How many cars in car delivery

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Thomas2012, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Thomas2012

    Australia Melbourne

    How many cars do you have in your car delivery?
    Well i have 56 cars and tickets waiting to be chosen and my fav was my acadmy 370z i took today
  2. Caz


    I dont understand why people try to load up the truck. Everyone here complains about grinding in this gam. Loading the truck creates a new grind in unloading it. Your looking at a minimum 2 hours to get that truck unloaded.
    To each their own. Not knocking you or the others that have been loading it. Just tying to get why.
    Collecting paints gear cards etc i understand. But the truck has nothing going for it collector wise.

    I do understand storing lvl,birthday and class specific tickets ( classic muscle etc.....) for trade/ duping / finding that car purposes .... but actually storing cars here just makes no sense to me.
  3. Thomas2012

    Australia Melbourne

    I just dont take them to bored to because having fun racing
  4. SpeedQber

    Netherlands The Netherlands

    I have 40 things waiting in my truck, but most of them are tickets. I don't open the car tickets because I don't need or want them.
  5. Techy

    Vietnam Florida

    Only 14 :p Most of them are tickets I received from the Licenses and the rest 1000 tickets, Level tickets, B-Day tickets, and Car Class tickets. I also had an X2010 S. Vettel ticket from Bronzing the S. Vettel challenge but I didn't bother duping it for trading means :sly:

    @ Caz

    I agree with you. The last time I unloaded it, it consumed around +10 minutes :grumpy: I'm not sure why PD implemented it in the first place, where they should instead automatically transfer it to the Items inventory.
  6. Doog

    United States Phoenix, AZ

    I currently have 4 cars sitting in my truck. They've been there for months. :scared:
  7. sid_chiclana

    England Norwich

    Truck is empty, as usual :)
  8. C-ZETA

    England Bromley

    Just a rally base car ticket, which I need for a project.


    You can get around the 2000 car limit doing this.
  10. SuperVeloce

    United Kingdom England

    0... I like to keep it clear.
  11. TiZzla

    New Zealand New Zealand

    I had like 8 cars waiting to unload and I thought that was bad.

    I unloaded all of them so I don't end up like the OP :lol:

    Why do they make it such a slow and painful process? It's the same with buying new cars there's no quick way of doing it, every new car has to do that stupid screen where the car pulls up and that damn rock song plays and asks if you want to drive it now.......

    No I don't want to drive it now I have 10 other cars i'd like to buy........ Oh wait i've spent half an hour buying 3 cars........
  12. Techy

    Vietnam Florida

    I think you don't understand what he's saying. He meant that the Delivery truck is completely useless & was just a way to consume a lot of time unloading it.


    No actually this is what I read:

    124 in mine. :D

    Have had it over 150 at times.
  14. m8h3r

    England East Midlands

    I have a separate account for duplication and sometimes I like to go say a week just sending a level 23 ticket or similar per day and storing them so I can open loads in one go and get like 5 good cars an 3 Mazda furuis or zonda Fs
  15. keldabest13

    United Kingdom chesterfield,UK

    Always at 0.I like opening tickets so I never have the truck above 0.But I do have 3 tickets in the truck for trade! (PM me for more information!) :lol:
  16. 84 in mine. I've got no reason to take them out, so I don't bother doing so.


    lets see, vettel challange all 3 lvl tickts so they are all 0/0/0, both GTA cars , almost all b-day tickets, all lvl tickets, all car tickets aka muscle,

    i think i have 180 tickets in the truck right now:crazy:
  18. Caz


    Didnt think of 2000 car limit actually. But whats the point of that if you have to send a car to second account cause your garage is full and you want to drive a truck stored car?

    I dunno. Only at 4xx cars anyway. One account no dupes no glitches so i havent run into a space issue.

    I just see so much complaining about the grinding that " this game causes"
    ( read as : user created grinding because they think there is an actual end to this game and the first one there gets 72 virgins)
    And drew my thought process that way.


    If your flirting with this limit, your not concerned about driving cars, just collecting them. ;)

    About the "time it takes to empty issue" You can open 1 car ticket at a time. You don't need to clear the entire thing in one shot.
  20. Caz


    Open one gain three ;) its cool. I'm just not there yet. Do buy every vette, s2000 and nsx i see. Havent purchased a single skyline or gtr yet though ;) so thats prob. Why my garage isnt juiced yet.

    Ps. Pretty drunk soooooo take my posts as lightly as possible.
  21. Thomas2012

    Australia Melbourne

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! :crazy:
  22. iamjajo


    I have about 30 tickets in the truck right now. I looked at them and didn't see anything I needed right away. I've given several away and will probably just send these to friends too.
  23. I've taken everything I've got so 0.
  24. Thomas2012

    Australia Melbourne

    Most of my tickets a crap like a celica why would i need that
  25. Eric W

    United States Massachusetts

    My truck currently has 3 cars in it. Too bad we couldn't take the truck out for a spin!

    Hmmm, GT5 Semi racing? :tup:
  26. Jacob

    Sweden Göteborg.

  27. 10. No cars, just tickets.

    1967, 1970, Lvl 21, 23, 24, (2) 1,000, Classic Muscle, Modern Muscle, Nascar. :tup:
  28. Jar31Lar


    0, because I gotta catch 'em all!
  29. ZEROX

    Malaysia Area 10

    13 1000 tickets, 4 tickets from that nascar event
  30. xEnZo

    New Zealand Under Your Bed

    7 and counting lol
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