GTPlanet's Gran Turismo World Tour Driver Rankings: September 2019 Edition

United States
New York
Man what happen to Adam Suswillo. He was surging at one point and now he completely fell off and Takuma Miyazono was robbed. Yeah i will never let this go -_-


GTP Editor, GTPEDIA Author
United Kingdom
Rule 12
He didn't just fell off after one race tho. he have fell to make an impression in the past few Qorld Tour
He's done five races.

Semi-Final A in Paris - 11th (see: Divebomb)
Semi-Final A in Nurburgring - 5th
Repechage in Nurburgring - 1st (one of only five not Fraga/Hizal drivers to win a race)
Final in Nurburgring - 7th
Semi-Final A in New York - 5th
Repechage in New York - 11th (see: Random)