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  1. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    Yeah, it's the whole folder with all the individual files you just listed. Miss a file, and you cannot make it work for you.

    When you transfer the file to your PS3 it should show up with a pic of the Resistance banner which is the icon.png file.
  2. Thanks for the help.

    I put the whole thing onto my USB, in the correct places, and it does show up, however when I copy it onto the hard drive, then launch Resistance the game doesnt seem to recognise the save file and makes a new one, so my hard drive has 2 Resistance saves.

    Not sure what I've done wrong..

    BTW: My PS3 is from Europe, would I need a save from someone from Europe?
  3. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    Yep. That's the problem. You need a PAL game save. I might have one.

    Here, try this...
  4. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    Cool. Added to the first post. Thanks. :tup:
  5. Pebb

    England Eastleigh, UK

    Did anyone find a way to get a GT4 save copied to there Max Drive and then to there PC to work, because I am waiting to get paid, before I buy a memory card adapter.
  6. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    Apparently, there never will be program made. You can take Max Drive saves, save them to your PS2 memory card. I was told they are saved as .psv files. So, just take that file to your Memory Card Reader and save it on the PS3, and vice versa.
  7. Pebb

    England Eastleigh, UK

    I was asking if anyone found a way, instead of me having to folk out for a Memory Card Reader, but it looks like I will have to after all.
  8. GTO_VR4

    United States Earth

    Still no GT4 save files? :(
  9. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    Yes there is. Post #1. It's my personal game save. Been there for nearly three months.
  10. GTO_VR4

    United States Earth

    oh crap. sorry about that. I was about 3/4 asleep at the time of the posting. :p
  11. Ildanach


    PS2 GT4 PSV file posted here is US, and after a long search and good luck I found one for Pal systems, there is none in PAL version here.

    All credits for this file to Krack3n not me, I'm just spreading the good work.

    It is big so follow this link to download:

    Directory structure in USB memory stick for the file is: \PS3\EXPORT\PSV\Filename.psv

    My system PS3/60Gb/UK PAL

    Tell me of any problems.

  12. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    Can you give a description of the game save. Like, all gold, black cars, % completed, etc.

  13. SpawnCH

    Switzerland Switzerland

    I downloaded Ildanach's savegame.

    Not all Licenses are Gold and i haven't seen any of the "black cars". But it's 25 Pages of Cars, maybe i missed 'em.
    It's a 100% Savegame. I can't check the save once more, because i found another 100% GT4 Savegame @ which has all Gold, 295 Cars and a huge amount of money.

    Anyway, if someone like to share a PS3 compatible savegame of the PS2 Games Enthusia Professional Racing and/or Kaido Racer 2 (European Versions) It'd be highly appreciated :)

    Have a nice day
  14. i am that kind of rpg gamer that build up the characters status earlier to be prepared for any enemy or boss

    i had benn like 20 hours leveling withing the forst part of the game when you leave besaid for the first time, i was very happy and prepared for the story

    But suddenly i awake the next morning , turn on my PS3, and saw that the file was corrupted,

    Please if someone have a a final fantasy X save file similar or at least near to what i telling, post if :( that would help me much :/
  15. Dead_Poetic


    I found this website while browsing for Oblivion gamesaves for the PS3. If you click the tab on the left hand side that says "Downloads" it shows all the games, and you just click on the one you want, and there are the different savegaves for that game. Pretty cool site, and I imagine that it will only get better with time.
  16. V1P3R


    After reading this thread it sounds like I have no choice but to get the mem card adapter if I want to use game saves from :grumpy:
  17. DuckRacer


  18. Stoffinator


    Thank you so much! I so much didn't want to delete my save when I needed space for other games. This saved me a lot of time. (Being I already beat GT3 two times before).
  19. MGSBigBoss


    is that MGS2 and MGS3 ultimate saves legit saves or are they hacked saves, because i have MGS2 and 3 and 3 subsistence all 100% beaten, on MGS3 snake eater i got it 100% beaten on extreme and on subsistence i got it beaten on euro extreme.. and i could post them cause they are all played through normally without using cheats and was wondering if i should post my game saves.
  20. hi i think im new.anyway,does anyone have a jak series and/or ratchet series saves.please than would be highly appericated.
  21. oh right my ps3 is from australlia so il be need ing a pal save game.sorry for that.thanks very
  22. sebXC


    does anyone have need for speed carbon with career at 100% for ps2 not ps3
    i don't care about the reward cards
  23. ludemaster98


    is there anyone with a GT4 game save that contains the Sauber Mercedes C9? I've wanted to try that car forever now, but don't have the the patience to win it myself. Any help?

  24. Marouan


    Does anybody have a EU GT4 savegame which isnt 100% but has all licenses and cash?
  25. SpawnCH

    Switzerland Switzerland

    I've got a GT4 savegame with all licenses, but they are all bronze. And there's just the standard cash, I didn't start a single race.
    Maybe someone else has a more helpful one :)
  26. I'm looking for Mister MOsquito PVS saves , ICO would be great too:) anyone have any idea where to find these game saves in PVS format ? Thanks for the help buds
  27. Looking for an MGS3 Snake Eater and MGS2 Substance saves. You have them the other way around. :(

    Also FF7 and maybe Vice City. Don't really care about these two. PAL by the way.
  28. Evangeline


    Does anyone have a PAL PS3 format gamesave for Resident Evil 4?
  29. How can you put game saves off your PC to PS3 without the memory card adaptor or etc?
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