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  1. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    Easiest is Flash Drive.
  2. How abouts would I do that? I don't have a flash-drive but I'm planning on getting one soon.
  3. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    Read the first post.
  4. My issue is, I understand how the process of retreaving a save from the PS3 then transfering it to a Sans disk works. My issue is how do I take a PS2 save and import it onto my PS3 without the memory card adapter I have a 256 MB SD card. Any suggestions, I knwo you said it was posted previously, but I only found PS3 to PC, not PC to PS3. Any help would be fantastic, Thank You! :)
  5. hi,

    has anyone got the Metal gear solid 3 - snake eater game save?(PAL)

  6. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    Yes, the first post explains this, also. But, you can only do it with .psv files, which the first post info explains.

    Nope, none yet. Maybe somebody with it will post it for you. If not, head over to and they should have it.
  7. Thank you again, must have missed it. Another quick question, does anyone have the regular MGS3 and game saves, not MGS3 Subsistence saves, I just picked up a copy and I know longer have any of my saves from my original card, if anyone does let me know, and again the regular version of MGS3 and not Subsistence. Thank You!
  8. thanks solid lifter, if i find it, i will post
  9. I have problem. The Resident Evil 4 Leon gamesave. It's all done but when i launch the game and try to Load there is nothing there, the Extras are there but no save.
  10. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    Did you also download the 'Game Save Data' that supposed to go with it? Try that.

    The game starts from the beginning, with all the extras, so that's what the save is supposed to be.
  11. Still doesnt work, zipped it into the PSV-folder and then when i tried to open it on the PS3 it said Corrupted
  12. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    I don't know what to tell you. Nobody has complained before. This game has been downloaded before, so why it wont work now is beyond me. I can't try the save myself. I don't own this game anymore.

    EDIT: I just downloaded the game save to my PC, then to a Flash Drive, then to my PS3 and it showed up just fine. It was ready to go. If it's 'Corrupted' it's on your end only. Try downloading it again. If it doesn't work, buy a new Flash Drive.
  13. Ok, now im really pissed. The flashdrive works just fine, the ps3saves work, but the ps2 does not. I dont know what i am doing wrong, im putting the files in the right folder, but it doesnt show up, dammit.

    Is there something i've missed?
  14. Orin


    Hey, I'm looking for a MGS1 (PS1) .psv save file...

    can anyone help me out?

    Preferably one with a large number of different areas saved (I'm trying to get to the area just before your first fight with the ninja)
  15. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    You're not trying to get them to work ON a PS2, are you? These saves are strictly for PS3.

    Check the first post, and reread what you need to do and where you need to save a PS2 game save for the PS3 to recognize it. It's all there.
  16. Josiahkf

    PSN:Josiah of Doom

    A memory card is less than $10 now and card readers are even cheaper, if you're one of the few people that knows no one with a digital camera.
    The main files we're talking about are PSV. any other type you can get at PSV isn't supported yet though and it's too bad, since it's the easiest way so far.
    I have a couple saves backup up on this comp for FFXII so post if anyone needs. I think everyone got what they needed already though
  17. Josiahkf

    PSN:Josiah of Doom

    This is a save for FFXII. (PS3 .PSV Format)
    It's right after Archades, with:

    -untouched Bazaar (nothing purchased)
    -a million gil
    -all best in-game armor (grand, maximillian, Dragon, etc)
    -all characters lvl 70
    -8 espers
    -Zodiac spear, Masamune, Save the Queen, plus standard weapons
    -Full License board
    Zipped Game Save
  18. Hey, SOLID_LIFTER,

    You posted an MGS2 save on your very first post called 'MGS2 ULTIMATE Game' do you have the system data for this. Or tell me what I am doing wrong.


    Can I add you to my PSN?
  19. Does anyone have the PAL MGS2 or MGS3 save... please
  20. litobirdy


    I have been looking everywhere. The only saves I can find are the codebreakers, x-port, etc etc. I have a ps3 and I rented Most wanted because I like the cop chases. I dont have enough time to actually beat the whole game and get all the cars. etc. etc. So I really need to find a .psv save out there. Someone HAS to have this game because I know this game was more popular than Carbon. Please anyone. If not, then is there a way to d/l a ps2 codbreaker save or whatever the hec format they are and save it onto usb and just upload it to the ps3?
  21. schultzie


    im after PAL game saves for GT3 100% or all licences

    or a pal GT4 save all licences 0%racing or near to it.

    Cheers justin schulz,

    Pm if u have it
  22. kekke2000

    Sweden Sweden

    This gamesave thing is not good when it comes to PS Home Hall Of Fame, the top players might have downloaded their path to glory...
  23. Digital-Nitrate

    United States Austin, Texas
    PSN:D-Nitrate / GTP_DNitrate

    Good point, but for me personally, I just don't get the level importance many people seem to place on online "high scores" on any platform, because there are so many different ways people can "cheat" to achieve artificially high scores.

    That being said, can't you exchange game saves among users for X360 games as well?

    If so, then are there any measures in place to prevent someone from taking credit for someone else's work?

    If so, then I suppose the same can be done for the PS Home Hall of Fame.
  24. Josiahkf

    PSN:Josiah of Doom

    Most wanted came out too early so most people finished it before getting into ps3. All my saves are xbox or xbox 360 sorry
  25. kekke2000

    Sweden Sweden

    But my Oblivion save for example, that can be put on any ps3 and be loaded and resaved as another file, i don't think there is a way to control that.
  26. morenozafini


  27. i got a underground 2 save game if anyone wants it.It has the story complete and everything unlocked in customize mode.
  28. Scouse_King


    I need game saves for eu. These don't work on the ps3 for me! Because I live in the UK.
  29. skedealz


    does anyone have a god of war 1 game save for the ps2?
  30. fkuk


    does any one have a gta san andrease pal save im looking for 100%
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