Hks Rs-2 (d1)

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    Doesn't look like DFP drifting :( sorry to say... It also looks as thougth your traveling 30mph with 600hp, keeping the wheels going... not very fluid :(, Sorry i gotta make sure it gets knocked just a little... its the truth, enjoy..
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    man you dont know anything look slow because of the view if i change my view to freestyle (forgot the name)it look fast but i wanna show you guys that drifting is not fast. And by anychance you every saw real drifting is????? there entry speed is fast...once they started drifting they slowly reduce there speed to 40km/h (20 - 30mph) in technical courses such as ebisu, odaiba, tsukuba.
    Motegi and Fugi courses i did was at 200km/h (entry speed was 230km/h on both) when i was drifting in the game.
    They are not 600hp fool. they just plain stock cause i have no time to browse the whole game.
    Keeping the wheels going in real life is producing more smoke. which most D1 drivers do. [i wanna see you doing a full throttle and full counter-steer at the same time fool cause i can do it]
    I don't take offence on the "it's not DFP" cause this game is not even nearly real. the DFP steering wheel is too small, the shifter where weird and the pedals where to soft feels like am slipping on them.
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    Ignore the arrogant arse.

    Fantastic drifting. I must of spent more hours trying to drift than anything else and I STILL can't do it