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GTPlanet vs. Wham! 2014

Hello? You're new here? Well then please, sit down!

November is the general month where most advertising and retailers start up their Christmas music. One of these songs is Last Christmas by English pop duo Wham! and we here at GTPlanet hate it (except for Logan, but he's weird). So each year since 2010, we have a fun competition in order to avoid the song.

General Rules:​
  • Survive 2014 (i.e. 23:59.59 in your time zone) without listening to Last Christmas by Wham!
  • Post in this thread before December 1 to show your interest in being a 'participating member'.
  • Only the original audio counts. Remixes such as Whamnam Style (yes, that's a thing) or covers like the ones by Taylor Swift or Glee do not.
  • Hearing any part of the song counts as a whamming. If you are unsure of the song's origin, keep listening to find out if it's a Wham! version or a cover/remix.
  • GIFs, still images or muted video doesn't count. You must hear the song.
  • When you hear the music, consider yourself whammed, out of the competition and on the Whammed User Log.
  • The Whammed User Log (WUL) is the younger, festive version of the BUL. It tells us when and how a member got Whammed. If you get whammed, post here and tag myself (@Daniel) so I get a notification and can promptly update it.
  • Don't post any links to the song in this thread. This place is a safe haven.
  • If (when) you get Whammed, you may change your avatar if you so wish to signify your Whamming. @Jimlaad43 has also created a PSD template, if you want to add your name and when you were Whammed, found here. Note that this is optional and you're not required to change your avatar.
  • While the rest of the site is free reign, keep in mind the site's rules regarding misleading (next bullet point)
  • You will not knowingly post any material that is false, misleading, or inaccurate.
Some tips to avoid the song:
  • Don't trust anyone.
  • Avoid shopping at department stores, clothing stores, supermarkets - anything that may have a radio playing.
  • If you must step outside, consider bringing noise-isolating earphones and play loud music on them to avoid any other songs.
  • Don't trust anyone.
  • Have your computer defaulted to 'mute' and make sure that your volume is off while opening any links.
  • Don't talk to any other GTPers using Skype, Facebook, Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. We are all evil and cannot be trusted.
If you haven't yet head the song, just click on the video above to watch it before avoiding it until next year.
Good luck everyone. You'll need it.
GTPvW! 2010
GTPvW! 2011
GTPvW! 2012
GTPvW! 2013
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List of the Original Participants:


@Silver Wing
@Jet Badger

@All Your Base

@Man of Mister
@Driving Park
@The Stig Farmer


@Ken Koios
@GT HP Nut

Jordan's Wham List:
@Mini Stiggy
@Naveek Darkroom
@Aki Ishikawa

@The Bman
@Vic Reign93
@Roger the Horse
@Deko Wolf-GTPT
@Fat Tyre
@Tom - Too bad, I've signed you up anyway. You better not play Last Christmas during your segments.
@Joey D
@Team THRT Drift

updated through post 2954.
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Whammed User Log:

  1. @disinfected - 19/11 - Disinfected is the first of the fallen this year, being Whammed in the line at a junkyard. Nowhere is safe!
  2. @Akmuq - 21/11 - Whammed in a bar during a student Christmas party. Coincidentally the best place to drown your sorrows!
  3. @Jimlaad43 - 21/11 - Forgot the #1 rule of don't trust anyone! Third person to wear the avatar.
  4. @GT5Power - 23/11 - Whammed in an elevator. That is wrong on so many levels.
  5. @TheKitten - 23/11 - I'd like a Big Wham combo. Coke, no ice.
  6. @Korza - 23/11 - The first rule of vs. Wham is that you don't talk about vs. Wham.
  7. @haitch40 - 23/11 - Yet another victim of the November Whammasacre.
  8. @Turbotwin01 - 24/11 - Taken down by a flick-through Whamming. Even hearing a clip of it still counts!
  9. @AOS- - 24/11 - Works in retail so Whamming was inevitable. Wham Count: 5
  10. @Dennisch - 25/11 - One month until Christmas and already out!
  11. @Robin. - 25/11 - Now That's What I Call Wham!
  12. @Silver Wing - 25/11 - Probably the fastest Whamming I've seen on the forums. Less than three hours before signing up and Whammed while playing Call of Duty.
  13. @axletramp - 25/11 - Sneaky monkey, @Dennisch. Sneaky monkey.
  14. @nascarfan1400 - 25/11 - Whammed by @Silver Wing in a VoIP call. Pro Tip: Don't ever trust any other Whammed GTP member. Ever.
  15. @MHPALA - 27/11 - Whammed by the Spotify Christmas ad. Might be a good idea to invest in Premium next year.
  16. @Lameonade - 28/11 - Call the Whambulance! Lameonade whammed during the Thanksgiving parade.
  17. @dice1998 - 28/11 - Wham on the radio. Should have said that you prefer talk radio, instead.
  18. @ASSCVCCS - 29/11 - Made the dire mistake of telling someone else about the competition.
  19. @TB - 29/11 - @After thirty-seven years of avoiding the song, TB is whammed in a momentary lapse of common sense.
  20. @RedDragon - 29/11 - Whammed at the beginning of a long drive. At least you didn't have to endure the entire trip wondering if you'd make it or not.
  21. @Tornado - 29/11 - Last Christmas Hat Trick!
  22. @Minty - 30/11 - Whammed while at the auto shop. He was charged with battery afterwards. I'll get my coat.
  23. @DCybertron - 1/12 - Guilty until proven innocent. Heard Last Christmas without making sure that it was the original.
  24. @townha99 - 1/12 - Second casualty taken place at Macy's since granturismo916's Whamming last year. Be careful, out there.
  25. @Kurei - 1/12 - Kurei pushed his luck but his luck ran out. Was woken up by a healthy dose of George Michael.
  26. @E28 - 2/12 - Now That's Also What I Call Wham!
  27. @Jet Badger - 2/12 - Whammed by Steve. Is he a contract Whammer?
  28. @pezzarinho17 - 3/12 - Now That's What I Call a Hat Trick!
  29. @Arixant - 3/12 - Blasting 80s music in class is always a good idea. Unless, y'know, Wham starts playing.
  30. @Liquid - 3/12 - Whammed in a cab. What a taxi-ng experience.
  31. @Noob616 - 4/12 - TB said that you didn't want to click on his sig.
  32. @Monatsende - 4/12 - Ahh, McCain Wham, you've done it again!
  33. @Shaun - 5/12 - Unshackled from the suffering of avoidance and oppression, a man free'd. But Whammed.
  34. @kikie - 5/12 - Whammed in a flurry of expletives. What a way to go.
  35. @Peasantslayer - 6/12 - "Just accept it, it's a brilliant song." Keep telling yourself that, PS.
  36. @MrUnknown - 6/12 - People are getting Whammed left, right and center!
  37. @Fallen_log - 6/12 - Whammed while getting vehicle parts. Must be pretty trucked off then, right? Am I right guys? C'mon. Up top.
  38. @titleguy1 - 7/12 - Opened Pandora's box. Unwanted Whamming inside.
  39. @smuffyatfcp - 7/12 - Now that's What I Call a Wham Streak!
  40. @PeterJB - 7/12 - Don't ever trust Dennisch. Or Anyone with a link in their signature, for that matter. But don't trust Dennisch anyway.
  41. @Mike458 - 7/12 - Walk-in Wham!
  42. @Justin - 7/12 - Not once. Not twice. Not thrice, but four times Whammed!
  43. @Pootis - 7/12 - Put out of his misery by a parent's friend. No more suffering for you, Pootis.
  44. @NotThePrez - 7/12 - A mouse, a mouse. My Whamming for a mouse!
  45. @Hyped - 7/12 - If your friends like Wham, you need to get some new friends.
  46. @DaxCobra - 8/12 - Listening to the radio is akin to a death wish. A Wham wish? Try saying that five times fast. Wham wish wham wish wham wish wham wish wham wish.
  47. @Beeblebrox237 - 8/12 - Wham! Here! There! Everywhere!
  48. @raceorama123432 - 9/12 - First lesson of the day: Wham!
  49. @taz - 9/12 - "I'd like to make a depos-" WHAM!
  50. @CallmeDan - 10/12 - Whammed by the receptionist during school. Naughty boy, Dan.
  51. @GTracer98 - 10/12 - Made the mistake of trusting @hsv too much.
  52. @Man of Mister - 10/12 - Whammed in the toilet of all places. Careful there, that's where George Michael lurks.
  53. @Katiegan - 11/12 - Mistook the real song for a cover. Oh, the horror when she realised it was but George himself!
  54. @Apok - 11/12 - Whammed by the people you don't expect.
  55. @BRRT_Angel - 12/12 - Now That's What I Call 'I Can't Think of Another Witty Title!'
  56. @DirtyNurbKing58 - 12/12 - Wham: the second worst thing at the dentist.
  57. @Xilor - 12/12 - Whammer Whammer Chicken Dinner? Eeh. I'm running out of ideas.
  58. @Pupik - 12/12 - Whammed from space.
  59. @Nico_Ble99 - 13/12 - Rookie Whammed.
  60. @Jahgee1124 - 13/12 - Admitted to being able to listen to the song freely. We have a fan here. Fan alert! Fan alert!
  61. @Daniel - 13/12 - I heard two seconds of the song. Two seconds.
  62. @DK - 13/12 - Whammed by the radio DJ. No, it wasn't Tom.
  63. @Terronium-12 - 14/12 - Whammed as a result of the butterfly effect.
  64. @Driving Park - 14/12 - Whammed during a lull in conversation. This is why you never stop talking, or just don't play the radio.
  65. @GranTurismo916 - 14/12 - Macy's - 2. GT916 - 0.
  66. @TheBook - 14/12 - Shouldn't have shopped at RadioShack, then.
  67. @Furinkazen - 14/12 - Victim of the Whammassacre of 2014
  68. @Panoz - 14/12 - An innocent bystander. Taken down by the brutal Whammassacre.
  69. @chrisjohnson93 - 14/12 - Suffered the wrath of Akmuq in the Whammassacre 2014
  70. @Yeratel84 - 14/12 - I'm starting to run out of ideWhammasacre of 2014
  71. @SkengD - 14/12 - Did I mention there was a Whammassacre?
  72. @The Stig Farmer - 14/12 - But wait, there's more! Purchase any Whammassacre with your credit card and receive a second one for the exact same price!
  73. @FlyingFox - 14/12 - That's a saving of $0! Wow!
  74. @Dagger311 - 15/12 - Double whammy. Radio then JMoney.
  75. @MUSC4EVER - 15/12 - Overheard Wham while mum was watching TV. Get a new mum.
  76. @Slash - 15/12 - Took a dagger to the heart. Haha. Get it?
  77. @SVX - 15/12 - The Titanic of GTPlanet. Said to be unwhammable. Then got whammed.
  78. @optiongamers - 16/12 - iHeartWham
  79. @mattythedog - 16/12 - How is Last Christmas ever considered festive?
  80. @Luminis - 16/12 - Do you even lift Wham?
  81. @Wiegert - 16/12 - So close but so far.
  82. @Legro - 17/12 - "Lo scorso natale ti ho dato il mio cuore."
  83. @hsv - 17/12 - Spoke too soon.
  84. @legacyMACHINE - 17/12 - "Last Christmas, I gave you my football..."
  85. @SniperRed3 - 17/12 - Subtly hearing the song is still hearing the song.
  86. @Custom878 - 17/12 - Whammed by a non-participant. Sneaky.
  87. @Flex0r - 17/12 - Two word Wham!
  88. @boiltheocean - 19/12 - Why would Wham be on a 'Best of Christmas' CD?
  89. @urbanite9 - 19/12 - Travelled all the way to the United States just to get Whammed at Macy's.
  90. @DQuaN - 20/12 - Next time, try to hide the fact that you're avoiding a particular song.
  91. @Pluxtheduck - 20/12 - Whammed with a one-two punch by George Michael and Taylor Swift.
  92. @katpeeler - 20/12 - Great imagery by kat. "I started to explain all pissed and my hands waving in the air."
  93. @silverman_GT - 20/12 - Guilty until proven innocent.
  94. @TrentDog1 - 21/12 - Lunch Menu Today: Pizza with a generous helping of Wham!
  95. @miata13B 21/12 - Whammed at wife's holiday party. Grounds for divorce? Maybe...
  96. @Bopop4 - 22/12 - Whammed alongside Slash and Beeble. What a lovely way to spend the day together.
  97. @FoolKiller - 22/12 - Staying positive by focusing on 2015. Good luck, you'll need it.
  98. @phillkillv2 - 22/12 - "Whammed to death."
  99. @Mike-ZENKAI - 23/12 - And I thought Top of the Pops was bad enough...
  100. @Vitocorp - 24/12 - Ex-girlfriend still finding methods of revenge.
  101. @FutureF1 - 24/12 - Whammed in a Skype call.
  102. @niky - 25/12 - Merry Whammass!
  103. @S_Bridge - 25/12 - Suffered the fire of the Green Dragon.
  104. @Ninners - 26/12 - Whammed by Jordan's amazingly epic addition to the site. Also whammed are the following.
  105. @Ettick
  106. @sparkytooth
  107. @ECGadget
  108. @AJ
  109. @Danny
  110. @DurWinning
  111. @AJHG1000
  112. @Mini Stiggy
  113. @Naveek Darkroom
  114. @Snorevette
  115. @Keef
  116. @terminator363
  117. @35mm - 26/12 - Drop the baby, or get Whammed. Did 35mm make the right desicion?
  118. @Ken Koios - 26/12 - Whammed from the other side of the world thanks to the teamwork of @Slash, @Mrs. Koios and @Daniel.
  119. @kolio123 - 26/12 - Pushed his luck. And his luck ran out.
  120. @ilikewaffles11 - 26/12 - Denial is the first stage of grievance.
  121. @GT HP Nut - 27/12 - Whammed on the radio, even after Christmas.
  122. @LancerEvo7 - 31/12 - Post-Christmas blues.
  123. @Hayden - 31/12 - Death by Whammicide.
  124. @RACECAR - 31/12 - Drive-by Whammed!
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I've done this three years before, the first two successful... I need to return to form... I've already seen his face on a CD case in a store on Thursday.


New Member
I feel lucky this year. Last year was unfortunate. I can do it! I can win!


Delicious Doorstop
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Regular exposure to Radio 2 at work will make this year's challenge a futile one. Yet I'm confident I can make it further than I did last year.
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Corneria City
Yep, count me in. Going for two Wham! free years in a row.
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On the move
In Singapore, I find it a miracle to hear 80s pop.

But I had this when shopping in a tech mall last year. It's time I make it count. Sign me up.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Sign me up for it. Got whammed last year on Christmas Day (thrice in a day :scared:). Hopefully I can survive this year.


GeoGuessr God
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Lets hope I'm not stupid like last year.
(@Daniel, wheres the link to 2013 in the first post.)

As has been noted before, reading through the threads of past years is quite hilarious :lol:


No-one's having an A1 day
I'm probably going over to Birmingham for Christmas, the last 10 days might be tricky. :scared:


Spam 'nades!
I'm in. Surely after three failed years I can do it, right?

Probably not, but I'll try.


I was expecting a different George Michael...


Sign me up though, it'll be a challenge this year.


I'm a bear!
United States
Fort Collins, CO
Alright, I'll play for the first time. I'm in.