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This doesn't seem to be much yet, but I'm loving the design direction. A breath of fresh air in a sea of fussy designers all trying to out-bangle each other.


If Hyundai honestly goes 80s cyberpunk with their EV designs I'm gonna need to pants.

Agreed. It would be the USP that Hyundai (and Kia, though the Stinger & Veloster get close) has never quite been able to achieve.
I think Hyundai could use a breath of fresh air as well. In recent years they've just been running through too many different variations of their design language and they really just need to develop something that'll last a little longer than 2 years.
Looks like this is Hyundai's "Honda Urban EV" Moment. Hopefully they have a better time transitioning the retro styling on the 45 concept to production models.


It looks bigger than I expected, but I still mostly like it. The rear 3/4 view in the teaser was so hot. The rest of the car isn't quite as hot. Interior is pure fantasy, so its hard to even comment other than I like the direction.
This is a concept that I'd like to see it change a lot. The design of the Hyundai 45 is not my cup of tea (or how do you say it in English).
I absolutely adore this car and the overall elegance of it. There's nothing about it that's over the top or done to excess, and every line just absolutely works. Easily one of my favorite concept cars of the decade.
The production model has been spotted. There's not much to see, but the shape has been retained and so have the surprisingly large wheel arches of the concept.


I didn't realize that this was marked for production. Will it be EV only? It would be awesome if there was a hybrid variant.
They ought to call it the Pony. Its silhouette is similar.

The world's gone too serious for something as cheerfully named as Pony. This will probably be called X45 Knife Blade or something. You know, something real hard.
Another concept car that makes people excited (not me though) until the production model is revealed.
The wheels look very similar to those of the all new Genesis G90, which is a good sign. A very classy wheel design.
Difficult to tell, but from the camo it looks like a retro design based on an 80s/early 90s hatchback. It doesn't seem very close to the concept, which is a bit disappointing.
I'm getting Vauxhall GT X Concept vibes off this, can imagine under the camo it looks something like this just a little less rounded,

Yeah especially the rear which on the concept looked like futuristic take on a 70s wedge hatch looks to have a much more regular profile now. The front end looks more like the concept, hard to tell but the rear looks kinda French in that camo.
Specs for the Ioniq 5 leaked

  • Up to 308HP/230kw with the Dual Motor variant
  • 0-60mph in ~5.2 seconds
  • Ioniq 5 First Edition Comes with 58kWh battery pack - Good for 280 miles/450KM
  • Optional 73kWh battery pack can do up to 342 miles/550KM
  • Features 800V charging system, 0-80% charge in as quick as 18 minutes


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