GTP_OMRS Month 3: Bad Medicine

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  1. Jump_Ace

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    United States Portland, OR


    :: GTP_Online Monthly Race Series ::


    GT5 OMRS Month 3: Bad Medicine


    (P) Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) '02


    Trial Mountain Reverse

    :: Only Open to Qualified GTP_Registered Members ::

    :: Members are not obligated to take part ::

    Race Details:

    • Mode: Open Lobby : Normal Race
    • Track: World Circuits > Trial Mountain Reverse
    • Laps: 20
    • Car Type: FR > Premium
    • Make: Japan > Mazda
    • Model: RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) '02
    • Cost: 40,000 Cr.

    Vehicle Specifics:

    • Performance Points: Up To 595 (Max, this will be the PP limit in the lobby)
    • Horse Power: ~594 HP
    • Minimum Weight: 1,051 kg (Maximum weight loss is Permitted)
    • Body/Chassis Upgrades: All Are Permitted
    • Engine Upgrades: All Are Permitted
    • Intake System Upgrades: All Are Permitted
    • Exhaust Upgrades: All Are Permitted
    • Turbo Kit Upgrades: All Are Permitted
    • Transmission Upgrades: All Are Permitted
    • Drivetrain Upgrades: All Are Permitted
    • Suspension Upgrades: All Are Permitted
    • Aero Kit: All Are Permitted
    • Skid Recovery Force Aid: OFF
    • Tyre Type: Racing Medium (R2's) or Harder
    • Grip Reduction on Track Edge: Real
    • Mechanical Damage: Off
    • Controller Steering Sensitivity: Optional
    • Car Tuning Settings: Optional

    Race Room/Lobby Specifics:

    Race Room/Lobby Settings:
    • Room Comment: GTP_OMRS Month 3
    • Race Type: Race For Real
    • Max Participants: 16
    • Race Quality: May vary between High, Standard or Low
    • Voice Chat Quality: May vary, or be turned off to save bandwidth for the race. If you have a chatpad or keyboard, use it :tup:
    • Fixed Host Status: Checked/On

    Regulation Settings:
    • Car Restrictions: Unrestricted
    • Performance Points: Use the Max Performance Points that is listed in that month’s GTP_OMRS Race Specifics
    • Power: Use the Max Power that is listed in that month’s GTP_OMRS Race Specifics
    • Weight: Use the Minimum Weight that is listed in that month’s GTP_OMRS Race Specifics
    • Tire Restrictions: Use the Tire type that is listed in that month’s GTP_OMRS Race Specifics
    • No Skid Recovery Force: This will ALWAYS be checked (disabled)
    • TCS | Driving Line | ASM |: Optional

    Event Settings:
    • Game Mode: Normal Race
    • Laps: 20
    • Start Type: Grid Start with False Start Check
    • Grid Order: Fastest First
    • Boost: Off
    • Penalty: Off
    • Automatic Race Start Cycle: Disabled
    • Race Finish Delay: Set to the Max 180 Seconds
    • Grip Reduction On Wet Track/Track Edge: Real
    • Mechanical Damage: Light
    • Tire Wear/Fuel Consumption: On
    • Pit Stops: Allowed and as often as you need to. When exiting the pit lane, please remember to yield to approaching drivers behind you.

    Course Settings:
    • Course Selection Method: Always Host picks
    • Course: Use the Course that is listed in that month’s GTP_OMRS Race Specifics
    • Custom Courses: None
    • Time: Disabled
    • Time Progression: Disabled
    • Weather: Disabled
    • Fixed (Weather): Disabled

    Race Specifics:

    • The car used for this race is available for purchase in the New Car Dealership Under The Mazda Manufacturer.
    • The event MUST be run using your GTP_Tag Account. Anyone that shows up with a non GTP- Tag will automatically get booted from the race room.
    • The use of the clutch that is found on the G25, G27, and other high end racing wheels is strictly prohibited.
    • If for some reason you are unable to finish the race and need to stop:
      - Pull the car over off the track next to a wall
      - Press the E-Brake
      - Then press Start
      - This will ghost your car and it won't allow it to interfere with the other drivers.

    Steward's Comments:

    We can install Aero this Month, I found the car reacts well to downforce adjustments alone. As always, driving consistent requires consistent brake zone adjustments.

    Race Clean, Race Hard :tup:

    Standard Clean OLR Rules:

    • All GTP members in the race lobby are still required to follow the Acceptable Usage Policy and conduct themselves in the same manner as posting on the forum.
    • All Hard Surfaces are considered Track Surface. This includes tarmac, red and white rumbles, and concrete. You are expected to drive clean at all times as if you are racing in the Weekly Race Series. All participants are required to follow the GTPlanet Online Racing Rules & Guidelines. Do take the time to read it as all participants will be held accountable for their actions.
    • Race Stewards reserve the right to boot any driver from the Race Room for driving offensively. If you ignore any warnings from the Race Steward and are booted from the race room, you will receive 1 Infraction Point which will get logged at the GTP_Registry Disciplinary Log. Three strikes are you are banned from the GTP_Registry.
    • 2 wheels on (or vertically in line with) the track at all times
    • Rumble/ripple strips are part of the track
    • Runoff areas are not part of the track
    • Limit your contact with walls or objects, visible or invisible
    • No hybrids
    • No cheating of any kind,these are relaxed races and we are experienced racers, we all want clean racing and it's up to you to ensure there is. Along with the GTP OLR Race Stewards that will be watching the entire race. They will communicate any concerns via a headset or chat and it is also your responsibility to listen and respond to them accordingly.
    • Nothing that goes against the spirit of the rules

    Illegal Use Of The Track:
    • All drivers are expected to not use the outside pavement areas on turns 2, 4 and 10 as shown below. Repeated use and the driver will get kicked from the race room.

    Turn 2:

    Legal Use Of The Track:
    • Stay off the walls and dirt as much as you can, all other parts of the track are fair game.

    Thread Rules:

    The following information cannot be discussed in this thread:

    • Any Settings Discussion

    Why Use GMT?:
    • If you are unsure of when the race starts, try this site.
    • You can also view is a visual layout displaying the different time zones here.

    Race Incident Reporting:

    The Race Stewards will save each and every race. However any disputes between drivers must be dealt with via PM. If a resolution is not found, then PM the Race Steward who hosted the event.

    Race Stewards will constantly be looking out for any intentional and malicious driving, but we can't see everything so include this information when it's necessary to PM your Race Steward as a last resort per Section 17: Complaints, in the OLR Rules & Guidelines:

    All complaints relating to a racing incident must follow this procedure:

    1. Contact the driver concerned privately (GTP_PM or PSN_PM)
    2. Discuss in a manner that is normally acceptable here at GTP (AUP)
    3. If a complaint cannot be resolved privately then as a last resort contact a GTP_Race Admin
    4. Name PM subject title 'Racing Complaint'
    5. Supply Members PSN_Tag
    6. Supply Date & time of incident
    7. Supply Event type
    8. Supply Car driven by driver
    9. Supply Details and any other relevant information relating to the incident

    Race Room Information:

    June 4th, 2011 5PM, 6PM (GMT 0 ) | Hosted By GTP_Jump_Ace | Room Number: 1472 6118 3744 3749 4335

    June 4th, 2011 7PM, 8PM (GMT 0 ) | Hosted By GTP_Sureboss | Room Number: Read The Reply Below 5 Minutes Before 7PM (GMT 0 )

    June 4th, 2011 9PM, 10PM (GMT 0 ) | Hosted By GTP_Steven | Room Number: Read The Reply Below 5 Minutes Before 9PM (GMT 0 )

    June 4th, 2011 11PM, 12PM (GMT 0 ) | Hosted By GTP_Small_Fryz | Room Number: Read The Reply Below 5 Minutes Before 11PM (GMT 0 )

    Also make note of these Race Steward Alternates as they may need to fill in and host a race for one of the time slots:

    • GTP_Mafiaboy
    • GTP_PK_090

    The OMRS Chat Room password is 'welcome'. Anyone is welcome, but I'd like it to be just for discussing the OMRS.

    Special Note!:

    We are giving away a couple prizes for some fast driving this month! Valid on the first race only, drivers with the Fastest (Clean) Lap and Fastest Overall (Clean) Race Time will each win a digital copy of GTPSP! Read the News article for more info and Good Luck!

    Good luck, :gtplanet:
    OLR Team
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  2. pyxen

    Canada Ottawa, Canada

    Erm... April 2nd? Hopefully you mean June 11th, because I'm busy on the 4th and 5th!

    Oh, and sweet! Can't wait...I enjoy the RX-7 thoroughly. It was my sister's favourite car in GT4. ;)
  3. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    Ran out of editing time before dinner, updated :)

  4. BlacqueJacques

    Canada Cumberland, BC

    What confuses me is the 10 AM, 11 AM; since you are in Oregon is that 10 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time?

    Forgive my confusion :)

    The Concours Club, for example, races at 8 pm British Summer Time (BST) which equals noon Pacific Daylight Time (here on Vancouver Island) :)
  5. pk_090

    England stoke on trent.

    i ight not be able to make this if it gets late, i have a car show on the suday ad its a vey early start so dont want to got to bed too late if i can help it
  6. Gravitron

    United States Seattle

    Might make an early room, but I doubt it. I'm seeing U2 the night of the 4th! Can't wait!
  7. Speedy6543

    Staff Emeritus
    Belgium Bruges, Belgium

    I just bought the car in the NCD and went to the tuneshop to put everything that's permitted on it.
    I now have 581p.p. with the enginepower limited on 564Bhp.
    It says the max allowed is 485p.p. Is that correct? The reason I'm asking this is because it looks like an awefull big difference.
    If it is correct I need to downtune the car some more.
  8. Captain Roh

    United Kingdom NG9


    Havent raced the RX7 since golding that seasonal at Tsukuba some time ago. Seasonals got much easier shortly after I remember, but anyway I digress.

    Havent raced a great deal in reverse here.. Should be interesting. Not the best tuner either so more variables equals more uncertainty. However the combo looks excellent. The RX7 is a quick beast as standard. Throw in a few power mods and Racing slicks and this weekend should be furious!!

    Is there any reason why we shouldnt post our practice lap times in here Jerome? Would be nice to be able to get an idea of how fast people are going while practicing :tup:

    Quick note... since daylight saving and british summer time were introduced I kind of get confused with the times. However, if I've read correctly, there are 8 hours worth of events!!! On the hour!.. A quick look in here before the race is all thats required. If I am free for some racing saturday then here is where I will be :D

    edit: I just had a look on time and date dot com and I think for us UK guys the races start at 6pm. I think. I'll check back on saturday, but the idea put forward in event two of a countdown clock to race one sure would be helpful :tup:
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2011
  9. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    The first race will be at 10am GMT - 7 and the second race I'm hosting is at 11am GMT - 7. In other words, it would be at 6pm British Summer Time (BST)

    Hope you can make it :cheers:

    • If you are unsure of when the race starts, try this site.

  10. Captain Roh

    United Kingdom NG9

    Hey Jerome, while you're here could you just clear something up for me?

    I just set about building my car and I cant get the figures to match..

    564bhp with max downforce is 590 PP
    564bhp with min downforce is 577PP

    max power @ 590bhp with max downforce is 595 PP

    Can you clarify please? :)
  11. CSLACR

    United States United States

    Start Type: Grid Start with False Start Check

    I haven't used this yet, what does it mean/do?
  12. Captain Roh

    United Kingdom NG9

    You have to hold the brake pedal on the start grid...

    And instead of the game launching you from your box, you have to release the brake when the countdown says 'START'...

    If you release too early and false start, you incur a time penalty

  13. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    Yes, now that you mention it I believe you are correct I will double check this tonight and report back. IIRC I can only limit either PP OR HP and Weight, so it may be a PP limit of 595 in the lobby.

  14. Captain Roh

    United Kingdom NG9

    Cheers dude. For now i'll run it at ..


  15. BlacqueJacques

    Canada Cumberland, BC

    Thanks for the time clarification :tup:

    I'll be there :)
  16. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    The max I can get on this car is 599HP and 597PP... My HP climbs a bit, but the PP doesn't. Let me know if you can hit 598PP, but I don't think it will go that high. Updated and thanks for double checking :cheers:

    Last edited: Jun 2, 2011
  17. slowGTR

    Puerto Rico California

    Count me in!
  18. Denilson

    Sweden Stockholm
    PSN:chorda / GTP_chorda

    I'll be there! :tup:

    If I manage to activate my GTP_Account that is...
  19. Anghammarad

    Sweden Stockholm, Swe

    I still must be very stupid because I just don't get it. At what time, GMT without any timezones, does the first race start? I don't understand what the -7 means. -7 what from where?

    I've asked this before, why can't we just use GMT?
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2011
  20. lbsf1

    United Kingdom Warwick Uni
    PSN:lbsf1 GTP_lbsf1

    Count me in. What races would be around 7-8pm GMT (your system still confuses me).

    I will be using PSN: GTP_lbsf1

    Also does that mean we can basicly fully tune the car.
  21. Speedy6543

    Staff Emeritus
    Belgium Bruges, Belgium

    Thx Ace for clearing it out for us.:tup:
    I can't wait till Saturday!!! :D
  22. Captain Roh

    United Kingdom NG9

    Errr... I dont think Jordan got the memo, because on the news feed the event is scheduled for sunday! I see lots more people in here already so that needs to be cleared up ASAP!
  23. A little late for this, don't you think?
  24. lbsf1

    United Kingdom Warwick Uni
    PSN:lbsf1 GTP_lbsf1

    Just noticed that also. Not a problem for me as I can do either day.

    I just need to know in bst (british summer time) when the races are.
  25. cicua

    Denmark Copenhagen
    PSN:GTP_cicua / cicua

    Hope I can make it but the weather is getting so nice, hiding inside in the half dark with curtains down just so I can see the screen and I feel like a cellar rat :)

    What is this about really? Is it not supposed to be allowed to take the car for a test run before and fiddle with the tuning?

    Call me stupid too. Last time we also had so much confusion about the times. Just give us GMT times please. :tup:
  26. Tidgney

    United Kingdom Southport


    I've never competed in one of these before when it says "Qualified Member" does this mean some form of qualification has happened for this OMRS or is it just specifying a GTP tag? As I would love to race in this :)!

    Cheers :).
  27. A e r o


    First time racing wheel to wheel in a GTP event here, and I have one question about the event regulations.

    "Car Tuning Settings: Optional (All Tuning MUST Be Done During Warm Up, Not Beforehand)"

    With regards to the requirement for tuning to be done during the warm up, does this mean that we are not allowed to setup the car in practice mode during the next few days? Are we supposed to buy all the parts, leave the default settings and tune settings only once we are in the lobby?

    Any clarification would be greatly appreciated, as this seams a little strange to me at the moment.

  28. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    Meant to delete that part earlier, feel free to tune as needed.

    As for the PP/HP. It does take a while for the car's HP to jump and if someone just wants to join the race without having to do laps to match HP, I will limit the race lobby to 595PP. The car's HP will jump after a few warm up laps when in the lobby qualifying. Hopefully this way it will be more equal so those that do more laps beforehand don't have an unfair advantage (besides being more familiar with the combo ;))

    Also PM'd Jordan about the races being on Saturday (Australia is Sunday).

    GMT - 7 means you subtract 7 Hours from GMT. For example if it is 7PM GMT, then it is 12PM GMT - 7. I can't describe it any simpler than that.

    Last edited: Jun 2, 2011
  29. ImprezaAddict

    Colombia Bogotá
    PSN:GTP_Suitan (w/ an i), SultanRS4

    So your state is 2 hours behind where I live, which is good because that's noon for me. I might be able to make it.
  30. cicua

    Denmark Copenhagen
    PSN:GTP_cicua / cicua

    Yes, you could. Just provide a real GMT (UTC) times.

    But let me try then.

    10AM, 11AM (GMT-7) = 17:00, 18:00 GMT
    12PM, 1PM (GMT-7) = 19:00, 20:00 GMT
    2PM, 3PM (GMT-7) = 21:00, 22:00 GMT
    4PM, 5PM (GMT-7) = 23:00, 00:00 GMT

    Oh wait, what about summertime? Yeah I know where I am, GMT+1 zone and another +1 for current summertime, but what about you? Have you subtracted your local summertime (if any, what do I know) from your local times above? You did not specify and it is confusing because local time usually includes summertime while GMT does not (by definition).

    Could you please verify the above GMT times?
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