GTP & GTS EXCLUSIVE Gran Turismo 5 Retail Overview (SIXTH final Update)

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by amar212, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. amar212

    amar212 Premium

    They are.

    Physics drastically changes even in A-Spec mode when progressing through Tiers (Amateur, Beginner... up to Expert).

    Great RPG-esque designer choice and probably the greatest way to make the game accessible to all audience types.
  2. SuperShouden

    SuperShouden (Banned)

    I like the leveling system, too. While the 50 levels thing was taken from Forza, PD seems to have taking it a step further and refined it so, as you progress through the levels, you not only unlock different cars and tracks, but you also start unlocking new features and physics and damage models. It's gives you a bit MORE of a reward than Forza does. It's like all your hard work pays off with some awesomeness.
  3. Smitz


    And so the update arrives :):tup:
  4. Starfirebird


    United States
  5. NZHippo


    I agree I like that there is a lot to look forward to unlocking at higher levels - more incentive to play the game. I'm not an expert driver so I think it will be useful to start with minimal damage and as I get better I will have more to think about with higher damage settings unlocking. I can understand people wanting to jump straight in to the realistic settings but I'm sure the really skilled racers will level up fairly quickly and you'll be smashing up your car in no time (or will you if you are that skilled) ! I wonder if it has something to do with online aswell - if you race with similar levelled players it might be more fair with the lower level racers being able to make mistakes and hit the wall and continue racing while the more experienced players can enjoy the more severe consequences. Just as long as they don't mix classes cause then you will get level 3 dudes smashing into and totalling the level 40 guys and go on to win!
  6. phil-t


    United Kingdom
    So what if people make youtube vids, that's their look out, for those of us that want to play it, we want the full 'experience' out of the box..

    The first thing I want to be able to do, as a semi serious kind of racer is to turn off all assists, and put damage on, then really get to grips with 'learning' the physics and enjoy myself. To force assists on me, and reduce/remove damage at the start is treating my like an idiot, which I don't agree with.

    I'm all for the reward model for this type of thing.. Damage and Assists should be optional at all times, and you should be rewarded (More cash/xp/only be able to get gold) if you use less assists and have damage on 'full'..

    I'm not looking forward to this hand-holding stuff at the start, and will obviously just try and blast through it as quick as possible so I can get on to some proper racing where hitting stuff has consequences and hopefully no assists make you ultimately quicker, and savour the night/rain racing etc..
  7. aUdi_S3


    Hello to all. I am a hardcore GT fan and my gf pre ordered for me the SE edition after having a discussion of me not actually buying it cause it was expensive as hell. Now the problem is as a hardcore GT fan as said I would like to play the game when it comes out, that means tomorrow! I can get the CE edition for free by trading 5 of used games so question is shall I get the CE edition tomorrow or wait 1 week for the SE edition to come over?? the long wait is gonna kill me! also what happens if I install the CE edition and then receive the SE edition? will the install of the game be any different ??? and will I be able to use the codes etc that come with the SE edition onto a installed CE edition?? thanx for the replies!
  8. Timppaq

    Timppaq Premium

    Life is short. Get the game :p
  9. Piotrov


    I can see why maybe they would do the damage unlock at a later point in the game.. It would discourage alot of crashing from the start.. Thus (in theory) it would make crashing something that really happens from driver error as you should know at that point of the game when the damage is unlocked how to drive.

    The problem is that people will crash eather way as we have seen even in Prologue. What they should have done was a points system sort of like you got in Iracing where you are rated on clean or dirty races and that affects your score so everyone can see how you drive.

    Thus having a choice if they want to race with you or not.
  10. bullie77


    Please clarify me this:

    The physics "realism" increases with the level of difficulty of the tiers you're in to? The same go for damage?

    So, if my assumption ^ is correct, this mean that you'll never have a full realistic physics behaviour of the car on a K-Car event, neither damage besides some panel deformation ever as you'll get racing SuperGT's on expert levels. Is that so?
  11. aUdi_S3


    the thing im worried about is if the installations are different from one another. i dont want to install the CE edition and not be able to activate some of SE's features :)
  12. SubaruWrXSt!


    I think the only difference in the games are the collectibles you get with it. So I think its okay to get both versions.
  13. Amanaman


    Couple of questions:

    Can you change the reverse gear button assignment? Since I have a wheel it makes more sense to shift down into reverse rather than having to press triangle - it's a pet peeve of mine for the GT series.

    Can cars you buy in GT mode be played in Arcade? I also wish you could sort by dealer in Arcade.
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  14. xraven13


    I don't know where to ask this since there is no Online discussion thread so I post it here. Hopefully someone can answer me

    1) Is it possible to make online tournaments ? Like you set up 5 races and players compete in those races and at end winner is the one with most points.
    2) Can we adjust strength of damage for each race ? If not, is damage set on maximum ?
    3) How game punishes players that are not driving fair ?
    4) Is it possible to set condition that only some class of players can enter the race ( for example only players with levels 20 or more ) ?

    Thanks in advance !
  15. Foxiol


    For the first one...using shifts to reverse is all you need not the button.
    for the second...all cars that you buy can be used in the entire game. Just buy the car and play it wherever you want.
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