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    Dominican Republic
    Chapter 1: Episode 7, Part I - Old Habits Die Hard

    SATURDAY 10:00PM
    "The Zoo"

    Millions of dollars worth of carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, and steel - tens of thousands of horsepower - flood the busy street. Saturday nights have become the stuff of legends; Patrons roll in from all prefectures to see The Zoo.

    << That's what the Asahi Shinbun dubbed the establishment in their Sunday paper after one crazy night when their entire staff went to celebrate Japan winning their second consecutive World Baseball Classic. Insanity ensued. There were no actual wild animals involved, a point which any biologist would argue, but the scene would've made anyone think otherwise. Late into that night, 4 years ago, the club's A/C had a brief malfunction and hordes of people overtook the street as they came out of the 4-story establishment for fresh air. With the doors open you could hear the music blaring for blocks and the drunken masses decided to move their party outdoors. The police came to shut down the shindig within minutes.

    Thus, The Zoo became the go-to event Saturday nights in downtown Tokyo. That was in 2009. Two years later, Snake took over the business and changed the name officially to "The Zoo," but old habits die hard. >>

    Ever since, there is one car that the club-goers have become familiar with. A bright blue BMW M5 that parks right in front of the club. No one sees it arrive, and no one sees it leave. But there it is, Wednesday though Sunday nights, without faltering, and in the mornings it's gone.

    Nothing makes it stand out, except that on Saturday nights it's the cheapest hunk of metal on a street lined up with Ferrari's, Bugatti's, and other cars whose doors open skyward. However, it is common knowledge that the proprietor of that BMW also owns the club. What very few individuals are aware of is that, docile as it may appear, the Formula-1-derived 90-degree S85 V10 under the hood has been tuned to well over 700hp by the man himself ... Exotics beware.


    The line to the club wasn't getting any shorter. Suddenly, the clamor is disrupted by the sounds of heavy drum & bass as the front doors opened.

    A squad of bouncers walk out carrying a battered drunk followed by a short, suited, bald man with a goatee holding a drink. The goons toss the vagrant onto the sidewalk, then the bald man walks up to him, kneels besides and proceeds to pour his drink on the man's head.

    "Get him outta here, put him in a cab." Ordered the bald man.
    "No problem, boss." Replied a bouncer, hailing one of the taxis standing by across the street.

    The people waiting in line were confused, "why was this guy just thrown out of the club?" Who is this bald guy giving orders?"

    Snake wipes the sweat off his head and walks toward his car. He opens the front door, reaches in, and pulls out a pack of cigarettes - Newport 100's. He lights one and exhales a deep sigh of relief, billowing smoke into the neon-lit night sky.

    Right about this moment, the crowd begins to murmur amongst themselves. Everyone knows the BMW belongs to the club's owner - but very few people have ever laid eyes on him.

    The silence broke again as the bouncers returned inside, only after putting the strange Drunk in a taxi and sending him on his way home - wherever that was.

    Snake finished his cigarette and proceeded to light another. The stress is palpable. Upon finishing his break, he heads inside then goes into his office on the top floor and isn't seen for the rest of the night.


    He trusted his staff to handle business the rest of the night. Snake stayed in his office until the party was over and all patrons had left, looking for ways to get his mind off what had just happened: Playing Free Cell Solitaire, a little book-keeping, some solo beer pong, and even a chapter of a classic book, Live And Let Die. He was a James Bond fanatic and it showed in the way he carried himself.

    Snake had given the order to have everyone out by 3AM. For the first time in years, The Zoo was quiet before the police even showed up.


    The cleaning crew was busy at work as Snake went out the side fire-exit. He had his cigarettes with him, so he helped himself to one this time.

    A pair of patrol cars remained outside. Saturdays were usually hectic, they were assigned the post.

    As Snake walked to his car, he received an odd look from some of the officers in one of the cars. Chances are, they'd never seen anyone get in to the blue BMW before.

    Once inside, The Boss lit another cigarette. He waited about 30 seconds before pushing the START button on his dash, startling the officers with a few loud bangs and throaty backfires. Two minutes later he slowly pulled out in search of an old friend.

    Back in New York they seldom met, for there's nary the space to play. But in Japan that friend is always within reach - especially with 700 thoroughbreds on his side.

    "It's been a long time, old girl. I haven't let you breathe much, these days. But tonight, we're seeing 300."


    Concrete and glass edifices bathed in glowing neon. Countless faces abound - some idling, many speeding towards their destination. An old soul in an ancient land; Snake is in his own world inside his mind.

    N.Y. State of Mind - Nas

    Inside the cabin of the M5, Snake plays some hip hop. Nas is his favorite - he paints vibrant pictures with words, vivid reminders of home. Now his past is catching up with him.

    New York City has a way of following you everywhere you go. Its trends, its characters, its life-sucking claws reaching thousands of miles, never letting go.

    Snake's last street race since fleeing NYC was two years ago - he won the rights to the nightclub in said race. Ever since, he's been too busy and stressed with running that business to dedicate time to his real passion. Tuning cars. But tonight is not about racing ... Well, not exactly.

    Thinking back to what happened earlier that night, Snake lights another cigarette on the road.

    "How did he find me?!" Snake punched the steering wheel's airbag cover in frustration.

    "Well, it's not like I've been keeping the lowest of profiles. Just low enough. Yet, how? I thought I left no trace ... It was a only matter of time ... and these cops think they're slick, been tailing me since I left the club. Not doing very good job of it."

    [End OST]


    There is a convenience store at the corner, before the on-ramp to the C1 Shuto Expressway. From there, he'll need to take the Bayshore Expressway home.

    "The local boys won't pursue too far. They won't keep up any way, not in that dated GT-R police cruiser." Snake pulls up slowly, creeping onto the curb, waiting to see if the SKYLINE pulls up.

    Once parked, Snake could see the cop car stationed a few meters behind him.

    He planned his getaway, opting to head East even though home was West.

    "I can't lead the fuzz straight into my territory, right? I'm low on fuel, but have enough to make it to Tatsumi PA on the Bayshore route for a fill-up. Provided I lose the tail on the C1."

    That meant dashing up the street, under the elevated highway, then taking the on-ramp around the ensuing bend. A dirty move, yes, but he felt lucky tonight so readied himself and the car, timing his launch with the changing of the traffic lights.

    "3... 2... 1... .. GO!"

    He jammed his foot into the gas pedal and took off, banging the rev limiter, shredding plenty of rubber along the way!

    The police cruiser turned on all the lights and sirens without delay, blaring over megaphone for the BMW to pull over.

    With the V10 screaming and barking like a vicious dog, Snake shift into second, then third, skidding across the asphalt. He made it halfway across the motorway above before the traffic lights changed. With the sole police car closing in, he turned the wheel, feigning to the left, and then swung right to take the tight entry towards the ramp with a slight drift.


    The weight of the BMW was causing Snake almost to spin. The hard-braking GT-R came within inches on the BMW's rear bumper as it slid past the ramp, sirens blaring, nearly colliding with traffic. The cop, now a few car-lengths behind, regained its composure and scampered behind Snake onto the highway.

    "Crap! I still got this.. I just gotta blast past this bit of traffic with haste and take the Bayshore Junction before the boys catch up or realize where I've gone."

    He floored the accelerator and the numbers climbed rapidly - 100..150..190... 260! He made a few cuts, left and right, dodging traffic as the police car soon became a blip in his rearview.

    "That was too close." He said to himself, wiping the sole bead of sweat from his head, "this should be enough gas to make it to Tatsumi PA. I'll turn around there and fill up on the other side."

    Tatsumi PA

    Snake filled up the car, then parked near the exit of the rest stop in case he needed to run on short notice. Looking over towards the highway he saw barely any traffic and breathed a heavy sigh as he thought to himself.

    He wanted to, but couldn't take time off from the club. It's not like he needed the money, business was great. He was wealthy before arriving in Japan and became even more so after getting into the nightlife business.

    But, he knew well enough that time spent idle would drive him mad. He was always like that.

    Deep down, he needed to keep himself occupied. Or risk drowning inside a pool of his own thoughts. Driving was always his escape. Tuning, his passion. And racing, that was his greatest vice. It was also the last thing on his mind prior to this night.

    His trance was broken abruptly by the sounds of roaring engines approaching the rest stop.

    The tires screaming for mercy as they proceeded caught Snake's attention. Something about the car in front intrigued him. The way it moved.

    The cars sped right past the Parking Area, getting back onto the motorway going in the opposite direction, westbound.

    Snake tried getting a better look at the black wedge as is took the on-ramp. It was moving fast!

    Time seemed to stop for Snake as he focused his attention on the black car in front, completely disregarding the trailing vehicle.

    Upon closer inspection he identified it as a late 70's Ferrari. The way it moved was eerie, as if it wanted to be seen.

    Suddenly, Snake's focus was broken when the driver of the Ferrari short-shifted into what he assumed was 3rd gear and let out a single flaming backfire.

    The rear end jiggled a bit, then caught traction.

    With the Flat-12 engine wailing, the black Ferrari spread the gap on the chasing car by a few meters.

    Snake's heart was racing now. He caught himself rubbing the hood of his car, as if to quell the anxiety. The hood was still warm from his getaway of not to long ago.

    "Chill out girl. We'll see 300 tonight, but that'll be it."

    Snake finished his cigarette with no due haste and looked inside the box thinking of lighting another.

    "Damn, running low. I really should quit."

    He got in his car, turned it on and got back on the highway. Westbound.

    Bayshore Expressway West

    Crown - Run The Jewels

    Snake was focused driving and holding his lane, cruising at 120kph. He was listening to Run The Jewels 2.

    As the penultimate track came on he felt a chill down his spine.

    That song usually gets that reaction from him, but this time something was different.

    He knew he lost the police long ago, so what was this feeling?

    Was somebody following him?

    He kept taking glances at his mirrors looking for any headlights closing in.

    As he came up to the bridge, he gunned it.

    The force of over 700 horsepower sunk him into his seat as the car thrust upwards of 250kph.

    He didn't lift at 300, either! No, this M5 is capable of much more. 320... 340... Still rising!

    Snake directed his gaze down the road ahead and saw what appeared to be headlights speeding in his direction.

    "Oncoming traffic? No. Too fast. Wait ... Is that?"

    As the headlights grew nearer, he realized they were on the opposite side of the highway, eastbound. They sped by on the right, the high-pitched wail of the Ferrari hypnotizing Snake, and time froze again.

    The Boss couldn't take his eyes off that car, as if it called him out on this, of all nights.

    Whoever was driving that car wanted Snake to be there. They wanted him to see it. To hear it. To feel it. Indeed he felt it.

    [End OST]


    Snake lifted the throttle just shy of 350kph.

    "So they really were going at it. Who races in an old exotic like that? Guy must be insane." A genuine smile formed on his face.

    As he eyed the Ferrari's tail lights on the right side-mirror growing ever smaller in the distance, he felt it was eyeing him, as well.

    Having coasted down to extra-legal speeds again, Snake opened and reached in to the glove compartment. He produced a long, thin cigar which he had rolled up with medicinal herbs earlier that night.

    He lights the Blunt and cracks open his window, as well as the rear-right one. Then, he pulls back the sunroof cover and presses a button overhead which raises the glass. The effect creates tame swirl of wind inside the cabin which expels the thick, lingering smoke from the burning, makeshift cigarrillo.

    Snake again reached in to the glove box. This time procuring a laminated newspaper front-page.

    The Asahi Shinbun. An edition from two years ago with the image of a mangled wreckage on the Bayshore Expressway.

    He couldn't read Japanese, but a friend had translated the headline for him.

    "Owner of Tokyo nightclub, with ties to underground crime syndicate, allegedly loses business in high-stakes street race."

    Unable to wipe the newly-formed smirk off his face, Snake says to himself "Oh yeah, guess who's back?!"

    Author's Notes:

    I'm sorry for being so late to the story, and also for the lengthy read. I hope y'all enjoy it!

    I have no pictures right now, but hope to get some great shots for this chapter soon.

    This was supposed to be my intro chapter, but I was slacking and never got it in on time.
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    Dominican Republic
    Chapter 1: Episode 7 P. II - Burraku Knight

    Saturday 3:15am
    "The Zoo"

    24-year-old Officer Pohru "Burraku" Tanaka had just graduated from the police academy 6 weeks ago. His dad was a cop - so was his dad before him - so it's only natural that he followed in those steps.

    <<"To bring honor to the family..." He would tell himself.

    He was never at the top of his class, was always a bit of a slacker, and felt becoming a doctor or architect was out of the question for him. His grandfather loved his policing career and his great-grandfather was a humble carpenter.

    As for Pohru's father, a bit of a trouble maker. He liked to frequent the Touge and made a name himself racing in the mountains. So it was a bit ironic when Pohru too became a cop. Pohru and his dad weren't exactly the best of friends but there was a mutual respect between them. Although he mocked his father for becoming a cop, here he is sitting outside a nightclub in a patrol car.

    He, too, was into street racing, but never got serious about it. His dad would always share stories of his teenage years tearing it up on the mountain passes. Now he's just a boring old man writing parking tickets for a living.>>

    "No action, no drama, just how I like it. I'm too old for that other stuff, now." Pohru's would mock his dad.


    The masses had finished exiting the club by now, which was certainly a rare sight at this hour. A few lingering bodies remained waiting for their cars to brought by the valets.

    "Awfully quiet here tonight, I wonder what happened." Said Pohru.

    The last remaining people were a group of college girls. One of which was way too drunk to coordinate her steps.

    Pohru hesitated, "Should I..."

    "Nah. See! Her friends have this under control. They'll catch a cab." Interjected Mio Ayama, Pohru's partner and mentor.

    Mio was a middle-aged lieutenant. He's been on the job over 25 years and asked to be assigned to this post. "I'm too old to be chasing baddies, I'll leave that to you young bucks. I'm trynna retire without taking a single bullet. Besides, there's always some eye-candy around here. The worst we get is guys too drunk to form complete sentences."

    Pohru laughed, "You sound like my father."

    Mio rebutted, "Hey, he wouldn't like you comparing him to a lowlife such as myself."

    "Haha! Yet, he's the meter maid!" Added Pohru.

    Mio's tone suddenly became stern. "He chose that job, son. I've known your father since before you we born. We graduated from the academy together, so you better believe I have your best interests in mind, your father is like a brother to me ... Besides, he wasn't the one who was demoted from captain hehe."


    Pohru let out a long yawn. "Man, this place is spooky without the music blasting and the crowd lined up in front. Lemme ask you something, who's car is that? The blue BMW. In my 4 weeks at this post I haven't seen anyone go in or come out of it."

    Mio seemed more interested in his newspaper, but answered anyway. "Beats me, kid. They say it belongs to The Boss, fella that owns the club. I've been working The Zoo going on 2 years now and have never laid eyes on the guy."

    "Really," Pohru expressed intrigue. "I've come by here in the day a few times and the car is never here."

    Mio responded from behind his newspaper. "I don't know what to tell ya, it's not parked illegally so it's not our prob-"

    Pohru cut Mio off. "Hold that thought! What's that over there!?"

    They both drew their attention to the emergency fire exit on the far side of the club. A suited silhouette stepped out from the fire exit to light a cigarette, the smoke he expelled appearing like dragon's breath.

    The mysterious man put his cigarette out on the ground and started towards the blue BMW.

    Pohru and Mio looked at each other, bewildered, then back at the man walking towards the car.

    The hazard lights blinked twice on the BMW as it was unlocked remotely. The cops looked at each other again, almost excited at what they were witnessing.

    They saw the man light another cigarette inside the car, who lingered for about 30 seconds when suddenly they heard a mechanical whirring followed by what could only be described as a violent bark from the M5's exhaust. Mio jumped in his seat.

    "Oh, no, that car is NOT stock!" exclaimed Pohru.

    "Huh?" Asked Mio.

    "Nothing..." Said Pohru.

    Two minutes later, the BMW pulled out of the spot and began driving away.

    Pohru grabbed his car radio and called in, "Car 48 in pursuit of suspicious vehicle."

    The dispatcher called back, "sorry four-eight, that's a no-go. You're to stay put until your assignment is completed."

    "There's nobody left here, they shut it down early tonight." Pohru explained, "c'mon, y'know the blue BMW that's always outside the club? Well, someone just drove off in it."

    The dispatcher sounded skeptical. "Is that a fact? Ok, listen, neither of you is a detective, and I'm not officially saying to go ahead, just don't leave your sector and stay out of trouble, please."

    "Roger that, ZERO-ONE." Pohru hung up his radio and proceeded to give chase, executing a u-turn after the BMW had made it around the corner. Mio had a look of uncertainty on his face. As for Pohru, his smirk could only spell trouble.


    "So, what is your end?" Inquired Mio.

    "Something happened tonight at the club, and I'm curious as to what it was." Replied Pohru. He added, "you said yourself that you've never seen anyone drive that car. I'm no detective but doesn't it make you the least bit curious?"

    "No! I'm too old for adventures. What it makes me want is to call it a night, son." Mio didn't feel too confident about what they were doing tailing a guy that hasn't done anything wrong, to their knowledge.

    Pohru was excited, yet calm. "Don't worry, man. We'll just tail him a bit, see what he does. If he goes too far then we fall back. What could go wrong?"

    Mio wasn't a fan of that phrase. It has gotten him into trouble one too many times in the past. They continued to follow the blue BMW.


    The officers followed the car around the corner and saw it pull over near a convenience store and some vending machines.

    "I think he's pulling in a snack. See, nothing suspicious about this guy at all. Let's just go back, Pohru." Mio pleaded, feeling he's seen enough excitement for one night.

    "Hold on just a minute, he hasn't stepped out yet. It's Left-Hand Drive and I can't see the driver's door well from here." Said Pohru. He parked a safe distance behind the BMW.


    Traffic was light at this hour. Mostly passenger cars here and there. It seemed like an ordinary Saturday night, or Sunday morning depending on who you asked.

    "You think he's on to us, hotshot?" Quipped Mio, sarcastically. "Has he left the car yet?"

    "I don't think so... What is he up to?" Responded Pohru, pensively. "He hasn't even turned the car off."

    Without warning, the M5 started peeling out of the corner, banging on all 10 cylinders!

    Pohru was almost caught off guard. He still reacted quickly, putting the car in gear and mashing the gas pedal. Mio flicked on the top-lights and sirens - calling for the BMW to pull over, but to no avail.

    The GT-R launched with rocket-like acceleration, taking full advance of the four-wheel-drive.

    "GO! He's heading for the C1 ramp!" Yelled Mio.

    The BMW's acceleration went mostly wasted as its tires were disintegrating making its way up the street, around the bend, and the GT-R was closing in fast.

    Just as the traffic lights changed, the BMW feigned left and swung right, towards the C1 ramp, crossing right in front of oncoming traffic.

    The police cruiser couldn't bleed its speed effectively, due to its heft, so Mio held on tightly to the handle above his window as Pohru closed in on the sideways M5 to attempt a risky pit maneuver.

    Pohru turned in and pulled hard on the e-brake, aiming his front-left fender at the BMW's right quarter-panel.

    Having come within inches of the M5, the cops saw blue sedan regain its balance and blast off onto the highway.

    "Damn! Overshot it!" Yelled Pohru in frustration as he nearly collided with a passenger vehicle which was still at the intersection. His eyes, filled with regret and defeat, locked on to the M5 as it sped away and disappeared, zigzagging through traffic.

    They took the on-ramp anyway, only to get off at the next exit.

    "Tough luck, kid." Said Mio.

    Pohru had a white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel with both hands. Their chase was over, but the fire in Pohru's veins wasn't so easily extinguished. He would meet the mysterious driver of the BMW again for sure, he thought.

    Mio switched the sirens and patted Pohru on the shoulder sympathetically. "Don't worry, kid, you'll get his autograph some day."

    Pohru cracked a smile against his will. 'Uncle' Mio, as he would call him out in the real world, always had a cynical sense of humor.

    Brimming with excitement, the only words Pohru could muster up were: "Yeah, I'm more of a Mountain Pass kinda guy anyway."

    Author's Notes
    Pictures coming soon.

    I introduce another racer in this chapter. Other minor characters will be mentioned in part III, who aren't racers.

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    Dominican Republic
    Chapter 1: Episode 7 Part III - Demon Sunrise

    Sunday 6:30AM

    The drive home was quiet as usual at this hour. Snake's home was a modest one on the hills of Yugawara, south of Hakone. Far enough from the city, close enough to some sweet mountain roads, and minutes away from the beach. Inhabited mostly by senior citizens, he felt it was a low-key place to live.

    The sun was rising, and with it came a new day. Last night was an exiting, albeit stressful one. Snake had had enough of ghost stories.

    First, the news was laid on him that his nemesis from NYC had not died in that gruesome crash four years ago. Snake still didn't believe it. He almost felt bad for having his bouncers beat up Matt, but how dare he come in to his place of business bearing threats?!

    "Old friend or not, he could've called first! No problem, I'll deal with Matt another day."

    Yet, with the appearance of that phantom Ferrari on the Wangan, his skepticism was wavering.

    "I've seen a good deal of black Ferraris in my time here, the one from earlier can not possibly be the one they call Devil. No matter, it should be no match for my M5... Seriously, 700 horses? That Enzo from 2 years ago was no match, a 40-year-old Boxer shouldn't even come close... Yet, that energy I felt. That dark, menacing aura. I haven't felt an aura that strong in a long time."

    Snake was juggling many unanswered questions in his mind. To clear his thoughts, he decided to let the M5 loose on the high speed section near his home.

    "Pfft, a Devil Ferrari? Puh-lease! I'll show him!"

    He mashed the gas pedal and the car nearly broke traction. It quickly climbs to 250kph.

    All of a sudden, Snake looses control of the car and is skidding straight towards the inside wall of a sweeping right-hand corner.


    He jerks the wheel right, towards the wall, slams the brakes, lets the wheel loose so it goes into opposite lock, then yanks it right again.

    He successfully turned the car around 180 degrees and used the barrier to slow the M5 down, avoiding a deadly collision. The car came to a halt, having left a blue scar on the road barrier about 15 meters long.

    He was shaken up, but not hurt. The same couldn't be said about his car which was fuming from the hood.

    He got out through the passenger side and opened the hood of the car. It was a mess! A line had burst, spraying oil all over the engine bay. Snake acted fast. He retrieved a fire extinguisher from the cabin and commenced dousing the engine. The smoke cleared but the sight was one for the horror movies.

    He called a tow truck and had the car brought up the hill to his home. Time to call it a night.

    Monday 7:00AM
    TheCardboardBox Tuning

    Snake arrived to this shop riding shotgun in a flat-bed truck, right as it was opening, with the M5 in tow. The workers were stunned at the sight of him, for he hadn't been around in months - he ran the business by phone, the workers did a great job of maintaining order.

    "Eyyyy Snake! Where's the suit?" A voice called out from the small crowd of workers. It was his shop manager.

    "I don't pay you to judge my wardrobe, old man, shut up and help me bring the car inside." Snake said, with a sly smile. "Hey, any of you fools got a cigarette?"

    The outspoken worker walked up to Snake and gave him a smoke, then lit it for him. "What happened to you? Eddy called me yesterday, said you didn't show up at the club, then told me about what happened Saturday."

    Snake thought for a second. "Don't worry, all you need to know is I need a new ride while the guys get this baby back in top form."

    The head Technician and Shop Manager, 65-year-old Jin, shrugged. "This is coming from the guy with a collection of cars neatly tucked away in the hills."

    Snake smiled. "Hehe, those are museum pieces, not daily drivers. You saw I came in the flatbed, I don't intend on walking home tonight."

    They rolled the M5 into the shop and the truck driver took off.

    Inside, they gawked at the extent of the damage. The entire right side looked as if Godzilla had taken a swipe at it ... front-left spindle gone ... rear was intact ... The chassis aligned straight and true ... engine bay was covered in oil and would need to be taken apart to assess internal damage.

    Snake took Jin into his office. "Listen, I need wheels on short notice. Domestic. Turbo? 300-plus horses. Pleeeease, no Front-Wheel drive."

    Jin replied, "you don't need that much power for the passes."

    Snake broke into laughter. "HAHAHA! Who said anything about Touge?!"

    Jin's face turned stark and serious. "Don't tell me you saw it too."

    "Saw what?" Asked Snake.

    Jin was serious. "Don't play dumb with me, Snake. I know that look in your eyes ... And I haven't seen it in two years. You're thinking about racing again."

    Snake empathized. "Perhaps, the thought crossed my mind. But what did I see?"

    Jin turned his back to Snake and looked over his shoulder. "The Devil. You reek of its aura."

    Snake thought to himself. "So then, that WAS the fabled Ferrari." He spoke out, in a serious tone this time. "My demons, they awaken. This Devil you speak of, yes, I saw it. You are aware that there's only one way I know how to quiet the monsters in my head. This Devil, though ... what do you know about it?"

    Jin turned back to face Snake and stared into his eyes for a moment. "Nothing. Only that it died 20 years ago and has come back looking for vengeance. At least, that's what they say on the street racing forums, hehe. If I were you..."

    Snake interrupted him. "With all due respect, Jin, you are not me. And what are you doing on street racing forums? Aren't you a bit old for that?"

    Jin smiled. "I was young once. I have no desire to race, but I like to be well-informed. Anyway, enough about demons and devils, the guys can handle the shop, let me take you to a friend who has some sweet rides for you to look at. But first, coffee."

    They hopped in to Jin's old 4WD Celica and took off for breakfast.

    Some random restaurant

    Over breakfast, Jin introduced Snake to some street racing forums, showing him on his brand new smartphone. "I'm telling you. That Devil is trouble. Just look what happened to your little trophy car."

    Snake sipped from his Miso Soup. "I have bigger problems. Matt's in town. You remember Matt, don't you?"

    "He gave you the idea for the M5," Jin's memory was sharp, despite his age. "What does he have to do with this?"

    "I'm gonna ask him to work for me, well, the shop, for a while. He knows where I am, if he goes back to NY - knowing him, other people may know where I am, ya dig?"

    Jin dug.

    Snake continued. "He'll help you guys out with the key parts of my car. He'll keep a low profile, I hope. And if I'm lucky, he'll stay."

    Jin tsk'd.

    "Ugh. I don't even know why he's here in the first place!" Snake bantered.

    "You didn't care to ask. You just kicked him out." Jin reprimanded Snake. "He has nothing to do with your little accident!"

    Snake sipped more soup. "His exact words were 'if I can find you, who else do you think can find you." He left a couple thousand Yen on the table and got up. "Now come on, take me to this dealer buddy of yours."

    Underground parking lot

    They drove in to an underground parking lot and Snake looked at Jin confused. "This is the place?"

    Jin replied. "Yeah. Very old friend of mine, police officer, said they keep some sweet rides at the bottom level. They're all impounded cars. Most with overdue parking tickets and some confiscated from street racers. See anything you like?"

    Snake hopped out of the Celica and began to walk around the lot. Honda S2000, got one. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, not exactly a highway racer. Honda NSX NA1... "Hmm, I have an NA2 for the mountains. Nah. I want something Turbo."

    He kept browsing. Toyota Supra Mk.IV. Snake walked around the car, seeming interested, then saw the backside, which looked to have been rear-ended by a truck. "Yeah... Not what I meant by 'short notice'".

    He walked past a few more cars then stopped. "This one." He yelled over to Jin who had stayed in his car. "Yo, Jin! This is the one. How soon?"

    Jin got out of his car and walked over to where Snake was standing. "Really? I thought you hated 4WD."

    Snake laughed. "Ha! I do, I do. But you're forgetting, this isn't for the passes. How soon?"

    Jin cracked a smile. "The auction is in one hour."

    Snake bowed gracefully. "Arigatou gozaimasu."

    TheCardboardBox Tuning

    Snake and Jin arrived at the shop and found a blue Nissan Fairlady Z32 parked outside. Standing by the car was a young man.

    Snake drove his new ride in to the shop.

    Jin pulled up beside the Z and rolled down his passenger-side window. "Hey Burraku! What you doing here, boy? I just saw your old man at the police auction, he didn't say anything about you being in town. How's Mio, that old fool!?"

    Pohru "Burraku" Tanaka came up to the Celica's window and bowed at Jin. "Mio? He's alright, I guess. I think he's getting better at cracking wise."

    Jin laughed loudly. "Hahahaha! You keep him outta trouble now. What brings you here today?"

    At this moment, Snake backed out of the shop in his ride. He yelled out to Jin. "I'm going for a test drive on the C1, I'll be back before closing time."

    As Snake pulled out, he and Burraku locked eyes for a brief moment and a jolt of energy crossed between them. Snake drove off like nothing happened.

    Pohru explained. "I figured you were still working here. Can you take a look at my Z? There's nothing wrong with it, but I wanna take it out on the Wangan on Saturday. I have the night off from duty."

    Jin's face turned pale as he thought to himself. "Wangan, eh?" He spoke out. "I hear there's devils on those streets! Hee-Hee-Hee!"

    Author's Notes

    Again, pictures coming soon.

    Here I introduce Snake's tuning shop environment and his wise old shop manager, who isn't a central character but a cool guy nonetheless.

    Edogawa is a short drive east of Snake's Ginza nightclub The Zoo, across some river whose name I forgot.
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    Kenjiro Sato: RECORD RUN

    Location: Kenjiro's home, Tokyo
    Time: 7:30 am

    Kenjiro: "Ah yes, thank you. See you tomorrow, then."

    Really? Do you have to call this early?! What is this, a race to get to me for a photo assignment?! Ugh... I should have put my studio's business hours in the website!

    What's the assignment? There will be a big celebrity wedding. VIPs are invited, of course. Time to get up.

    I head down to my studio downstairs, and pick out the equipment I need for tomorrow's shoot. A long tripod is handy. Hmmmm... perhaps I can bring three types of lens. I know the drill when it comes to big photo shoots.

    With all set and done, time to have a bath. Next time, don't call me in the morning, especially the moment that the sun comes up.

    Half an hour was spent on bath and dressing up, and then someone is calling me up once again. It's only Machida. What does he want this time?

    Machida: "Good morning!"

    Kenjiro: "You know very well I hate being disturbed at the crack of dawn. You're the 2nd one today."

    Machida: "Oh ho ho. What's the agenda? Hey, let's eat dinner tonight at the Churrasco place you showed to me before."

    Kenjiro: "Sure. I have nothing to do today, anyway."

    Machida: "Bring your R8, will ya?"

    Kenjiro: "What for?"

    Machida: "Well, how about a run tonight?"

    Again? I'm trying my best not to go to Route 7 too often. I do not want to be involved in some crazy shenanigans done by poser kids in their jumped up domestic cars.

    Kenjiro: "I knew you'd say that. Fine. But..."

    Since we'll be there tonight, I'll do something different.

    Kenjiro: "I'll bring a stopwatch with me."

    Machida: "Fascinating. Yet you are so adamant against racing there."

    Kenjiro: "I might as well make that place interesting. Those clowns will have something to sweat about."

    Wow. How confident of you, Kenjiro. Bravo. You deserve three slow claps.


    Location: Route 7
    Time: 11 pm

    After a rather later dinner at a Churrasco grill restaurant which Machida swore that he'll return there everyday, we head to Route 7. It's been quiet here lately. Maybe that's because of that black 512BB.

    Machida will do the recording after I've done the warm up lap.


    Background Music - Enjoy The Process (Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 DX Official Soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro)

    All right, time to press that, Machida. I've started off at 325 km/h. Though I'm kinda worried since the speed struggles to climb up. Perhaps the drag is working against us.

    Machida: "Commencing recording. Racers clock in at 5 minutes at average."

    I see. Never mind that speed issue, I am bound to make that up. Approaching the ramp, I hit the brakes. Aftermarket Brembo racing brakes do their job. Oh, do you know they're the same ones found in the R8 LMS race car?


    Machida did some more suspension tweaks from the last run. I can now sweep through the ramp at 185 km/h.

    U-turn at the PA. Never mind those ricer boys.

    Bystander: "What speed! I've never seen that R8 running here before!"


    Carry on. Time is running.


    Passing by the bridge again, I briefly take a look at the VBOX. The R8 hits the 300 km/h mark. Impressive acceleration, yet when it comes to the top end, drag gets in the way.


    That could hurt the time. But I still have my tricks up my sleeve.

    All right. The corner before entering the tunnel. This is where the tables will turn. I briefly let off the accelerator, turn, then get back up again. I'm cornering at 305 km/h!


    Undersea tunnel. I can even hear the echoes of the V8's growl, while blitzing at 328 km/h.



    Once again, the R8 LMS ceramic brakes work at their best as we approach the 2nd U-turn. The quattro four wheel drive allows me to corner at 110 km/h without the fear of losing traction.

    And that allows the R8 to once again rocket its way back to 328 km/h at the undersea tunnel.


    Corner ahead at the tunnel exit. Attack at 310 km/h!


    Having a faster cornering speed makes up for any kind of speed issue in the race track. It improves your average speeds. You get out of the corner fast, then you have the advantage at the straight.

    Okay, we've completed the loop. Back to cruising speed now. What's the lap time?

    Machida: "Hehehehehehehehe... you son of a gun."


    Kenjiro: "How did I fare?"

    Machida: "You wouldn't believe this. But you did 4 minutes and 58.3 seconds."

    Kenjiro: "Hmph. Obrigado!"

    That was unexpected. But hey, at least I have given those racers something to work up for. I can sleep soundly tonight.


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    Chapter 1, Episode 7.4: A dance with the Devil.

    During the week, Snake devoted his time exclusively to working on the new ride. It’s a popular AWD car that’s been overshadowed by its newer cousin, but for an old car it still has spunk. When Saturday comes around, the car and the driver are both ready to go back to the nightclub and run the Zoo. Things should run like usual…

    Or so Snake thought.

    Saturday night, approximately 9 PM

    The usual crowd has turned up. All of the rich drivers with their expensive Audis, Porsches, Bugattis and Mercedes supercars are mingling with each other. About ten minutes after it starts, a fight breaks out and Snake has to send the bouncers over there. Honestly, these people can be a pain…

    A half-hour later…

    Snake is sitting in his office when the record player suddenly scratches and the crowd goes quiet. “What the hell…” he mutters as he stands up and starts to head outside. The moment he opens the door, he is suddenly blasted by the sensation of a dark, menacing presence...It felt very familiar, yet different...as if it was searching?

    Snake scans the crowd of over-priced exotics and quickly picks out the odd one. A black 1976 Ferrari 512BB, idling. A tall man is leaning against the driver’s side door, and every single soul there had their eyes locked on him. The tension in the air was so thick, one could eat it. The tall man is looking around casually, as if he noticed something but isn’t in a hurry to find it. He looks over his shoulder and notices Snake, and then smiles.

    Dag: So that’s who the presence belongs to…

    Something about that smile pierces Snake like a bullet.

    Snake is shocked that the Devil would have the audacity to show himself at his door. And what subtle disguise, the only red on this apparition is not visible to the untrained, naked eye. The red aura emanating from the the Ferrari's driver was pulsating.

    Snake: You must be lost, sir. I can tell because that car belongs in a museum... Or a scrap yard.

    The Devil just chuckles and stands straight. He turns to Snake and smiles again, and then casually walks towards him.

    Dag: It may be old, but it sure doesn’t act like it belongs anywhere but the road.

    Snake: Hehe. S-So you do have the right place?

    At this point, Snake's bouncers get in front of him.

    Dag: Relax, gentlemen. I mean no harm...Just have a message for your boss.

    The bouncers step aside, still on the defensive.

    Dag puts his hand on Snake’s shoulder and his head by Snake’s ear. This stoic man is absolutely nervous in his presence…he chuckles quietly and then delivers his message.

    Dag: You can tell all of these kids that you’ve got a battle with the Devil. See you in two hours.

    Dag turns around and heads back to his car, peeling off into the night with that ghostly wail erupting from the old Boxer engine.

    Snake mutters and starts walking back to his office, holding a cigarette in one hand and an open lighter in the other. He’s about to light the cigarette when it hits him. That man was the Devil, and had just very subtly challenged him! Snake goes very wide-eyed and spins back around with a loud “HYAAAAAH?!” as he unconsciously drops the cigarette and lighter in shock.

    Two hours later, Bayshore route PA

    Dagurasu is standing against his car, waiting for Snake to show up. He’s got his hands tucked in his jean pockets, as if he’s not really caring about what he’s doing. Some of the kids that were at the Zoo decided to take him on so that they could get more attention. By the time Snake arrives, the kids have been soundly defeated...They were not ready to go down, though, and as Snake pulls into the PA, he sees the kids rushing Dag with what appear to be knives in hand.

    Before Snake can react to the kids, Dag has suddenly spun around and delivered a mighty back kick to one of the kids’ faces, knocking him out cold. The other kid freezes and then drags the KO’d driver back to their car before peeling off in terror. Dag has not taken his hands out of his pockets...

    Dag: Feh, these kids are all talk and no walk. Oh? Looks like he’s here...And he saw it?

    Snake pulls into the PA in a Lightning Yellow BCNR33. From the way it sounds, it doesn't seem to be heavily modified.

    Snake: All work and no play makes the Devil a worthy opponent. - I know my chances are slim in this car, but I MUST KNOW what he's truly capable of - If you drive how you fight, then this won’t be a waste of time for either of us.

    Dag waves to Snake and opens the driver’s side door to his fearsome Ferrari.

    Dag: I hope you’re ready, tough guy. This is one race you won’t forget.

    He gets in the car and fires it up. The boxer engine roars to life, along with the piercing dark aura emanating from Dagurasu. He brings the Ferrari next to the R33.

    Dag: You know the basic rules. You can take the lead spot.

    Snake nods his head in understanding.

    Snake: First to the bridge, I've done this before.

    Dag nods and then Snake drives ahead with the Devil following closely. As they get closer to the starting area, Snake feels the pressure from the Devil’s aura increase, as if he was getting pumped for the race. Game on!

    The Skyline R33 shot ahead, thanks to its immense 4WD grip, and continued to gain a larger lead on the Ferrari as the race continues on. As the Skyline starts to reach its top speed of about 280 kmh, Snake starts to get the feeling that something isn’t quite right. This guy is a legend around here, yet so far he’s nothing but cannon fodder...Is there something he’s hiding? They approach the esses leading into the Eastbound tunnel, and as they enter the tunnel, the Ferrari has closed the gap significantly. It starts driving in the lane next to Snake, about 100 meters behind. It sounds like it’s been running at redline the whole race...And then Snake hears a sound that tells him that Dag isn’t done with him.

    The Ferrari upshifted into 5th gear. It had only been using four of its five gears until this point.

    Snake glances at his rearview mirror and sees the demonic Ferrari closing in fast.

    Snake: What the..?

    Snake had run out of ratios and the tunnel seemed to stretch onwards to infinity. The formidable GTR had plateaued at 280kph and the Berlinetta, which had pulled up besides the Nissan, was flying like a proverbial bat-out-of-hell - its speed climbing with no ceiling in sight.

    Snake: Hell!

    It flew past him with ease, and held its monster speed through the second set of esses. At this point, Snake knew he was soundly defeated. Might as well let off a little so the R33 doesn’t explode. Once he reaches the PA, the Ferrari is already parked besides the coffee vendor and has its engine cover open so it will cool off quickly. Dagurasu waves Snake over.

    Snake pulls up behind the Ferrari and parks there. He gets out of his car and wipes the sweat off his head.

    Snake: I'm not going to ask why, but I know you held back a bit. If you really are, as they say, the Devil, I'm sure you get a kick out of these games you play.

    Dagurasu holds out a can of coffee and Snake welcomes the gesture. They walk over to the back of the Ferrari and peer into the engine bay.

    What Snake saw was unbelievable. The engine was a flat-12, yes, but the condition of the engine is essentially factory-new. What’s more, the components are all tied together very well, as if a master mechanic got his hands on it...It wasn’t a conventional boxer engine anymore, it was a piece of art designed for the sole function of monster speed. If that was the engine alone...The rest of this old Ferrari must be just as impeccably built.

    Dag: This engine produces 430 horsepower, and I’ve had it up to about 330 kilometers an hour without much effort. You’d think that the mechanic behind this is some expert with countless years in the industry, but it’s really a kid I met a few years ago when I brought my father’s team back. He’s 26 years old, and I helped him through school ever since I met him when he was 14*. Great kid, and brilliant at what he does. What do you think, sir?

    *Dagurasu was 28 at the time

    Dagurasu pats the side of the car.

    Snake whistled in awe.

    Snake: Individual throttle bodies. Racing spec cooling system and auxiliary oil cooler.

    Snake grimaced as he thought back to his accident only days ago.

    Snake: I've spent plenty of hours under the hood of my E60... Was good for 700hp until I wrecked last week. That thing's all digital ... This, this is a work of art.

    Snake looked over to his newly-acquired SKYLINE, the bright yellow paint calling much attention to itself.

    Snake: I can't wait to tool around on it.

    Dag’s phone suddenly rings. He answers it right when the first ring stops.

    Dag: Yo, sis. He goes pales as he listens to his sister on the phone. Got it, Aria. Be there soon. He hangs up the phone and closes the engine cover. Sorry, sir. A personal matter has come up, and I need to go now. I hate to cut things short, but I’ll come by the Zoo next weekend if you want. See you later! He hops in the Ferrari and peels off with a roar.

    Now Snake is just standing by himself in the PA, with the bright yellow R33 sitting behind him. He lets out a quiet sigh, and gets himself a cigarette.

    He chuckles softly as he lights up the cigarette. Normally, he would be embarrassed at such a loss, but he learned long ago that in life you either win or you learn. To lose meant death, and blood still coursed through his veins, his aura barely noticeable even to himself. He thought of the perverse amount of power his M5 was capable of, and at that moment he understood all too well the part the Devil played in the V10's demise.

    Snake: Who would've thought the Devil was such a gentleman?

    Snake flicks his cigarette out and hops into his R33. He reached in to the glove box and pulled out a blunt sour-apple-flavored cigarrilo and lit it, then began to drive off, westbound.

    Snake's phone rang. It was Matt.

    Snake: Yeah, I left the club early tonight. Had a dance with the Devil instead.

    Snake gave Matt the address to his tuning shop in Edogawa.

    Snake: Be there 9AM sharp on Monday, bring your tools and paint guns, I know you have them. I'm thinking... Candy Apple Red.

    THE END.


    Author notes: RC will finish up his sections as 1.7 sub-chapters and then we'll move on.

    Coauthored by Obelisk and Snake.
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    Chapter 1, Episode 7.5: Going Deep (Kenjiro Sato arc)

    Location: Kenjiro's home
    Time: 11 pm, the next day

    Just came back from the gathering. It turns out that the celebrity couple is a pair of fitness gurus. They do look fit. Hmmmm... maybe I'll apply for a membership in a gym. I'm getting flabby.

    I took over 200 photos on the wedding, then another 100 at the reception. Whew... tomorrow will be filled with editing. Bring it on. Looks like I'll be best buddies with the Photoshop for the entire day.

    I got some goodies as well. Oh cute, a hand sanitizer and a wallet. Hey, it's much better to give something useful as a gift. I won't mind people giving me a towel as a Christmas gift, because it simply has a purpose.

    At least it has one, unlike street racing. A towel makes you dry after a bath. A street race? Nothing.

    Enough thinking about that. It's a tiring Sunday. I need to doze off.


    Time: 8 am, the next day

    Oh shoot. I woke up late. But hey that's still more than 8 hours of sleep. Time to open up the PC and work shall begin.

    Suddenly, my charging phone is ringing. Eh? Kyosuke-sensei?

    Kenjiro: "Hello? Sensei?"

    Kyosuke: "Do you have time? Let's meet at Fuji Speedway. It's been a while since I haven't seen you drive."

    Fuji Speedway. Really? That's 2 hours away. But I have work to do. Hmmmm.... okay, I choose to skip it. I can edit all those 300 photos in the afternoon.

    Kenjiro: "All right. I'll get myself dressed. I'll just do all the editing in the afternoon."

    Kyosuke: "You're in for a shock. Better bring extra clothes. You'll be wearing a race suit."

    Eh??? Race suit? Those things are warm to wear indeed. But... why?

    Kenjiro: "All right. That will be fun. I need a little ice breaker."

    Kyosuke: "Besides, I want to talk to you about something more important as well."

    Important? Are you going to give me another pep talk about my future? Fine. They're more bearable to hear than the worthless crap I'm hearing from some haunting voice from a limbo.


    Location: Fuji Speedway, Shizuoka
    Time: 11 am

    Fuji Speedway. One of the country's premier circuits. FIA-approved, hence it gets global attention. And wait a minute...

    ...no one's here? So only Kyosuke-sensei? Huh, why would I be surprised? It's Monday. People are at work.

    There he is, along with his mechanics setting up that shiny silver Audi R8 LMS that one of his graduates have driven.

    Kyosuke: "I'm glad you came by. Actually, just one lap would do. Then we'll talk."

    Kenjiro: "That R8 LMS? Hmph."

    Kyosuke: "I love the look of your R8. And I'm pretty sure you'll find this racer easy to drive."

    Kenjiro: "What's this for?"

    Kyosuke: "I am to confirm something before we can talk. Suit up. The helmet and the suit are inside."

    Okay, okay. I'll strap in. Once I did ride in the car, Kyosuke-sensei points at the plethora of buttons that I see in front of me. He teaches me the correct order of starting up a race car. And those buttons on the steering wheel. Wait? Traction control? On a race car? Seriously?

    Kyosuke: "The R8 LMS is a customer car, hence it has a traction control. But you can turn that off anyway."

    Kenjiro: "This indeed confirms my suspicion that GT3 race cars are tailored for spoiled brats."

    Kyosuke: "Strong words."

    Kenjiro: "I may be affluent, but I am breaking the mold."

    I then strapped the five-point harness. It's a hassle, to be honest. But very helpful in a race setting.

    I followed the instructions on how to correctly start it up. Fuel... ignition... and then... that big red button.

    All right, I gave life to that V10 engine. And because the car has no sound deadening, everything comes straight to my ears.

    Kyosuke: "Right now, it has 550 horsepower. Use them all."

    Kenjiro: "Got it."

    I set off for a warm up lap. I didn't floor it then, I just wiggled the car around to warm up the tires. Then as I cross the line, my right foot instinctively floors on the accelerator.

    Unreal... this accelerates much faster than my R8. The six-speed sequential gearbox changes gears at a blink of an eye. Well, every millisecond counts in a race car, if you do plan to conquer the competition.


    Because of those large front splitters and that giant wing, I can dive this to the corners in confidence. I am feeling so much Gs!




    And as a treat, racers enjoy the view of the magnificent Mt. Fuji. It could be a useful motivation.


    Kyosuke-sensei, I haven't forgotten a single racing technique you taught me. I'm still sharp as ever. I will use them in achieving something I've been longing for all these years.


    Kyosuke: "You still got it. And yet you stick to being a photographer? Oh dear..."

    So Sensei, what's that important matter you want to speak to me with?

    I then returned to the pit lane after another lap. That was a good run. The car's setting is perfect. I can corner like it's on rails.

    I take off the helmet. Man, I was sweating, even for just brief three laps!

    Kyosuke: "Very good. Plus, the telemetry will be helpful for my student who'll drive this later. So, let's get down straight to the point. I called you because I have an offer which I think you'll find pleasing."

    What offer? Better be worthwhile.

    Kyosuke: "A friend of mine recently started a motoring magazine. He is still in the process of hiring, and I actually recommended you to him. You have good photography skills, and seeing your lap time just goes to show that you still have what it takes. They are looking for a journalist who can test drive both everyday and performance cars for the articles. That job will make good use of all of your skills. Plus, you earn by an hour, unlike your current stint."

    He's right. I only earn when someone comes to me for photo shoots, and they're not in a frequent basis. Motoring magazine? Oh perfect. I can finally revive my plans...

    Kenjiro: "I'm fascinated. What's his E-Mail? I'll send my resume."

    Kyosuke: "I'll send it via SMS. Oh finally, I've convinced you!"

    Kenjiro: "I want to do something worthwhile in my life anyway. I want to spark a change."

    Kyosuke: "Change? I'm intrigued."

    Kenjiro: "Sorry, Sensei. That will come as a surprise. Oh, I need to go back home and finish all the photo editing. Nice seeing you again, and the car is perfect. You'll win in that setup. Obrigado!"


    Location: Michi Zasshi Office, Nihonbashi, Tokyo
    Time: 9 am, two weeks later

    I got the job. Never thought that it would be easy. To begin with, I was already referred. My coworkers are friendly, and... they are fascinated by my Brazilian ancestry, to the point of learning the language.

    Michi Zasshi (which means Road Magazine) is a recent start up motoring magazine by a magazine magnate named Yukio Kitahara. He's basically our boss and Editor-In-Chief. It's now added to his list of magazine titles under his company. The other floors of his building houses those titles. He also has a fashion magazine, a home improvement magazine, and even a cooking magazine. Great, I can stop by to the latter since I want to learn new recipes.

    What about my photography studio? Well, it's still in business, don't worry. It's now my way of earning extra income.

    While typing, I am approached by Yukio-shacho's secretary. He needs me in his office. NOW.

    His office is just at the corner. It's rather big, but simplistic. That's what he is.

    Yukio: "Good morning. Are you adjusting well?"

    Kenjiro: "Yes, shacho."

    Yukio: "Glad to hear it. Well, since my good friend Kyosuke recommended you, I will assign you to an article."

    Another article? I was about to finish my review of the Honda S660 Kei car...

    Yukio: "You know, midnight street racing in Japan has been on the rise lately. Since you have the skill, I want you to go deep into it, even if it means joining to one of the groups."

    Street racing again? But hey, this is a golden opportunity to start my plans.

    Yukio: "But there will be no pressure. That article can be published in the succeeding issue. I know you're still working on the Honda S660 review."

    Kenjiro: "Understood. That S660 review is almost finished. I am currently proofreading it."

    Yukio: "Ah good. If you can submit it this afternoon, then that's much better."

    Kenjiro: "Understood."

    Unlike a typical Japanese work ethic, Yukio-shacho is more relaxed and prioritizes family values, and he even forbids us to work overtime. Yeah, he knows how tough it is. He doesn't want his employees to head to Aokigahara and end their lives there.


    Location: Route 5
    Time: 11:30 pm

    Honda S660 review submitted. Done and done. It will be published for the upcoming issue. From this moment on...

    ...my plans have commenced. This magazine provided a stepping stone for them. I've gotten into street racing, and I only needed more push. Before I just scoffed it all off, but now having given the task to go deep, it's the perfect opportunity to commence the goal that was once out of my reach.


    Time to find an action. According to Machida, Route 5 is also a hot spot for racers.

    I then found a parking spot. It's actually eerie when there are only a few of those souped up cars showed up. And they're just showing off.

    By the way, I have a GoPro camera mounted on my car's dashboard for the job. But that will stay there, as I reached for my DSLR camera. Okay gentlemen, time for a snapshot. Hope you don't mind me taking shots.

    The attendance is pretty typical. Evos with large GT wings, FDs with fenders, GT-Rs with overly-boosted engines and Silvias with ridiculous negative cambers. You know, the usual.

    Strangely, no one is making a wager. What is this, a simple gathering? But this can prove useful for the article.

    Of course the manner I'm doing this is discreet. I don't want getting attention as much as my car does.

    Half an hour has passed, and still no activity. Hmmmm... perhaps I should just go back.



    I can only marvel at the R8's very bright headlights. But those actually bring haunting images from the past. The past that pushed me to the brink.


    On this very road, five years ago...

    ...my father and I went out to buy something at the convenience store. After a brief bonding, we decided to head back. Upon crossing, we hear loud noises. We were looking around as to where they came from. But it all happened too fast. In the midst of our confusion, we saw those bright headlights coming at us at full speed. In an instant, my father pushed me and got the hit. He was writhing in pain on the concrete, and I frantically called an ambulance.

    I was even crying. I cannot afford to lose that one person who taught me everything about life. His hardships and success stories are the things I always want to hear. He got crippled, but thanks to surgery, he eventually recovered, but he's not as active as he was before.

    And because of that incident, I took it upon myself to end this worthless act of proving oneself. Hence I took lessons from Kyosuke-sensei's racing school, and entering the world that almost took my father away.

    Now you see why I'm questioning the purpose of street racing. You can prove yourself in so many ways than one, but why do you find burning fuel and rubber so enticing? Even if it means risking your life and others?

    Before I can think even deeper, I hear a fast car approaching.


    Another R32 GT-R? I think I have earned an ire from GT-R owners ever since my last encounter with it in my Z4.



    Fine. Let's play. I'll shut that trap of yours the same way I did with my Z4. The era of bombastic powerhouses is over.

    Nowadays, the most balanced of cars come out on top! I'll show you!


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  11. RCKakashi14


    Chapter 1 Episode 7.6: Berlinetta Boxer (Kenjiro Sato Arc)

    Go ahead, GT-R boy. I want to end this night with a bang. I thought I would find nothing for my article.


    This is the first step of my plan, currently commencing it.

    What's the deal with wingless GT-Rs? Perhaps to help with top speed. Time to take snapshot via the GoPro.


    Your GT-R packs a punch, but as for you...


    Kenjiro: ""Você tá me dando sono!" (You're making me sleep!)

    Sorry, you're just too bland for me. I'll end this swiftly. There must be something useful for my article.


    That's too harsh. Perhaps this duel will have a part in my article. Probably in a few sentences.


    Time to head to Route 7. You can still push yourself if you want. Just like your car, you don't have class.


    Wow, so that's how stubborn GT-R drivers are? Why? You think those little econobox cars can beat all sorts of foreign cars? Don't make me laugh. IT'S NOT A GOD!


    Suddenly, I notice a speck of headlights behind the R32. Another participant?

    Ugh... what is this feeling? Why am I uneasy? Is this a bad omen?

    Background Music - The Final Countdown (Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 Soundtrack by Yuzo Koshirou)


    Looks like it's much faster. Sorry R32, I found a much better playmate. I'll ditch you.

    I then pressed the accelerator harder. Full throttle.

    Now, who is this newcomer? As I look at the right side mirror...


    Isn't that the black Ferrari 512BB I saw back then? Wow, for such an archaic machine, it can keep up.


    It's closing in. That black, curvaceous body. It is indeed a beauty. But there's something ominous.

    Can it dive in this "speed trap" corner at 300 km/h?


    Kenjiro: ""Vamos ver se tu é um corredor de verdade ou se só tem fala." ("Let's see if you are a real racer or not.")

    Heh. Clearly not. I left a huge gap for him to swallow.


    310... 315... 320 km/h and still climbing. Is that really the one feared by many? I don't like naysayers either.

    Shoot! Traffic car in front! Reflexively, my left foot stomps on the brake pedal.


    Whew... managed to dodge it. Good thing I made the right decision to buy these R8 LMS brakes!


    Because of that little skirmish, the Ferrari has me in its sights once again, ready to hunt me down once more.


    It then takes the lead. Another snapshot done. But you are an interesting fella. For a car that old, you sure are determined.


    I have my eye on you, Devil. Let's see if you live up to your reputation.

    To be continued...

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  12. RCKakashi14


    Chapter 1 Episode 7.7: Battlefield (Kenjiro Sato arc)

    I now set my eyes on you, Ferrari. I want to see if you are the "Devil" everyone is blabbering about.

    Background Music - Put It Down (Destroid)


    But at the same time, my other part is saying that I should take you seriously, that I must not lose. Racer pride kicking in? Perhaps.

    I adore your conviction, but there's no denying the fact that both our cars are polar opposites in terms of technology.


    Carburetors are nothing more than ticking time bombs. Leave them be and the engine will suffer in performance. In today's standards, they are more stressful to maintain than a fuel-injected engine.

    And because my R8 is four-wheel drive and as well as having a high torque naturally-aspirated V8, acceleration out of the corner is effortless.


    Then the R8 simply pulls ahead. See the difference in technology there? 300 km/h is easy to achieve nowadays, even by just slight modifications. Domestic sports cars have to be tuned so much in order to achieve the same result, which means breaking the bank.


    327 km/h... I guess that's what it can do for now. Mind you, this is a light tune.


    Are they serious? They were defeated by that old clunker? Hey, even the likes of GT-Rs and Evos are far more advanced.

    Sorry, you so-called "Devil"... you don't scare me at all.

    Time to finish you off at this corner. 300 km/h...

    ...oh shoot. The tires are on their way out. The steering wheel fights back as a sign. I have to decrease the speed a bit more.


    I think there's no use extending this battle. Plus, the tires have little grip now. I've had enough, so it's time for me to step on the brakes.

    Be thankful that I'm not rubbing this to you. Both of us know which car is the better one.


    I'm letting you go now. I don't want to see such beauty be destroyed by an archaic engine.


    All right. Looks like I've got enough shots for the article. Tomorrow, I shall choose which ones shall make it. Hmmmm.... I'm quite thirsty.


    Time to stop at the nearby PA.


    I need a bottle of cold water. Thankfully, jidouhanbaiki (vending machines) are everywhere. A little trivia, there are more vending machines than people here in Japan.

    As I park and shut off the engine, I met with a surprise. That black Ferrari is also here? At least it's parked a bit farther than me.

    How about some more photos of it? Time for an ambush interview. I have my DSLR camera handy.

    I approach the man, seemingly younger than me.

    Kenjiro: "I must admit your Ferrari is a thing of beauty."

    Dagurasu: "Well, thank you. I've heard much worse, though...Your R8 doesn't appear to be a normal one. I take it you've modified it in some way?" He's glancing at the carbon fiber hood and the aftermarket wheels.

    Just to protect his identity, I won't bother asking for his name. Even if he did mention it, it won't make it in writing.

    Kenjiro: "My R8 is almost stock. Not much has changed."

    Dagurasu: "Ah, so my instinct was right. Say, why'd you slow down? No one has ever tried that against me without insulting me..."

    His tone is just a touch aggravated. I can tell he didn't take this loss quite well.

    Kenjiro: "You felt insulted? Hey, I slowed down because I am not the type of person who rubs it in. I had enough. I am satisfied. It pains to see someone's pride totally crushed."

    He laughs loudly as a response. But hey, you don't look as bad when doing that. Perhaps super villains can learn a thing or two from you.

    Dagurasu: "Me? Pride crushed? As if that could ever happen. Even a Devil can take a loss without losing their pride. Anyways, I remember you. I saw you in the parking lot when I was racing that matte black R32...I'm sure you remember seeing this thing."

    He casually kicks the tire on his 512BB. Typical driver habit.

    Dagurasu: "This car's been running the Wangan since I was a little kid. My old man is the original Devil, but he died twenty-two years ago in an accident during a race. The driver he was racing was from a group called the Hajime Racers...And I know for a fact that they're resurfaced. You won't have to look far."

    At least he's being a good sport. And that last bit he mentioned... Hajime Racers? What is this? Some sort of a Mexican standoff in this highway? So there are still team rivalries going on, much like in the past decade.

    Kenjiro: "Ah yes, while I was just curious and checking out the scene here, yeah I did see you pass by. Not even a mundane Japanese domestic can match it. Shame about that GT-R, though. You mentioned Hajime Racers? What's that? Another street racing group I should be wary of?"

    Dagurasu: "Basically, yes. The thing is, they're cannon fodder on the Wangan, except the top tier drivers. You'd be better off going to Hakone or Hiroshoma and checking those passes for drivers. I spy a camera...Are you a journalist?"

    Noted. I must also head up to the hills from time to time. But to answer his question, I have to cover up my real purpose... and also my profession. I know that people like him prefer to go under the radar.

    Kenjiro: "You have a sharp eye there. You see, I'm a freelance photographer. The world is such a marvelous place, and images of such wonder in fine print must be seen by millions across the world. The image of speed is something I must capture as well. Such an enticing thing, to be fast, isn't it?"

    Dagurasu: "You know what that tastes like, yourself. Hitting that mythical 300 km/h speed...Tell you what, sir. I'll give you an exclusive interview with the Wangan Devil, with photos aplenty."

    How gallant of him. Might as well grab the opportunity. Snapshot time!

    Interesting... it has ITBs (Individual Throttle Bodies) and the carburetors look good. And then, just to throw him off and as well as letting him know I won, I then come up with a question.

    Kenjiro: "Porque não gastar o seu dinheiro para melhorar a sua vida, ao invés do seu carro?"
    ("Why not spend your money in improving your life, instead of your car?")

    Of course he wouldn't understand Brazilian. But I love that bewildered look on his face.

    Kenjiro: "Sorry, I tend to express myself in Brazilian. I'm half-Brazilian, by the way, born in Brazil but grew up here. My mother taught me the language in her free time.

    I have to go now. Thank you for the opportunity of seeing the inner workings of your car. People like you are fascinating. Adeus!"

    And people like you will soon fall flat to the ground. The storm is yet to come.

    Next up, infiltrate the Hajime Racers. Time to find at least one of them.


  13. TheNeos




    Somewhere in Osaka, Ryuu’s home – 5.00 a.m.

    - Alarm goes off –

    Ryuu: C’mon, already? It feels like I just went to bed.. I’m not staying up that late another night on that damn R34! I’m not fooling anyone, I need to sort it out, our customer is been waiting long enough for his car to be ready, I have at least another week of long nights ahead..

    - He reaches for the alarm, almost punches it –

    Ryuu: Shut up, will ya? I need breakfast, or I’ll never get started with today’s work.

    - As he drags himself out of the bed, his dog Tofu runs towards him with a completely opposite attitude –

    Ryuu: Hey fella! It always surprises me how you manage to stay all happy and excited with basically the same sleep as I have, I’d be awful as a dog. Let me have breakfast and I’ll take you for a walk, ok?

    - Tofu barks and wags his tail, then runs off to the kitchen. Shortly after Ryuu gets there too, and starts brewing his favourite tea while his mind wonders off –

    Ryuu: There is so much going on in this period, all the work at the shop, WTAC, the rebirth of Hajime Racers, and that Ferrari.. How can it be back, my dad used to tell me about it when I was a kid, but for as much as I know it was totalled during a race, it looks brand new now! Whoever restored it must be a hell of a craftsman. I’m getting carried away by the tech side of this story, the matter is, if that car is back trouble will follow. Enough with this, let’s go Tofu!

    Small public park near Ryuu’s home – 6.30 a.m.

    - Ryuu’s phone starts ringing –

    Ryuu: Hello?

    …: Hey boss it’s me, Mobu! I just wanted to know if you’re going to come by the shop, we need help to pull out the engine, it is no two-men-work this one!

    - It was Mobumasu Takimoto, one of Ryuu’s mechanic and driver, MobuMobu for his friends –

    Ryuu: What? Oh yes, sure! But I won’t be long, I need to set off to Tokyo, I have a little surprise in store for you guys, hehe

    Mobumasu: Uh? Yeah, all good if you please get here haha, see you later boss!

    Ryuu: Hey don’t you dare put me in a hurry, haha. I’m coming don’t worry!

    - Ryuu hangs up and walks back home. Once there, he heads for the garage where his beloved F40 is waiting. Everytime he uncovers it he gets shivers on his back -

    Città delle Arti e delle Scienze (notte)_46.jpg

    - He gets in the bright red seat, turns the key waking up the V8 in the back, and sets off. The high pitched noise from the exhaust, the turbos spooling up, the bangs from letting off the throttle, if he can’t sleep then neither will his neighbours –

    Ryuu leaves his house.png

    RandomAccessMind Garage (or RAMG in short) – 7.10 a.m.


    - Ryuu carefully parks his Ferrari in his spotless shop, almost has an hospital look. He greets Mobumasu and Akio, his older mechanic. Akio has been around the F40 since when Ryuu's father was driving it. Then they quickly get to work on the R34. When speaking of an engine tuned to 600hp, sitting in a freshly painted car, having one more person helping really makes the difference -

    8.30 a.m

    Engine is out, and so is Ryuu.

    Ryuu: Look at me, I’m all sweaty now! But I’m happy that we pulled that engine out without scratching the car, I don’t want to spend any more money on this project haha. Well I’m off for a shower and then 6 hours of driving, but I’ll be back in the morning to help you two lazy idiots! See ya!

    - He hurries into the car and after carefully getting it out of the shop, he floors it towards his house -

    MobuMobu: Hey we’re not lazy! Not as much as you think at least haha see you tomorrow boss!

    Akio: Speak for yourself kid, I’m not lazy, I’m just tired, wait ‘til you get to 55 and then we talk, baka!

    - Back in the shop they could hear the engine note even when the car was out of sight -

    Entry toll for the Expressway to Tokyo – 9.30 a.m.

    Special Stage Route X_29.jpg

    Ryuu: Damn, tolls are getting more expensive! Never mind that, I always end up talking about money these days, once that R34 is gone though I will surely be less stressed! Now, six hours to go and no radio, this is going to be a long journey! At least the road is pretty empty, the last thing I need is to get stuck in traffic..

    Special Stage Route X_30.jpg

    Special Stage Route X_28.jpg


    Tokyo, Shinjuku – 4.00 p.m.


    Ryuu: YES! I finally made it! My back is killing me, and I might have gone deaf, racing seats and weight reduction don’t make for a good roadtrip! I need a rest, they better not have ran out of my favourite tea, again. Last time I had to drink the strawberry flavoured one, almost puked!

    - Ryuu enters Tokyo, and heads for Shinjuku where his pub is located. He’s looking for his old friend Kaage, he wants to talk with him about the 512BB coming back to life –



    - Wherever he went, the F40 became the main attraction, everyone turned around to look at it, from little kids going to school to old ladies sitting outside their houses. Regardless of your age, you can’t deny the presence of this car, the history behind it, you just sense it –

    Tokyo R246_36.jpg

    Tokyo R246_35.jpg

    - He parks in front of the pub, and it looks like it’s his lucky day! Kaage’s Aston is parked right outside. He heads in, where he’s greeted by the barman. As he orders a cup of tea someone pats his shoulder making him jump and sits beside him, it’s Kaage. –


    Kaage: Hey Ryuu, what are you doing all the way here?

    Ryuu: You knob, I almost spilled my tea, when will you stop doing that haha I’m here for some business chores, with the rebirth of HR I have to go back and forth from Osaka all the way to Tokyo and I’m sooo tired of it, I’ve been here 4 times already this week, my back can’t take anymore of that. Big plans then! RAMG is moving to Tokyo, hooray! And so am I of course haha I’m here to look for a suitable location, possibly a big garage with a small house on top. No more 6 hours trips!

    Kaage: Aha..That is some big news! Back in your home town! Apparently someone is selling a warehouse near Ginza, I was thinking about buying it for a new workshop but I’m good with what I’ve got at the moment I guess.. I could bring you there if you want? But.. wouldn’t it be easier to just use a different car for this trips? Also why are you talking so loud haha

    - They burst out laughing like old friends, then Ryuu punches Kaage’s arm like little kids do -

    Ryuu: you idiot haha Am I? Well after six hours in a V8 race car you’d be yelling too, but you know how much I love that F40, if I’m coming to Tokyo it’s gotta be in my dad’s car! Before we go I need to have a word with you..

    Kaage: Uh? Sure, what’s up?

    - A heavy look appears on Ryuu’s face, completely different from a moment earlier –

    Ryuu: It’s better if we talk about this in the VIP room, follow me..

    - With a confused look on his face, Kaage follows Ryuu in the VIP room in the back, the same one where the HR Reunion was held. He doesn’t show but he kind of knows what Ryuu wants to talk about. In this few weeks it’s been on every street racers’ mouth. They sit down, there is an akward silence, broken by Ryuu’s words –

    Ryuu: The 512 is back, how could it be? And who’s driving it? Looks like the Hajime Racers rebirth it’s not going to be all fun and laughs afterall..

    Kaage: Well I’ve met him once.. Quite the funny talk.. Heh. He’s the leader of a team called Shadow Racers, and from what I’ve witnessed, they’re not coming in peace. They want to take control of the Wangan, and we’re standing between them as well as D12 and their prize..

    Ryuu: Oh nice! Fu**ing nice! A battle between rival teams, just what I needed, at this pace I’m going to end up bald!

    - Ryuu sips nervously from his cup of tea, then out of the blue he gets up and heads for the door –

    Ryuu: Sorry man, I need to calm down a bit, I’ll go by myself to have a look at that garage, could you send me the address? Don’t take it personal, it’s just.. There is so much going on in my life..

    Kaage: Yeah don’t worry ‘bout it, I’ll send it to you in a second..

    - Just like nothing happened, Ryuu smiles again, going back to being himself as he opens the door and turns around before setting off -

    Ryuu: Arigatou gozaimasu.. I might head to the Wangan later, just for a relaxing drive, I’ll see you around.

    Kaage: Alright, later!

    Tokyo, Wangan – 9.40 p.m.


    I have to admit it, for as much as I love Osaka, I really miss living in Tokyo. It’s been a while since I’ve moved but it feels good to be coming back here. To be honest I really missed this stretch of road too.. It’s been such a big part of my life, my parents met at a car meet held at the Daikoku PA, I came here so many times with my father, I watched him race, I saw him lose and win. This is where I learnt how to properly shift with a manual car, I still have that Civic haha. This place has a mystical aura.

    Special Stage Route 7_28.jpg

    - Ryuu decides to stretch the F40’s legs, he downshifts into third gear right before the tunnel and floores it, the mighty twin turbo V8 echoing everywhere –


    Ryuu: Haha everytime I drive this car it puts a huge smile on my face!

    - As he’s cruising at around 180 kph, he sees lights flashing in his mirrors. It’s a dark blue Audi Quattro, a rare sight in Japan. Its drivers appear to be challenging Ryuu –



    Ryuu: An Audi Quattro? I haven’t seen many of these, and this is surely the first one I’ve seen on the wangan! I didn’t come here to race but this is something new haha c’mon boy let’s go!


    - He slows down to 90 kph in second gear and gets alongside the Quattro. It was very well kept, sitting low on color matched SSR Professors. The drivers looked at each other, they smile, and after three honks from the Audi the race is on! Thanks to the four wheel drive system and shorter gear ratios the Quattro launches faster than the F40, but Ryuu’s catching up quickly –


    Ryuu: Whoever tuned that car knew what he was doing, acceleration is spot on but I can see that top speed is it’s weakness, I’m already catching up haha!


    Quattro driver: Damn that Ferrari is fast, I might have gone out of my league with this! I’m almost at top speed and he’s getting away like I’m standing still! Guess it’s back to the working table!

    Special Stage Route 7_21.jpg

    It was fun, quick but fun haha! I’d like to race him again, that car has a lot of potential, it just needs some more tuning! Damn I should have give him my business card, well he’ll know when RAMG comes into town, oh yeah!

    Special Stage Route 7_20.jpg

    - He waves back to the Audi as he sees it take an off ramp, then he stomps on the throttle bringing the car up to 200 kph, overtaking a slammed Toyota Vitz that swerves around in fright, and sticks his middle finger out of his window –

    Vitz driver: Kuso! Baka yarou!

    Ryuu: Haha I’ve always loved to do that! I used to do it in the Civic too, it's definetly faster in this though! That race made me thirsty, better pop up at the PA and get me some hot tea!

    - END -


    So first time writing :D if you have any critiques or tips feel free to destroy me :lol: also this F40 is a pain in the :censored: to shoot, every rear shot needs the plate PLUS the two stickers :banghead: but it's worth it! Next part will be up after @RCKakashi14 posts his next one :cheers:
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  14. Yusenkyo


    United States
    Great new chapters in the story
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  15. RCKakashi14


    Episode 1; Chapter 7.9 - First Phase (Kenjiro Sato)

    Location: Mt. Haruna, Gunma
    Time: 12:30 pm, the next day.

    I've made a deal with a devil... well, sort of.

    That race last night was rather underwhelming, but I did get some juicy photos, and information as well that could prove to be a big step towards my goal. I can now start.

    That 512 BB's driver told me about a racing group as Hajime Racers. Quite a nice name, but can be a cliche. Also, they are known to hang out at the mountains too. Maybe I should check the hills from time to time, and see if I run along with them.

    Bad timing though, even if I am currently in Mt. Haruna, they're obviously not around.

    Awwww nuts... it's pouring with rain today. But it's business as usual for the crew. Yes, I am doing field work for the magazine as we are filming for our very first video for our magazine's YouTube channel. It's basically a car review, and I have to assist the filming crew in getting the right angles for the moving clips of the car we're reviewing today - a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. From mundane to insane, our motoring magazine reviews those types of cars.

    All right, filming done, and we can go back to the office. Oh, I brought my R8 along too, since we have to be assembled in Haruna immediately this morning.

    Then the director approaches me. Something wrong, sir?

    Director: "Kenjiro-san, can I hitch a ride with you back to the office? You see, the chauffeur who's supposed to pick me up had to rush his mother to the hospital. I even arrived here via taxi at dawn.

    No problem. I have no qualms of letting people ride with me, as long as there is a valid reason.

    "Sure. No problem. Even I have to go back there too, as I have to finish my article."

    "Of course, of course!"

    Without further stalling, both of us get in my R8. We informed the rest of the crew and then set off.


    "Ummmm... mind if you increase your pace a little bit? I'm in a rush, actually."


    You asked for it. All right, then.

    I then shifted down to 2nd gear via the left paddle, and floored the throttle. The Quattro 4WD will keep us safe even on this rain.

    "Whoa! Hey, I said just for a little bit! This is a winding road!"

    Background Music: Space Boy (Dave Rodgers)


    Hairpin coming up. I slammed the brake pedal, then turn abruptly.


    Zero countersteer drift, also known as Four-Wheeled drift is a common technique among 4WD rally cars.


    I don't mind your screams. Just don't vomit in my car, okay? Grab on to something, perhaps on the door close handle.

    Which he does. Good.


    Next corner, drift with countersteer.

    Director: "WAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! You're getting us killed!"

    Kenjiro: "We will be in the office in no time, living and breathing. I guarantee it."

    You are in a rush, right? I'm just giving to you what you want.



    Director: "Y...You know... help me!!!! SLOW DOWN! You know, you can be another driver for our performance car reviews!"

    Oh really? A promotion? I guess I won't be just writing after all. Hehehehehehe... maybe I can expound on my plans on that one.



    Location: Michi Zasshi office, Kitahara Publications Building, Nihonbashi, Tokyo
    Time: 1:30 pm

    See? We made it in an hour. I basically cut the travel time in half. But the director passed out after that run in Haruna. Oh seesh... I thought he's into exhilarating rides such as a roller coaster.

    I woke him up after I parked the car, and both of us head up to 14th floor, where our magazine's office is located. Yukio-shacho and pretty much everyone look like in a rush. We are on a deadline, after all. Except for the street racing article...

    Yukio: "How's the filming?"

    Kenjiro: "Went smoothly as planned, Shacho."

    Yukio: "Ah, glad to hear it. We are to launch Michi Zasshi's YouTube channel next week, and that car review must be over with. Sorry to pile up so much work on everyone, including you."

    Kenjiro: "No need to apologize, Shacho. We are dedicated to our craft."

    Yukio: "What about the street racing article?"

    Kenjiro: "I found a new lead."

    Yukio-shacho leads me to his office to resume our chat there. I then sit down, face him as I tap my fingers on the big glass desk. Hmmm.... the carpet smells funny.

    Yukio: "What's this new lead?"

    Kenjiro: "Last night, I ran with a street racer. He revealed to me a racing group known as Hajime Racers."

    Upon hearing that, one of Shacho's eyebrows suddenly raised.

    Yukio: "Hajime Racers? Hmmmm... I thought they're long gone."

    Kenjiro: "Really? You know them?"

    Yukio: "Quite. The racers there are a pretty skilled bunch, and as well as commanding respect to other racing teams for decades or so.

    So, it seems that they have made a return. Interesting. Perhaps you can start from there."

    Kenjiro: "Of course. And I'm already starting to love this assignment you gave to me."

    And I am loving it indeed. My first phase of the plan officially starts.


    Then when all goes down smoothly...

    ...every street racer will start questioning their purpose. Then they'll quit. They'll be better off having a real means of living. No lives will be endangered anymore. It's time to clean up the streets. They don't have what it takes to be great.

    They're not racers.

    They're simply dogs, that needed to be leashed.


  16. SolidSnake7735


    Dominican Republic
    Chapter 1: Episode 7, Part X - My Fair Lady
    Sunday 2:00AM

    Tatsumi PA, Bay Shore Route
    (Same night of Snake and Kenjiro's run-in with the Devil)

    The air smelled particularly salty as a brisk draft swept in from Tokyo Bay, like an alligators' eyes do from the swamp surveying its domain for a bounty, cold and without prejudice.

    With a hot can of coffee in his right hand and a cigarette between his left index and middle fingers, Pohru Tanaka stood in front of his Pearl Blue TwinTurbo Nissan Z. It was a 1989 model, his father's car before him. It has 200k KM on the clock, but was always meticulously kempt. It's slightly modified, making just under 400hp. Slightly, because it is no mystery that the VG30DETT engine is capable of extraordinary amounts of horsepower. The car sat idling, its low rumbly exhaust note a faint whisper in the blowing wind.

    Burraku, as he was called (Japanese vernacular for "Black"), paced curiously around the car admiring the modest Nismo ground effects and arched rear spoiler. The 3-spoke wheels, 2" larger in diameter and 1" larger in width than the factory-installed set, we're perhaps his favorite part of the car next to the luxurious custom blue paint. Mostly because those were the only modifications he had done to the car since it became his nearly 8 years ago. The body kit and power mods we're installed by his father in a past life.

    He had the night off from duty and had taken the car earlier that week to get tuned up by an old family friend, Jin, in Edogawa. He thought back to that afternoon…

    While waiting for his car to be worked on, he sat in the tuning shop's waiting lounge. He caught a glimpse of a wrecked bright blue BMW M5 being worked on by half a dozen technicians in the back of the warehouse-like garage. Black wondered if it was the same car he tried to chase down a week ago and if the fella in the yellow GT-R was the owner. He locked eyes with him for a split second when he pulled out of the shop, but it was enough to recognize the bald man and his peculiar goatee.

    He shrugged his shoulders dismissing the notion, only temporarily, and got in to his car. Before taking off, he sent a text message to Mio asking if the M5 was outside the club tonight. Mio quickly replied, 'You should be sleeping, enjoying your day off, kid. Don't go getting in to trouble. And no.'

    As he pulled out of the parking area, Black noticed two distinct sets of tire marks which looked like they were made only hours ago. One of the sets, he could tell, was from a 4WD. While the other, which he assumed was the chasing car's, had a characteristic wiggle before they straightened out. Mid-engine, he decided.

    There was barely any traffic at this hour. Although he knew he wouldn't run into any racers tonight, and he wasn't looking for a race either, he half-hoped to run in to the M5 or whichever car its driver was wheeling around in. He drove on to the highway westbound, subconsciously keeping an eye out for yellow SKYLINE's.

    The Wangan was a desolate tundra at this hour. A vast, empty causeway punctured by the occasional econobox or freight at this hour. His car felt smooth and responsive. He got on the gas pedal and doubled his speed without changing gears to pass a truck he came up to.

    He lifted slightly once a safe distance ahead of the cow and fell into his lane again doing 120kph. Doesn't miss a beat, he thought.

    He didn't quite know why he was out on the highway tonight, except that he wanted to see the M5 again and confront it - without his police uniform and badge - not as a racer but as a driver. A motoring enthusiast.

    There's an old Mazda Cosmo rotary on slow lane, flying at 90kph with a grace not found on modern car's. Black passed him too.

    He didn't want to arrest the M5's driver or cause any trouble for him - just talk to the guy. He didn't even have a clue what he'd ask him if he found him, probably about his car. Nothing got his blood pumping quite like driving fast. Although highway racing want his venue, he respected the racers that called this stretch of road their home.

    Growing up at the base of Mt. Tsukuba he would always see the famous Time Attack car's being hauled in trailers on the weekends.

    On his way to class in the mornings he'd see local street racers coming down from the mountain at dawn. It was also the pass his father dominated decades ago in this same Z.

    As he came up to the tunnel, Black shift down from 5th to 4th to pass a van bobbing its way over. He passed the van going 180kph.

    He was about to fall back in to the left lane after getting 4 car-lengths ahead of the van when he saw in his rearview a set of flip-up lights gaining on him incredibly fast. The driver flashed at Pohru but didn't slow down. He just be doing over 200kph, he reflected.

    As the mystery car came up beside the van, Pohru felt fear grip him and a dark energy envelop the tunnel. What's this guy thinking? He felt the tunnel darken and the lights flicker, then time seemed to slow down.

    Without second-guessing his own abilities, it seems, the driver of the mystery car performed a slalom between the van and the Z, and Pohru followed its movements in his car's mirrors. When it had pulled up beside the Fairlady he looked left and saw the driver of the car, a tall blonde foreigner.

    The car itself was just as foreign and exotic. An ancient Ferrari Berlinetta. A 5-liter 12-cylinder boxer - and it had to be doing 260kph as it shrieked off in to the black pin hole at the end of the tunnel.

    Pohru decided to chase. He shift down to 3rd and floored it, but it was too late. He couldn’t see the car anymore. It must have accelerated out of sight before Black even thought of pressing the clutch, let alone shift.

    "What the hell was that!?"

    Black made it to the Yokohama toll booth with no sign of the Ferrari. So, he turned around to head home and call it a night. Jin's cackling laugh resounded, and his words from that day.

    "There's Devils on those streets! Hee-hee-hee!"
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    United States
    Wonderful new chapters from kenjiro and black
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  18. RCKakashi14


    Chapter 1; Episode 8 - Speed Legend (Kenjiro Sato)

    Location: Route 7
    Time: 11 pm

    Whew... work was finished, and the YouTube video won't be that far off. Time for me to let off steam.

    I decided to head out once again in Route 7, in search for Hajime Racers, after my disappointment in the touge this morning.


    Out of a sudden though, my phone attached on to the holder vibrates and emit a bright blue backlight. Ugh... sometimes that brightness can risk me to a crash. It's my father. I put it on loudspeaker since I'm driving at 100 km/h.

    Kenjiro: "Hello?"

    Yusuke: "Kenjiro, you haven't seen me and your mother last Sunday. Something wrong?"

    Ah... every Sunday I make it a point to see my parents for a typical family day bonding. Last Sunday I had to commit myself to finish editing the remaining photos. I was quite overdue.

    Kenjiro: "Oyaji, I just had to finish some editing. Sorry if I didn't show up. How are you?"

    Yusuke: "Busy as usual, for the last five years, that is. I've been doing nothing but sit down and face all paperwork thanks to my rather broken spine. Nothing has changed at all after that operation, and you very well know that."

    Didn't I mention that my father suffered a spinal injury after that incident five years ago? He had undergone operation and recovered as I mentioned before, but since then he is unable to do recreational activities. Hence, he gets excessive amount of stress from work and finds no time at all to relax.

    All because of that street race.

    Kenjiro: "I see. Hey, I told you before, the doctor allowed you to stand up and do some light warm up exercises. You need to move just a bit in order for you to relieve stress."

    Yusuke: "I have forgotten all about that all thanks to work. That's what I get for being an owner of a company which I'd never thought it'll grow. But hey, I don't regret that at all. You live a good life right now, and that's what makes me smile."

    Oyaji, what makes me happy is that we can do the things that we used to. Don't worry, those moments will be back...

    ....after I finish this mission.

    Kenjiro: "I'm glad to hear that, pops. Well, I'm driving at the moment. We'll talk on Sunday, I promise."

    Yusuke: "All right. Take care."

    Oh boy, I need a drink.


    I grab a bottle of cold water immediately from the vending machine. After I took one gulp, I then see a black Ferrari F40 parking beside my car.


    Wow. This is the first time I'll see the F40 in person. They're quite rare. Surprisingly, it's as wide as the R8. Photos just don't do it justice.

    The driver alights from that black supercar, and is coming this way. I just moved for a bit since he is also getting a drink from the same vending machine.

    Ryuu: "Konbanwa!"

    How nice of him to greet a stranger...

    Kenjiro: "Yo."

    He then quickly consumes a can of tea. Hey, are you in a rush or what? I'm amazed you can drink that thing so fast despite its heat.

    Anyway, I'm done too. Time to head back to the car. I didn't look back at him as I walk along.

    Next, I strapped myself back in. Sometimes, five-point harnesses can be a pain. Oh, he's also back in his elegant black F40. Could he also be from the same team as the 512BB driver?

    I can hear that Ferrari revving. Amazing soundtrack, despite being turbocharged. Nowadays, turbocharged engines are muted. It's like putting a muzzle around your jaw.

    That car then makes a move. It has some stickers on the back, and my eye caught the attention of that black "Hajime Racers" sticker.


    All right... I finally found one of them. I thought this night will be a total bore.

    With haste, I turned on the engine. I'll stalk you around for a bit.


    However, he took that as a sign. The F40 launches away. And the legends are true indeed.

    Background Music: Speed of S30Z (Wangan Midnight Anime Soundtrack)

    Even by the current era of computer-controlled cars, the F40 still strikes fear to the likes of supercars of today.


    It can easily reach speeds in excess of 320 kilometers per hour. Plus, there was once a popular videotape sold across the country about a certain red F40 speeding along the Wangan at that speed. Thousands of copies were sold until the owner was arrested. However, it just adds up to the F40's reign as the speed king.

    But enough of the facts and the praising. I'm going to see if you have the skill to handle that precious machine!



    Not bad. Not bad at all. It seems that you have total grasp on this stretch of road as well. That puts away my preconceptions towards the Hajime Racers.


    I see that you hail from Osaka, judging from that license plate.

    But then the fun suddenly got cut short, as the F40 turned on its hazard lights. Perhaps its driver wants to have a word with me.


    But still, you're quite good. Both of us exited from our respective vehicles. He's accommodating.

    Kenjiro: ""Vai lá chorar para a sua mamãe. Omae no kaasan ni kaero."

    (Both actually mean "Go back to your mommy" in Brazilian and Japanese, respectively)

    Ryuu: "Haha, hey c'mon that wasn't a bad one, I enjoyed it! And you, my friend, are a very skilled driver. Watashi wa Akiyama Ryuu desu, yoroshiku onegaishimasu. ( My name is Ryuu Akiyama, pleasure to meet you)

    Kenjiro: "Ah, never mind what I said. I usually express myself in my native languages even in foreign lands. By the way, my name is Kenjiro Sato. I'm a freelance photographer."

    Ryuu: "Nice! I'm a bit of a photographer too but nothing serious, I do it for fun! I build cars as a living, I'm actually moving my shop here in Tokyo if you ever need a tweak on your machine, which by the way looks incredible. And don't even get me started on the sound.
    Also it's funny like I got on the road just to clear my mind and I ended up in a race, it's been a while since the last time I raced someone on the Wangan. I'm more of a casual racer here."

    Casual racer? Yeah right. Seeing your lines, you drive like you practice here every night.

    Kenjiro: "Is that so? And also I have noticed "Hajime Racers" sticker on the back of your car. I've heard that it's a street racing group."

    Ryuu: "Correct, I'm actually one of the founders..well, let's say founder of version 2.0 of it, my father was actually one of the original members. We had..reasons, that got us to the reborn of it."

    Kenjiro: "Interesting. As for me, I race alone. I don't affiliate with such groups. Anyhow, mind if I take a few shots?"

    Thankfully, he allowed me. Your F40 deserves an exposure to my article. Take this opportunity well, Kenjiro. Snap as much as you can. Hehe.

    Kenjiro: "You may ask why. This is just for myself. I am fascinated with fast cars after all. The F40 still lives up to its reputation today. I raced with another black Ferrari the other night."

    Ryuu: "This car used to belong to my dad, when he died he gave the keys to me. I try to keep it as museum-like as I can, but I can't resist the temptation to get it out and push it, it's what this car was built to do after all. Also what did you say? A black Ferrari? Well..."

    He suddenly shifts his mood, from lighthearted to a serious tone.

    Ryuu: "You see, that 512BB is hunting our team since the original one, and it usually means one thing: trouble. He's member of a rival team, the Shadow Racers. It's like a never ending rivalry.."

    Kenjiro: "Really? A rival group? Things get a lot more interesting here on this stretch of road. The world truly is a trivial place to live."

    Hehehehe... so the silence surrounding Route 7 is a total farce. I'm basically stepping on a war zone.

    Ryuu: "For us street racers you can pretty much say that this is the heart of racing. If you have racing flowing through you veins, whatever you like to race, you will hear the Wangan calling you, either for a brief peep at what this madness means, or to be completely swallowed by speed, trying to go faster and faster. I feel that with you is curiosity that brought you here right?"

    Kenjiro: "Of course I'm curious. The feeling of being thrust to 300 km/h is indeed addicting, and you'll crave for more. You forget reality even for a bit. But some others have totally forgotten it at all.

    Você estaria melhor conseguindo um emprego de verdade (I think you're better off having a real job).

    Well, I won't keep you for long. I have to go, as I have yet to finish editing the remaining photos in my studio. Adeus! Obrigado!"

    Sorry to cut that short, Ryuu. But soon enough you'll be seeing more of me....

    ...until your eventual downfall.

    And in order to deal with the rest of you, I have to step up my game from here on.


    Coming Soon:




    (Cornering trap speed on SH tires: 313 km/h)

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    I'm not exaggerating when I say this, but this gaversion me chills! Superb writing as always * slow clap *
  20. RCKakashi14


    Chapter 1; Episode 8.1: Boom Goes The Dynamite (Kenjiro Sato)

    Location: Sato Residence, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo
    Time: 12 pm, Sunday

    I kept my promise. I'm here in my parent's home, waiting for lunch to be served.

    Then I see my father slowly descending through the staircase. I hurried to assist him, but he's already at the end.

    Yusuke: "Oh you're here. Come, let's eat lunch."

    Kenjiro: "Okay then."

    We slowly walk towards the kitchen, where I see my mother, Barbara Mendez-Sato, helping out the servants in order to serve the food quickly. All three of us sit, and the maids are simply waiting outside.

    Sunday lunch? A Nabemono (hot pot) dish called Yosenabe. Each of us have three rice bowls and a saucer with raw eggs.


    Barbara: "Kenjiro, how's your week at work?"

    Kenjiro: "Hectic as usual, but my article is ready to be submitted on Monday."

    Barbara: "You always plan ahead. Look at you, you've already scheduled to submit that article of yours. That's a tall order for other journalists."

    Kenjiro: "I don't see any reason to slack off work. It's a high-paying job, so I might as well stay."

    Barbara: "You know, your father and I have been planning for a holiday in Brazil. You should come too, you deserve a vacation."

    Kenjiro: "As much as I'd love to, I have something important to do here."

    Sorry mother, I have to fulfill my mission. I've been waiting for far too long for an opportunity like this. My plans are all laid.

    Barbara: "I see. But we've been seeing you committing yourself with your photography stint. You don't get a break because of it."

    Kenjiro: "As long as I can sleep 8 hours a night, then that's already rest for me. Besides, I've seen nothing new from Liberdade (Little Tokyo district in Sao Paulo, Brazil) lately."

    Barbara: "Well, we cannot force you. All right, just as long as you take care of yourself, okay?"

    Kenjiro: "Don't worry a thing or two about me, mother. And take care of father, okay? Don't let him jog around our house there for far too long."


    After a hearty lunch, my father leads me to the garage. It's so nice to see all of his cars in tip-top condition despite rarely driving them at all.

    Then we look at his only sports car...


    Well, it only clocked in at around 5,000 kilometers, all thanks to his commitment to our business and as well as restricting himself.


    He occasionally drives it, but never had he revved the engine nor even stretched it to its fullest potential.

    Yusuke: "Kenjiro, I was thinking about giving this car to you."

    What?! Are you ridiculous?

    Kenjiro: "But this is clearly your car, and you purchased it."

    Yusuke: "I know. But it deserves a far better owner, which is you. You have the appropriate skill to drive this sports car. Not once I even dared to blast it along a straightaway. I drove it like a typical city car, which I think is not right considering the engine."

    Kenjiro: "Are you so sure about this? I can teach you."

    Yusuke: "No need. I'm old, and I have to worry about our business. I have no time for such fun. Besides, I have already arranged the papers for its next registration with your name on it. Just submit them on the registration process."

    Oh all right. If you insist. Thank you, Oyaji. That is the one car I sorely need. I need to raise the bar. If I had to deal with those street racers, a car like that should suffice.

    Soon enough those racers will face the consequence, and they deserve to be destroyed. They are already bringing themselves to their downfall.

    Kenjiro: "All right then. If you insist. Thank you, pops. This will be taken care of very properly as what a Ferrari deserves."

    Yusuke: "You're 32 years old, Kenjiro. Yet you think far higher and better than your age suggests. I already noticed that way of thinking when you were a teenager."


    Location: Kitahara Publications, Nihonbashi
    Time: 10 am, the next day

    As what I've told yesterday, I'm about to submit the article. I'll simply e-mail to Shacho, and it's off to the printing press for the next issue.

    I basically set a ticking time bomb as clicked "Submit" on the E-mail. What are the final contents of the article? Have fun reading!

    The Dark Side of Speed:

    Tokyo at night... still a vibrant metropolis. Perhaps it could catch up to New York or Las Vegas. The neon lights of Shinjuku along with lively karaoke bars filled with presumably drunk businessmen in need of a break from the stressful deadline imposed to them at the workplace; then the lighted trees of the Ginza district which makes you feel that Christmas vibe even though it's obvious that it's not. Or perhaps the people still scrambling to cross to the other side of the street in Shibuya. Wherever you are, you can easily see that the Tokyo-ites don't sleep. Of course they do, much like you and me. It's what our body needs. We need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep, especially that work lately gets so much more stressful to the point of some even contemplating to end their lives in Aokigahara. That's how much rest we need. Stress is part of our lives, and that's a fact that we have to bear every single day.

    There are some, who think there is much more exciting way to escape reality. They come from the darkest corners, going out every time the moon starts to shine upon them like they're werewolves. They gather at the emptiest of Parking Areas, having a casual conversation and of course, showing off their rides that look like a Christmas tree thanks to those lights wrapped around the cars. Their topic in conversations? From their mundane chores up until their insane modifications. If you ever see, let's say, a Lan Evo with a large wing and giant front canards, chances are you'll see it at night blinking like it's Christmas.

    You might even wonder how the heck do they come up with some brilliant ideas. Well, they say it's a much better vice than drugs, or hanging with the bad crowd. But the truth of the matter is, they're no different. Those street racers are still doing a vice, no matter how much they sugarcoat it.

    Most of these people I've encountered in Daikoku Futou, Tatsumi, Route 5, and Route 7 Parking Areas are in fact, blue collar job workers and even students. Yes, some are students who aren't afraid blowing up their allowance on a new set of tires or an aftermarket single turbocharger that provides gobs of power but also very reliable.

    Okay, let's do a little math since I've brought in money in this topic. Let's pick one common garden variety domestic sports car that everyone can acquire - the Nissan Silvia S15.

    So how much is a used S15? I snooped around the used car lots around Setagaya. As of this writing, an S15 Spec S, which is the base variant, would now cost half a million Yen. Naturally, the car would have taken abuse since it undergone lots of kilometers of travel. The result would be a chassis that needs a refresh, so prepare 100,000 Yen to make it seem that it came from the showroom floor. Next, tires. Of course the you would want better grip in order for them to edge through the competition, particularly in the C1 or Route 5. So a full set of tires would set that racer 60,000 Yen. Next, the suspension. Tires and suspension must work in harmony in order to bring out the best from the chassis. Time to shell out 150,000 Yen. At this point, you are already spending more than half of what you paid for your car in chassis alone. You still have the brakes, engine, transmission, aero parts, and accessories to deal with.

    A set of Project Mu brakes would cost 46,000 Yen. List everything I'll write here, okay? Just to give you an idea before you turn the key on the ignition. Next, engine mods - the core of all modifications. Of course the street racer wants to achieve 300 km/h in the Wangan, and that's always has been the word of mouth between them. An HKS full turbine kit to give boost would make you shell out another 150,000 Yen. Next, other engine essentials such as ECU, Air Filters, Intake Tuning, Exhaust Systems are also needed. I'll simply write the total combined amount for those - 300,000 Yen. Transmission parts like Clutch, and LSD - 75,000 Yen combined.

    Coming up next are the Aero parts in order for you stand out from the crowd and provide little helpings of downforce. A whole body kit from Vertex costs 350,000 Yen.

    So to make it simple, I just covered the basic tuning parts needed. All in all, those modifications listed shows a total of 1,731,000 Yen. That alone could already buy a brand new Subaru Impreza Sport with a 5-speed manual. But no, they want to build a race car that can soar the entire Shuto Expressway.

    You might think how do these people cover their basic needs despite dumping in so much funds for their "race car". An office worker earns 300,000 Yen a month, while a part-time job salary from a convenience store which most students take averages a measly 70,000 Yen or 140,000 if full-time.

    Let's take back the total amount - 1,731,000 Yen. That can already cover 3 years of a university's annual tuition fees. THREE YEARS. Yet these people are more than willing to risk that in the name of speed, to prove that they're the best in the world, yet obviously a degree in a university is something to yearn for and makes one a more accomplished person in life. One could get a very desirable job after that.

    And take note, I have just mentioned BASIC MODIFICATIONS. Basic. What if you want to be the king of the road, that everyone worships? Well, you can expect spending twice on that. If you are a father who has an insatiable thirst for speed, then consider giving your child away for adoption and file a divorce. Or maybe you have to bear your child working in a convenience store or a factory worker for life, then enjoy fastfood for dinner while paying the bills. Yeah, that's the best financial decision ever. Bravo.

    Okay, so you spent almost 2 million Yen for your beloved racing Silvia. Next, head out to the streets, make a wager, then you win. Okay, you brought bacon home, good job. But remember, you have work in the morning and it starts at 8 o' clock sharp. You made it through the day and then you go out to race again. But oh no, you lost. Naturally you want to be faster than the person who defeated you. That's pride kicking in. Time to tell your wife and your child that you'll be spending another million Yen because you lost to someone. And what if that someone belongs to some hotshot racing group such as the Hajime Racers or the Shadow Racers? Chances are, you'll lose again. Believe me, I encountered some of them for runs. They're skilled and know every nook and cranny of the highway. What you do next? Sell your home? Do so, and you can be awarded as the "Father of The Year".

    Now, time for those two big street racing groups to have a special mention. Upon delving in, it turns out that the two are locking heads since the dawn of time, fighting for the supremacy in all corners of the Shuto Expressway. They have been easily eluding law enforcement like they're swatting flies. I've encountered one on each team. A magnificent black Ferrari 512BB from the Shadow Racers who claims to be the "Devil", and the legendary Ferrari F40 from Hajime Racers. For their privacy, however, I won't divulge their names and their professions.

    The law enforcement in this city could best be described as "weird". Okay, so crimes are at an all-time low. You can leave your precious car anywhere without the fear of being stolen or even scratched. You can walk alone at night without being harassed. The "weird" part is, that while the police force can stop the most heinous of crimes, they can't catch a cold when it comes to speeders. All because of that blasted 180 km/h limiter imposed on ALL domestic cars, and that includes the police units. That 180 km/h limiter rule was imposed by the government to discourage any form of street racing. But any street racer can get away from it thanks to defeat devices that simply overrides the limiter. What was the solution imposed? Speed cameras that can snap the license plate and track down the owner to its home. Sounds brilliant, isn't it? Well, bad news, though... there are license plate deflectors in which a shiny material deflects away the flash coming from the camera. Another win for the street racers. In the touge, there are so-called "Cat's Eyes" on the middle of the road to deter drifters. But sadly, one can drift and stay in one lane. In short, the government's action towards this decade-long issue is simply not enough. Mind you, in America road blocks can be put along with spike strips to stop racers which are proven 70% effective. They are even dedicated to stop a speeder at all costs, even fishtailing the suspect during the action. You can see them in American police chase episodes. Believe me, they work. Why can't the Japanese government do the same?

    And here's where the consequences start. While the Metropolitan Police admits that they have a hard time dealing with speeders, they are happy to say that street races today are actually happening LESS FREQUENTLY than the ones a decade ago. Oh the irony. Because of those big street racing groups, races are on the rise, and with some isolated incidents of accident and life-threatening injuries. And now they have the guts to say that they're "happy"? For the part of the racer, it'll be difficult to manage all the expenses as some have admitted. Remember, they have a home to keep as well. They even divulged that they have overdue payments despite them having two jobs in a day and even study in a night cramming school.

    All because of their beloved "Race Car".

    So, would you withdraw 1,731,000 Yen for your Silvia? It's up to you. But take a deep breath and consider the dire consequences before you submit your withdrawal slip.

    All hell shall break loose. Never underestimate the power of words. That's how I fight. Go ahead, retaliate all you want. I fear no one.


    Location: Tsukuba Circuit, Ibaraki
    Time: 9 am, the next day

    Yukio-shacho granted me a day off today because he saw me working nonstop last week, from my article until to the magazine's first ever YouTube video. You may say that it's not enough, but I think it's just okay.

    Hence, this gives me the opportunity to finally stretch the Scuderia's capabilities and drive it to where it truly belongs - the race track. But before heading here to Tsukuba, I already took care of the registration process in JAF.


    That 4.3 liter V8's soundtrack is lovely. And as for the car's looks...


    Personally I find the 430 Scuderia more attractive than the 458 or even the 488 GTB. Plus, it's lighter than both of them. As expected from a Ferrari track car, it hugs the corners with plenty of grip.


    Heck, Michael Schumacher had a hand of tuning this car to perfection.


    The gearbox shifts violently quickly. And having a top speed of 198 km/h in Tsukuba's straight is simply unbelievable. Those mundane domestics can only do 160-170 km/h here at best.

    Go ahead and yap once again about how your puny Evos and GT-Rs can beat exotics like this. They're as classless as you are. Plus, it's not some snobby rich stereotype behind the wheel. They're making the mistake of undermining supercar owners.


    The lap time? 1 minute and 800 milliseconds. Not bad. At least I'm in league with those time attack drivers here.

    Of course I have no intention on leaving this as stock. I have to make them sweat once again.


    Location: Route 7, Tokyo
    Time: 7 pm

    Once again, I invited Matsuda for a dinner out. He's obviously in awe with my new car.


    Matsuda: "So, you're some big shot Ferrari owner now, eh?"

    Kenjiro: "From this moment on, the tides of war will change. I need a boat that can survive it. This car is the perfect candidate. I expect retaliation from those racing groups."

    Matsuda: "I expect that you'll tinker this one, no?"


    Kenjiro: "Of course. I have to fight fire with fire. This needs to be ready to take on the competition."

    Matsuda: "I know of a popular Ferrari tuner here in Tokyo. No need to go far."

    Kenjiro: "Interesting. What's the name of the shop?"

    Matsuda: "Racing Service Dino. Its tuned Ferraris were even featured in a multitude of Best Motoring episodes, you know? They have exactly what you need."

    Kenjiro: "Good. I plan to make this one much faster than my R8 here.

    So... where do you want to eat tonight?"


    Author's Notes:

    - I know what you're thinking. First of all, the Scuderia will only be a STORY EXCLUSIVE car. This means that it won't pop up in Hajime Racer Wangan lobbies unless it's being asked to. Second, Kenjiro isn't a total villain, let alone be one. His choice of words may make everyone think he's villainous, but in truth he's just fighting for justice and vows to end street racing in his own way.

    He's not a brawler, but he can unnerve or spite people he doesn't like. Soon enough, Kenjiro will shift to being an Anti-Hero, while keeping his neutrality.

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    Very very nice man :cheers:
  22. Yusenkyo


    United States
    Very intense new chapter and everything mentioned is fully true, as i now from real life as i used to bea street racer.. i know the feeling of wasting all that money that i could have used for something worthwhile like i have now.. a good education, good job and a house under my name and most importantly a very reliable car[of course it's lightly tweaked, but it's still 100% stock as the mods i did where for comfort and all using original parts and done in the dealership] that's the one thing races don't realize.. having a race car is not reliable for everyday use
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    Chapter 1; Episode 8.2 - Breaking The Chains (Kenjiro Sato)

    Location: Kitahara Publishing Bldg, Nihonbashi, Tokyo
    Time: 8 am, the next day

    Oh how I'm early as usual. I greet my fellow office mates who are eager for the debut release of Michi Zasshi.

    According to them, the copies were already shipped to the newsstands, book stores, and even convenience stores by midnight, but are instructed to release them at 10 in the morning. Quite an instruction there...

    And so I head to the cubicle, and open the computer. After that quick startup, I head straight to my e-mail, like a typical employee would do.

    Then... a mysterious E-mail with "Dagurasu" as the Subject title. That's odd, how come someone from outside of work managed to access my E-mail address?

    The message is some sort of a litany, and obviously the contents are of a violent reaction towards my article. Perhaps some diehard street racer got offended. Hehehehehe... I expect that as much.

    Here it is:

    To: Kenjiro Sato

    Re: Street Racers Exposed

    To Mr. Sato:

    I am the Wangan Devil. I am sure my name rings a bell to you, and to everyone within a five hundred kilometer radius of Kanazawa. For those who do not know me by name, I am the Wangan runner in the black 1976 Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer. Anyways, this is a response to the scathing article written by one Mr. Kenjiro Sato a few days ago about street racing. The first thing is, I offered you an exclusive interview and photos of my car. This is something that would have turned your humble magazine into a nationwide best-seller. Your employer must be happy with that poor decision on your part. The second thing: You took part in a full-force, two stage race against a guy in a Supra and then against me. And at that point, you threw the race in my favor, which I do not appreciate. You also panned people putting money into their cars, and in doing so, marked yourself as a hypocrite. I got a good look at your Audi R8. I can tell you right now: a full weight reduction, carbon fiber bonnet, ECU chip, and aftermarket wheels count as putting money into a car. The last thing is, I had my colleague look into your history, and it appears you have a negative connection to street racing: Your father was injured in an accident linked to a street race. The truth is, you and I are far similar than you think. My goal for racing, which has been a complete secret until now, is actually to end the illegal street racing. But I do not intend to completely stop the racing. I desire to use my influence in the area, and full territorial control of the Wangan, to work with the authorities to sanction weekend events on the highway. This would allow the local town to profit from the events, the drivers to profit, and allow the events to be conducted in a safe manner. The illegal teams would be welcome, on the condition that the authorities do not catch them doing the same thing elsewhere. But, I digress. I intend to end the illegal racing country-wide and create sanctioned events at every highway and mountain pass! Anyways, Mr. Sato. I will be seeing you on the road tonight. You better bring a good ride, because I’m unveiling my new street weapon tonight.


    Dagurasu, The Wangan Devil.

    Hehehehe... oh how butthurt this so-called "The Wangan Devil" was! No one can handle the truth indeed!

    Just to control my laughter in regards to this rather comical E-mail, I just giggled like a schoolgirl.

    Then a small office chatbox appeared on the side of the screen. It's Yukio-shacho summoning me into his office.

    I know what would happen, hence I prepared myself. I aligned my necktie as I open the door.

    Yukio: "Good morning, Kenjiro-san."

    I bowed in front of my boss as a response.

    Kenjiro: "Good morning, shacho."

    Yukio: "Please take your seat, we have to discuss this little matter that could affect the sales. It's the first issue, after all."

    I then take my seat, clenching my fist on his desk. Errr... the office is kinda cold.

    Yukio: "You know, not only this e-mail reached to you, but the entire ward. I'm just worried. Please explain to me what you've done that resulted into this."

    Here goes. He deserves to know, anyway.

    Kenjiro: "Shacho, that man is someone who shouldn't stop us. We are a form of media, a written one, to be exact. It's our sole responsibility to bring out the truth to everyone. Yes, it is true that no one can handle the truth, especially when it hits it them hard like a nail, but clearly that article is just the horrid reality of street racing. I did exactly as you told - go deep, and even be labeled as a hypocrite in the process.

    If our local media can fearlessly expose Yakuza's activities, then something as small as street racing shouldn't stop us. That man was simply hurt by the truth. And at the end of the article, I leave the reader to decide for his or her future. Remember, the author's views do not represent the entire magazine, it's my own. I simply practiced the right that we journalists, and even the entire populace of Japan should exercise - the right of free speech.

    So please don't get intimidated by someone like him. He effectively made a clown out of himself. If you want, I'll solely deal with him. People like him don't stagger me at all. I've dealt with far worse."

    Yukio: "All right, I'll let you deal with this, it's just that I'm worried for your safety. My family's publishing company never experienced something like this."

    Kenjiro: "Then hopefully this will be a learning experience for all of us. This is the media, after all. We are bound to receive backlash.

    Have a good day."

    I stand up, not just literally, but also figuratively for the right to express ourselves. I will not allow my mouth to be muffled, nor my hands to be crippled. The truth is the truth, and it's my sole duty to let it be known to everyone!

    I'm not gonna allow some silly street racer get in my way of my plans. I'm not only doing this for my father, but also for every citizen.


    Location: Kenjiro's home
    Time: 11 pm

    Once again, I went out with Matsuda for dinner, and then returned home along with him just to have a little chat before he can set off.

    Obviously, he knows what happened. And he brought it up just now, not during the wee hours of dinner.

    Matsuda: "Looks like someone's not too pleased."

    Kenjiro: "Oh that. You brought it up just now? Anyway, I find him laughable to send a public e-mail, thinking that he's some sort of a superhero. Oh please, he's not even a tiny bit of it. The truth hit him really hard."

    Matsuda: "What are you going to do next? I already sent your Scuderia to RSD and the modifications you requested are underway."

    Kenjiro: "I was about to buy a more powerful car, since I expect retaliation once the magazine is released. Thankfully, my father gave the Scuderia to me. Hence, with that car, there's no reason for me to falter.

    They want hell? I'LL GIVE THEM HELL."


    Location: Lakes Highway, Lakes District, Cumbria, England
    Time: 2 pm

    Meanwhile, at the other side of the globe, where the sun shines brightly at the moment...

    ...the tranquil of the popular tourist destination in Great Britain is completely shattered by a loud, echoing roar.




    Speeding through at 360 kilometers per hour, the driver in the hypercar seems calm and collected. He has a short, well-kept hair, wearing a suit tailored by one of the shops in Savile Row in London, and just entered in his 40s.


    Finley Barton: "Kenjiro Sato, huh? He's quite an interesting fellow. I wonder how much has changed in Japan since my last visit?"


    Author's Notes:

    - Introducing to you, Finley Barton!


    - He shall act as Kenjiro's nemesis/friendly rival. He's just as condescending as Kenjiro is, but is actually slightly more tolerant of street racing. Why? You'll find out soon.

    - Judging from the photo, it's easy to tell that he's based from Daniel Craig. In fact, before I came up with the Finley Barton name, his initial name was Daniel Bond, but of course I had to scrap it. Hehe.


    Name: Finley Barton

    Age: 40

    Occupation: Motoring Journalist, Seasonal Race Car Driver

    Residence: Lakes District, Cumbria, England

    Car/s he owns at the moment: McLaren F1, Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, Caterham Fireblade

    Special Traits: Mastery of various Martial Arts disciplines such as - Kung Fu, Savate, and Judo; and as well as armed combat such as Fencing and Marksmanship.

    And why the blue McLaren?


    My 1:43 scale model that I bought recently in my Hong Kong trip.

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    Dominican Republic
    did you get fries with that?
  25. RCKakashi14


    Chapter 1; Episode 8.3 - Imminent (Kenjiro Sato)

    Location: Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit, England
    Time: 1 pm, two days later

    Finley lets loose a bit in one of Great Britain's popular racetracks - the Silverstone International Circuit.


    He pilots the McLaren F1 GTR Longtail which his racing team intends to represent for the upcoming racing season. However, it turns out that he is actually on a break...


    Nonetheless, one can't suppress the excitement of driving a legendary racing machine, not even the calm and collected Finley.


    It soars past the straight like a bullet being fired. But why is he taking a crack of the machine when in fact he is on leave?


    The answer shall be immediately addressed as he returns to the pit lane. He takes off the helmet and racing gloves. Next, he talks to his personal mechanic who is his only companion today.

    Finley: "She's a fine piece of weaponry. At least the new driver won't have any troubles from here on. Please guide him."

    Mechanic: "Understood. Will relay the message to the chief."

    Finley: "I don't want to see such beauty suffer an incident of malevolence. Hence, I'm here to make sure that things must go smoothly for our new driver."

    Mechanic: "If I may ask, where will you spend your holiday?"

    Finley: "I'm heading east, to Japan, no less. It's been twenty years since I left that wonderful country. It's not a holiday though, more of an investigation... or a check-up even."

    Mechanic: "Investigation? A new magazine article?"

    Finley: "Not really. Something big is brewing over there. Heck, even my McLaren is currently being repainted and modified for the purpose."

    Mechanic: "Ah, good sir... always bringing his cars on travels."

    Finley: "I lay my utmost trust on my very own machines. I despise public transport.

    Now, let's set off. Let's call this a day. The setting is perfect, and I need to arrange my travel documents. See you next time. I wish you the best of luck for our team."


    Location: Kenjiro's home, Tokyo, Japan
    Time: 10 pm

    Meanwhile, at the dark side of the planet...

    Finally, my Scuderia is locked and loaded. It's time for a proper shakedown, perhaps later once I get the photos sorted and ready for the delivery.

    Suddenly, my smartphone rings. Oh... it's the Devil himself. What does he want?

    Kenjiro: "Hello? Oh it's you, how nice of you to call. I say you have the guts...


    Dag: I figured you'd think lowly of me. I know for a fact that you've laughed at that e-mail. Anyways, I have to give you a heads-up...There's a man who used to work with my dad in the old team. He's loose in Tokyo and I haven't been able to find him, and I believe he's behind the Miata explosion last month. Be absolutely careful if you do decide to come by Kanazawa Ward."

    Then he hangs up. What is this? Why is he warning me? Why would he do that? We didn't come off in good terms, either.

    Something is rotten. And that has to be taken care of. It's a mess I've created and I have to deal with it.

    To kill two birds in one stone, I then set off.


    Just a typical combo for basic tuning - more power, less weight, rigid body, and improved handling. I don't want to go on the specifics. I tuned this specifically to face off against those butthurt racers.


    It's definitely much quicker than my R8. I have to step it up a notch.


    I don't fear any devil, even if it has horns and a pitchfork! I'm not going to kneel before people like you!


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    "pitchfork and horns" made me laugh for some reason.
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  27. RCKakashi14


    Chapter 1; Episode 8.4 - The Rematch (Kenjiro Sato)

    Location: Route 7
    Time: 11 pm

    Something is not right, that Dagurasu guy sent a warning. It could even be a trap he concocted, since he PERSONALLY warned me, which adds to the suspicion.

    But since this is the mess I've created, I have to deal with it. I know what would be the consequences the moment I pressed that "SENT" button to submit the final draft of that article.

    Hence I set out, eager to settle things immediately. I am lying in wait, for almost an hour now. The can of coffee is empty, and is ready to be thrown out.


    The calm before the storm is the eeriest moment mankind can experience. History has already proven that, in countless wars that took place.

    Then, I hear a loud grumble, approaching very fast.

    It's a black Ford GT40. Wow, I never thought that a day would come for me to see a rare, classic supercar.


    It parks beside me, and the clear tint reveals that Dag is the driver. He must have deep pockets to acquire such rarity.


    Without any words, he just backed up, ready to race. It's a sign. All right, let's do this.


    Ford versus Ferrari, much like history repeated itself with a twist. The Ferrari he's currently facing is a modern one.

    Background Music - Only An Illusion (Brain 35; Midnight Club II Soundtrack)


    The moment we descend through the ramp, our feet are buried on the throttles of respective cars.

    Thanks to my violently quick shifting transmission, I have the advantage. You can't deny the age gap between these two cars. To be specific, the gap is 30 years!


    However, the rumbling V8 sound from the Ford is coming fast. He used my slipstream for sure! We're gunning down the empty stretch of highway at speeds exceeding 330 km/h!


    But then that quickly died down as the Ferrari's downforce allows it corner at 315 km/h before entering the tunnel! Strange, despite the fact that the GT40 is basically a race car. It should have the same cornering prowess, but the age gap is still to blame.


    Dammit, even my signature trick won't work. He's back on my tail...

    ...and now on my side! I glanced back at the speedo, and the Ferrari is doing 335 km/h. Perhaps the Ford is doing more than 340!


    After overtaking, he now blocks my passing attempt at the U-turn! Now he's showing to me why he is to be feared.


    Fine then, show me your true fangs. I threw in the towel in our previous encounter, but this time around, no more Mr. Nice Guy!





    - The battle between the Scuderia and the GT40 shows the sign of nearing the Chapter 1's end. Both cars exceed the 13D Specs as well, another sign that things will step up a notch in Chapter 2.

    - What's in store for Chapter 2? Simple, this is simply the effect of Kenjiro's article to all of the street racers. Machines with heavy tuning are starting to prowl the streets, showing that street racing has fully returned in Tokyo, as a form of retaliation to Kenjiro.

    - I already have introduced Finley Barton here, but there will be another character that shall debut in Chapter 2. Both characters play main roles. My hint on the latter - it's a female character who frequents in Route 5.

  28. RCKakashi14


    Chapter 1; Episode 8.5 - Slingshot

    The tables have turned. He's showing his true mettle. How can this be?


    Background Music - Perfect Girls (DREAM; Wangan Midnight Movie Soundtrack)


    Whew... I gained back some ground at the corner exit. All right, show's over, Devil.


    This unnecessary show of force will always be pointless! What are you guys trying to prove? What? That the world is your oyster?


    What?! He's still coming! It's a 50-year old clunker!


    Surely he must have tuned it to mimic the racing versions. The Scuderia is already doing 330 km/h, and yet that Ford is pulling away...

    ...and the cornering isn't too shabby either! He's truly giving me what I'm asking for.


    Still pulling away after that high speed trap corner. No use. No use dragging this further. I lost.


    Strangely though, I feel relieved instead of being disappointed.


    We pulled over, as we think the cars need a good rest from the intense battle.


    Dag: “Hey, Kenjiro-san. See why they call me the Devil now?”

    Dagurasu gets a coffee can from the machine and starts drinking it, along with taking a bite from the sandwich.

    Kenjiro: "I can tell. Let's just say history repeated itself. Ford whooped Ferrari once again. But still, you're not the embodiment of the "Devil". I can sense a softer side from you."

    Yeah, he's truly not the Devil that should be feared. He is a strong person, but still has a soft spot. Devils do not even have a hint of that at all.

    Dag: "I'm surprised you noticed. The thing is--"

    However, all of a sudden, he just pushed me around. Hey! What's wrong?!

    I'm hearing gunshots! What is going on?! Is this the... ah!!!

    I felt something really hot that singed through my cheek. A bullet almost nicked me...

    As I turned around after knocked down to the pavement, an old man locks on me like a bull on charge, brandishing a knife along with a gun.

    However, Dag stands in the way, and assumes a fighting stance. Huh, so you know martial arts too.

    Dag: "Hey, Robert! Ignore the journalist and attack me. I am your target, after all."

    His opponent is guffawing as he drops his gun. Go back to the old folks' home.

    "Yes, little kid. Let's dance."

    The old man charges at Dag with a knife in which Dag quickly ducks under and managing to sidestep quickly. He grabs Robert's wrist and wrenches the knife away from him, then sweeps his legs out from under him. He pins Robert down and keeps his arm behind his back in a lock.

    I'm watching UFC here, for free.

    In a flash, Robert is pinned down to submission, blurting out curses like a typical senile old fart. Someone has to be a referee.

    I then hear police sirens. Time to flee before real hell breaks loose.

    Dag: Hey, Kenjiro! Get out of here and get that wound fixed! The cops are coming! And kid? I expect an article about this soon.


    Yeah right, once I get to work in a NEWSPAPER company. I'll even put you on the headlines if you want.

    Joking aside, I owe you my life. I'll thank you properly once we meet again.


    See? I told you. He is not the Devil. Why?

    Because he still has good left within him. And lots of it.


    - Next page will be my last entry for Chapter 1. It will be long, though.

    - I will give the floor for someone who'll write Chapter 1.9 until its end. You can consult me if you want.

  29. Obelisk

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    Chapter 1; 8.5b - Aftermath

    One week after the incident with Robert.

    Dagurasu falls out of the bed. It’s exactly 9:00 AM, and he’s in Hokkaido in a remote hotel.

    He had spent the whole week in hiding in order to protect his identity from the police. His phone has been going berserk the whole night. Everything is all clear for him to head home, and he drives cautiously so that nobody notices him more than necessary. He is utterly exhausted from all of the driving and stress.

    Dag: I can’t even notice major details…

    He gets home and-

    Aria: "DAGURASU!"

    Something hits him from the side and now he’s on the ground. Huh…? Something big and heavy-no, some person is on him. Don’t let it be Steel-Oh, it’s Aria. Why is she crying?

    Aria: "DAGURASU, YOU IDIOT! YOU SCARED US! I-I thought you got killed…"

    Aria buries her head in Dag’s sweatshirt sleeve and keeps crying. He pets her head gently to comfort her…

    Dag: "Aria, don’t worry…Aniki is safe."

    Steel watches the whole thing from around the corner.

    Steel: It’s good to have the boss back…

    Dag: Aria is really out of character today...I've pulled stunts like this before with other angry, armed men, so why is she so torn up now? This doesn't feel right...

    The end.

    Author's notes:
    It's been a while since I've done a standalone chapter. This is from Dag's viewpoint after 8.5.
    My next arc is going to be a whole lot better, trust me!
    A few people like it so far...hehe. -Ob
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  30. RCKakashi14


    Chapter 1; Episode 8.6 - Next Scoop

    Location: Kitahara Publications Bldg, Nihonbashi, Tokyo
    Time: 3 pm, one week later

    A week has passed since that malevolent incident. Honestly though, I was surprised not because someone threatened to take my life, but actually the person whom I offended ended up SAVING me. He's a human being through and through. He has a good soul lying within that buff exterior.

    After I escaped, I'm simply trying to forget it. The only thing left for me to do is to thank him, though he is nowhere to be found.

    Today, I am in a studio, behind my camera placed on a tripod. Photography again? This time around, I am acting as a substitute photographer for the fashion magazine just one floor beneath where I work. Knowing that skill, I was asked by Yukio-shacho a favor, and I'll be paid extra for the job. Apparently the photographer tasked to do this suddenly called in sick.

    The studio background is white, but I can use some more lighting.

    Kenjiro: "Please raise the brightness."

    The staff hurriedly does so. Then the female model wearing a brown leather coat, with a belt with matching color strapped to tighten the said coat. She wears dark brown boots. Her hair is long and satin black, with traditional bangs and the rest let loose all the way down to her chest.

    She is ready, striking her first pose. By the way, her name is Reiko Kitagawa. She's been popular for fashion ads all over Ginza, modelling usually for high-end brands. Now, she gets to be featured for the entire issue which deals with the trending outfits for the Fall season.

    Honestly, I see the fashion industry as very shallow. They think that they can control what everyone should wear and judge people very easily. It's a subjective matter. Plus, not everyone can afford the clothing they see on the magazine. Hence, I NEVER did photoshoots for fashion magazines. Yes, I did take photos of celebrities wearing gowns, but only for lifestyle magazines.

    This is my first...

    All right, she's ready. Here we go. My camera is timed, and I pressed the remote. After three counts, the camera took a shot without a flash first. I want to compare things first.

    Kenjiro: "Second shot, with flash."

    I activated the flash, then rinse and repeat.

    Second shot done. Effortless.

    Reiko then stands up, but before she heads back to change clothes for the next shot, she looks at me directly.

    Reiko: "Aren't you Kenjiro Sato-san? I read your article. I like it."

    Kenjiro: "You did? Thanks."

    Reiko: "Although... everyone in this studio knows that I have other things to do at night."

    Kenjiro: "Which is?"

    Reiko: "I race at Route 5 at night! Heehee."

    Wow, she's so cheerful about it. In fact, she took a magazine and opened a page wherein she shows a photo of her sitting in a classic car.

    Reiko: "I have a thing on cars too, you know? So, what do you drive?"

    Her assistants go to her side and just changed her jacket. It's a white one, but made of cotton with black buttons matched with checkered belt.

    Kenjiro: "A Ferrari 430 Scuderia."

    Reiko: "I see. You boys have a knack for track day cars, huh?"

    Kenjiro: "It depends. We don't share the same taste. Much like fashion."

    Reiko: "That's true."

    Time for the second batch of shots. She definitely knows her thing. This time, she sits down sideways on the white canvass, crossing her legs and she puts her hands on to those. Her smile is close to that of a cosplayer, ever so simple but very cute.

    All right, shots done. Anything else?

    Reiko: "Route 5 is also a fun place to play. Route 7 is actually boring me out. The turns test your patience."

    I take it that she's very skilled.

    Kenjiro: "Oh, I almost forgot. What car do you drive?"

    Reiko: "I use two, but I brought one of them here. Mind if I show you after the shoot?"

    Kenjiro: "No problem."

    Suddenly, I see Shacho exiting the door from the stairs. Looks like he's... alarmed.

    Yukio: "Kenjiro-san, I have a little news that should interest you."

    Kenjiro: "What is it?"

    Yukio: "Last night, some street racers reported seeing an orange McLaren F1 with a foreign license plate roaring past the Route 5's main straight."

    Reiko overhears that, and she approaches closer to us.


    Reiko: "A McLaren F1? Foreign license plate?"

    Yukio: "You see, Kenjiro-san is tasked to do an article about supercars and hypercars in Tokyo. He's having a little hard time on scouting them for photoshoots. That McLaren could be a really nice scoop."

    Oh... I forgot to tell you about my next article. Just like Shacho said, our magazine will feature supercars for the second issue.

    Yukio: "And here's the juicy part. According to the racers, it was clocked at 310 km/h at the end of that short straight."

    Reiko: "Really?! That main straight is short indeed, but to get to the end at over 300 km/h is simply mesmerizing."

    Kenjiro: "It's a McLaren F1 after all, so it shouldn't be that surprising."


    Reiko: "That's an exotic find. Perhaps we should go search for it. I can help."

    Maybe I could use your assistance. Let's talk about that later. There are still more shots left to do.


    After two more hours, we have done everything. The editor-in-chief of the VISION fashion magazine thanked me.

    As promised, I follow Reiko to the parking lot, as she is about to leave anyway.

    She shows me her Chevrolet Corvette C2. And are those aftermarket side exhausts?


    Reiko: "I mainly drive this on the touge, but it can also run in Route 5 nicely as well. It has around 500 horsepower. Heeehee."

    500 horsepower? She must have serious skills to control that old school Corvette on the touge.

    Upon entering, she starts it up. Oh lord. That loud grumble.

    Reiko: "Stay back for a bit."

    Oh right, the exhausts are on the side. As I complied, she revs the engine. It tells me that there is a beast lurking under the hood. That's one beastly howl.

    Reiko: "Oh, before I go, here's my number."

    She gives me a small piece of paper with her phone number written on it.

    Reiko: "Call me if you need help, okay? Bye, cutie!"

    Cutie? Really? I even have yet to have a haircut.

    Anyhow, this will be another interesting twist after the mess I've created from my first article.



    - I did say long, but instead I just put in the important points to close off.

    - Reiko Kitagawa and Finley Barton will play major roles in Chapter 2. They just needed proper introductions here.

    - I'm giving you the floor for writing the the last part of Chapter 1. Once again, feel free to consult me if you have ideas.

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