How many cars should GT6 have?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Conza, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Conza

    Australia Melbourne

    History check

    GT1 = 180 cars, GT2 = 650, GT3 = ~180(?), GT4 = 700+(?), GT5 = ~1000

    So an average of ~550 cars overall?

    I think that's fairly achievable, if you count all of the new cars from GT5 (only let's hope), no premium/standard stuff, just lots of good cars.

    But to be honest, most of my favourite cars are standard ones, so, would it be better to have all new cars that look great (as great at the premium ones do in GT5, maybe some a little better if possible for the PS4), or, double that, with mostly redone standard cars?

    Don't know if there should be a whole bunch of number guesses of what you think/like, or what sorts you'd like.

    I think honestly, I'd like all new cars, somewhere between 450-650 premiums, but I think the minimum we should expect (if they're all premiums) is 300, assuming also GT6 comes out in the next few years and is on the PS3 not the PS4.
  2. ParkourVeyron

    United States Virginia

    500-600 Premiums with more variety. (less Nissans) The current 200 Premium 800 Standard-thing is just ridiculous. It's obvious that they only put 1,000 cars in the game because it was easy and it's a marketing tool.
  3. Dmarc_Atl


    Yea its obvious they added 800 cars from previous games because of marketing and not because they knew people would want to drive those cars from previous gt's.

    TBH I wouldnt be surprised if GT6 had standards and premiums.But this time they would be a much higher quality like less detailed interiors than gt5 premiums,updated textutres and updated model with more faces, while the premiums would be slightly higher quality ( if possible) than gt5 premiums.As for the number ... who know I do think it will be less than 1k.
  4. 1241Penguin

    Canada Canada

    The reason why GT3 had less cars than GT2 is because PD needed to work on improving the graphics and handling of the cars due to moving on to the PS2 from the PS1. Technically, GT5 has less cars than GT4, because it only has 220 new cars compared to GT4's 700. The 1000 cars is achieved from porting GT4 cars, which is just taking shortcuts.
  5. C-ZETA

    England Bromley

  6. eran0004

    Sweden Barcelona

    I wouldn't mind to keep the 800 standard cars. The model quality may not be very good, but for shuffle racing it is necessary to have a wide range of cars.

    I also don't think they should spend too much time on upgrading the standard quality. If they want to upgrade a couple of standards to premiums, that's great, but I don't think they should bother modelling standard interior and such because it would still look like PS2 quality and people would just be mad that they spent time on that for 800 cars. If they keep the standards as they are, then at least they didn't waste any time there.

    My very serious SLS AMG guess is: 500 premium cars in GT6 (TC and RM versions included), 800 standards.
  7. sdf


    Cause i dont care if a car is premium or standard (as long as i can change rims)... at the very least GT6 should have all the cars from previous GT's (including the 1000 nissans) plus at least 100 "road" cars from the last decade.
    When i say "Last decade" i mean...if gt6 is released in 2015, must at least have 100 cars with dates '05 to '15 at the end of the model name......
    btw...@PDi i dont mean 100 nissans with different color or EU/US version, stripe or no stripe version or 2 race cars that have different number, or same car as RM....i mean totally different models.
  8. HuskyGT

    United States Utah

    Around 620. But with ALL manufacturers having at least 20 models. That would make the list feel much bigger than our current 1,000+ cars list.
  9. LMSCorvetteGT2

    United States Arizona

    Husky is right, if they want to do anything that others are doing it should be making their car selection less region biased and more balanced. Forget the level ups like certain other games and similar things as well. Renew the concept of diversity and not narrow minded selection.
  10. TokoTurismo

    Canada Canada

    Around 650 with variety of manufacturers and cars premium, with NO idenitcals with US/EU period. For each manufacturers, each car must be a fast model and ONLY that fast model. Such as the Toyota Supra RZ and the Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II.

    Don't forget to bring back the manufacturers from GT2. The car list needs to be more exciting for GT6.
  11. LMSCorvetteGT2

    United States Arizona

    I would and I think many others would only agree to this based on larger performance selections. Why should I give up a 2.5 supra and only have a 3.0 turbo? When both should be allowed and give online street car races more diversity and allow racers/tuners to show an even higher level of skill.

    It would also highly limit the numbers and I don't see how 650 would be hit, I mean it might but it will be quite tough.
  12. Dmarc_Atl


    So that means gt6 should have a couple hundred more premiums.I dont think it would be like gt3 to gt4 because these cars are way higher quality than gt4 cars so it takes longer.
    GT4 ported cars from gt3.Forza 3 ported cars from forza 2 forza 4 ported cars from forza3.Its common not shortcuts.Now what IW did with MW3 was taking shortcuts,they took models directly from mw2 didnt update it or anything.Retexturing and updating a car takes half as much time as it takes to actually make one from scratch so its not really a shortcut because its still time consuming. :sly:
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  13. dhandeh

    England England

    All of them. :sly:

    However many it has, they all have to be premium.
  14. Tired Tyres

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    United Kingdom West Yorkshire

    It depends on how long they take to produce GT6. PD can make about 50 cars a year.

    Thus 2 year development equals 100 new cars plus GT5 premium cars.
    3 years equals 150 new cars plus GT5 premium car.

  15. Sselecta

    Sweden Sweden

    I'd rather see quality over quantity. The total amount of cars doesn't tell me anything. It'll be completely pointless as long as they're still worthless Kei-cars, sedans or duplicates/other versions of the already ''premium'' cars.

    Pick out what you, Polyphony Digital, think are the most iconic and popular european, american and asian cars, make them all ''premium'' and let us properly modify them visually. I don't care about the numbers or the ten other versions of the very same car. I just want reasonable content.

    Unless this doesn't happen, I can never see myself buying neither the next installment nor a new console.
  16. White & Nerdy

    United States Wasilla, AK

    I would consider anything above 350 satisfactory, as long as the car list is better balanced, with fewer "quick 'n' easy" Japanese cars (especially Nissans). Also, it's high time for the Lancia Delta Collezione (sp?) to return.
  17. jcm

    Canada Vancouver


    At least 250 premium. And make the PD F1 car premium. I'd rather they improve physics, tracks, tires, AI, and leveling system before they improve the premium car number. I usually use bumber view. I only use cockpit view when I'm just driving for fun, not when I'm racing..
  18. hugo24

    Australia TAS


    They should use Forza as a base, old/new, SUV's, utilities, super cars, race cars, every day cars.

    All need to be premium but if they want to cut corners stop modelling reverse interior views, and just have every car with an interior like Forza.
  19. 1241Penguin

    Canada Canada

    and this
    Does not mix. AFAIK, the cars in FM4 have a fully modelled interior. Just makes you wonder why they excluded a reverse interior view.
  20. Antonisbob

    Canada Kelowna, Canada

    As many as possible without having a single 'standard' car.
  21. 1241Penguin

    Canada Canada

    Given that the PS3 is already maxed-out, GT5 cars can slip into GT6 (assuming that GT6 is also on the PS3) without anybody noticing. It might have a bit of upscaling done, but most importantly, FIX THE SOUNDS!!!
  22. McClarenDesign

    United States Norman, OK

    I don't care how many cars GT6 has.. long as it's all of them.
  23. Jawehawk

    Denmark Fredericia

  24. TokoTurismo

    Canada Canada

    I was only using those two cars as my examples, of "each" fast models were good over the identical ones. Nothing more... :irked:
  25. karelpipa

    Czech Republic Prague

    All have to be Premium, thus making them standards (ih you know what i mean ;) ).
    Much more variety as GT2 had. GT2 was very close to ideal.
    More family saloons and hatchbacks or wagons with RM. Like Ford Mondeo MKI-IV or Passats.
    I would like to see more engine varieties. For example 1.8 and 2.5 V6 for same car. But this would be too much.
    More european cars (sadly Saab might not be available)
    Quick acces icons on all menu screens (for races, online lobby, garage, GT Auto and GT home.)

    This has been explained already why it is not important.
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  26. amar212

    Croatia Croatia


    F355 Challenve had only one car and it is still one of the best games ever in the genre.

    Gran Turismo 6 does not need more cars. It desperatly needs more tracks.
  27. Conza

    Australia Melbourne

    Hmm, so many things to want out of driving game, I on the other hand could hardly give a damn about visual modifications, but really like the kei cars and many of the standards. I guess PD need to balance all of these concerns better in the next game.

    I think this'll be less likely, especially physics, I mean they are far and away class leading, but the rest shouldn't be limited by the engine (which I hope they don't re-do).
  28. XPOWER180


    I don't really care what the final figure is but what i will be bothered about is what's included. I hope that stupid cars like the Fiat Panda, Volvo 240 and silly little Diahatsu trucks are banished forever. Also they need to stop duplicating cars as is the case with the Renault Sport Clio's and the Lutecia versions. Exactly the same cars with just a different word in the description, an utterly pointless inclusion. Then they need to ditch their obsession with all the multiples of Skylines, MX5's, RX7's and so forth. Once they develope a true list of cars that ditches the ridiculous and repetetive (that could be a new name for the Fast and Furious franchise!) only then will the total figure become relevant.
  29. Conza

    Australia Melbourne

    Woah fella! The Fiat Panda 1000S is a great car and doesn't deserved to be disparaged.

    Otherwise I completely agree, but we may as well discuss a possible figure and what it'll hopefully be in it.
  30. XPOWER180


    Well if i had to name a figure i'd be happy with then it would be whatever we have now plus 100! So i guess somewhere at approx' 1200 cars.
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