership? - It gives you a whole view of the car in different angles much like in GT5. It can't be used with standards.

    Can you change the diameter size of a wheel? - Yes, it depends on the car you're using.

    Besides larger diameter wheels, I'm right in thinking we can also fit wider tires? - The option for it is not given in-game.

    Is the Acura NSX Concept '13 in the game? - No. Confirmed.

    Are game saves locked, or can you transfer them to USB? - They're not locked. By that I mean you can transfer them to a USB. However, when you try to load it on another account it overwrites it with a new save data, so no use of it.

    Is the Racing mod option available? - Nope.

    What are the Auto Union Streamliner and Hyundai Click and why are they standard? - Both of these cars are cars from GT4 that weren't in GT5. The Hyundai Click was only in the Korean version of the game.

    Is the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package in the game - Yes! :D

    Can you remove the wings from cars? - Most cars.

    How is the damage? - Looks different from GT5, but still unrealistic.

    Is there night racing on High Speed Ring? - No, but there is weather.

    Can Silverstone be set to nighttime? - No, you can set it from 8:00 AM to 19:00 (7PM) at the sunset

    In the beginning, do you have to buy the fit or are there other options? - The game forces you to buy the Fit.

    After you get the mandatory Honda Fit and finish with the tutorial, are the rest of the cars available for purchase? - Yes. (NOT CONFIRMED)

    Are there any PS Eye settings in the options? - No.

    Have you noticed any frame rate drops when using cockpit view? - In 1080p.

    I noticed on one of the other threads it looks like Tsukuba only has the full course layout in GT6. Is this true or can you also see the short Tsukuba course layout in-game? - Only full course layout with weather.

    Do the tires when upgrading or downgrading change the PP? - No.

    Is there a second SSRX layout? - No.

    Where are the 2010 and 2011 NASCARs? - In the NASCAR section under Recommended Cars.

    Can you change your car inside an event? - No.

    Possible to buy more than one car at a time? - No.

    Credit Limit? - 50,000,000 Cr.
    Videos, Images, and Additional Information
    Car List
    FGT All Colors
    Apricot Hill in a Honda Fit
    Ascari in a Honda Fit
    All Wheels (not confirmed to be all the wheels in the game, just on the Honda Fit)
    Soundtrack List
    Willow Springs Amateur Cup in a Honda Fit
    Car List (Dealership View)
    BHX's Photobucket
    Abdul's Flickr
    RR Evoque @ Matterhorn
    KTM X-Bow Street @ Willow Springs
    Trophy List
    Renault Clio R.S. @ Brands Hatch
    Ferrari 356 GTB/4 @ Brands Hatch
    Night/Day Cycle
    Corvette C7 @ Daytona
    Ferrari 356 GTB/4 @ Apricot Hill
    X2011 @ SSR7 + Garage
    Lunar Exploration Mission III
    Buying a Car, Tuning
    All Helmets and Racing Suits
    Buy GT6 early (USA)
    GT6 Leaked Footage by 4Jadedxperiences
    Audi quattro S1 Pikes Peak @ Toscana
    Audi quattro S1 Pikes Peak @ Chamonix
    Valencia Photo Travel
    Piazza Duomo Photo Travel
    Honda Fit Testing Suspension and Drift
    Toyota Corolla Levin @ Ascari
    KTM X-BOW Street @ Goodwood
    Cone Challenge Coffee Break
    Subaru BRZ R&D Sport @ Nurb
    Subaru BRZ R&D Sport @ Spa
    Impreza 22B STi @ London
    Charger SRT8 '11 @ Matterhorn
    SLS AMG GT3 @ Nurb
    Corvette C7 @ Laguna Seca
    Genesis @ Willow Springs
    Huayra @ Brands Hatch [1440p]
    RX-7 RS @ Bathurst
    National B Licence B1-B5
    Lunar Exploration Mission I
    Lunar Exploration Mission II
    SRT Viper GTS @ Apricot Hill
    Audi R8 Race Car @ Sarthe 2013
    Tuned SL55 AMG @ Nurb
    HSV-010 @ Bathurst
    All Dial Colors
    Veyron @ HSR
    Shelby GT500 Drift @ Suzuka
    All Nissan Cars w/Gallery View
    Silvia S13 Drift @ GT Arena
    Corvette C7 @ Matterhorn
    M3 GT @ Bathurst
    GT6 vs. Real (Bathurst)
    Racing Kart 100 @ Kart Space II
    LCC Rocket @ Goodwood
    Shelby GT500 @ Chamonix
    GT5 vs. GT6 Lexus IS-F Racing Concept @ Monza
    Viper GTS Launch + Nitro @ SSRX
    Corvette C7 @ Rome
    Nissan GT-R GT3 @ Laguna Seca
    GT5 vs. GT6 Peugeot 908 @ Suzuka
    Mercedes VGT @ HSR
    Honda S2K Drift @ GT Arena
    Megane RS Trophy @ Bathurst
    GT6 vs. Real (Ascari)
    SLS GT3 @ Brands Hatch
    Genesis @ Willow
    LFA Nurb @ Bathurst
    National B Licence
    National A Licence
    International B Licence
    Novice Coffee Break
    National B Coffee Break
    National A Coffee Break
    National B Mission Races
    National A Mission Races
    Diablo GT Drift @ Suzuka
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    Good job compiling this. Just keep it updated!
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    Ya, the other one's were getting a little cluttered.
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    Here's the moon video.

    Autumn Ring rain video.
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    Some of these answers are a little misleading or unfinished.

    Tuning? - Tuning is practically the same as GT5. Only the interface changed.
    *+ NOS & Brake upgrades

    Are the engine and tire sounds significantly better than GT5? - The tire sounds are identical and the engine sounds are only slightly better.
    *The tire sounds are noticeably different, with a more "full" sound according to BHR (or the other guy, can't remember).

    Livery editor? - Nope. Paint chips, just like GT5. Same goes with wheels and parts.

    *Wheels and parts are obviously not the same as GT5, and the paint chips don't work the same way either. You still get chips from buying cars, but the chips are there forever once you obtain them. (Infinite use)

    I would link you to the sources of this information, but I really can't be bothered, so you'll have to trust me. ;)
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    Thanks, I ripped the questions off of the threads without really looking at them.
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    Does the "Just makes it shiny" comment about the wash option mean that the car actually gets shiny or is it the same as in 5?
  9. Streeto

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    Check the big title at the top of the OP.

  10. zotobom

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    Is the cockpit view improved in the standards ? Or still a blacked out affair ?
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    I'm not answering questions, I don't have the game.
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    You should add "READ OP" to the thread title, maybe, just maybe people would actually read the OP :).
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    What does CCB mean? Is it a cockpit view or a camera view or something else?
  15. i hate these rolling starts. I want to do Qualifying again!
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    There is Special events like driving on the moon
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    Ceramic Carbon Brake disc is for improve stop power and reduce brake fade.
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    Are the Tab names (A, B, C) in the tuning section editable like Sheet A, B, C in GT5?
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    Now a sticky, temporarily. Thanks for the hard work GT916 :tup:
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    Thanks :)
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  21. i would say yes ^^
  22. Ranman20

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    The Deltawing is back, check the list, #37 and #38.
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  23. "Possible to buy more than one car at a time? - No."

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  24. f_zamataki


    i am dissapoint so far... NOS is stupid, instead of using valuable game space for other things they bring back NOS....cmon this isnt 2002... I wish they returned to the gt1 format of being able to adjust boost pressures so that some cars can be tuned to hp figures that reflect todays technology i.e. a k20 that tops out at 400hp(bs) and they still dont allow tire size tuning? Wtf is this???? wheel size, tire size, and tire pressure are crucial components of tuning and are again left out. Seriously polyphony needs to figure this **** out
  25. Are Tickets still in? or has that been removed?
  26. CarreraGT97

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    What. No top gear test track?
    I hope they add it back. I used it for drifting and drag races.
  27. killerjimbag

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    OK so here it starts, if you don't like the game don't buy it. Pretty simple.
  28. f_zamataki


    Obv im gonna buy gt6 i was just venting a little, its been years now and theres still no front aero or tire size options. Thats all
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    I probably won't buy GT6 till next year, or even wait for PS4 Version.

    But, I can't find a video or pictures of the GPS made course maker, and random course maker.. Where are they?
  30. wheelsonfire50

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    Got my preordered copy of gt6 (standard edition); can't even load it or install it. I talked to customer service, they
    said to exchange it at the Best Buy store (where I preordered). Checked online, it said they had 75 copies in stock.
    Went to the store,explained the situation; the salesperson checked and said they had no copies in the store.
    "They're probably in the truck on the way." Now I was flipping; I've got ataxi outside waiting and I'm told they don't
    have it in the store. This is misleading advertising to me. When gt5 was out I bought it in-store; it works like a charm
    in fact I'm playing it right now. I will NEVER preorder anything online again! Anyone else had similar problems? :(
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