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    Hello guys, finally after about a year (I'm joined at 10 February 2018) I'm decided to present myself to the GTPlanet community.

    I'm Italian and acutally I'm attending the fourth (and last I hope :D) year of hairdressing.

    I have playied every Gran Turismo game apart HD Concept, 5 (I playied only the Concept), 6 and Sport (the last one I hope to play soon :D). The my favourite GT is Gran Turismo 1, 2 and 4. I must ammit that I'm not very good to play Gran Turismo games :p.

    I'm very good to make hybrids in the first two GTs, meanwhile I've never tried with other GTs.

    I love to search and find hidden things about Gran Turismo, mostly cars and colors.

    Apart Gran Turismo, I play also some other racing games. I have all of the Need for Speeds for PS2 and PSP (completed all of them at 100%), Enthusia Professional Racing, that I'm very good to play this game, WRC 3, V-Rally 3 and I have all of the Ridge Racers (missed Ridge Racer and Rage Racer :p) for PS1, PS2 and PSP. Some day I will buy Ridge Racer 6 for XBox 360. I've also playied Ridge Racer SlipStream for Android. I'm a master to play Ridge Racer games

    Speaking of something else, I love Japanese cars, mostly Imprezas (22B and '02 GDB are the my absolute favourite), Skylines (mostly R34 and R35) and Evos (I love the VII GSR).

    I love the Japanese culture, manga, anime, videogames, girls (nothing of personal, eh :p) and once again, cars.

    Talking about other things, I like play FPS and Third-Person Shooter, fighting, stealth and platform games.

    Now returning back to the GTPlanet purpose, talking about racing games and cars, I have a little bit of original works, for now only four :D

    EDIT: I missed to talk about the my albums. The most important are two: one for Gran Turismo 1 and one for Gran Turismo 2.

    EDIT 2: The my first contribution for Forza Motorsport 4!
    It is a very cool thing, I made the special color cars from GT1 in FM4

    Thread: https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/thre...or-cars-remaded-in-forza-motorsport-4.385142/

    That for Gran Turismo 1 is:

    1) All special color cars: I made this because anyone have made this before.


    And that for Gran Turismo 2 is:

    1) Every restored color in Gran Turismo 2 Plus: this album have all of the restored colors (for now) not present in the final release of Gran Turismo 2


    I will start from the three works that I've made for Gran Turismo 1:

    1) Changing the time of the day of the track. This is self explanatory. I was able to change the time of the day in every track, including the two hidden tracks (rogo-test and END). Now you can play in a day Special Stage Route 11 or a night Deep Forest, but you can make only free runs, because if you start the race, for some reason, the effect it is deactivated.

    Thread: https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/thre...ging-the-time-of-the-day-of-the-track.383640/

    2) Official Time Attack. Yes, this is the competition about the changed day times tracks. You can partecipate if you want. Acutally we are at the third season, at High Speed Ring Sunset


    3) Hidden Cars. Nothing of special, it is only a thread about hidden cars and car's regional differences (not finished yet, missed NSX GT1 Turbo and TVRs racing modifications, both from the Japanese release and used Honda/Acura from USA release)


    And now the only for Enthusia Professional Racing:

    ALL 211 cars top speed. Considering that I'm obsessed with the top speed, I've created this FAQ. :DSome day maybe will be a full car FAQ, including specs of the cars


    Thank you for reading this immense presentation about me :gtpflag: See you on the forum! :cheers:
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