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To save the main GTA V thread getting a bit messy with single player and online discussion, here is a thread for the online side of the game.

Useful Links
Rockstar Social Club
GTP GTA Friend Request Thread
The Crazy 88 Crew
GTPlanet Crew
AMVI - The Bounty Hunters - Crew
Los Santos Off Road Club
Role Play Events
Job Payout Table
Apartment views and prices
GTA Vehicles

GTA Online or Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer component to GTA 5, will launch two weeks after GTA 5 on October 1, 2013. GTA Online will be free for everyone who bought a copy of the game. The events of GTA Online take place BEFORE the events of GTA 5.

GTA is a dynamic and persistent online world for 16 players that begins by sharing gameplay features, geography and mechanics with GTA 5, but will continue to expand and evolve after its launch with new content created by Rockstar Games and the GTA community, according to Rockstar.[1]

The game will let you and friends team up to tackle missions, activities, ambient events and other things, as well as competing with others in more traditional game modes.

When playing GTA Online, you take the role of a custom character. With this character, you can customize your appearance, increase stats, and own property and cars. You use this character to earn reputation and money to open up new opportunities for you and your friends.
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Pretty cool idea, but I feel that the map is just too massive for that sort of gameplay to really work. If the fugitive made his way to a secluded area with little to no pedestrians (and kept on moving around there), he'd be practically impossible to spot, no? I could see it working in a game like GTA IV, which has few of these areas... But with V's massive wilderness?
It would be ruined by jumping in a sub, and sitting at the bottom of the sea for 7 hours!
Does anyone know what time (GMT) GTAOnline will be up and running? I'm sure it will be almost unplayable anyway during the first few days, but I've gotta at least give it a go :P

Also, are there any major differences between this and the SP segment of the game, such as more interiors etc.?
Hopefully the first few days it is playable. I expect a few glitches here and there but as long as it's working I will be happy.
I'm so glad I finished my maths assignment for this week. :D
I've just made a new crew; The Midnight Outlaws. We specialize in illegal street racing, as well as vehicle repossessions, drug and vehicle trafficking, and organized heists. Our gang colors are dark blue, white, black, and silver. The only mandatory color you have to have is dark blue. The others are optional.
Here's a link if you guys are interested:
I can't wait to do some Bounty Hunting! When a player steals your wallet or kills you multiple times, you can place a bounty on their head and you get paid for killing them. I can see this having a problem though, if word gets around that a certain person is doing this a lot, then he'll become a huge target.
Anyone know to what extent the property selection will be like online? Seeing lots of for sale signs around town.
Has anyone tried online yet?

I'm trying to download the update, although I get the prompt it is currently just sitting on a black screen doing nothing, I am guessing that is down to the high server load.
Well the xbox version of the game is having issues with completing the tutorial, as there is a race you must complete and there is a issue with connecting to players.

It has to be excepted however, as I'm sure there is over 1 million people trying to play at the same time! I guess I just gotta keep trying!
Cap'n Jack
Does anyone know if the update also includes bug fixes, etc. for offline?

Not sure, but the download size was 58MB so there could be some fixes. But I'm sure they would have been mentioned on the R* website if there were any fixes.
Got the DL done but won't load the T&C so can't do much. Lots of problems all around not much chance of even getting into the MP at all for now.
Yeah, atleast R* pretty much said to not expect anything to work smoothly for the next couple of days/weeks.

At least this gives me some time to 100% the offline game, as once the online is out, I can't see me playing offline at all!
I can't seem to update my game, PS3 just blackscreens one I start the update, and PS3 controller wont respond, On/Off button wont either :scared: had to pull the power cord.

I think I might wait a little while before I try and update.

Edit: Nevermind, I did the update in game instead of before loaded and it worked now.
While I have been able to connect to GTA Online a few times, I have only stumbled into this problem:

*Go to the race trigger

And to me it sounded like, I need to steal car to start the event. However after stealing a car, nothing happened at the location of the race.

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