GTP_WRS-Online : Special III : 2 Hour Fuji Mixed Class Enduro - Oct 21/28

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@Speedy6543 HELP! I think I just screwed up the registry trying to fix the country assignment for Antonio :nervous::nervous::nervous:
I already think I know what you did even without looking. :lol:
The registry needs to be updated in the online database doc. Not the event doc. ;)

I can't seem to fix it on my phone so will have to have a look when I get to my laptop.

Edit 2.
Fixed it
Tnx guys. Since Croatia can't be represented in FIA events, at least I will try to represent it here :)
It looks like I am out for the support races tomorrow as my wife is holding up the "Sunday is Family Day" card high in the air! I am doing my best to arrange something to keep my wife busy on the 28th so I can do the race but I have to have HER come up with the idea.💡:lol::lol:

My "The Fart and the Furious" livery is done :P

lap1 schermafbeelding 2018-10-21 13-48-57.png
Switched to GR4 for next week.
Tried both cars at the support races and at this point it's better for me to run the easy car.
My shoulder agreed :lol:

I'm switching too, think I'll have more fun in the Gr.4 than the Gr.3 although I didn't have too many issue with the 3 it was just a bit too intensive and for 2 hours will be too much