Has Project Cars lived up to the hype?

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Is PCars suits the hype?

  1. HELL YEAH! Better than [that game]!

  2. Its excellent! Has its many potential.

  3. Its great, but there are many to be improved.

  4. Its okay, i guess.

  5. Not what im expected.

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  1. FosterG


    I agree with you, and photomode is just awful in my opinion, really let down by that part of the game. If those things are not fixed soon, I will just dump this game. Personally I hope they get it sorted out, the potential is there.
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  2. HAL20XX


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    Huh? This is search interest, not number of players.
  3. Johnnypenso

    Johnnypenso Premium

    They have promised long term support of the game and in DLC, both free and I would assume paid. If they don't follow through on that promise and many of the games issues are not resolved, I think they'll have a hard time selling PCars2. I think this franchise is a gold mine personally, you don't need to push Gran Turismo or even Forza numbers to make piles of cash, especially when you are on all 4 major gaming platforms and with that carrot dangling in front of you and serious cash flowing in already, I expect they'll go batturd crazy trying to make the game as bug free as is possible in the next few weeks. It's one of the advantages of being an independent studio, no corporate bullies breathing down your neck telling you what to do and how to do it. I expect them to live up to their promises and deliver. Time will tell.
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  4. Toblakai99


    I feel there is true greatness in Project Cars it is just let down by the massive amount of glitches and bugs.Hopefully they get patched soon.
  5. Mr Latte

    Mr Latte Premium

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    While having experienced some terrific moments in races and recognising their is a superb racing game to be found.
    Oh yeah it's their, deep down in it's loins and at the heart of the game. Credit to the developers for many good things but it is blighted by annoying digital nasties.

    Has the cosy "develop with the community" aspect been a success? Has it ensured a closer or higher bond of trust/respect over traditional game development? It's great idea getting the community involved but it's not so good treating the community like fools or for granted.

    It seems very obvious the deadline had come for releasing the game, yet is so fundamentally littered with issues but why? Apart from assuming more time was needed but not admitting releasing an unfinished title is that worse/better than making excuses for a lack of testing and ensuring finished polish being applied for the retail release?

    The situation is a bit like courting a woman for several years, wooing her and promising her a wonderful wedding but when the big day comes, all is not well their are many problems. Things have not been properly overseen or finalised. You can't hide behind a lack of excuses when it is clear you haven't quite delivered what you promised.

    Thankfully video games can have patches but that too is part of the problem in today's world of gaming. Just ask Codemasters. Substandard quality gets acceptable and forgiven with "free dlc" but SMS not forgotten.
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  6. Spatt


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    Sorry if this has already been said as i havent read through all posts..

    I think the game has a solid platform and as its a first edition shouldn't we expect the minor bugs were seeing?

    after all the game has so much for everyone, personally i'd like to see more cars but i'm sure that will come with time.
  7. Spooky Wooky

    Spooky Wooky (Banned)

    Yes and no, some people (like me) are experiencing minor bugs (and that's OK for arguements sake). Others, (mainly Xbox controller users and PS4 Fanatec users) are experiencing major bug that stops them enjoying the game in the way the developers hoped.
  8. Rebel59_78


    As I have to send my t300 base back to thrustmasters I cant enjoy this game on wheel yet..but am very happy on ds4..that being said I for one am very pleased so far with this game
  9. Spatt


    United Kingdom
    I use the DS4 for now and i have no issues with it other than when snap over steer happens coming out of corners. its hard to 'catch'

    i have the G27 but cant use it.. Thinking of going all out on a Fanatec set up.
  10. jason.clark47


    PS4 user here and yes it has lived up to my expectations, I would MUCH rather play this than GT for the racing it's fantastic.

    If SMS can fix it so I can take photos from the replays rather than pausing mid race (which I never do) I'll be happy.
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  11. Fat Tyre

    Fat Tyre

    Too buggy to tell at the moment. The concept is great and when it works it's unbeatable. Today I had a race with thunderstorms and 35 car grid on Catalunya. It went great, visuals were awesome and surprisingly frame rate felt smooth (XBO here). So I don't know it's like a woman, when she's in a good mood everything is wonderful but if you catch her on one those days...

    edit: bipolar kinda game? :confused:
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