GTP_WRS Week 103 : Double Espresso

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GT6 Week 103 : Double Espresso


Hotlap Event in Arcade Mode Time Trial

Cappuccino (EA21R) Race Car '95

Matterhorn Rotenboden

:: Only Open to Qualified GTP_Registered Members ::

:: Members are not obligated to take part ::

Race Details:
  • Mode: Arcade Mode > Single Player > Time Trial
  • Track: Original > Matterhorn Rotenboden / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
  • Car Type: Garage/Favorites Car
  • Make: Japan > Suzuki
  • Model: Cappuccino (EA21R) Race Car '95
  • Power: 179 bhp (after changing oil & installing power upgrades)
  • Weight: 590 kg (stock)
  • PP: 502
Driving Options:
  • Transmission: Auto or Manual
  • Tires: Racing Hard (front and rear)
  • Driving Line Optional
  • Traction Control | ASM | ABS: Optional
  • Brake Balance: Optional
  • Active Steering | Skid Recovery Force: Prohibited
  • Tuning: Allowed As Specified Below
    • Transmission Tuning Allowed.
    • Carbon Propeller Shaft Required
    • Engine Tuning Stage 3 Required
    • Mid RPM Range Turbo Kit Required
    • Suspension , LSD , Downforce and Ballast Adjustments Prohibited
  • In-Race RA Functions: Optional
  • Custom Wheels , Paint and Racing # Allowed.

Course Settings:
  • Time: Any
  • Weather: 0/0/0
  • Grip Reduction on Track Edge: Real

Race Specifics:
  • The event MUST be run using your registered account
  • The use of the clutch that is found on the G25, G27, and other high end racing wheels is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of the Handbrake is Prohibited.
  • No Contact with walls or other objects. Any contact with walls, no matter how minor, will result in a DQ.
  • Tarmac , White line and Red and White rumble strips are legal track. No other surfaces are track.
  • The tarmac for Dristelen layout pit entrance in Sector 3 is not legal track.

Steward's Comments:
Thanks @PASM for the title :lol:

Double , because it has 2x as much power as stock , three times as much as the road version. :lol:
Time to take a break from the tail happy 512BB and take a sit in this pocket rocket (roll over bait , post a pic if you roll the car.)

And for this lovely combo we get to thank @hasslemoff 👍

Viewing your T1 & T2 Time Splits:
  • You need to make sure you save the 'Save Best Lap Replay' (ghost replay), not the 'Save Replay' (See pic below)
  • To view your best lap replay, go to 'My Home' and watch the replay from there using the 'Gallery' option.
  • Live timing monitor does not work properly, so we have to use a small trick to view splits.
  • While viewing your Replay, pause the lap by hitting start, before the end of the first sector.
  • While keeping the replay paused, advance the replay, using the forward arrow on the replay HUD. This will advance the replay to the end of the first sector. That's your T1 split, write it down.
  • Advance the replay again. That will show the lap to date time on the screen, this is your first and second sector time, added together.
  • To post your T1 & T2 Splits, simply post the lap to date times that are shown in the middle of the screen. Do not try to calculate the actual split times, the Fetchbot will do that for you.

(Best Lap Replay Icon)

Standard Clean OLR Rules:

  • At Least 2 Tires must be in contact with track at all times.

    • In situations where contact with the track is not possible because tires are airborne (above the ground), then the run is only legal if at least two tires in-line would have made contact with the track if the car were not airborne.
    • If track contact cannot be 100% determined, then consider it dirty.
  • Rumble/ripple strips are part of the track.
  • No contact with walls or objects, visible or invisible
  • If you're not 100% sure that your lap is clean, then consider it dirty
  • No hybrids
  • No cheating of any kind,these are relaxed races and we are experienced racers, we know what times can be done,and we can read your mind. We will know.
  • Nothing that goes against the spirit of the rules.

Thread rules:
The following information cannot be discussed in this thread (they can, however, be discussed on MSN or via other private conversation methods):
  • Total Lap Time
  • Any information which can be used to infer your total laptime
The following information can be discussed in this thread :
  • The first 2 splits: T1 and T2 times
  • Any settings discussion

All submissions must be sent by PM (Subject title: GTP_WRS Week 103 Submission ) to (WRSFetchbot):
  • Then attach your 'Best Lap'/'Ghost' replay in zip file form. Everyone submits a replay instead of listing a lap time.
  • You will need to put something in the message body in order to begin a conversation. It doesn't matter what you put, it can even be 1 letter or symbol. Nobody but the Fetchbot is going to see it, so it's sort of pointless, anyhow.
  • You will get an automated response within 15min, letting you know whether your submission was accepted, or if you had an error.
  • If you have an error, don't panic. Just review the instructions for submission and submit again. If you are having trouble and cannot figure it out, please post your question in the race thread.
  • Users can ask the bot for the current submitted time by sending a message with the Subject: "GTP_WRS Week XX Get Entry" and any text in the body.
  • Users can delete their submitted time by sending a message with the Subject: "GTP_WRS Week XX Remove Entry" and any text in the body.
  • If you want to submit multiple times in the week that is still not a problem. Just reply to the conversation with your new time and new replay. Fetchy always uses the last submitted time as the final one.
  • See this screenshot as an example on how to submit:

  • The deadline is Monday, January 11th 11:59pm GMT
  • If you are unsure of the deadline try this site
Why Use GMT?:

GMT is World Time and the basis of every world time zone which sets the time of day and is at the centre of the time zone map. GMT sets current time or official time around the globe. Most time changes are measured by GMT. Although GMT has been replaced by atomic time (UTC) it is still widely regarded as the correct time for every international time zone.
Replay Checking:
  • Everyone is required to submit a replay for verification. This happens when you submit to the Fetchbot, and the replays will be visible in the leaderboard, once we've reached the event deadline
  • Participants will be expected to check each others' replays for cleanliness, for replays marked in the Results thread as (Check Needed)
  • Video replays are not accepted as a form of verification

Good luck, :gtplanet:
OLR Team


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:bowdown: WRS team! @MadMax @PASM, and @hasslemoff for the idea. 👍

Been a bit occupied with the black hole known as Montana for the past few days, catching up with my brothers. :) They don't have the racing bug...yet. :mischievous:

Although just today I caught my Dad watching "The Last American Hero" w/ Jeff Bridges, a 1973 film about stock car racing in the US. A little cheesy, but funny if you haven't seen it. :lol:

Will be back on Tues, hope to give this a thrashing then. :D
Nice, i've been wondering when Rotenboden would come around. Haven't been able to find much seat time with the Ferrari this week so might just skip straight to some tail happy fun here!
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Guess I'll be first then!

Have only run a handful of laps using default brake bias and default gearbox (only change was Final Gear to 4.700 to keep it off the limiter) and, yes, using automatic gearbox (will try manual at some point)

S1: 28.212
S2: 55.662
Happy New Year to all.. :).. Had no time over the last week or so.. but should have time for this weeks one..

@EDK Just had a few laps.. what a fun combo.. nice grip too..

BB 3/5
Gears adjusted..

Final to 6000 the max speed to minium

Final 4.000

Early gear changes.. are faster..



Boring as B-Spec Bob
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Try shifting at 7000rpm. You'll like it.
I do. I'll need to work on the gearing some.

Edit - chopped the final to 3.500, with very encouraging results.
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How come all of the photos in the OP look like the car is out of control?

Ran several laps and it's not that bad, but does get a little squirrely on the down hill sections. As for transmission, I simply moved the final to the left and didn't monkey with the other trannsmission settings. Brake bias 5/5


How come all of the photos in the OP look like the car is out of control?

Because MadMax :D

I have custom gears that always drop the RPMs the same amount and final drive 3500. It is tricky in the final sector coming out of the tight turns with too much torque so I'll try tweaking it before posting.
Shifting at 7000 seems to work the best but with the torque peaking at 5100 it might be quicker to shift even sooner.
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Lost a few tenths being too conservative on the left coming down the hill in sector 2. I think I had a pretty good sector 3, but still playing with what gears to run in that sector. For anyone struggling in sector 1, at the second kink going up the hill, I stay in 5th and if lined up correctly it can just about be done with little to no lift. Coming up the hill for the first kink try to end up on the left side of the track and hope the car behaves nicely coming off the curb, so you can take the second kink faster.

Could not figure out how to get Andy0s gears, used this

After installing all power parts

Final to the right , leave top speed where it is.

Final 3.960. I think I might lower this on the next go at it though. Nears rev limiter going down the hill, not sure if that hurts top speed or not.

BB 3 5
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I can confirm that manual gears is definitely the way to go with this one! Swapped to manual, as well as Patrick's gears and Ollie's BB settings and improved by over 5 seconds to set a slightly improved sector 2 split :lol:

S1: 26.222
S2: 52.805

I can manage to get through the first kinks in sector 1 with no lift every few laps or so as the car doesn't like fast changes in direction and ends up getting too loose. Was trying to go through the whole complex in 5th but started shifting down to 4th as I got to the second kink as 5th was quite low on the revs and then stay in 4th till the next corner...not sure if it's quicker or not but it feels better to me
Made some progress.. I find shifting down to 4th.. (with my gear set up) at the first 'S' bend.. steadies the car.. changing back to top.. at the 2nd 'S'..



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Some where near the Pub
For anyone struggling in sector 1, at the second kink going up the hill, I stay in 5th and if lined up correctly it can just about be done with little to no lift.

You should be able to take it flat out ;).

Was looking forward to this one :(. Holding back the temptation to spend more money.