GTP WTAC Week 18: Trilateral Week

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo PSP' started by Detroitbb, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. red ice

    red ice

    Never did realize that I can still earn a point being a possible 9th place. Awww.... it was tragic.
    CONGRATULATIONS to the following racers:
    :tup:sir LION FACE!!!! You're the MAN!!!!
    :tup:Sylar! for being always a consistent finisher.
    :tup:Fuchur! for juggling between GRIP and DRIFT runs weekly!
    :tup:rpr101! for keeping me TIED consistently almost througout this session!
    :tup:easyasahii&detroitbb!being worthy opponents and great Hosts!
    :tup::tup::tup:to everybody who participated. Its an honor racing with all of you!
    Hoping to see everyone in the next session and way after November 2.
  2. Dan360


    United Kingdom
    TAC Has changed the way I think about racing. I have found a car's potential, the correct racing line and a few driving tips along the way. It was too bad that I was quite a late entry, who knows how much points I could get? There's another session, so I will be there every week. :)
  3. easyasashii

    easyasashii Premium

    :tup::tup::tup: To ALL of you guys !!!
    Special :tup: to Detroitbb for his job !
    Special :bowdown: to Lion-Face, King of WTAC !

    I'm very honored to run with all of you guys ! We should keep on the great job !

    See you at Autumn Ring for the new session, I might have more time to play... :mischievous: ;)
  4. rpr101


    Congratulations Lion-Face on taking the trophy. you really did deserve it :tup::tup: :gtpflag: also congrats to sylar for being right up there on the podium consistently. and detroitbb and easyashii, thanks for being great hosts. Fuchur it has been fun drifting and time attacking with you!
    and of course RED ICE:bowdown::cheers: thanks for giving me such a close competition every single week. you won some, i won some, its a shame that you forgot to upload the replays this week but to me we are still tied:cheers: :):tup:

    its been great racing with everyone and hope to see everybody next week:gtpflag:
  5. Lion-Face

    Lion-Face Premium

    New Zealand
    Thank you for the kinds words everyone.

    And many thanks to all who participated in the WTAC, its only getting bigger better and faster, this coming season will be closer yet!

    Special thanks to easyasashii and detroitbb as hosts, both have done an excellent job in running and selecting the weekly events. Love the pictures every week detroitbb! Has made me wanna dig out my PS2 for a few snaps! :D