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  1. greenlightning

    United States Wichita, KS

    Would be very interested in finding a GT4 game save for PS3 that has all license completed and maybe the missions. If it contained prize cars from the endurance races that would be nice also. Do not really want a lot of money or cars on the save. Anyway have used Solid Lifters save and it works, just looking for something a little more basic.
  2. Tomf4i03


    Ok sorry for sounding dumb but can i use a max drive on ps3? and so the fall of man game file is password protected any one know?
  3. Tomf4i03


    Nevermind I figured it out, :)
  4. Dagobert


    Thanks for the Gran Turismo 4 and RE4 saves. I was looking for .psv formats of ps2 game saves. Btw does any one have a Tekken 5, Zone of the Enders or Metal Gear Solid 2 game save?
  5. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    I just added Metal Gear game save with the bandanna specialty item (infinity ammo) for those with Metal Gear 3: Subsistence.

    I finally beat this game, which wasn't easy. I spent several hours looking for something that wasn't even in this version. Bah! Plus, I forgot how annoying it was to contact somebody in the game who must perform some needed functions in order for you to continue. BAH!
  6. Robin

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    This may seem like an odd question but it is possible to download saves from the first page in this thread and then (using the ps3 + mem card adaptor) put them back on PS2 memory card to play on PS2 or is it a one way process only??

    You may ask why don't you play your PS2 games on the PS3, reason is I have games from all over regions which are likely to differ from the region of my PS3.
  7. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    That's a good question. I don't know. I brought back my memory card reader a few days after I used it. I never tried this.

    I wasn't going to ask. But, an interesting answer. I don't think it matters what region your PS2 game is; just put it in your PS3 and play it. But, game save regions matter, I think.
  8. DuckRacer


    Here's some of my game saves. Not exactly impressive, but it's better than nothing, right? ;)

    Attached Files:

  9. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    Thanks for uploading those. However, two aren't really needed. There already is an Ultimate Resistance game save. Two, GTHD is too easy to earn on it's own. But, Fight Night is new. I can post a link to it.

    Thanks Duck, and post some more if you got them! Any good PS2 game saves?
  10. DuckRacer


    I have my GT4 save (with all the care I've tuned pre-tuned :mischievous:), but I'm not sure if I want to share that.
  11. newtcg


    Does anyone have a GT4 with just the Licenses all Gold done... That is all I am looking for. Solid you are doing a great job with this one I hope it grows.
  12. Hi!
    The reason is that the gamesaves have to had the original name according to their name+region etc.. so that why as gt-savegame.psv don´t work and like BASCUS-9732847414D4544415441.psv works flawlessly.

    If you don´t know the name you can go to gamefaqs, get a savegame for your game and open it on ps2 save builder and you will see the original name.

    Regards ;)
  13. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    Hey, thanks.

    I just added a Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty ULTIMATE game save to the first post. All levels are complete, Very Easy - Extreme with ALL Dog Tags collected with specialty items DG Camera, Stealth Suit, Bandanna, Brown Wig, Blue Wig and Orange Wig.
  14. acecel



    I would like to find a FFXII PAL savegame in PS3 format please

    If someone can help me?

    Thanks in advance :)
  15. acecel


    This one here
    would be very nice :)
  16. Can somebody PLEASE get a 100% games save of "Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2" and upload the psv format. Whoever does this will be GOD to me!!!
  17. Some PLEASE upload a psv save of Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 with 100% everything!
  18. Exenter


    too bad GT4 doesn't work on PAL PS3s :(
  19. mathazzam


    i've a problem with the resistance save date..
    well i've saved it intro my usb stick under "PS3">>"SAVEDATA">>"un-zipped file"
    it also shows up on the ps3 then i copy it to my ps3 but everytime i start resistance it just won't read it... and makes another new file..
    plz I need help with this..
  20. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    What country are you in? It should show up. Nobody's had a problem with it, until now. Let me know when you've figured it out.
  21. I am trying to find a good oblivion save. nobody seems to have any. A mage if possible.
  22. LaBounti


    Did you rent the game? U cant be that lazy, or could you?
  23. Dead_Poetic


    Well, I would be interested in finding a good Oblivion save as well. Even though, I will still continue using my character, it would just be fun to have one already made...
  24. i did rent it and I want a strong starting character to see if I want to buy. I like mages so I am trying to find a strong starting mage to test.
  25. Sprite

    United Kingdom Horbury, West Yorkshire

    Hi guys, don't know if this is the place, but I don't want to make a separate thread just for this one question.

    I have Max drive and have got my save onto my mac but they are in .max format, do I need to crunch um before the become actual save files? because I want to transport them over to my PS3 via the memory stick. any ideas?
  26. LaBounti


    Ok, thats cool. I would think playing a high lvl charactor would kind of ruin any surprises. I rented it too but i just bought it today.
  27. I just looking for a high level mage to run around with for an hour and see if I like the game. Then I am going to buy it.
  28. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    Nope, not yet. But, I bet somebody is working on one, though. So many seem to want it, or need it. Give it a few more months. :tup:
  29. Sprite

    United Kingdom Horbury, West Yorkshire

    Yhe thats what I though, I actually found a converter that changed them to another format for another converter to change them to ps2 files, but I didnt know how they actually look and in what type of archive they are in, the actual conversion turns them into a folder with a long name and then inside this folder there are a few fies all of different type like icon files and such, im not sure if they are what i need. I may look into this some more and see if im able to get anything working and then I may even post my findings here.
  30. Sorry if this is bumping, or what ever, but I just downloaded the resistance save and am kind of confused.

    Do I drag the whole folder into the ps3 folder (which I downloaded from a guy on page 2 or 3 I think) or extract the files? (Folder comes with icon.png, param.sfo, param.pfd and profile.sav)

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