GTP_WRS-Online Event 7: Crampons not needed

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    The PS4 needs to be set to a static IP.
    To set your PS4 in DMZ you need to acces your modem settings. There should be a tab called DMZ under the network settings somewhere. That's where you enter the IP of the PS4.
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    Thanks a lot guys. Did a bit of reading and it should be a piece of cake. Hope to sort it out this afternoon.

    Thanks again :cheers::cheers:
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    I just have my PS4 wired into the modem, bypassing the router.

    Well, sort of. I have a central hub, and one wire comes off the modem and goes to the port that has the wifi router in the center of my house, and the other wire off the modem goes into the port that has the upstairs outlet that my PS4 is plugged into.

    My connection has been ROCK solid with that setup.
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