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    It's a series based around our club, and various events we have, I hope you enjoy the races as much as we did!!!!!

    HAJIME RACERS (prologue)
    Takata vs Shin

    Takata exhales as he turns the key, starting the engine, a low rumble emits from under the hood.
    An orange integra DC2 with an enormous carbon fibre wing revs their engine next to him. The integra's turbo singing it's song as it revs into higher rpm. Takata focuses forward as he hears the first honk, bringing his rpm to optimal launch level.
    Matterhorn Rotenboden_15.jpg

    The integra honks a second time, then the integra launches off, taking Takata by surprise. "Damn cheaters!!" Takata Exlaims,

    Matterhorn Rotenboden_16.jpg
    putting his foot down on the throttle accelerating towards the first corner. Hearing the integra in the distance. He grips the shifter eager to hit the apex to accelerate out of the first corner to catch up.
    Matterhorn Rotenboden_17.jpg

    Another hairpin suddenly after the small curve, Takata pushes harder as he notices he can no longer hear the integra in the distance
    Matterhorn Rotenboden_24.jpg

    . Staying calm, he downshifts gliding peacefully around the hairpin.

    Matterhorn Rotenboden_27.jpg

    As he exits the hairpin, a dense fog rolls in from now where!!! He can barely see, but still pushes forward, determined to catch up to that DC2

    Matterhorn Rotenboden_26.jpg
    As takata comes around the second S bend after the hairpin,Hearing the DC2's engine roaring once again. Knowing he's getting closer by the second.
    Matterhorn Rotenboden_19.jpg
    With no fear, Takata takes a difficult line, feeling the boost from his awd on the corners. Feeling more confident than when then DC2 first launched off and mocked him completely.
    Matterhorn Rotenboden_12.jpg
    he notices the road littered with car parts at the entrance to the next corner. A half of a front bumper, and a smashed headlight.

    Matterhorn Rotenboden_21.jpg

    Takata pulled up next to the integra. It was totalled, the engine bay was crushed in, and the front axle was sticking out where the bumper used to be.

    Matterhorn Rotenboden_22.jpg

    The driver sat next to his car with his hands buried in his face. Takata frowns as he steps out of his r32 gtr. "you ok??!!" he yells.
    "I am, but yama is....I don't think I can fix it."
    "It's okay, what's your name?
    "hmmmm" Takata was thinking. He looked at the integra.
    "we might need a tow truck"
    "man I put everything into this" Shin stated, looking down. while sitting in Takata's matte black r32 gtr

    looking off into the distance, watching his precious Yama being towed, Takata drives back towards the city.

    Matterhorn Rotenboden_25.jpg

    TO BE CONTINUED........

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    Awesome ^^ very nice writing and beautiful pics :tup: great job :D
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    Character BIO:
    Character name: Mizuho Miyanokouji

    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: PC Engineer
    Height: 5'11"
    Eyes: Brown and Green right eye [birth defect]
    Hair: Black with red highlights
    Nationality: American
    Language: English & Minor understanding of Japanese
    Traits: Reserved, In general kind and good.
    Hobbys: Tuning, gundam, drawing, driving.
    Likes: Wangan, Touge, Drifting,manga and anime.
    Dislikes: Aggressive people.
    Cars: NSX [for now...]
    Looks: Very neutral looking with mid back long hair [when loose] usually keeps it in a ponytail, His eyes always analyzing what’s not seen. He’s normally confused for a girl in some places.

    Mizuho was born with a rare genetic disease which made his right eye have a different color yet this also made him over-analyze everything in his life and was living in the USA but some problems in his family made him change his last name to that of his late grandmother. Taking his beloved Black cherry NSX with him and a laptop he set off to japan in search of something. Arriving in Osaka he moved to Yokohama to pick up his beloved car and drove it to his residence in Yokosuka.

    Mizuho is rarely seen outside as his work confides him inside his home or rarely to a meeting in Tokyo. He goes out driving nightly to various destinations exploring and trying to find what’s missing in his life. Most people who see him seem to joke about his looks and that he’s a foreigner. He rarely speaks to anyone and the few who do know him consider him very kind and also very caring.

    He began his life in racing at 18 in the US fresh license in hand he purchased an old ’71 camaro, and drove it to a nightly race he always heard the seniors talk that night he beat 3 of his seniors and spend a great deal of time in a hospital after his last race hit his car and made him spin out, he continued to race after exiting the hospital but this time in Honda NSX. Once he moved to Japan he started watching most races on the Wangan from Haneda airport from the sidelines parking his beloved car away from the areas racers or the police pass. He sometimes can be seen at Touge and drift tracks around Japan too drinking some tea or juice from the machines, yet those that have paid attention to him, will see him scribbling away in a notepad.

    In japan he met a tuning shop owner and which he considers his close friend and brother. Also he’s the one who recently began to tune a new NSX for him to race in the Wangan after he expressed interest in that type of race. He has raced it very late at night exploring how the new car feels and drives, continually typing or scribbling away anything he finds in the car after each run, he’s not aiming to be the fastest. He just wants to feel the true aura of the NSX and maybe find the answer he looks for. He only recently started going to car meetups in his personal NSX after living in Japan for 1 years because of insistence on his friend...There he has talked to a few from a club named the “Hajime Racers”...
    Tadaaki Sato

    Kei Cars, honesty, American Movies.

    Dislikes: Celebrities, overcooked food, Imports

    Tadaaki has been living in Nagoya his whole life. Currently running the family's Used Car Dealership- Sato Auto. He takes pride in his job making sure every car looks new and runs as it should. Although he does not mind keeping some interesting units for himself.

    Mr.Sato'ssion is driving. Togue and drift are his favorite forms. The thing is, his driving is amateur at best. He always likes to push himself to do better and is a quieter guy, not worrying about if his car is faster than everyone else's. You will never see him driving the super popular cars such as GT-R's, Supra's, FD Rx7's or STi's. He likes to use the profit off of those to put into his cars.

    Togue: 1984 Skyline RS-Turbo/ FC RX7/1995 Suzuki Cappuccino turbo

    Wangan: 1991 Skyline Gts-t

    Drift: 1994 Nissan Silvia​
    Ryuu "Doriaki" Akiyama
    Age: 28
    Height: 5.8"
    Hobbies: bass player in a prog rock band
    Likes: sushi; driving his AE86 to the top of his local pass and watch the city from there; spending time with his friends; his dog, an Akita named Tofu.
    Dislikes: arrogant people; Toyota Prius; politics.

    Special traits: arms covered in traditional japanese tattoos, of which he is very proud.

    Ryuu was born in Tokyo, he is the son of Hiroki Akiyama, member of the original Midnight Club. When is father died he inherited his car, a beautiful Ferrari F40 in basically museum condition which he still uses on the wangan in memory of what his father used to do. He's one of the founders of Hajime Racers. Bit shy at first but always tries to look at the bright side of things, really hard to make him go mad, if you insult him he will just laugh and don't really care. For him, the more people to race with, the more fun he can have. He moved to Osaka where he owns a tuning garage called RandomAccessMind Garage, specialised in time attack and drift cars. When his shop closes at night, after spending some time working on his most beloved race car, an N2 AE86 Trueno coupe, he gets in one of his many cars that he collected throughout the years and goes driving on the touges around Osaka. Rumors say that he owns over 100 cars. He often takes trips to Fuji Speedway to test his shop's creations. He is a close friend of Kaza, he met him when he came to his shop to request some modifications for his car. Now they usually run togheter both on the wangan and on the touge.

    Wangan car: His father's Ferrari F40. Fun fact, he still has the Midnight Club sticker on his rear bumper, next to the Hajime Racers one.

    Drift car: countless, mostly underpowered classic japanese cars but he also has some European cars sitting in the garage.

    Touge car: also countless, but again mostly japanese cars​
    しろ たけし
    Shiro Takeshi

    He's very ill tempered, and always ready to race. All he's known all his life is the oil and gears side of it. You can find him in either a garage, or on the touge. Not much of a person for words, but actions do speak louder. With a natural talent, and impeccable reflexes. He's one of the best racers upon the touge. He keeps to himself, but does have friends. He only really gets enthusiastic if it's car related.

    Touge: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R.
    Wangan: NSX Type R
    Drift: Mazda RX-7 (FC)
    Circuit: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

    Name: Dagurasu
    Age: ???
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'0
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde
    Note: American

    Description: A quiet man with very little known about him, Dagurasu mostly watches the other drivers race on the pass and in the Hondas. He is primarily a Wangan driver with a need to defend his turf on The Wangan. He will, although rarely, attack a mountain pass. He has shown a desire to collect exotic and classic cars and currently prides himself on owning a Ferrari 512BB that he won in an auction.
    His speed and preference for black cars has led to him being labelled as the Akuma no Wangan, or Devil of the Wangan. To most, he's just an urban legend. To the drivers he battles, he's a major threat.

    Touge car: '73 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (KPGC110)
    Wangan car: '76 Ferrari 512BB
    Circuit: '70 Plymouth Superbird
    Ryo Watawata
    Rally driver by day, touge racer by night. He's a bit of a crowd pleaser, likes to show off in front of the fans. On the outside he seems like a hooligan but he's cool and collected on the inside. Doesn't mind sitting back and studying his opponent for a perfect strike, but more than willing to end races quick. Prefers tight and technical courses over high speed. If blessed with a hard opponent he will use his own rally car.
    add the Subaru Impreza Coupe WRX Typer STI version V to touge and the Toyota MR2 GT-S to wangan.

    touge: Toyota Altezza RS200 / Nissan Silvia K's Aero (S14)
    Wangan: Nissan 200sx (CS14) subject to change. Maybe
    Character name: Kaage ‘Kaza’ Nakahara / 影「カザ」中原

    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Unknown
    Height: 6'2"
    Eyes: Amber
    Hair: Black/Dark brown
    Nationality: British
    Language: English & Minor understanding of Japanese
    Traits: Shy, Calm, Reserved, In general kind and good.
    Hobbys: Tuning, writing, drawing, driving.
    Likes: Wangan, Touge, 4WDs, MR2 SW20s, manga and anime.
    Dislikes: Ricers, Vauxhalls, Volkswagon Dub, Stanced cars, Aggressive people.
    Cars: Unknown (For now :sly:)
    Looks: Alike very much to that of Steve Fox's from Tekken, but hair is long and parted in the middle.

    Kaage 'Kaza' is a young British racer who moved to Japan after winning a large sum of money, he moved from the UK to Manazuru, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa Prefecture. - Just next to Hakone, a small town. As a young boy he always wanted to move to Japan from playing the likes of 'Wangan Midnight' and 'TXR', this also lit his fire in the area of cars. He is now a top private-tuner in Japan, getting requests for tuning off people for a living. He likes both Wangan and Touge, but seems to go to the Touge more often than Wangan now.

    Kaage is a general quiet stereotype, doesn’t talk too much, and usually is in the shadows. Around people he doesn’t know he only talks in pure sentences or answers. Although seemingly non-caring, it is just a facade as he cares a lot about his apperance and actions. Accordingly lazy, and can be seen slacking off often. Once friendly with a person or group though, and he only opens up only around them.

    He began his life in racing when he first got his licence in the UK, and had got a cheap Mazda MX5 (NB), the day he got his licence was the day he was caught speeding on the motorways. Once he moved to Japan he had to sell his NB, he changed his name to be Japanese too, and started watching most races on the Wangan from Haneda airport. He sometimes can be seen at Touge and rally tracks around Japan too. He only recently started going to car meetups after living in Japan for 2 years, and formed a group with a few others called the “Hajime Racers”...

    たかた もりもと (Takata "midnight" Morimoto)

    Takata grew up in the Gunma prefecture, working at an auto parts store at a young age. He saved up his checks to buy a r32 skyline GT-R and move out into a studio apartment in Gunma. He started modifying his car, after hearing about people racing on mt. haruna, he even attended a couple after, but spectated and got tips from the other drivers, which were always happy to help him out. He practiced day and night between work shifts. At first he was a natural, gripping every corner never losing traction, and kept improving his time little by little. He then later thought that just running down the track alone would do no good. Since a race isn't simply just a time trial. After racing solo for a few months. He met another racer. Not from this land, Who went by Kaza, and from there joined the Hajime Racers team.

    Age: 25
    Occupation: Auto parts store manager
    Nationality: Japanese
    Traits: enthusastic, optimistic, Friendly, Petrol Head
    Likes: r32 GTR, S-chassis, mr2, and ae86 levin.
    Name: Takashi Akihara a.k.a "soft katsuobushi"
    Age: 20
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: black
    Cars: Nissan sileighty (first wangan car), nissan skyline R31 (second wangan car) and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV GSR (touge and drift car)

    Description: Takashi was a rookie from Nagoya, and used to drive a old FTO that their parents gave him as a birthday present. a year later, he decides to sell his FTO and moves up to Tokyo. after struggling for a couple of months, solving the problems with his parents (because of his FTO), he decides to buy a Sileighty, but then he replaces it for a r31 because of the first tragedy (GTR, do what kind of tragedy you want) and bought a Mitsu Evo IV for trips to mountains and considers the Mitsu Evo IV the best car he drove in his entire life. his brother, Daijiro, is a rallyist and a biker in Hokkaido, so he oftenly sees him into races. he is a impatient person and doesnt control too much and one of his weakness are the throttle control that sometimes makes him spin out. his old nickname, "soft katsuobushi" was from a group of Nagoya that named him because he was known for being a tough rival but not too tough at the time of cornering.

    Likes: 4WDs, Friends, cars and the Wangan.
    Dislikes: somebody who has the same car and car problems and problems with the settings.

    Character: Kenjiro Sato

    Nationality: Japanese-Brazilian

    Likes: Foreign Cars, Wine, Sake, Sukiyaki

    Dislikes: Kei cars, Squid, Pizza

    Car/s: BMW Z4 M, Mazda RX-8 Type S

    Background: Kenjiro was born in Brazil from a Japanese father and a Brazilian mother. A year after his birth he and his parents moved to Japan having found a better opportunity. Since most of his life was spent in Japan, he speaks a lot more of Japanese than Portuguese.

    He found fascination on glamorous cars the moment his father bought him a Porsche toy car. With that, he prefers foreign sports cars. He comes to view JDMs as "too pedestrian", but respects their bang-for-your-buck performance.

    He usually hangs out at the Touge, showing moderate success with his white BMW Z4 M Coupe. However, seeing a lot more locals with their domestic machines running at the mountain pass, his fascination grew, until he bought a Rotary.

    - Tends to say "Obrigado" to his opponents after the race, regardless of the result.

    - His view on JDMs sometimes unintentionally insult either his friends or opponents. He can apologize if it deemed too offensive.

    - Prefers cars with 50:50 weight distribution.

    - One of the other characters will invite him to watch a Wangan race

    Name: Kawazoe (Kawa)
    Age: 19
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: Blonde
    Cars: RX7s

    Kawa loves all forms of driving and has from a young age. Once he got his license, he spent all of his time and money on a car, to which all of the money he makes at his job as a bicycle salesman goes towards. Seeing as cars are basically the only thing he spends money on, he was able to buy a few RX7s, one for each style of driving. He has to live with one of his friends because he cannot afford his own place/lifestyle with the amount of money he spends on his rotaries. Many people do not understand why he chooses to live this way, so he races to prove to others (mostly himself) that he is spending his time/money wisely.

    Touge: Maxda RX7 FC
    Drift: 1993 Mazda RX7 FD Efini
    Wangan: 2001 Mazda RX7 FD Type R

    Name: ??? (Nickname will be 'Twitch' tho)
    Age: 30
    Nationality: Canadian
    Height: 5'9"
    Hair: light brown
    Eyes: green/grey

    Occupation: JDM car exporter.

    Likes: Mountains, Hip Hop, anything with a motor that can be raced (genuine petrol head), and Mike'n'Ikes.

    Dislikes: bad drivers!, Facebook status updates, country music, and liver.

    Cars: prefers JDM cars and tuning for their "function over form" approach, but appreciates all cars. Nissan is his favorite make.

    Drift - primary, with a Wisefab knuckle kit (ie, drift trial only), is a white Z33. Missile car is a nearly stock (but well tuned) PS13. Note: I have a few other monstrous drift cars I'd like to work into the bio, but they can be added later once they show up in the story.

    Wangan - Nissan Skyline Sedan 350GT to start off. He may move to a Z33, maybe Z34 at a later time.

    Togue - "Twitch" won't be a Togue driver to begin. Once introduced to it, he'll start in the PS13 drift car, then maybe buy another Z33, or maybe a GTR, for the higher displacement class.

    "Twitch" was raised in a small town in the mountains of western Canada. His father was a heavy duty mechanic, so he always had an interest in cars, or anything with a motor. As a kid, he liked fancy European sports cars, but once he moved out, he learned to love JDM cars for their reasonable price, easy maintenance, and good performance. Although he loosely follows many forms of Motorsport, drifting was the first discipline that he actually began to participate in. At first, he was terrible. Fortunately, he became friends with some awesome people who were really amazing drifters, and learned everything he could from them. With a lot of practice, he gained the skills necessary to be offered a spot on Team NEMESIS, a drift team from western North America. The team spent many years honing their skills, pushing each other to become better and better. Sadly though, the glory days came to an end, as many members became busy with raising families, starting businesses, etc. Looking for a new adventure, Twitch decided to move to Japan to learn more about the birthplace of drifting, and to immerse himself in Japanese car culture. Upon arriving in Japan, he bought himself a Z33 and a PS13 to use for drifting, but quickly realised the heavily modified made terrible road cars. So, he bought a Skykine Sedan to use as a daily driver, which he intends to keep stock. However, his interest has been peaked by a number of highly tuned machines he's seen cruising on the highways. Could these be the legendary Wangan racers he's heard about?​

    Name: Pohru "Buraku/Black" Tanaka
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'8"
    Eyes: Dark Green
    Hair: Black
    Race: African-American/Japanese
    Birthplace: Japan
    Language: English, Japanese
    Occupation: Police Officer

    A lifelong slacker, Pohru never knew what he wanted to do in life. Nothing ever seemed to get his blood pumping. Coming from a long line of cops, he decided to go to the academy and become one as well.

    His father was a popular street racer in his teens. Pohru drove fast too, something about being alone with the road at night made him feel at peace, but he never took racing seriously.

    Son of an African-American immigrant mother and a native-Japanese father, he was more influenced by his mother's culture growing up. In school, he would always be the defender of the weak, a gentle-hearted fighter who would give you a black eye if you crossed him or his friend. He earned the nickname "Black" because of his dark sense of humor, fighting abilities, and his darker skin tone.

    He drives a Nissan BNR34 SKYLINE GT-R Police Cruiser during the day, and his dad's old car on the mountains at night, an '89 Nissan Fairlady Z32.

    Touge/Wangan: Nissan Fairlady Z Twin Turbo '89

    Daily/Work: NISSAN GT-R PACE CAR

    Character bios will be posted here, along with any pictures the members submit, you can follow along with the racer's themselves, and their characters progression through racing for fun with friends and sharing tips and tricks with eachother.
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    I'll think about something :3
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    Nice! It really captures the essence of a Race Report while being creative - making a story based on your racing sessions.
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    It's really fun actually, I've been writing something for a while, but didn't know how to go about it, and then recently had a creative spark after watching the horrible initial D live action O_o
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    It's not that bad c'mon haha I quite enjoyed it :lol: not as much as the anime or the manga that's for sure but it's not that bad :)
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    はじめ はしりや 、 山 、 わんがん
    (hajime racers, mountain, wangan)
    挿話 一
    (episode 1)
    りょ わたわた
    (Ryo Watawata)
    (June 3rd, 2015)

    Takata, sits down in front of a terminal at the parts store, and checks a local car forum, It states there will be a Kanjo meet on sunday. He read the rules long and hard.

    "hmmmm" He thought to himself.

    "I still have that crx, I haven't driven that in ages"

    He ran to the back of the shop where he stored his old cars, ever since he bought the gtr r32.

    Takata opens the door to a massive garage attached to the parts store. Since no one really gets their car maintenced at this location any longer, he decided it would be a good place to store his cars. He hasn't gotten excited about driving his crx, since he first raced it when he was 17. It was no notable race or effort however, it was the passion for these complex mechanical monsters, which drove him.

    He looked up at the clock, and realised he had just been staring at the crx for about 45 minutes. This car wasn't going anywhere at this rate! He checked the inventory, and closed the shop early to work on his old prize possession.

    Deciding not to mess with the engine very much, except to clean it up. He just tinkered all night with the springs and damper settings. Taking it out every so often to test how it felt.

    Over the next couple days, he searched for other tuners, which he could exchange ideas and learn something new possibly. He learned that most people who had confirmed they will be going to the meet, were actually experienced tuners themselves. The likes of which he had been looking for...

    Kaage seemed to be the most experienced, and someone else who only went by the name "G".

    Takata: Odd, he has no other information except the letter "G".

    Takata thought to himself. There was contact information for them. He decided to send Kaage a message, and awaited a reply.

    Suddenly Takata's phone began to ring, he hurried to answer it.

    Takata: Hello?

    Shin: It's Shin! how are you pal?

    Takata: I'm good... Hey I'm glad you called actually, I saw this event for what seems to be for tuners, it's a kanjo event at Osaka.

    Where is your shop located? I have a EK that could do with some work.

    Takata: It's the old maintenance shop, next to the exit to the mountain passes"

    Shin: Okay on my way!

    A few days back Shin lost a battle against Takata, but it helped form a friendship between them. He is just about as obsessed with cars as Takata is. It was fortunate Takata came to his aid instead of just leaving, that wouldn't of been a move he'd make anyway.

    Takata seemed restless, he was still wondering who Kaage and G were. No reply from either of them yet. But still felt confident about the reply, he could just feel something great will happen at that event.

    Days went by, Takata and shin worked on their hondas relentlessly, Takata even adding a wing to the crx, something unheard of for Takata who never normally uses downforce for that extra speed.

    It was 8:30 pm on Sunday night, the night of the Kanjo meet. Takata and Shin set course for the Osaka, where the meet was supposed to take place.

    Their hondas whined and sped along the highway, then takata, motioning to shin that he saw something up ahead. It seemed to be a horde of Hondas dominating the highway!!!![​IMG]

    Takata at first sat and watched them cruise, and battle eachother. They sat at the PA together watching the quick little hondas speed past, in a blur of colour and brakelights.


    One of the racers pulled up next to them, not in an intimidating way, but more of a greeting. Parked next to them.

    "Hey!" a voice from the yellow ep3.

    "Hey nice ride! That looks fast" Takata replied, keeping respect for other racers.

    "Wow , thank you. My name is Ryo watawata" The other guy said from inside his car.

    "That's a nice crx you have there, and that monster of a wing!!! man I hope you did something under the hood too!" ryo said to him

    "haha just a little bit!" Takata replied, looking at ryo studying his demeanor.

    "Hey, would you like to do a battle? just 2 laps around the highway for a little fun?"

    "sure I"m itching to try this out against somebody, what rules are there?"

    "we start at 90kph, and we start after the first corner"

    "Sure thing" Takata said, as he walked back into his car, SHin riding shotgun. He turned the key, and the engine roared as it started up, waiting for the throttle to be put down.

    They started off at 90kph, Takata seeming to stick to the EP3's bumper like glue, until the first corner.

    Takata punched the throttle, waiting for the turbo to spool for his chance to pass Ryo,

    “if there’s any time it’s now!”

    The EP3 was aiming for the inside, Takata followed his line closely until he noticed a small opportunity from the outside. [​IMG]

    He understeered hard, forcing the car to catch a small angle.

    “agh this is definately not fr”

    He maintained a steady pace however, adrenaline flowing through his veins.

    He stabilized the understeer, checking his mirror noticing the yellow EP3 was preying on him, closer than he got to him earlier before the first corner.

    Takata remained calm, as they both were heading for the long straight directly after the corner, the EP3 was gaining fast![​IMG][​IMG]

    They hit the straight in a VTEC fury, the EP3 seeming to pass him with little to no effort. Takata didn’t give up and pushed the, crx while giving everything it had to offer.


    The EP3 had passed him! but the first corner was rapidly coming up ahead, Takata hit the brakes lightly, watching the EP3 travel at the same speed towards the corner. Takata thought to himself.

    “Ryo be careful there’s a corner coming up in a couple hundred feet!!!!”

    He saw the EP3 slam hard into the guard rail, the suspension bouncing it off of the ground, sparks flying everywhere, the suspension and transmission didn’t seem to want to stop either, as if the wall wasn’t even there.


    Ryo’s car bounced around violently, Takata struggling to stop in time to avoid impact.


    Takata stepped out to check on ryo, who was fine due the the rollcage he had installed, only a damaged front quarterpanel, and the suspension was destroyed. There was quite a bit of work to do on the EP3 unfortunately.

    He assisted Ryo, and tied a rope to the EP3, and the CRX, towing his car to the PA.

    “Shin, do you want to drive us home? I’ll call a tow truck for us.” Takata asked,

    “yeah no problem” Shin replied, opening the door to his white EK(this one is an EK).

    The rest of the group was sitting at the PA, wondering what had happened and if Ryo was alright.

    Ryo explained what happened, that it wasn’t Takata’s fault, he just got a little bit carried away on that straight.

    “I heard there’s going to be an all out speed battle soon at the Wangan, I’m not too sure of the details”

    Takata has heard of wangan before, but hasn’t tried it yet. Sticking mainly to touge and low speed highway racing. He had enough time to think about it anyways.

    Shin, Ryo, and Takata drove a few laps with the rest of the group before setting off back home around 3:00 am.

    [​IMG]The 3 of them talked about cars, and tuning the whole way back. The 2 hour drive seeming as if it were only 10 minutes. They became good friends, and exchanged information to meet up again sometime.
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    @ELmarcotuff Fixt!
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    Only criticism so far: Every story ends with the other driver crashing, and takata stopping to help. Perhaps a little bit more variety and close racing to the finish would help. Other than that, great series, the Kanjo highway race was the best one yet!
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    I noticed that haha, It happened though during the event. Seems crashing forms friendships!
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    Obelisk Premium

    There will be no crashing in my chapter. Only tears and broken hearts as Dagurasu destroys a race.
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    Only criticism is well what got fixed, and both of us know what really happened, and I was swearing the whole time. For the stories sake though, good job.
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    oh man. i think Akihara s story will be longer (from the first time in the Wangan with his sileighty, the loss of a sileighty, probably a engine blow or a fatal accident that leaves the car useless and the return to Wangan with the r31, more tougher and a Little bit less faster, but we can Split it in 2 parts: sileighty and the r31 but probably not as a main story. so, how can we organize the stories of the "non mentioned" characters in the timeline? (sorry for the "not-so-good" expressions)
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    I wonder if I should make a story
  19. RCKakashi14


    You should, if I may recommend. All of us members must come up with an episode wherein our respective characters will be introduced, which I'll be doing later.
  20. KazaMR2


    I agree with this, I think before the actual club's forming in the storyline we'll all need to give our characters a introduction episode. Either writen by ourselves or helped out by one of the writers. :cheers:
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  21. RCKakashi14


    KENJIRO SATO - The Foreign Car Specialist

    Location: Haneda Airport
    Time: 3 pm

    "Your attention please. British Airways flight 223 from London Heathrow has now arrived. Passengers can now claim their luggage at Bay 5."

    Finally arrived... Whew.

    Well, it was great taking photos of Emma Watson. For men like us, it's a privilege to die for.

    I am to receive a large sum soon after that effort. Time to edit the photos tomorrow in my studio.
    What have I missed here aside my studio? The touge. Strangely I have developed an attachment to it, despite my notions on street racing.

    Probably because of the excitement it offers. You can't think even for a single moment, you have to focus. It improves you as a driver.

    Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Kenjiro Sato. While my name is purely Japanese, I'm actually half Brazilian. My father is Japanese while my mother is Brazilian. I was born in Brazil, but a year later my parents decided to move to Japan because my father found a better opportunity.

    I am 32 years old, with a wonderful profession of photography. During my toddler years, my mother would always show pictures, and fascination always enters my mind. Because of that, I took a photography course in a university in United Kingdom and passed with flying colors. Now, I take photos of not just supermodels, but also pretty much any high-profile personality around the globe. Salary is rather too much if you ask me, since I was taught by my parents that we should ask only what we need - no excesses.

    And how did I get to street racing? Let me explain that to you later on...


    I passed by my home in Roppongi to drop off my luggage and have some coffee. I still have the energy to do some runs in the mountain pass.

    In the garage, my white BMW Z4 M Coupe is probably welcoming me home. I was just gone for a week, you know? Hehe...

    Time to get in. Oops... careful. There are times I hit my head on to the roll cage. Turn the key... and let the Inline-6 roar. Shame on those other companies who completely shun away the legendary Inline 6 engine. BMW is the only one left that makes those engines, be it NA or turbocharged.

    After traveling for 45 minutes, with traffic dealt with, I reached Kanagawa. Of course I never forget how to drive this Z4. Its 48:52 weight distribution is its greatest weapon in the touge. It's an amazing feat for something that has an engine at the front. BMW knows how to make a proper rear-wheel drive chassis.


    I'm just wondering why domestic car manufacturers can't follow. Maybe perhaps putting a transaxle is an expensive procedure, which I admit it is. But foreign cars are lusted upon because of their engineering expertise. However, I hate people who buy those cars just to show them off in Ginza. Two weeks ago, I punched a guy who owns a LaFerrari after almost cutting me off and sputtered some nonsense how Ferraris are for the elite. I told him off, that attitude and skill can't be bought with money.

    Now, I pull over to the PA and wait for someone to play with...

    Oh there they are. Some locals. Some of them recognize me, and they demanded a rematch. Rematch? Yep, you've read that right. I'm not a poser in a German sports coupe. I took part in a racing school, you know?

    If it's a fight you want, then you must have it. All right then, bring it on.


    What you must know, is that my Z4 is lightly tuned in terms of power. The bulk of the modifications are on the chassis. The touge demands a well-sorted chassis. Focus... just focus. Steer gently, point it in the direction you wish to go, and control the throttle.


    The Z4 M Coupe could be called as a modern classic. To think that it's cheaper than an M3, yet it has the M3's six cylinder engine. Plus, with a front engine mounted behind the front wheels coupled with a transaxle, it has a weight distribution that is on par with mid-engined supercars. To tell you the truth, the tuning of this Z4 was actually inspired by the Assist E92 M3 that became popular in Hot Version's Touge Max.

    Now, are you getting why I prefer foreign cars? I respect the performance of the domestics, but foreign cars have some charm in them. The reason they're expensive is because of years of R&D applied to them. We could argue all day, but we cannot come up with a win-win answer.


    Oh, someone brought an old-school Mustang? Though that is a Shelby GT350R. Muscle cars, however, do not have the glamour of a European thoroughbred!

    Sorry, I may find your Mustang cool, but it belongs to the museum! Out of my way.


    I shall demonstrate to you, that this is The Ultimate Driving Machine!



    To survive the Touge, show no mercy. That was one of the hardest lessons I've learned.


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    beautiful! It's brilliant, can't I'm getting super excited about the story as it progresses, I even have the spark to write a bit today :D
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  23. RCKakashi14


    KENJIRO SATO Part 2 - The Early Bird


    4 in the morning, huh? I open my studio at 11 am, though. Well, I'm being trained as an early bird the moment I started going to school. My mother would wake me up at 5 usually. Eventually, my body can tell me to rise even earlier, regardless of what time I sleep.

    Because of that, I go the touge as well, to hone my skills. At those times, racers have probably gone home, so it's the best opportunity to practice.

    After a brief bath, off to Kanagawa I go. I'll just grab a can of coffee at the PA later on.

    The sun is about to rise. Hmmmm.... maybe I'll just have a brief run and head back. After all, I have lots of editing to do.



    First, I warm my tires up. I don't necessarily have to go full throttle for that. Just keep on steering on both directions. I learned that from racing school, and professional race car drivers do the same especially on a rolling start.

    Suddenly... I hear a very loud exhaust note. That tone... it sounds familiar. It's almost high-pitched, so the engine is to rev high.


    Don't tell me...

    The sound came closer. And I can definitely tell the what car it is. It has that signature tone.


    (Background Music)

    A GT-R. RB inline-6 engines make that sound especially when you tune the exhaust. You want a run? Fine then.

    My opponent goes to my right side. I take a brief look, and it's an R32 GT-R with no wing on it. Streamlined looks do work in some ways.

    I shifted down to 2nd gear and hit the throttle. Because the GT-R is 4WD, it naturally gains on me.


    Sorry dude, I respect GT-Rs, but I come close to almost liking them. What stops me from liking GT-Rs? Very silly, if you ask me.


    It's the fanbase. GT-R fans are like a bunch of 10-year old kids saying their toys are the greatest. That kind of thinking irks other enthusiasts, you know? I especially die of laughter reading GT-R fanboy comments in Youtube, as if they drove one. The most annoying and funniest ones are those who worship the R35 like a god.

    I can prove to you that GT-Rs are not the only greatest machines in the world!


    I will break the mold as I will show you that foreign car drivers are more than just glamour! Supercars are only super when the driver is super!

    All GT-Rs share the same weakness - they are front heavy. A front heavy car has a natural tendency to understeer. My Z4, on the other hand, may have a front mounted engine, but it's cleverly positioned behind the front axle and along with the transmission planted at the back, it makes this car actually REAR-HEAVY! This makes the car easier to turn.


    Sorry, I'm in a middle of a practice. So I hope you don't mind seeing some of my potential.



    We'll meet again someday, GT-R boy. You can have a rematch as much as you want.



    - Just let you know, that my photos are edited via Photoshop. Here is a sample comparison:

    Before (just added the license plate and brightened the headlights):


    After (I opened the photo as a RAW file and enhanced its clarity, shadows and highlights):


    - And then, we all want to read the GT-R's side of the duel, am I right? :sly:

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    Superb writing man, and awesome pictures!
  25. KazaMR2


    Awesome work as usual Kakashi!

    And yes we do want to see the GT-R's perspective hehe. :lol: :sly:
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    It's currently under construction :D, I'll edit this post later :p
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  27. RCKakashi14


    KENJIRO SATO (Final Part) - My Future

    After that brief rendezvous with that ominous R32, I headed straight back home and helped myself for a cup of coffee. It's 6 am, and time to open the television for the morning news.

    Pretty much good news, and I like it. Plus, stocks have gone up high. I'm sure my father will be happy once again with our company.

    Even though we have a family company, my father gave me the liberty to choose my path. That's why I became a photographer instead of a CEO. He runs a company that innovates technology in agriculture, a field he once started out with when he was working as a farmer in Brazil. With those experiences, he aims to help out, and that's a sign that he doesn't forget where he came from.

    I then turned off the television and head upstairs to my computer room with my hot cup of Viennese coffee. Still hot, eh? Fine, I give you one last chance to cool down!

    Time to edit the photos. Pretty soon someone from the agency will have to pick up the final touches of Emma Watson's photos. And that's where my pay comes in.

    Suddenly, my smartphone rings. Oh... it's just Machida. He owns a used car lot, along with the fact that he runs at the Touge as well, where I first met him.

    Machida: "Buenos dias!"

    Kenjiro: "That's "Bom Dia", dummy. Portuguese isn't Spanish."

    "Well, whatever. You rarely speak that language either. Hey, if you have time, come over here. Something flashy just came in. You are lamenting that your Z4 is lonely in your garage, right?"

    "At 2 pm, I'll be there. Let me just take care of things here in the studio."

    Machida: "Aaaaaaaand... you just made the locals go frenzy. You just beat an ace in the touge, named Takata driving the R32 GT-R."

    Kenjiro: "I don't care. I just race to alleviate stress. He just had to see my potential, that's all."

    Machida: "Just expect some of them to come after you. Be on your guard."

    Kenjiro: "All right, then. Got that noted. Anyway, see you at 2."

    Machida: "Okay. Bye."

    Machida is who I can consider as a close friend. I don't have much friends here in Tokyo and especially in Kanagawa. My views on domestic cars sometimes irk fellow racers there. But do not misunderstand me. I don't put those cars down completely.

    Well, time to look for a friend for my Z4. I can't stand that car being lonely...


    Location: Machida's Used Car Lot, Setagaya, Tokyo
    Time: 2 pm

    At the appointed time, I headed to Machida's shop. I see quite an interesting array of used cars, mostly domestic but a number of foreign cars have increased as well.

    Oh look, a Ferrari... but used Ferraris are a nightmare to manage. Moving on.

    Then there's a Lamborghini Countach. Its looks are awesome but carburetor engines are also a nightmare to maintain.

    And... there's Machida.

    Machida: "Can't decide?"

    Kenjiro: "Don't you have a German car? I prefer German cars because of reliability and being user-friendly."

    Machida: "Another German car, huh? Oh well, how about this?"

    He leads me to this car in question...


    An Audi R8. I've been thinking of getting one lately. A lot of car reviewers praise its balance and superb handling, particularly the V8 model.

    Machida: "This one just clocked in at 30,000 kilometers. Previous owner said that he takes it out only on weekends."

    He unlocks the car to allow me to inspect inside.

    Kenjiro: "Typical supercar owner. He failed to see what the R8 can do as a city car. How much?"

    Machida: "15 million Yen."

    Kenjiro: "A bit too steep, but knowing that mileage that might be reasonable. All right, then..."

    I took out the check book and pen from my small bag. I wrote the amount and then ripped it off to hand it over to him.

    Machida: "That's quick!"

    Kenjiro: "I handed you over the check. Now, where is the key fob?"

    Machida: "Heh. You are quite different from those rich kids."


    Success! I finally own an R8. The registration process in JAF was quick, and I was able to go home before sundown. You now have a buddy, little Z4.


    Now, I shall set off to the touge for a while and test if the R8 holds its reputation very well.


    Interesting... the steering responds quickly despite the car's weight. And I got out of the hairpin effortlessly. In the Z4, there is the challenge to feather the throttle.

    Next challenge, the uphill stretch. The Z4 did well here, how about the R8?


    I stepped on it like what I do in the Z4, but the way it sweeps through is just amazing.

    Obviously because it's four-wheel drive. But it felt more of a rear-wheel drive car with that steering.


    Plus, the engine note sounds good. Though I can easily tell the car's weakest link - the weight.


    The Z4 steers sharper, but not by much. In the R8, I can feel the rather slow weight transition because of the car's mass. But other than that, it's actually better than the BMW in almost every way.


    I'll keep it stock, especially after showing a promising performance. The reviewers are not wrong at all.

    I stopped by at a PA to have a drink. Some familiar faces are here as well, looking at my new car.

    However, another call arrives. This time, from someone named Kyosuke. He's my mentor from the racing school. Haven't seen nor talked to him for a while...

    Kyosuke: "Kenjiro-kun?"

    Kenjiro: "Oh hi there, sensei. How's it been?"

    Kyosuke: "I've heard your touge exploits. I'm proud of what you learned in the school."

    Kenjiro: "Really? Thanks. But you're the one that told me to pursue a professional racing career, before I studied photography."

    Kyosuke: "Indeed. And I also know that you are a photographer always on-demand. I see nothing wrong with it, but you should put your driving skills to good use. Street racing will end you up nowhere."

    Kenjiro: "I know, I know. But I am already making a fortune in photography, and I am holding up very well despite the fact that I live alone."

    Kyosuke: "But think about your future. The fact that you are a freelance photographer, requests flood in not so often, right?"

    Kenjiro: "I hate to admit it, but my job isn't 5-days a week. I just do it when one needs me."

    Kyosuke: "That's right, and if you keep at it, pretty soon you'll lose your focus. In the professional racing world, you can grow not only as a driver, but as a person entirely.

    I'm not forcing you, but you must think of your future, Kenjiro-kun. You have so much potential."

    Kenjiro: "All right. I'll think about it, okay? Give me time."

    Kyosuke: "Okay. I respect that. When you're ready, I'm a call away."

    That brief, but mind-opening conversation shook the core of my heart. Yeah... what have I been doing lately? Sure, my photography provides more than enough for me to fend for myself. But I don't feel any sense of progress. The same applies to the touge street races.

    Being a race car driver, that would be an entirely different world, isn't it?

    Just give me a lot of time to think about it. A lot of time.



    - This is the last part of Kenjiro's intro. Pardon me if it seemed too long for you. I shall be returning to writing my own story which is in the Kazunori Arc.

    - I want to see other characters telling the story of their lives as well. This isn't my thread, so I don't want to flood it all with Kenjiro's racing adventures.

  28. Kryption


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    Sure was amazing though, I'm waiting for others to post as well.
  29. ELmarcotuff


    United States
    You know when started writing my story, I thought I was going crazy with the pics. After looking at this, I've changed my mind, I don't have enough.
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  30. RCKakashi14



    Location: Kanagawa Prefecture
    Time: 5 pm

    Time to close the studio. The edited photos were sent to UK for the magazine article, and I shall wait for the next job. I have nothing else to do, anyway.

    I'll head out to the mountain pass using the Z4 again. The R8 can run some other time.

    I am aware that I made the locals go frenzy after I beat that R32 GT-R. So they view it as a hero of sorts, huh? What can become of them if they just keep on admiring it?


    Before I can hit the throttle as I head up, I see a car incoming. It has a loud exhaust, so I assume it races as well.

    "Kenjiro Sato.... quite an interesting fellow."

    Huh? What was that voice in my head?

    "You have a lot of potential... I can see that you don't drive that car just to show off."

    This is getting creepy, and nonsense. You are talking to me?

    "Yes I am. In fact, I am the one following you right now."

    I looked... and it's a dark blue Porsche 911.


    "I came here to play. I want to see if the locals must fear you."

    Okay, so ghosts exist now. Fine, I'll play with you for a little while. You think a Porsche 911 can stop me? They are great cars, but that doesn't mean I'll cower in fear!

    And we begin. As expected, the 911 is right on my tail. Nothing more, nothing less.

    (Background Music)


    "100 km/h... or even 200... clearly you are going in circles in the mountain pass. I thought you want a better future? I can help..."

    Sorry old man, I do not intend others to decide for me.

    "Just hear me out. You must expand your horizon."


    What can you suggest, then, you creep? I will go to a shaman and have you appeased!

    "Hehehehehe... not even the strongest of shamans can appease a powerful will. At least I have a purpose. What about you?"

    You kinda got me. But still...

    "Why not raise your bar? Try heading to the real Temple of Speed! 300 KM/H!!! That is where the future is!"

    Enough messing with my head! I don't want to die and be crushed to pieces because of that ridiculous speed!


    "Everyone desires that. Even you. I can see it in your heart that you, too, yearn for more. The moment you entered in the realm of speed, you can never escape from it no matter how hard you try. Be it on the streets or the race track, it's the same thing. Even the touge can kill you, right?

    The R8 you bought is the symbolism of that desire you hide."

    Now you can look into my heart?! I'm glad I don't have any clogged arteries. Whatever, as if you can sway me that easily.

    "I'm not forcing you. But you have to see what I mean. Then it's all up to you on how you carve your path for your future."

    I just gave it my all, and outran that creepy 911. If I'm going to tell it to the locals, surely they'll send me to a mental institution. Ugh...


    "What an impressive display of skill, young man. Despite my hindrance, you have an immense amount of concentration. You truly need to move up. The Wangan awaits you."

    Whew... he's gone. That was quite creepy, to be honest. Judging from the speed of that 911, it does seem to be tuned as a high speed missile.

    Wangan... now you got me interested. Maybe I can find you there and beat the crap out of you.


    I headed back to my home, and immediately contacted Machida. Thank goodness he answered.

    Machida: "Kenjiro! It's rare for you to call. What's up?"

    Kenjiro: "Have you encountered a blue 911 in Hakone?"

    Machida: "Blue 911? Kind of. I see it pass by from time to time, as if waiting for someone to run. Why? Did it chase you?"

    Kenjiro: "You won't believe this, but its driver is a phantom."

    Machida: "You're not alone, Kenjiro. You are not alone."

    Kenjiro: "Why? Did it freak you out too?"

    Machida: "Some racers who encountered it claim to hear a voice ringing in their heads as if the entity is talking to them. Did it happen to you as well?"

    Kenjiro: "Of course. It's freaky, but I shook him off."

    Machida: "You really are on fire. To think you smoked that 911 on the touge. But beware, it's actually a Wangan runner."

    Kenjiro: "I knew it. It can easily keep up with my Z4 on the straights alone."

    Machida: "You just encountered The Wangan Spectre. It has an eerie purpose. It guides racers...

    Kenjiro: "Because of that, I believe in paranormal activity now."