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    Ah a corvette c2.. such a lovely beauty of a car.
    it's a perfect fit to this latest chapter
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    Bonus chapter! Christmas 2015

    Christmas time with the Shadow Racers.

    This chapter is non-canon. Do not take any of this as clue for subsequent story chapters.

    Ugh, 9 AM? What day is...

    Someone starts hitting him across the face repeatedly with a pillow.

    Aria: "Wake up, Onii-chan! It's Christmas!"
    She giggles and runs off to the living room.

    Dag: "Yeah, yeah. Coming." She hasn't called me "onii-chan" in years...

    As he heads down the stairs, he lets out a big yawn and then is suddenly knocked over by something that smells strongly of alcohol.

    It's Dillon. He's as drunk as drunk can get.

    Dag: "Hey, Dill-wad. Where'd you find my liquor? ...And get off of me!"

    Dag pushes Dillon off of the floor...Dillon only mumbles out a very slurred, nonsensical sentence as he tumbles across the floor.

    Dag: What is with everyone today...? I mean, I know it's Christmas, but...

    He gets down to the living room, where Steel and Aria are both waiting.

    Dillon stumbles in a few seconds later, and promptly falls on his face.

    Dag: "..." These people...

    Dag sits down across from Aria and props up the half-conscious Dillon next to him.

    Dag: "Ok, let's see your gifts first, Aria."

    Aria grabs two boxes from under their Christmas tree and gives one to Steel. It's a power wrench designed specially for Steel's nervous hands.

    Steel: "Thanks a lot, Aria!"

    She gives the other box to Dagurasu.

    Aria: "Onii-chan, open it!"

    Aria starts bouncing in her spot and watches Dag with anticipation. Steel looks over at Dag, curious about his gift.

    Dag: What on Earth is this all about?

    He opens the box...

    It's...a wedding ring? What the hell?

    Aria: "Onii-chan, marry me!"

    Dag, Steel, and even Dillon all look at her in abrupt shock. Aria does know that Dag is her brother...right?

    Dag: "...Aria, we need to talk later, ok?" He closes the box and puts it aside. "What the hell?", he thinks to himself. "Okay...Your turn, Steel."

    Steel: "Got it, boss!" Steel tosses a box over to Aria.

    Aria opens this one, and it's a pre-packaged game development studio. She starts squealing in excitement and then passes out on the floor. Again, what the hell?

    Steel: "Hey boss, your gift is outside!" He throws Dag a pair of unmarked keys.

    Dag walks outside and sees one garage open out of all of their garages. He heads over and hits the unlock button. "Dreeep" rings out the car in question. "Dreep"? He looks inside...WHAT THE F-

    A pink 1998 Daihatsu Midget II. Lowered to the ground. Massive camber. Massive toe. An ugly gold wing on the back.

    Dag: Why can't you people be normal...?

    Dillon throws something at him, and Dag catches it without looking. Dillon had just tossed him a very rare bottle of whiskey.

    Dag: You people are mad...And yet...

    "That's why I love you guys."

    Aria: "Does this mean you'll marry me, Onii-chan?!"


    A ghostly girl dressed like a geisha watches the two argue from the entrance gate of the property, then smiles and drives off in her AE86. "It really is Christmas time..."


    The end.

    Merry Christmas!
    -Shadow Racers + Dillon

    This is just a quick half-cooked Christmas gift for the readers of HR. Hope you liked sleepy @Obelisk's weirdness. 787 also asked me put Akane in this. lol I didn't think this through enough.
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    Darn ghost girls in 86s...
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    Great chapter and very funny^^
    Ghost girls are great :D
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    Intro chapter part 2: Lunatic
    (Owner) Alright then, it was nice doing business with y'all.
    (Yuzu) Thanks!
    (Akane)-Staring into the distance- Let's just go already, I'm getting bored.
    -Akane and Yuzu walk over to the Trueno-
    (Yuzu) It looks nice, just needs a little TLC.
    (Akane) How did I let you talk me into getting... this?
    (Yuzu) Hey, don't be bashing the car without even driving it.
    (Akane) Whatever , since you drive a manual, you're going to have to teach me.
    (Yuzu) Okay then for now, just press clutch and shift at around 4k, I'll be driving in front.
    (Akane) Sounds good.
    -Yuzu goes over to turn on his car but...-
    (Akane) Uum....
    (Yuzu) Heh, uhh... do you know of any tow truck numbers that I can call?
    (Akane) Baka... Well now you can focus more on teaching me.
    (Yuzu) But I have to get home soon and so do you.
    (Akane) Yeah, but my car is the only one working here, so...
    (Yuzu) I have no choice in this, do I?
    (Akane) You already know the answer to that.
    -Shiranai Touge Pass, Kyoto. A group of touge races are celebrating their dominance over the local team-
    (?) You should've seen the look on the guy's face when I overtook him on the outside!
    (??) That Rx8 of yours is becoming quite the cornering machine, Shin.
    (Shin) Heh, you should see the other monster I have in my garage.
    (??) To Shin, boss says look outs have spotted an 86 driving the pass, might be the locals trying to get back at us.
    (Shin) What is this initial D? I'll take of it. I'll wait for them outside the inn.
    (Yuzu) Akane, the heck are you doing!?
    (Akane) I'm learning to drive, obviously.
    -Akane swings the car into a slide-
    (Yuzu) I think I'm going to be sick...
    (Akane) Don't you dare vomit in car!
    -the Trueno is swung into a dangerous drift-
    (Akane) on second thought, the vomit might add color to the interior...
    -Akane starts to drift the car closer to the guard rails-
    (Yuzu) You're really sadistic, you know. AND where did you learn to drive like this?
    (Akane) I don't know, I just "feel" it.
    (Yuzu) Uh, "feel" it...?
    -At that moment, Akane late brakes-
    Crap, warn me before doing that!... Wait, is that an Rx8?

    (Music -Blood on Fire/AAA )

    (Shin) Yoshhh, let's go!
    -Shin floors it and goes after the 86-
    (Yuzu) Akane, I think we have company...
    (Akane) Huh...?
    -The Rx8 easily blasts past the 86 on the straight-
    (Shin) Heh, easy pickings. Now I'll just spread the gap in the upcoming turns. That 86 is nothing but an outdated piece of scrap.
    -Yuzu notices a change in Shane's eyes, a terrifying look of focus on the road-
    (Yuzu) Umm, Akane, are you OK?
    (Akane) I hate jerks that take advantage of the weak, well I'm not letting him get away!
    (Yuzu) Akane, I think we should turn back...
    -Akane gives Yuzu a quick , paralyzing glare-
    (Shin) My Rx8 feels great tonight, they didn't even stand a ch... na-nani?
    -Shin looks at his rearview mirror and notices the 86 is closing in...-
    (Shin) Impossible... Heh, if you want a fight, then I'll give you a war!
    - Shin proceeds to focus on taking the upcoming hair pin as fast as he can, but the 86 is gaining ground...-
    That 86 is cornering faster than my Rx8... I- I won't give up that easily!
    - The 86 is now on the Rx8's bumper, effortlessly gliding through each turn. The pressure is starting to affect Shin...-
    (Shin) Th-there's a hazard on upcoming turn. The rest of the pass is too narrow to pass on. I-I must win, no matter what!!!
    -Shin sticks to the inside in order to avoid the sunken part of the road, but....-
    Do you want to destroy your car!?
    - Akane takes the opportunity to pass Shin, hooking her tires into the sunken part of the road. The 86 then unhooks and drifts into the lead on the corner exit-
    I was passed... by an 86...
    -Shin's hands start to tremble-
    (Yuzu looks over to Akane) she looks like a completely different person...
    - The 86 is barreling through the turns, one wrong move and it could spell disaster...-
    (Shin, regaining some focus after the shock) I won't let you get away that easy!
    - the Rx8 regains some ground on the next corner exit-
    -Both cars are side by side up until the next corner entry. Shin brakes as late as he can, but the 86 isn't braking....-
    Idiot! There's no more room left to brake. You're gonna wreck!!!
    (Yuzu) AKANE!!!
    -Akane then pulls the E-brake, forcing the car into a drift and clearing the corner at an incredible speed-
    (Shin) W-what did I just see..?
    -Memorized, Shin forgets that he was driving and ends up running off road-
    No, I'm not losing another car!
    -Shin slows down using the guard rail . The 86 disappearing off into the distance...-
    What just happened... I lost....?
    (Yuzu) I think we lost them.
    (Yuzu) you alright?
    (Akane) I-I think so.
    -Some time later-
    (?) To, Shin, everything alright? You've been gone for a while now, everyone's worried.
    (Shin) yeah, I'm fine.
    (?) So, easy pickings , right?
    (Shin) I lost....
    (?) What! You're kidding, right?
    (Shin) No....
    (?) Boss ain't gonna be happy. You got their plates?
    (Shin) Yea
    (?) Alright, come back to the inn, then, peeps be worried.
    (Shin) I'll be back in a bit.
    ( ?) Alright, be careful.
    (Shin) OK, bye.
    -Shin hangs up, and looks at his Rx8-
    I promise you, my Rx8 will come back for you.
    -End of introduction-
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    Coming Soon:


    It shall grace through Chapter 2.
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    Chapter 1 - Part 1.9b: Dillon vs Dagurasu!

    Co-authored by Obelisk and “The Ghost of Hajime Racers” (and a bit from some guy named Kaza)




    It’s in the morning, at about 9 AM. Dagurasu falls out of his bed as usual and wakes himself up.

    Dagurasu: “Ugh...I never fail to do that…” He rubs his head and then gets up. Steel is in the doorway.

    Steel: “Mornin’, boss. I was gonna go do some work on the S cars. I can’t believe you were able to find the ones we wanted!" For some reason, he just walks off whistling the song “Kings” by Angela without touching on the topic any further.

    Dagurasu: “Typical Steel…” He walks over to his laptop and fires up the internet. He notices a new bookmark that he didn’t have on there before. Steel must have found something and put the bookmark there when Dag was asleep. He opens it.

    Wait, this is…!

    It’s a forum dedicated to an upstart college kid in a white Mazda RX-7. This sounds like the kid Steel met at the meeting for the Hajime Racers. What was it…? Steel said his name was Dillon…

    He signs up for an account under the handle of
    wangan_devil and then starts typing his first and only post…



    Dillon is roaring along the empty roads of the Wangan, with more power than he could ever ask for in his FD! He was going almost 400 km/h! The sounds of the engine roaring, the wind rushing around his car, and his own heart beat...These sounds are just...




    What is that buzzing?


    Dillon looks around to see his shift knob buzzing.

    What the hell? I'm not in a Subaru...


    “...And we now take the chemical equation for this reaction, and equalize it on both sides by…”

    Oh...I fell asleep in class again. That dang buzzing hasn’t stopped though. What is going on?!

    It takes Dillon a second to notice that his phone is going absolutely berserk with notifications.

    He pulls it out to see what the heck is going on. It takes him another second and then he freezes.

    It’s a challenge?! From….who the hell is this?

    He reads it:


    wangan_devil posted at 9:32 AM

    Hello. I am the real Wangan Devil, the man with the black Ferrari that showed up a while ago. I’ve come on this forum today to issue a challenge to a young gentleman in a Mazda RX-7 named Dillon. It’s come to my attention that this gentleman has been sweeping the community in my home turf. Now I’m here to say that your streak ends today. Dillon, I challenge you to an all-out battle on the Wangan tonight. We’ll meet at the Kanazawa Ward PA and go from there. You will know where I am right away. Do not disappoint me, kid.

    -The Wangan Devil.

    real_drifter posted at 9:45 AM

    Holy ****! Holy ****! The Devil! Why is the Devil challenging him?!

    initial_d_ae86 posted at 9:46 AM

    Dillon is *****d now. The Devil’s not gonna let him win. Kanazawa is his turf, after all!

    dillon_lover posted at 9:52 AM

    ae86, stfu. Dillon’s gonna kick his *** into the next century!

    The rest of the posts are incoherent or freak-outs because of this out-of-nowhere challenge. It’s just like how the Track Path Editor came out without warning on Dillon’s favorite game, Gran Turismo 6.

    Dillon: Hmm, that must be that Dag guy Kaage told me about. According to him, Dag isn't the nicest person on Earth. But I don't like backing down from anything. Well, challenge accepted Devil. This should be interesting...

    “Dillon! What is the answer to the question?! I expect none of this from one of my top students!”

    Oh boy....


    That night…

    45 minutes before the battle.


    Dagurasu has just pulled into the parking area, and parks his Ferrari near the end of the PA. A few people immediately realize who he is and move their cars to the other side, not wanting to get challenged by the Devil.

    He gets out a lunchbox that his sister had given to him. She always gives him something to eat every time he heads out for a run. He doesn’t feel hungry, so he only eats half of the sandwich she gave him. While he’s eating, he hears a rising commotion on the other side of the PA. He looks over, and notices that everyone is starting to crowd in the corner opposite of him...Are they really that scared of the Devil?

    Now, then...Where is that kid?


    15 minutes before the battle, Bayshore Route.

    Dillon was en-route to his battle. The FD was performing perfectly, and Dillon himself was also in good shape too. But, something was bugging him.

    The last time I raced this guy, I was pushing hard, yet he seemed like he was still a step above me. Even though the car's faster, it might happen again. On the Wangan there are a couple of curves that, taken at high speed, actually act as corners. My FD's balance and cornering abilities should be better than that 512's. I should have more downforce than before too. Also, I'm confident that my driving techniques are are higher too.

    His expression then changed.

    I will win, and show that Kaage doesn't deserve to be the only 'Wings of Wangan'

    Part 3.png

    At this point, Dillon's aura was blazing furiously, but it was different. It was still blue, but it was more like a fire blazing, and it was purple at the edges. When he pulled into the PA, everyone there drove straight out of there, as Dillon parked behind this "Devil".


    Hmm, that must be him. He seems quite.... humble, actually. He's just eating a snack on the hood of his car. And that car looks like any other Ferrari. But underneath they're both very different. I must keep my guard up, he probably has his spies lurking around here somewhere. Although, he seems nice.... Anyways, time to talk to this guy. Before he experiences a bloodbath.

    Dagurasu: Oh? This kid’s aura is promising… “Hey, kid.”

    Dillon: "..... nice Ferrari." Be vigilant, you idiot! I should have asked Kaage or someone to come with me. Meh, too late now.

    Dagurasu: “I take it you aren’t the kid I came here to race…” He steps down from the hood and stands up, and Dillon immediately notices how tall the man is compared to him. “I’d suggest that you leave if you aren’t Dillon.”

    Dillon: "I know your little spy, Steel. He was at the HR reunion. Also, I came in a white third-generation RX-7, won't this do it for you?"

    Dag pauses for a moment.

    Dagurasu: “So you are that kid...I didn’t think you’d turn up. Let’s have at it, then...I won’t hold back.” He walks over to the left side of his car and gets in, and it rumbles to life a few seconds later.

    Dillon: An American Ferrari? You’re on, show off.

    Dillon thinks while he starts up the FD.

    The RE Amemiya changes should come into effect here. However, my driving should have a greater impact than that.


    The Ferrari rolls off to a calm and casual 80 km/h so that Dillon can follow close for the launch. As they approach the starting point, Dillon sees Dag’s aura emerge. It’s a deep black haze with a blood-red burn… The two cars cross the start line and floor it. The 512 noticeably squats and takes off incredibly quickly!


    Dillon: Oh, now he's pushing. Maybe I'll hold back for a while, let him experience what I had to back then. Plus, my tyres aren't warm enough yet.


    As the race progresses, it’s becoming clear that this old Ferrari is no joke. He’s already hit 300 km/h and still has room to go, and the loud rumbling of that 39 year old flat 12 engine is deafening. They both approach the first “speed trap” turn and Dillon is able to close the gap, as Dagurasu didn’t take the corner at full force.


    Dillon: This guy would suck at Touge. Sure, the Ferrari's old suspension layout might hold him back, and it has no downforce, but he can still hit around 280, not like 270ish. If that's his weakness, this might be a bit more boring than I had originally thought.


    Alright, time to change things up a bit. That RE Amemiya worker said if I over-rev the car by 500 RPMs, it should be stronger. Let's try it at the next speed trap.


    Both cars make their way to the Westbound speedtrap in a flurry of steel, horsepower and rage. As they fly through the speedtrap, Dillon realizes that he has an opening. He aims for the inside of the corner and guns it. In this moment, the FD sweeps through the inside line, forcing Dagurasu to back off for a second.


    Dagurasu: “Damn it! I won’t let you win like that!” He guns the car even harder, and as Dillon gained ground on the Ferrari, he heard a sound…A sound that signaled that he was not out of the water yet...

    An upshift from the Ferrari.

    Dillon: What?! He had another gear?! Wait, those things only had 5 gears... it’s ON, you Italian junkie!

    About 1,000 meters further down the road, Dillon heard the vicious V12 behind him growing louder by the second, and then Dag passes by him almost at top speed! His aura is burning just as viciously, and Dillon can still feel the piercing pressure and pain associated with that presence. He was able to catch the slipstream as it went by


    Dillon: So you're a WANGAN legend? Bad move. Should’ve held off for another few meters before passing. I will win this, and crush your ego before I crush Kaage's!!!

    Now comes the final corner….


    The two cars are flying down the road almost on top of each other…

    And then it happens. In an instant, both drivers knew who had won.

    The FD had pulled another inside line, and was alongside the Ferrari...Time seemed to freeze as Dagurasu looks over at the FD in shock.

    Part 14.png


    No way...” he thought to himself, as this kid flew past him. He had no choice but to slam on his brakes as the onramp was rapidly coming up the road.


    Dillon: Like I said, you would suck at Touge. But...that was one hell of a race. I'm happy that I won, but at the same time I can feel his pain. To lose against someone before racing your main rival. It must hurt. But he can use this as a learning experience, that Kaage isn't the only "Wings of the Wangan".

    Both cars come to a slow roll in the PA...And the Ferrari parks close to the vending machine. The people who were brave enough to come back to the PA were staring at Dillon in silent awe. The new legendary kid with unbelievable speed was realized at this moment. He had done the unthinkable, defeating a vicious and legendary driver and car on the Wangan.


    While this hushed silence from the crowd lingered in the air, a voice pierced it.

    Dagurasu: “Yo, Dillon.” Man, I haven’t had a battle like that in eight years!

    Dillon: "GG, mate. I had some great races in Canada with some great people, but this tops them all." At least, for now...

    Dagurasu: The man lets out a laugh and then shoots Dillon a big grin. “Why don’t you bring your car over here? I’ll buy you a coffee.”

    Dillon: "Nah, I should be the one buying."

    They both laugh together as they buy each other drinks and park together in the corner of the PA. While sitting on their machines’ hoods, they chatted about life and stuff.


    Dillon: "You know, I was told by someone that you were pretty evil...But you seem like any other normal racer."

    Dagurasu: “By any chance, was this someone a man who calls himself the Wings of the Wangan?”

    Dillon: "Well, HE calls himself that. I don't. Kaage always acts tougher than he really is."

    Dagurasu’s face becomes somber. He looks at Dillon and sets his coffee down.

    Dagurasu: “You know why I became a racer? Why I’m the Wangan Devil? ...It’s because of that man. Twenty two years ago...My father, Takenouti, was driving this very car against him in a race much like ours. However, this guy had other ideas. He shot to the inside of the turn, and they both got snared and crashed. My father was instantly killed just minutes before my birthday was over. I was just a kid, like you...Eighteen years old. No mother. And this reckless driver took my father’s life. I had to take care of my eight year old sister, since my mother took everything except the house and us kids when she left. What a *****ing mess it was. Since then, I’ve sworn to get back at that man for what he did to my sister and my life.”

    Dillon: " Wow, sounds harsh. But if I do the maths real quick...... Kaage would be been only 4 or 5 years old at the time. Don't you think it could be someone else?"

    Dagurasu: “Oh, of course. That guy’s a fake, through and through. I saw it the moment I confronted him. Someone he’s close to is the real Wings...I can tell.”

    Dillon: Makes sense. " Hmm, well, this someone would be pretty old by now, but he would likely be a threat, still. First, I would crush the fake to get his attention. Then it would take off from there. Actually, I'm looking to crush that fake British b*****d too. We seem to have similar goals, heh... but for different purposes, of course."

    Dagurasu: He chuckles for a bit. “I don’t let the past hold me down. I have all of the resources I need to handle Kaage, anyways...My father left behind a fortune that would make Bill Gates jealous. Anyways...It’s been eight years since I've met someone like you, Dillon. You have more potential than anyone else I’ve seen here. If you ever need me, you’ve got Steel as the contact.”

    He gets up and then in his car.

    Dag: “By the way, I’m Dagurasu. Just call me Dag...And I’ll say this before I leave. I think we’d be good friends if we kept at this. Have a good night, and study hard in those classes.”

    He fires up the old Ferrari and drives away at the legal speed limit, and then flies down the Wangan with the V12 wailing in the distance…

    Dillon: Heh... that guy. He is something. Almost like my uncle. Only Dag wouldn't be good at drifting.... but, he seems like a nice guy. His story is almost touching, in a sad way, but touching nonetheless. I like him. But not Steel.... unless he learns to man up in front of girls...

    As he was getting into the FD, Dillon saw the bushes beside his car move ever so slightly.

    There's someone spying! Can't be one of Dag's though, that person probably would have left as soon Dag did. Hang on...... I know that presence. It's none other than the fake himself. He looks amazed, and ticked off…

    Dillon: "Oi, Snoopy! Get over here."

    Kaage: Waaaaah! How’d he spot me?!

    Dillon: “I know it's you Kaage. I can smell the leather from an Aston Martin.” Which is something you really need to take care of. No wonder girls find you creepy. That and your 'swaggy' walks…

    Kaage learned that day not to judge a person based on first impressions. He got quite the scolding from Dillon over lying about Dagurasu being an absolute jerk...


    The next day


    It is exactly 9:00 in the morning, and Dag has fallen out of the bed on time. This time, he can see in the doorway...And it looks like a person with a giant ball for a head is standing there. It takes him a second to realize what’s going on.

    Dagurasu: “Steel, why the hell are you wearing a Korosensei head?”

    Steel: “… Nurufufufu~.”

    Steel walks off to wherever he’s going for the day...What a weird kid. Dag gets up and trolls the forum to see the reactions. His loss has set off an absolutely insane freak-out in this forum and likely other forums…

    Still, that kid was something else...To be able to rival and beat an old legend such as Dagurasu...He’s got potential. Still has a bit to learn, though.

    He heads out to the garage and pulls the covers back on the team’s new cars as well as the GT40. Steel got an American legend in its ultimate form, and Aria got an obscure Japanese supercar...Heh, these things should be good for the test track in a few weeks…


    The Aftermath.

    Dillon’s legendary skill as a Wangan runner became very well known very quickly. He was even being talked about on his campus. Some were praising him, while others were saying it was a fluke. One thing was for certain though: Wangan had just gotten a whole lot more interesting. And Dillon isn't one to become cocky. The new “King” of Wangan won’t bow down without a fight.

    “Get ready, whoever doubts me. The White Rocket is ready and waiting.”

    Dag meanwhile was still finishing preparations for the cars he bought for Steel and Aria. He still had a bit a regret for losing out to Dillon, but looked at it as a learning experience. And that just because some doesn't seem tough, doesn't mean there aren't actually tough. And vice versa.

    “You will pay, whoever killed my father. Just you wait.”
    Photos be here!

    Hope you guys enjoyed this! My next official arc...
    Just prepare yourselves.

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    Hajime Racers - Chapter 1 END - Part 2.0 - D12's second meeting

    Tatsumi PA - 10PM

    It’s once again a noisy night at Tatsumi, with lots of characters and their cars all having a great time. Meanwhile, approaching the PA, three shady cars are in convy… It turns out that Divine 12 is up to no good as per usual. Goro Itsuki is talking via intercom to the members about a new plan; Maynard Slater a classy British fashion model, and Ryan Tyson a brute who is American born, yet Japanese.

    Goro: Hehe, alright guys… Boss says he has plans for Hajime Racers, it’s been awhile since we were around, but because they are back so are we.

    Maynard: Right-oh, and so what is our plan therefore? Hmm?

    Goro: Man his posh British accent gets on my nerves sometimes…

    Ryan: Yeah! What is the plan Goro?

    Goro: Mmm… Well here is the boss’ message -

    “These Hajime Racers guys are back at it again, and thanks to your…

    I’ll skip that part…

    “We need to show them how Divine 12 fight back, break their spirits, take them down. Use all force necessary! Tonight, you three are going to cruise the Wangan. You spot anyone who’s in their group and speed past them, they’ll never catch up to you lot! Also tell Maynard to turn his boost level up, he’ll have a fighting chance

    Maynard: Right, like my boost goes past 2.0 bar… I’d blow my whole engine.

    Goro: Anyway, you heard what he says, so let's move!

    Ryan: OK! Full power tonight!

    Maynard: That’s right, we’ll go all out! The Darkness II & Goro!

    [Note - The Darkness II; Maynard and Ryan formed their sub-team because of their alike fashion in cars, black VIP styled sedans.]

    Part 1.png

    Arriving at Tatsumi, the three D12 members assumed no Hajime Racers were around, however seems that Kaage was observing the cars and spotted them them before they even checked!

    Part 2.png

    Fu-hu-hu-hu… This is going to be fun, those are D12 stickers. I’ll bust them up! Time to show-off my new upgrades. But hey, why not call over Ryuu too.

    Meanwhile; Goro, Maynard and Ryan start their cruise down the Bayshore…

    Goro: Hope Maynard doesn’t screw up. I haven’t seen him race and he is #11 in our group. Although… Saburou is #12! We’ll see what happens hopefully.

    Ryan: Ey Goro! Shall we just go all out anyway? I’m bored, and these noobs won’t show I bet.

    Goro: No! We’re keeping to the boss’ plan remember. It’ll work out, don’t worry.

    Maynard: Mhm, it’ll work out. I’ll show them who’s the actual noobs here, not me, but them!

    Part 3.png

    Back at Tatsumi PA, Kaage proceeds to tidy his outfit while walking over to Ryuu. Ryuu is chatting to a bunch of people about Hajime Racers, seeing if anyone is interested, while showing off his Mid Night club Ferrari F40.

    Ryuu: So, did you know this F40, owned by my old man, was once in the infamous Mid Night club?! It sure is as fast as it was then too… Maybe faster now too. Haha!

    Kaage: Ey! Ryuu, we gotta move. Three Divine 12 members just went past, let’s show them the Hajime Racers spirit!

    Ryuu: Ok! Sounds fun. Alright guys, sorry I’ll chat later, it was fun meeting you all, but I got to go. Have a great time on the Wangan too!

    Crowd: “Assorted thanks and goodbyes”

    Kaage: Ryuu sure does know how to have a good time with others. I should ask him how he does it…

    Part 4.png

    While going onto the on-ramp, a few other cars catch Kaage’s eyes, Ryuu’s too.

    Ryuu: Kaage! Do you see those cars over there?! ABFlug is here!

    Part 5.png

    Kaage: I saw it before you, that’s the ABflug RX7… A demonic speed machine alright. I wanna take that down… Hehe.

    Ryuu: Check out the super Legacy wagon too. Ahaha, that’s crazy.

    Part 6.png

    Kaage: What… It’s a Legacy, Bet it’s an uber heavy wangan brick is all.

    Ryuu: Apparently that guy is pretty powerful behind it though. People say he’s mad on the road!

    Kaage: Right right. Oh Ryuu, look we’ve nearly caught up to them!

    Ryuu: Floor it in…

    Kaage: 3…

    Ryuu: 2…

    Kaage: 1…


    OST - WMMT4 - Glory Days

    Part 7.png

    The trio already recognise that it must be them from the harsh lights speeding in their mirrors. Goro begins his announcement…

    Part 8.png

    Goro: Here they come, get rea-

    Part 9.png

    Kaage & Ryuu speed past at over 160mph, it’ll be tough for D12 to get in the lead from them now.

    Part 10.png

    Goro: -dy… Oh boy. Not another loss. GODDAMIT.

    Maynard: Don’t worry, I will catch up to those two delinquents.

    Ryan: Haha! My Aristo isn’t even going yet. I have over 400hp in this! It won’t go to waste.

    Approaching the underwater tunnel, Kaage and Ryuu let off the accelerator not expecting them to go after them. Kaage rolls down his window to Ryuu, and he copys.

    Kaage: Pahaha, that was great…

    Ryuu: I don’t think they’ll catch us now, nice job Kaage!

    Kaage: Hey look! They aren’t far off actually! We better go again.

    Part 11.png

    Before they can, it’s already a 2 versus 3 battle re-start, D12 actually caught up.

    Goro: Never let your guard down!

    Maynard: Heh. Couple of wallys… Now the Darkness II will show our true strength!

    Ryan: Arrrrgh! Time for #1 of the Darkness II to prove himself, it’s time to live up to ‘The sports car killer’ name I have!

    All three of the Divine 12 are on the edge with Kaage & Ryuu, seems they are unable to overtake due to two of the three lanes being filled…

    Part 12.png

    Kaage: It’s a trap for them now, they won’t be able to overtake us here! It may be three lanes, but add us in front with my new tune, then traffic too, and boom!..

    Ryuu: They can’t overtake here, I think us slowing didn’t even change the outcome earlier… It was great fun though! Even if they are our enemy team.

    Part 13.png

    Ryan: They’re pulling away dammit!

    Maynard: What in the?..

    All the racers fly out the tunnel at speeds around 200mph! No more traffic in sight, but the Daikoku PA approches, who will win?

    Goro: Just a little further and we’re toast again! Another great plan foiled…

    Kaage: We got this in the bag, no way they can overtake.

    Maynard: Hmph! That wasn’t fair, it wasn’t an even start.

    Ryan: One of those guys will get ‘it!

    Ryuu: We’ve won! Sweet victory eh Kaage? Haha.

    The racers enter the turnoff for Daikoku PA… The Hajime Racers won! Kaage & Ryuu kept their lead. But it seems D12 aren’t so happy about this.

    Goro: No way! This isn’t good, boss won’t be pleased. We gotta get out of this somehow… But not begging like I did with that togue ER34 driver.

    Part 14.png

    Before parking, Ryan does a aggressive drift in front of Ryuu on entry to the PA, after-which the racers park up and gets out of their cars, Ryan acts again, and slams the door of his Aristo and makes a powerful impact which shocks the others.

    Part 15.png

    Kaage: Geez, what the hell was that for?

    Ryan: Wait. YOU! You’re the one who high-kicked me at Nanamagari! My home turf and some punk kicks me for no-reason all because HE shouted at a little girl! Come ‘ere!

    Ryan begins a charge like a bull to try and pin Kaage to the ground, but before he can reach him Maynard puts his leg out and trips Ryan.

    Maynard: Dammit Ryan! Now isn’t the time to beat up other racers! Leave that for off the highways.

    Ryan: Freaking idiot! I was gonna destroy that punk and my own teammate trips me up… Ugh, fine have it your way, but dude you’re gonna get it one day!

    Kaage: I’d like to see that, cause from your display then, you weren’t exactly dominating at all! Fu-hu-hu-hu!

    With steam out of Ryan’s ears, he gets dragged back away from Kaage by Maynard again. Seems Goro will have to talk to Ryuu & Kaage.

    Part 16.png

    Ryuu: Wowza, he needs to let go. That was too much rage for one guy…

    Kaage: Tell me about it, he went all aggro on me before like he said at Nanamagari.

    Ryuu: He said you shouted at a little girl too?..

    Kaage: Aaaaaah! Oh that’s right, it was that other racer from a few nights back, she put a dumb huge sticker on my Aston. I had the rights to interrogate, she didn’t even ask!

    Goro: Ahem.

    Kaage: Aaaaaaaaaaach! He’s still here too?

    Ryuu: Oh hello there! You’re the S2000 driver right? Fun racing you!

    Goro: Mmm, you could say that. Listen here anyway - I have connections, don’t you mess with D12 like that again, or you’ll be sorry. Oh and don’t go bragging around you won. Our boss won’t be happy with you two. Pft, like he already isn’t.

    Ryuu: Oh! No, we just race for fun. We don’t go bragging or anything. That’s what the Hajime Racers are about; we ditch hardcore competitiveness in the name of enjoyable, friendly and clean racing.

    Kaage: I don’t exactly get why, it’s no fun where there is no competition. Haha. Ryuu’s right, that’s what Hajime Racers are about! So, did you enjoy the race?

    Goro: Eh? I’m confused… Ok then… Well, we’ll make our leave, but be warned, D12 will rise once again to the top! We’ll be owning everyone from the Touge to Wangan! Hehe.

    Goro rushes over to his Honda and leaves, Maynard eventually carms Ryan and they follow Goro back on the Wangan.

    Kaage: That sure was… Eventful? Hey Ryuu, let’s get back tonight, don’t want that guy’s goons after us or something. Ahaha.

    Ryuu: Yeah, we best be off anyway. Oh and when is that Yokohama meetup?

    Kaage: The K1 route… I think it’s sometime soon, we’ll have to alert all the members again.

    See ya later anyway!

    Kaage storms off in the V12 Vantage, the amazing sound roars throughout the highway, as a mighty F40 and it’s V8 sound follow after, lighting up the highway with such pricey cars. Meanwhile, a mysterious car follows behind…

    Part 17.png

    THE END!
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    United States
    Incredible new chapters from everyone and the suspense is great.
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    Show them my fail during the story race for that part, @KazaMR2
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    A farewell to the highway.
    --No particular chapter number or part.
    Note: This is my final chapter in this story. There will be no more Dagurasu or Shadow Racers after this.
    Thank you guys for the short journey through the world of Hajime Racers.


    Kanazawa Ward

    The day after the D12's second encounter with the Hajime Racers.

    Approximately 10 AM

    So here we are. I've been here twenty two years and I still haven't been able to find what it is that I really wanted. Along this path, I've come across some interesting people here in Japan, and may have even found my successor as the Devil. But...This just doesn't feel like home to me.

    Oh...Hello, I'm Dagurasu. Or at least, that's the Japanese translation of my name. I am Douglas, the Wangan Devil. I came here after my father died in a race with the Hajime Racers boss in 1992. Despite it all, I stuck around. Why?

    I wanted to end the street racing. I wanted to create a community of street racers who could transition into real circuit racing.

    But...That just didn't happen. No matter how hard I pushed myself and my machines, nobody wanted to let a 40 year old American control this highway. So I'll be taking my leave here and heading to the United States to pursue other things in my life. I mean, I'm 40! I'm going to have a mid-life crisis at some point, and I'd rather not let it be during an illegal race going 200 MPH.

    Ok, let's get this show on the road.

    "Hey, Aria! Have you finished packing the stuff in your room?" I called out down the hallway of this compound.

    "Yes! Can we take the cars, too?"

    ...As if they'll let anyone bring post-1989 imports.

    "Aria, they won't let us bring most of them. Besides, we already sold most of them to other racers. Steel gets to keep his cars, though. I'll buy you some Japanese cars when we get back."

    "Aniki, you're no fun." Aria pouts as she walks by me with her box of belongings. I wonder if our old house is still standing...?


    Two hours later...Haneda Airport

    Alright. They're bringing the cars and belongings over here to the United States on a later date. I've already found a good place to set up operations. An abandoned factory south of Boston. The locals called it the Shovel Store, and it was apparently a very successful factory up until the 1950s. It's in a suburban town, so there shouldn't be much trouble.

    "All passengers, United Airlines flight MB880 to Boston is now boarding. Please present your tickets at the gate."

    Looks like it's time to go home.

    As the plane takes off, I can see a lot of the Tokyo skyline. This place is beautiful...And I had some amazing races there.

    Oh well. No need to worry anymore. I'm sure those Hajime Racers guys have what it takes to control the roads. I'm sure Kenjiro will do a good job with what he's focused on. And Snake should do fine with that Zoo of his.

    "Hey, boss! I think I see your friend on the Bayshore route." Steel says to me. I looked over and sure enough, I could make out that vicious white FD. Dillon's FD. Some day I'd have to invite him over to the U.S. He'd be a good racer over in the U.S...

    Well, this is it, then.

    Farewell, Dillon Tsuchiya.

    Farewell, Snake.

    Farewell, Keniro Sato.

    Farewell, Hajime Racers.

    Farewell, Japan.

    This Devil is going home.


    The end.

    Like I said earlier, thank you guys for having me onboard.
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    Very deep and emotion filled chapter, not to mention very sad and depressing.
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    Hajime Racers - Chapter 2 - Part 1.0 - D12's game changer (Battle 1)

    Somewhere among the many side streets of Tokyo - 22:00

    A Subaru Legacy wagon slowly drives down to a garage on this side street, in which a very lively pink coloured Mazda RX7 lies resting. The Subaru’s driver gets out - His name Riku Yamaguchi but more commonly known on the street as the Snake of Kabukichō for his actions 20 odd years ago when he was only a poor teen. Riku walks over to the garage entrance, and a door swings open, it’s Katsurou Takenaka, his childhood pal.

    Katsurou: Oh Riku! Hey man, how's it hanging?

    Riku: Mmm, I’m feeling ok today.

    Katsurou: Is that so? Great! I feel awesome too…


    Hmm. Ok then, anyway, what brings you here so late? I was just heading out for a smoke and my pal at the door, ahaha-

    Riku: We’re off to the wangan. Right now.

    Katsurou: Eh?

    Riku: You hear me? We’re going now.

    Katsurou: I best obey, don’t want Riku going on a rampage again… Right, I’ll put my tracksuit on gimme a sec.

    Riku: No, you’re fine in the suit. Don’t want D12 to look bad do we?

    Katsurou: I need it for the race Riku, you know that by now!

    Riku pulls an angered face, but calms down suddenly for no reason, seems he didn’t care.

    Riku nods his head towards the door at Katsurou, and Katsurou creeps back inside to pack his black tracksuit in the back of his FD with ABFlug stickers all over it.

    Riku: I feel it tonight… It feels like I’ll take someone down again, Kah-ahahaha!

    We organised a race through that fan guy who follows us… He’s a great representative actually. I’m glad I told him about tonights meeting, today we’ll have a last man standing tournament with those Hajime Racer fools!


    Entry to Tatsumi PA - 00:00

    It’s midnight at Tatsumi parking area, and tonight it’s lively, full of street racers… But Riku keeps his aggressive looks on, seems he hasn’t calmed down yet. He’s looking for even more action...

    Riku: Hmph. Where are some ‘good racers’ I don’t see any. Dammit, where are these idiots at?!

    Katsurou: I’m guessing Riku will just go out and find these Hajime Racers at their own houses if they don’t accept this invite. Heh, either that of the announcer friend of ours hasn’t called them out with our last man standing race. Don’t worry ‘bout it Riku, I’m sure they’ll be here soon.

    Just as Katsurou predicted, some Hajime Racers enter the PA…

    Rolling down the PA’s main straight, a Lamborghini Countach finished in a sweet pearl white. Shortly followed by a Midnight purple Ferrari F40 with Hajime Racers and Mid Night club stickers on the rear bumper… Ryuu Akiyama and Mizuho Miyanokouji have arrived.

    Riku: They’re here… Hehehe. They know the battle in hand right?

    Katsurou: I’m not sure if our announcer guy got to them, but they drove right past us... How about we go for a chat?

    Riku: Ok.


    The sparkling Countach parks right in-between Riku’s Legacy and a JUN Z32… A rare sight to see such an old JUN demo car, it must be a car to look like the actual one maybe.

    Then, after getting the Lambo straightened up - a woman climbs out from the scissor doors, it sure does attract attention with doors like that, even in Japan. She walks over to a vending machine and orders a calming hot coffee, as she tilts her head she catches the glimpse of a black Ferrari before seeing a rather alarming sight of Riku right next to her skin almost.

    Mizuho: Gah! What are you doing so close! W-would you step back please…

    Riku: No.

    Well… Uhm, what do you want?

    Riku: A race.

    Mizuho: A man of few words… Hmph! Fine! Let’s go then.

    Riku: Ok!

    Riku turns around and shouts out to everyone in the parking area…

    Riku: HEY! Everyone listen up! The Divine 12, that’s right the one and only team that dominate touge and wangan are battling the Hajime Racers tonight! You don’t want to miss this first round, it’s bet-

    Out of the blue, a random member of the audience steps out and shouts over: Divine 12 suck at touge! That video of the Goro guy failing at touge proves it!

    Riku puts his head down, and after a few moments of harsh breathing tilts it back up with a death stare to this person…

    Riku: Hey buddy. You wanna pick a fight with the Divine 12 or something? Well cmon’...

    Riku slowly drags his body over closer to this outcast now, before he gets any closer the person runs off behind the mass crowd.

    Riku: Just as I thought. As no-one picks a fight with the ‘Snake of Kabukichō’. Anyway. It’s between me and a Hajime Racers member ‘Mizuho’, and up next will be a battle of the century, an ABFlug RX7 versus a Mid Night club F40...

    After that display, the crowd mutter among themselves about Riku or the Snake of Kabukichō as he’s also known. Riku turns back to Mizuho, still just awaiting him to be finished while sipping on her coffee.

    Riku: Once you’re ready, we’ll roll down to the highway entry and run the Wangan route.

    Mizuho: That seems fair. Just give me a second to finish my coffee.

    Riku: 'Sigh' Girls…

    Riku storms over to his Legacy with a green haze of hate overhanging him. It catches the eye of a certain Ferrari driver…

    Well, that was certainly something alright, that guy just storms over to poor Mizuho and announces a race with her… I’ll have to intervene.

    But before Ryuu can move, a shadow of another racer overhangs him.

    Katsurou: Hey there… I know you, you’re Ryuu of Hajime Racers. How about a duel?

    Ryuu: Not right now pal, I gotta go talk to big mouth over there.

    Ryuu points to Riku, as Katsurou changes to a more serious tone.

    Katsurou: Heh… No, we are racing. Didn’t you get the message from ‘big mouth’ over there?

    Ryuu: Darn. So this guy owns the ABFlug RX7? What the heck! Alright have it your way. Let’s run after Mizuho and Mr.Shouty over there.

    Katsurou: That’s better. Hehe…

    Mizuho finally finishes her coffee, and walks back to her beloved Countach. Starting the engine and it makes a wonderful soundtrack of the V12.


    -OST for race 1-


    The race begins, Riku and Mizuho roll down the on ramp gradually picking up speed, but then… The legacy flies ahead like it has nitrous or something.

    Riku: 4WD and about 500HP are no match for a old Lamborghini. Heh.

    Mizuho: Wow, we best step it up Angel.

    When they get onto the highway, something weird happens.


    Riku starts swaying his Legacy from side to side, it seems like he could spin out any second… But holds it. There is next to no room to overtake from this.


    However, on the high speed corner, he has to stop it or he’d crash, so Mizuho makes a sneaky overtake on the outside.


    Riku: WHAT THE HELL?! Come back here now!


    Mizuho: Ah-haha, that was a bit easy.


    Although, coming through the tunnel Riku manages to catch back up.

    Riku: You’re mine! Hehehe…


    Then, he performs a full drift all the way around the U turn, showing an aggressive display of skill for all the spectators.


    He climbs back and overtakes Mizuho from this, in the most shocking way, an overtake by nearly performing a sideswipe to the front of Mizuho’s Lamborghini.

    Mizuho: No way, you’ll pay for that! I don’t want a scratch on my Angel!

    Yes! I’m in the lead and now in the underwater tunnel, she’ll never be able to overtake if I do my ducking strategy here, road’s too short!

    Riku begins his maneuvers once again…


    Only this time…




    Riku: !!!


    He jolts onto the brakes in a split second, and nearly causes Mizuho to rear-end him, but she finds a gap and makes a grand overtake.

    Mizuho: Let’s go Angel time to show him we mean business!


    A bright pink aura arises from her Countach, it’s almost like a whirlwind full of cherry blossom leafs.

    Riku: Woooh… That’s great, but I can still win! Just lemme draft! C'mon’ stupid Legacy.


    The end of the battle, and Mizuho is the first to drive back to Tatsumi PA. When Riku arrives… His aura appears, a vibrant lime green tone with violent edges. He must be fuming after that defeat.


    Mizuho’s aura is also still visible but dies down a bit. While Riku keeps his rage and aura intact, he slams the door of his Subaru and brings his one man army over to Mizuho’s car.

    Riku: YOU *******! You defeated me?! How dare you?!

    Luckily before Riku does anything stupid Katsurou jumps over and grabs both his hands behind his back. Katsurou sees just how much anger from the way Riku is staring, it’s like an enraged bull…

    Meanwhile, Mizuho holds ready in her hand the taser she ordered a while back and has one in each car it’s a Vipertek vts-989 with a slight mod to hold a small can of pepper spray. She hasn’t used it yet, but a girl must be ready for anything these days...

    Katsurou: Easy there pal. We don’t want any casualties... Riku, go home.

    Riku: No. **** off.

    Katsurou: Aaah… You leave me no choice then.

    Katsurou swiftly takes a bloodstained combat knife out of Riku’s right pocket, and then out of his own pocket gets some police handcuffs, and proceeds to tie up Riku.

    Riku: You idiot! What are you doing? I’m your teammate, and we can take on these idiots with just my one knife! So give it back!

    Katsurou: Heh… No way.

    Uuuh… Is everything ok… Officer?

    With Mizuho’s window rolled down she makes eye contact to Katsurou thinking he's a causal police officer as of his smart suit, who blushes for a second then thinks up a reply.

    Katsurou: Ahaa… Yes, I’ll just lock him in his car and call for backup.

    Mizuho: Ok! Thank you.

    Katsurou smiles then drags Riku to his Legacy with his aura still bursting out like an explosion. He opens the door of the Subaru, and throws Riku in. Quickly locking it after.

    Katsurou: I really hope that keeps him in. Anyway where were we? Oh yes my battle with mister Ferrari over there.

    To be continued!..

    Writer notes -

    Mizuho's lines edited by @Yusenkyo
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    Hajime Racers - Chapter 2 - Part 1.0 - D12's game changer (Battle 2+3)

    Entry to Tatsumi PA - 01:39

    Katsurou jogs back to his FD and announces the next race…


    Katsurou: Oi, everyone! It’s round two now, #3 of Divine 12, Katsurou, that’s me. Versus Ryuu of Hajime Racers… We may have lost the first round, but I’m the #3 guy. So don’t worry, I won’t show off that much, aha.

    The crowd give assorted looks at Katsurou, seems some don’t care and others don’t understand…

    Katsurou: How lively… Anyway, let’s be off Ryuu.

    Ryuu: Right, see you at the finish. Haha.

    Katsurou: Yeah right…

    OST - Shadows of our Past - Daiki Kasho


    The two racers begin their engines and the race starts…


    Easily the RX7 gains a slight lead on Ryuu & his F40. RX7’s are known for being quick starters.


    But that means nothing to a pro like Ryuu, he easily enough just drafts and gets close to Katsurou… Just leading into the speed-trap corner, and what’s this?..


    Out of nowhere Katsurou brakes lightly and steers harshly to the right. A brake drift at this speed?

    Ryuu: The hell?! I’ve never seen anything like this before! Ahaha.

    Katsurou: Pfft, ‘show off that much’ I said. Yeah right, I usually perform that little trick there every race.


    This move made Ryuu have to brake too, or he’d of rammed off Katsurou. Seems Katsurou got a big lead from that petty trick.

    They both speed through the underwater tunnels at breakneck-speeds, upon exiting them, Ryuu spots something about Katsurou and his FD…


    Ryuu: Hmm? His aura? It’s pink… Quite aggressive too… Alright then! Let’s see what you’ve got if you’re going all out.


    Pulling around the U turn, and starting the loop back to the PA, Katsurou in the lead, but Ryuu catching every second.


    Into the tunnel now, Ryuu & Katsurou are lane by lane with each other.


    Ryuu: !!!

    Katsurou: !!!

    Time for boost setting 3.0 bar then… It’s time to literally blow away this Ferrari!


    The ABFlug FD sets off a big backfire from the exhaust as it prepares for take-off, and flies ahead, leading to Katsurou’s win. Now they both return to the PA. Most of the crowd are in anguish as of D12 winning one of Hajime Racer’s admins.


    Katsurou jumps out of his FD, and begins his next speech…

    Katsurou: Well then… There you have it, I took down one of HR’s admins. Heh, no-one is match for me and my FD…

    Ryuu: Ghee… Think I’ll just leave after saying something, that guy’s annoying when he’s showing off. Hey you! You might of won, but that doesn’t matter! Why are you even against Hajime Racers anyway? What’s there to prove?

    Katsurou: Oh you wanna know huh?

    For about 5 seconds Katsurou pauses, before coming back with…

    Katsurou: There doesn’t have to be a reason. I won, that’s all.

    Ryuu: Hah, nice. Reminds me of Kaage a bit... I’ll be off then. Fine then, have your victory, but think why you’re even in a rivalry with HR. We’re just here for the fun, D12 seem to ruin it most days. I’m out. See ya everyone!

    Assorted cheers from the crowd echo around Katsurou’s head as he stares at Ryuu walking off like that. He thinks to himself for a moment. Why is he battling Hajime Racers anyway?

    Meanwhile, Ryuu is walking back to his F40, but spots Mizuho & her Countach. She seems a bit flustered from her battle with Riku. So Ryuu decides to go have a small talk.

    Ryuu: Hey Mizuho! How goes it?

    Mizuho: Oh hello there Ryuu, I’m good how are you?

    Ryuu: From the looks of it, she has butterflies with dueling that savige loud mouth. Ah, good to hear. I’ve got some advice anyway, it’s about the battle with the dude in the suit you’re facing next. He’ll perform a brake drift on the high speed corner, go on the outside while following his line and you’ll be able to overtake him hopefully.

    Mizuho gives a determined smile back to Ryuu and says: Alright, I’ll try my best.

    Ryuu: That’s the Hajime Racer spirit! Aha… Anyway, I’m off. See ya around!

    Mizuho: Ok Ryuu, see you later, and thank you.

    Back over where Katsurou stands, he is still staring into the highway while thinking why he is fighting against Hajime Racers… He snaps out of it after a while and remembers it’s round 3 now. Time for the finale. He proceeds to wander over to Mizuho, and announce the race.

    Katsurou: Hey there, it’s time for our final race. You won your round, I won mine. Now it’s the true last man standing! Ahaha.

    Mizuho: But I’m a woman.

    Katsurou: Oh… Uh yeah… Forget about it, let’s just run!

    Katsurou blushes as he rushes back to his FD, the finale starts now.

    OST - WMMT3 Destination Blackout


    Entry to the highway, Katsurou and Mizuho blast off, already getting 100mph+ from the on ramp.


    Katsurou spots an Abarth going down the on ramp too, and blares his lights twice alerting the driver as he squeezes right through the gap between the 500 and the wall.


    Mizuho follows him through the same small gap, nearly scratching the Countach. It makes her feel alive and awakens her aura again, which shortly follows with Katsurou’s.


    She keeps climbing in her Lambo and eventually catches the ABFlug machine...


    Overtakes it.

    But only for a while, Katsurou drafts back in front and they arrive at the speed trap.


    He does his signature move again, but Mizuho follows Ryuu’s advice, and she is right on top of Katsurou now.


    Eh? No-one’s ever been that clever to follow my line slightly off center before, what a strategy!

    It worked! Yay! Now I just gotta overtake this D12 loser and win…


    Upon exiting the tunnel, both racers neck and neck. From a standstill their auras appear to be fighting from a distance, it’s a show of real competition…

    Katsurou: Is this woman keeping up with me better than the Ferrari dude? Aha, she’s good…

    However after the U turn, Katsurou turns up his boost to a dangerous 3.0 bar again, it sends him far into the distance.


    Oh man… There is no way for me to get back now, unless his engine blows.


    Back into the tunnel, Katsurou still has his mighty lead, and Mizuho continues to try and draft. It’s slowly working.


    Then, the next high-speed trap. Katsurou doesn’t brake but just leans off the throttle, Mizuho hasn’t time to react and nearly rear-ends him. By missing an inch of his bumper, Mizuho goes off her line and fails to overtake.

    Mizuho: Awh, so close…


    With the race decided, Katsurou still going strong, Mizuho leans off the accelerator a tad.


    Both cars fly past an Isuzu Bellett GT type R. A rare car, even for today. The driver watches in excitement at these racers.


    Isuzu driver: Fly bys at 200mph look like 1000mph+ when you’re going the speed limit. Haha, sweet!


    Katsurou is the first to Tatsumi again, leaving the crowd as unimpressed. Katsurou is a bit annoyed with no cheers for him, meanwhile Mizuho returns too, and livens up the atmosphere a tad.

    Both racers get out and meet up.

    Katsurou: Aha, seems it’s a win for D12 here! Hehe, the racing circuit will be talking about this for a week at least…

    Mizuho: Uh yeah… I enjoyed racing you though. I don’t really mind losing to someone, as I just love racing as a whole.

    Katsurou: Huh. Well then… Ah, alright.

    Katsurou’s phone rings, it’s Riku?..

    Katsurou: The heck?!

    Sorry, I gotta take this, catch you later!

    Mizuho takes her leave thinking it was a fun night, as Katsurou looks around while listening to Riku…

    THE END!
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  15. RCKakashi14


    Chapter 2: Part 1.1 - The Other Side of Reiko:

    Location: Route 5

    Time: 11 pm

    The day is over, and everyone is at their homes resting up for the next day.

    Most buildings have their lights shut off as work has ended.

    However, in a certain highway route that is named "Route 5", the tranquil has been shattered by a certain car...


    It sneaks up behind a cruising Viper, which also happens to have a street racer behind the wheel.


    Viper driver: "The sound... that V8 grumble. There's no mistaking it!"

    It makes short work to whichever car it passes by, racer or not. It then blazes through the short straight at speeds over 260 km/h. Or perhaps even more.


    Camaro driver: "Oh... she's back again."


    Camaro driver: "Reiko Kitagawa. Model by day, highly skilled Route 5 racer at night. That Corvette dominates whatever car it encounters on this road."

    It may seem that the Camaro driver frequents the area as well, but he notices one little addition.

    Camaro driver: "Strange though, why does it have a GT wing? Maybe things have gotten serious here after all."


    Inside the blisteringly fast American sports car, Reiko is in her calm composure this time around, a far cry from her usual cheerful exterior she displays to everyone.

    Reiko: "That McLaren F1 fascinates me. I even had to modify this baby a bit more.

    Sigh... probably that would help me escape reality. I hope so."


    Location: Harajuku-Omoutesando, Tokyo
    Time: 10 am, the next day

    The next day, the vibe of Tokyo has returned. Streets are busy as usual. Heavy traffic has returned, and crowds are packed at the train stations.

    For Finley, however, he didn't mind those inconveniences, since he has brought his McLaren F1 as his commuter. He despises public transport even back home in UK.

    He then stops by a certain home. The house in question is small, but enough for the sole person living there.

    Having made sure the address is correct, he presses the door bell. In a flash, the door opens. The inhabitant is a 30-year old bank employee named Kaneda.

    Kaneda is taken by surprise upon knowing the visitor.

    Kaneda: "Finley-san?"

    Finley: "Hisashiburi desu ne. Genki desu ka?" (It's been a while. How you've been?)

    "Genki desu yo. Hai, douzo." (I'm doing fine. Please come in.)

    Finley enters the rather compact home. As expected, it's neat and everything is organized.

    Kaneda: "Naze Tokyo ni kima****a ka? Igirisu wa dou desu ka?"
    (Why did you come over here in Tokyo? How's UK?)

    "Sono kuruma o mitai." (I want to see that car.)

    Kaneda definitely knows what Finley is after, so he just nods.

    Kaneda: "Sou desu ka. Ja, kite kudasai." (I see. Well then, please come.)

    It turns out that Finley has known Kaneda upon selling a certain car 10 years ago before he left for Britain. The two have been keeping in touch ever since.

    Kaneda leads Finley to the garage. Finley then feels both utopia and nostalgia.


    Finley: "Takusan kawarimashta ne." (A lot has changed, huh?)

    Kaneda: "Hai. Zenki kara Kouki made ni narimashta." (Yes. It had turned from Zenki to Kouki)

    "Nijuunen mae niwa Route 5 de sono kuruma wo hashirima****a. Hisashiburi desu ne." (Twenty years ago, I used to run this in Route 5. It's been so long...)

    "Sankagetsu dake motto tuning o shima****a. Power up o ****ari, weight down ****ari shima****a. Ima, hima nara Tsukuba Circuit ha****e imasu." (It only took me three months to further tune it. I did such things as adding more power and reducing weight. Currently, I'm running it around Tsukuba Circuit if I'm free.)

    Finley then crosses his arms and taps his right foot repeatedly on the concrete.

    Finley: "Sou desu ka. Ano..." ( I see. Umm....)


    Finley: "Sono FD wo kariru tsumori desu." (I intend on borrowing that FD.)

    "Huh??? Dou****e? Takusan bariki ga arimasu yo. Honki dekireba, unten shinikui desu yo!"​

    (Huh??? Why? It has a lot of horsepower. If you go all-out, it will be difficult to drive!)

    "Unten ****ain desu kara. Otouto no you desu." (Because I want to drive it. That car is like a little brother to me.)

    "Shinpai shimasu yo." (I'm worried)

    "Shinpai shinaide kudasai. Ima wa betsu no kuruma demo, mada boku no FD desu. Mada daisuki desu. Onegaishimasu." (Please do not worry. Even though it's a different car now, it still is my FD. I am still very fond of it. Please)

    Kaneda initially hesitates, but knowing how Finley used to drive, he had regained a bit of confidence.

    Kaneda: "Sigh... dono gurai desu ka?" (How long, then?)

    "Ikkagetsu kamoshirenai." (It might be for a month).

    "Ja... sono FD wo agemasu. Demo, ki o tsukete kudasai. Bakemono ni narima****a." (All right then, I'll lend that FD. But please take caution. It has turned into a monster.)

    Finley smiles with delight, having finally convinced the owner.

    Finley: "Mochiron desu. So****e zettaini kuruma de honki dekite imasu." (Of course. And I'll definitely go-all out in this car.)


    Location: Kenjiro's home
    Time: 11 pm

    Whew... that was a tiring day. I just sourced three supercars for the new article. But of course, they're not enough. Photography was taken care of, and one of them will be featured in our first video of our YouTube channel.




    I am planning to add another supercar or two, this time, the classics. I made research about the "Supercar Boom" era of Japan. Yes, it does exist but only in the automotive circles. Simply put, that was the time that the country experienced rapid growth after the war.

    All right, then. Let's call it a day. Whoops... wait a minute. Someone is calling.

    Kenjiro: "Hello?"

    Reiko: "Oh hi, Kenjiro-san."

    Reiko? What is she doing at this hour? Unless....

    Kenjiro: "Reiko. What's the problem?"

    Reiko: "Hey, are you still fascinated in that McLaren F1?"

    Kenjiro: "I am, but sorry I cannot go out right now. I'm wasted for today. So many things have been done."

    Reiko: "Awwwwww.... and here I thought we can talk a bit more. I'm in Route 5 as we speak, waiting for it."

    Kenjiro: "Hey, as if racers converge there every single night. Go to sleep. Staying up late would mess up your cells that will eventually cause aging."

    Reiko: "You sound like my manager. Are appearances that important in my world? Oh fine. I'm bored, anyway."

    There's nothing wrong in telling the truth, Reiko. Besides, that McLaren will be like a unicorn. It's not that it will pop up in a moment.

    Kenjiro: "Anyway, I need to sleep. I just came from a cold the other day."

    Reiko: "Okay, pleasant dreams."

    The call ends after that brief exchange. The tone of her voice is different this time. It's not the usual, cheerful self.

    It's like.... she's seeking for something. Does she have something she keeps to herself? If so, it's not healthy at all.

    I'm concerned with any of my friends' well-being. My mother taught the virtue of selflessness.

  16. RCKakashi14


    Chapter 2: Part 1.2 - Route 5 Legends

    Location: Route 5
    Time: 7 pm, the next day

    Just before she can go to a restaurant to have dinner all by herself, Reiko volunteers to take her manager home since his car is being serviced at the moment.


    Unlike her, the manager seems to find no meaning in Reiko's reckless driving. Moreover, he fears for his life.

    Manager: "You're getting us killed! PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY!"

    Reiko: "Well, you're the one who's in a rush."

    She floors all 700 horsepower to the pavement of the elevated highway known as Route 5.


    Manager: "We're doing over 250 km/h! We're going to die!"

    Reiko: "I am so in a rush in taking you home. Plus, I don't intend to die with you in this car."

    The sudden shift in G-forces naturally scares her manager. To Reiko, she's just perfecting her racing lines.


    She then notices her phone on the dashboard emitting a bright backlight. It's Kenjiro who sent the SMS.

    Reiko: "Kenjiro-san? And he's asking me for dinner?! Cool!"

    This makes her delighted, as she can't stand her rather noisy manager.


    Location: A cafe in Nishi-Shinjuku
    Time: 7:30 pm

    I wonder where's Reiko? What's taking her so long? I am asking her out just to make up for last night. No. Don't think what you're about to think. It's just a friendly dinner. No strings attached.

    Oh there she is, wearing a leather fur jacket this time around. And she's really into miniskirts and boots.

    Reiko: "Sorry for being late. I just took my manager home. Thank god it was done quickly. I can't believe how noisy he is."

    Kenjiro: "Maybe because you went flat out."

    Reiko: "Clearly he asked me to hurry. So I did exactly what he told. He had the nerve to complain. Did he die? No. He will live to see tomorrow.

    So, how about you? How's your day?"

    Kenjiro: "Well, I am still scouting for old school supercars for my article. I'm done with the modern ones. Surprisingly enough in this city, retro supercars are hard to come by."

    Reiko: "That's because majority of those classic car owners have sold them, and moved on to modern supercars. Though I've seen a lot of Lamborghini Countaches roaming about.

    Oh, pardon me, but can we order our food first? I'm hungry."

    Me too. So I just called a waitress and we immediately picked our choices from the menu. As we wait, our chat resumes. Reiko is starting to become an interesting woman. She can talk about fashion and cars at an equal rate.

    Reiko: "I envy you. You only have that kind of dilemma from work. Meeting deadlines can be easier than making people happy."

    Kenjiro: "Huh?"

    Reiko: "Look at it. Deadlines can be met, or can be delayed. Regardless of the case, you'll be satisfied and move on. Unlike me, making people happy and set the standards take forever."

    Kenjiro: "Can I be blunt? That's just the cruel reality of the fashion and entertainment industries."

    Reiko: "You said it. I couldn't agree more. That's why I always run. Running away even for a while. I need to catch my breath."

    Kenjiro: "You know... sometimes being repetitive is an important part of the job. But if it's too much, it strangles you. You do want to run away."

    Reiko: "I just don't get why people are so shallow. They fail to see deeper."

    Kenjiro: "Because they don't want to drown in discovering what's left in you. That's why they just want to see the surface. For them, beauty is an asset that can only be seen on the surface."

    Reiko: "And like a surface, you just have to keep it smooth and freckle-free. It's a tiring task, believe me. That's what I do every single day."

    Kenjiro: "Now I see."

    Now I get it. Now I get why Reiko is so eager to talk to me. This isn't for a romantic purpose. She just wants to vent out, and the right person she can find is only me, because I do not belong in her world. She can't do that easily to her peers.

    It's all right, Reiko. You can run away. Run as far as you can. Never look back.

    Oh great timing. Just as my stomach grumbles, our meals have arrived.

    Reiko: "Perfect! Let's eat, shall we? All these emotions make me hungry."

    She's back to her cheerful self. There's nothing wrong in venting out your feelings.


    Location: Kitahara Publishing Building, Nihonbashi, Tokyo
    Time: 10 am, the next day

    Last night was casual but meaningful nonetheless. At least I get to know more about Reiko. She isn't a stuck-up model who cares so much about her looks. Moreover, she actually seeks redemption. She wants a new life away from the prying eyes of the fashion world.

    I bet I'll meet more interesting people along the way.

    Another day at work. Let's see...

    Reading e-mails...

    Deleting spam...

    Oh... something interesting just came to my inbox.

    拝啓 佐藤健二郎、


    Finley Barton,

    Journalist, All Will Drive Magazine
    London, United Kingdom

    (Dear Kenjiro Sato,

    I am contacting you regarding your new article. I am very interested. I know you are busy at the moment, but could you please let me know when are you available for our meeting? I look forward to hearing from you. I shall bring my supercar.)

    Who is this Finley Barton? I assume he's here since he looks forward to meeting me. Did he actually bring a supercar?

    Plus, he's also a journalist. Maybe he has read my article and then hears word about my new one.

    No use ducking out. I'll meet him, definitely.


    Location: Soothing Cappuccino Coffee Shop, Nihonbashi
    Time: 3 pm, two days later

    I replied to his e-mail in an instant, and it confirms that he is here along with his supercar. I am to meet Finley Barton today at this coffee shop just right in front of the office building.

    Moments later, as I am about to have a slurp of coffee, I hear a loud roar coming this way. Immediately the orange paint is bright enough to gain attention.


    A McLaren F1. Could this be the stuff of Route 5 racers' nightmares?

    Getting out of the car with a little attention from the bystanders, is a tall Caucasian man. He could be Finley. He looks in his 40s, and sports quite a physique concealed under a suit and a tie.

    I raised my hand to get his attention as he gets inside the cafe. He then joins me, with a bright casual look on his face. I stand up and shake hands with him.

    Finley: "You must be Kenjiro Sato. I'm Finley Barton, nice to meet you."

    Kenjiro: "Nice to meet you, Mr. Barton. Thank you for coming on such short notice."

    The two of us sit down, and get down to business.

    Finley: "I do miss Japan by a lot. Which is why I came here. No actually, I came here because of your article. I have read it back home."

    Kenjiro: "And I take it that you're surprised?"

    Finley: "More than just that, actually. Let me tell you one thing...

    ...I was once a street racer here."


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  17. KazaMR2


    Chapter 2 - Part 1.1 [Morning] - Takashi encounters the Mysterious Dome Zero

    Hakone Nanamagari - 07:00

    An early morning at the Nanamagari route… A dark coloured Mitsubishi Evolution IV is seen just about to drive down the consecutive hairpins. The driver - Takashi Akihara.

    Takashi: This Evo I bought sure is great on road… Time for a run at the touge, let’s see how it does.


    Just after thinking that, he checks his side mirror, and certain car is coming in closer and closer.


    Takashi: What the heck! It’s the Dome Zero everyone’s been talking about! Hmm. If I beat this, I’ll be a legend haha.


    Losing focus for just a second left time for the Dome driver to swiftly overtake, and with that Takashi didn’t have a chance.


    The Dome swept through corners as if on rails, it didn’t seem to oversteer too much even though it’s an MR car…

    Takashi: Wish I knew this car better, I’d have a chance then… I’m trying my all right here and he’s pulling away!


    Before long, the Dome was gone, it was just a blur in the distance to Takashi…

    Takashi: Ugh… Looks like the rumors of it being fast were true. That’s one fast Dome…

    Chapter 2 - Part 1.1 [Night] - Race night at the Wangan!

    Shinkanjo line [Near entry to Tatsumi PA] - 23:00

    Kaage is cruising the Shinkanjo, thinking back to what happened on that night with D12 and Ryuu.

    Kaage: The Divine 12 huh? They are a weird bunch. I think they’re trying to berid the Hajime Racers though, it’s always them against our members… I don’t get what’s up haha…


    A white flash reflects from Kaage’s interior mirror, a challenger? It gets closer and it turns out to be Takashi in his Lancer Evolution IV… He roll down the window and so does Kaage.


    Takashi: Hey- hey, you’re Kaage right? A Hajime Racers admin?

    Kaage: That sounds about right. What’s up?

    Takashi: Could we chat for a bit at Tatsumi maybe? I’ve heard a lot about you and Hajime Racers.

    Kaage: Mmm… Maybe this guy can give some insight into The Divine 12…

    Alright, I’ll meet you there!

    Kaage floors it and reaches Tatsumi in seconds, as Takashi finally arrives, he can see Kaage chilling out with his arms behind his back laying his back on the V12 Vantage’s door.

    Show off…


    Takashi gets out and introduces himself.

    Takashi: Hi again Kaage, so, I’m Takashi. I used to run the Nagoya line with a bunch of groups… I’m no pro, but I won quite a few races, and made a name for myself there. Do you know of “Soft Katsuobushi?”

    Kaage: Wow a Nagoya driver! I’ve heard they are a bit like Nascar drivers, since the Nagoya line is a loop line, or I guess you could say square from the layout! Haha.

    Alright Takashi, nice to know. I don’t know of Soft Katsuobushi though, guess that’s your nickname or something?

    Takashi: Aha… You’re right. They called me that because of my bad cornering on the route. I did fine on straights though.

    Kaage: Does he want to be trained? Hehe. I don’t do that, but I can race him I guess.

    Ah. So, what do you want with me?

    Takashi: I want you to tune my Evolution IV.

    Kaage: Huh. That’s pretty direct. But it’ll cost you quite a bit…

    Takashi: I- uh.

    Kaage: No cash? Hmm. Well, I could do a deal?

    Takashi: I’m up for it…

    Kaage: I’ve been looking for info on The Divine 12 for a while, wonder if you have any data?

    Takashi: Ahhhh… No I don’t. Oh wait! No! I do. There is a rumor around that a Dome Zero is a member of them.

    Kaage: Huh. But that’d make it The Divine 13?

    Takashi: Exactly! But others say that the head guy has two cars, the R34 everyone knows him for, and the Dome. Some say that it’s not one guy, but that the leader is actually two brothers.

    Kaage: Well then… I guess that’s enough for a tune up. Haha. But you’ll be on debt to me depending on the upgrade costs.

    Takashi: Alright. Oh and another thing, can I join Hajime Racers?

    Kaage: Yeah! Anyone can join aha.

    Takashi: Sweet! So, I guess I’ll catch you around Kaage?

    Kaage: Sure thing. I’m just gonna stick around the PA for a while. See ya.

    Takashi: Bye!

    Takashi leaves, the Evo makes a backfire as he storms down the on ramp.

    Kaage: Hmm. That’s interesting alright. Wonder what else will happen tonight?


    Shinkanjo line [Near entry to Tatsumi PA] - 00:00

    A roar of engines can be heard entering Tatsumi PA… Who could it be?


    A Porsche 930 followed by a Honda S2000.

    Kaage: Oh, and what’s this?

    Once the Porsche turns the corner Kaage spots some writing on the wing…

    Kaage: Avalanche. Wow, it’s a Gemballa…

    The Gemballa parks up with the S2000 right next to Kaage’s Aston. Kaage wanders back to see the action.


    To find that driving the Gemballa is only Kaede.

    Kaede! What are you doing in a Gemballa Avalanche… What happened to your R35 GTR?

    Kaede: Oh umm…

    ???: Oi lady!

    The S2000 driver has his window open, and is giving a harsh stare to both Kaage & Kaede. Seems he wants something alright…

    Kaage: Hey! No need to shout man.

    ???: What did you say?

    He steps out of his Honda and moves toward Kaage in an imposing yet funny looking walk, with his chest pulled forward.

    Kaage: Pfft, what a joker. One more step and it’ll be my kick that’ll shut you up.

    ???: So, tough guy huh? All I wanted was to race that slow girlfriend of yours anyway.

    Kaede blushes, and the guy begins to laugh.

    ???: Ooooh I was right, hah, so, haha, what are you gonna do huh? Let me race her?

    Fang: Yeah he will. Let’s go.

    Kaage: I’m lost now. What.


    Fang and the strange S2000 guy proceed to their cars and start driving to the on-ramp.

    Kaage: Uh. I guess that’s that. That was fast. Haha, he thought me and Kaede were dating.

    The race begins. Fang is the leader from the off ramp.


    - Ost for race -

    As the race progresses the S2000 is catching up slowly but surely in Fang’s draft.


    Fang: Awh hell. I should've held back a bit… Now he’s caught right up.


    In a split second from drafting…


    Fang: I’ll get back. Don’t you worry. You should never underestimate a cute girl’s power.


    They make it all the way past Daikoku Futo PA, and loop around onto the Yokohane line now…


    The S2000 still in front. Fang doesn’t seem to be pulling any moves yet. But after the switch to Yokohane…


    In a daring move, side by side Fang only just takes the lead because of the power of an RR.


    Aha yes. I have the best launch! Good old rear heavy RR cars…




    Fang goes into the next corner a tad too quickly, and the rear tires begin to slip out.

    Fang: Oh widow-maker, please don’t be the death of me today…


    Luckily, she was able to pull it around, but now the annoying guy’s back in front.

    Fang: F--k. I don’t think I’ll be able to get back. Oh maybe. Let’s draft him haha.

    Fang floors the Gemballa tuned flat 6 to the max, and the magic powers of the RR sends her into the lead again.




    Not for too long at least.


    Fang: No way!

    - OST end -


    The S2000 driver won! Now… Back to the PA.


    They pull in, and a Mclaren F1 GTR short tail is parked up. But no sign of Kaage around…

    Fang: Ah heck. Where’d that freak go? Now I’m left with this S2000 loser who thinks he can beat anyone.

    ???: Aha! I knew I’d win, stupid tuner fan-girl. Just cause you have a dumb sticker on your car it doesn’t make it faster!

    Fang: Ignorant pr--k. Oh sure, so what was it when I re-overtook you a few times then?

    ???: Pfft, I let you.

    Fang: Oooh. This guy is getting on my nerves. I can take a loss. But to an idiot like this… No way.

    - OST -

    Fang slowly walks over to this stranger… Then whispers...

    Fang: So, what’s you name?

    Shouhei: Kato, Shouhei Kato.

    Fang: Mmm…

    Fang goes closer to him, and Kato can smell aggression in the air.

    Fang: Oh. I think you’ll remember my name. It’s Fang.

    Fang lunges into Shouhei’s neck and takes a deep bite… Luckily there wasn’t many people around besides the Mclaren owner to witness the action.

    Fang: You ever mess with me again, and I won’t be so gentle next time!

    Shouhei: That was gentle?!

    As fast as light, Fang escapes the area before attracting more attention…

    - OST end -

    Finley: Are you alright?

    Shouhei: Don’t worry bout me pal. Worry about your Mclaren, cause I challenge you to a race!

    The end..?


    Writer notes -

    I'm still alive don't worry haha. I finally got some free time to write up this part I left for eons almost. :lol:

    - I'm not sure if I'll get on the next part as fast. As lack of the community being around sort of left this project in the dust. That and I barely play GT6 anymore. :nervous:

    - We'll see what happens though. Here's hoping a revival of the Hajime Racers! :cheers:
  18. RCKakashi14


    Chapter 2 - Part 1.3: OUTLAW

    What...? Finley Barton's a former street racer? Wow, I guess appearances do deceive after all. With all that suit and tie along with that flashy McLaren F1. Oh look, some people are swarming around it and take photos.

    Finley: "Surprised, son?"

    I have to regain my composure. Men like us do not allow ourselves to show even a bit of our soft side.

    Kenjiro: "A bit. But an interesting facet of you is that you once lived here."

    Finley: "I was once a foreign exchange student here. I even took odd jobs in a bid to support myself. When I had the funds, I bought a sports car, and have fun much like everyone else. Route 5 was my playground. We got together and have casual runs."

    Kenjiro: "I see."

    Okay, so you also became a ruffian at night, eh? You're no different.

    Finley: "That McLaren of mine? I earned that. Bought it used from a friend, and take it to Silverstone or Brands Hatch on weekends."

    Your car begs to differ from the usual suspects here. You take it to the track.

    Kenjiro: "It shows. The rear wing is a giveaway."

    Finley: "But it's no slouch on the streets, either. I brought it here for the sole purpose of shaming you."

    Huh... he gets all blunt all of a sudden. SHAMING ME? Well, my Ferrari won't hold a candle against that McLaren for sure, but...

    Finley: "Street racers are not what you think. They aren't lowlifes."

    Oh really? I just have to hold my rage in.

    Finley: "Yeah sure, they run around with those pesky mundane domestics, but they all have a purpose of their own.

    Want an example? Look at me. What am I right now?"

    Kenjiro: "An established motoring magazine editor, and a motorsport driver. I made a research. But having seem to unleash your true colors, it shows that you have a bone to pick with me."

    Finley: "Route 5 is something you overlooked in your article, Sato-san. Soon enough, it will rise from the ashes.
    Why? Simple. It's the place where true skill is measured. That was once the center of all attention before Route 7 came to life. 20 years ago, I once reigned supreme on those streets."

    Now what? You're here to rub that on to my face, that my article is trash? Fine then. I got a lot of naysayers after that article, and you're no different. You are trying to protect the one thing that creates chaos, that can potentially harm your loved ones.

    You are a piece of British crap behind that suit and tie.

    Finley: "Let's be men here. I'll be blunt. Your article is the sole reason why I came here. You revived my glorious memories of street racing. I'll thank you for that, but I beg to disagree with your concept.

    And I am here to prove you wrong, whether you like it or not. I'll be waiting in Route 5. Make sure you're prepared. Your credibility is at stake."

    You're challenging me? All right then. You are right. Let us act like men here. As such, I won't back down from where I started. From this moment on, we gamble our pride.

    I then slurped my coffee, then give him a cold stare.

    Kenjiro: "Hmph. Sore ja, Poraido o kakete yarou. Yoroshiku. (I'll gamble my pride, then. Be my guest.)

    Finley: "Junbi ga dekite imasu ka? Watashi mo poraido o kakete imasu. Ganbarimashou. (Are you ready? I, too, will gamble my pride. Let's do our best)

    No need to sound formal on me, Brit. This is war.


    Location: Kenjiro's Home
    Time: 8 pm

    That was one hell of a greeting. He could have gone casual instead.

    And here I am, proved my stupidity once again by stooping low and betting my pride whereas there's nothing for me to prove. I guess pride can control our minds, that can lead to disastrous consequences.

    Before I can ponder further, Reiko gives me a call. Really? It seems to me that I'm her best friend now...

    Kenjiro: "Hello?"

    Reiko: "Hey, are you free?"

    Kenjiro: "Ummm... yeah."

    Reiko: "Great stuff! Okay, I'm waiting in Odakyu Mall at Shinjuku right now. Please pick me up there and let's have a little cruise."

    Kenjiro: "Sounds like fun."

    I bet she's going to lash out her stress once again. Well, that's better than bottling them all up.

    Without further stalling, I head out. And with little traffic, I reached the busy Odakyu mall, placed just above the Shinjuku train station, hence the bustling activity.

    There she is, this time wearing a white jacket. She's really into jackets, eh? It's 14 degrees Celsius, though... She gets in the car with glee. Perhaps she's happy all day.

    Reiko: "Nice Ferrari! Tacky rear wing, though..."

    Kenjiro: "Tacky it may look, but I need it."

    I hit the highway, and floored it.

    Reiko: "Ooooooh... very responsive. And I like the sound. But it's slower than my 'Vette here. Heehee."


    Kenjiro: "It doesn't have that much power increase, Reiko."

    Reiko: "So, working on a new article?"

    Kenjiro: "Yes. I do need tuned cars this time around, and it should be easy scouting for one, am I right? But that's wrong, all thanks to my first article."

    Reiko: "People will turn up, don't worry. The tuner culture here is huge. And it's not that all share the same sentiment."

    Suddenly, my phone lights up. Someone's calling. Oh wait, he's...

    Kenjiro: "Oh hello.."

    ???: "Let us meet. I volunteer for your new article, much like last time. I'm waiting at the second PA of Route 7, just underneath the bridge."

    Oh thank you very much, but you still have that voice that commands fear.

    Kenjiro: "Okay... sure."

    *call ends*

    Reiko: "Eh? Who is he?"

    Kenjiro: "Reiko, mind if we stop by and meet someone for a bit? This is for the article."

    Reiko: "I don't mind."

    That man... what does he want? Last time, it took me a lot of effort to reach him. But now, it all seems too easy.

    We got off the highway, with me feeling uneasy.

    Upon arriving at the meeting place, a car immediately got our attention.

    Reiko: "Eh??? He's..."

    Kenjiro: "Don't worry, Reiko. This will be brief."


    The pink Lamborghini Diablo GT let out its distinctive horn, a theme from the Godfather movie.


    We got out of our respective cars. The owner of the flashy neon pink Lambo is none other than Shinichi Morohoshi. While he loves cars, he also commands fear because of his connections to Bosozuku gangs.

    Kenjiro: "Morohoshi-san."

    Morohoshi: "Kenjiro, is she your girlfriend?"

    Ugh... she isn't, okay? Upon hearing that, Reiko moves to my back.

    Morohoshi: "Relax, I'm not here to take her. Though she's very popular."

    Kenjiro: "What do you want?"

    Morohoshi: "You're looking for tuner cars for the next article, am I right?"

    Kenjiro: "That's right."

    Morohoshi: "I'll lend you a hand. I'll let you drive my car for as long as you please. That's a privilege only a few can achieve. However..."

    I knew that there would be a catch. He's not going to just borrow it to me that easily.

    Morohoshi: "...you have to turn a blind eye to whatever race in Route 5. My gang is all ready. Route 5 will be alive by the sound of power. How's that? Surely the authorities will not know the upcoming activities there. I'm cooperative, so you too should be."

    That offends my ego, and as well as the one I'm fighting for in years. But I have yet to delve deep into the scene. How big can this be?



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