I still think GT1 is the best

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 1' started by gt hc, May 28, 2009.

  1. gt hc

    gt hc

    Out of all GT games, I still get the most pleasure of playing gt 1...

    GT2 had more cars, the special scratch disk for inhaling fumes, but not the pleasure due to not getting money from qualifications for me

    GT3: A-spec was the reason for me to get a PS2, though the game was good and the graphics great, part 3 still doesn't beat part 1

    GT4 was more of the same GT3 had to offer

    GT5: Prologue: I bought a PS3 for this game
    - And I don't like it at all - it has no qualification whatsoever
    It has the most perfect graphics I've ever seen in a GT Game (and I have them all on playstation systems) and after many years of fighting against only 5 competitors, you can now fight 15...only you mostly have to start from 16th place mostly :ouch:
    And the very subtitle of the series is : "the real driving simulator" - I've been to a lot of real car races and all of them start with practices - qualifications and then races...

    I could mention the terrible flag/punishment system in gt5 prologue now, but I'm gonna shut up...

    I just keep playing gt1 - the best game in the series :dopey:
  2. dazzi


    No offence but you sound nothing more or less then a person stuck in Nostalgia, any person who has played all the gran turismo's will tell you that its just got better as it went, I just cant see how you can find a game with 200 cars, 20 tracks, better then something as epic as gran turismo 4 with 900+ cars and 50 tracks not to mention looks and sounds about 10x better if not more on the visual department, go back and take a 2nd look at both and tell me that your not riding on nostalgia ;).
  3. gt hc

    gt hc

    Am I stuck in nostalgia ? Probably ;)

    I've played all the GT Games and I still enjoy GT1 the most cause it has a real race structure. It has a qualification, which you can even skip if you want (but you'tre rewarded for P1). You have an option for a test run. If I compare this to GT5 prologue with 16 cars on the track and you have to start from last place..
    Let's not forget this is a game that gives itself the title: "the real driving simulator"
    I'm a real race fan, and in each race I go to, there's a practice, a qualification and then a race.

    I hope to god they bring back qualify in the upcoming GT5

    What would F1 be like if Button had to start from place 20 ?
  4. MadMax

    MadMax Moderator

    Yep, nostalgy :tup:

    I hope the qualify is in GT5 also-

    Button question answer= interesting :lol:

  5. Fruitcake


    GT4 PAL had 721 cars ;)

    @ gt hc

    GT4 is way better than the 'PD quicky' GT3.
  6. Alex p.

    Alex p.

    Cool that you started this threat. :tup:
    Wanted to do it by myself but didn't have the courage.
    Like you, I think too that GT 1 is by faaaaaaaar the best in the series untill now.
    Back than, the game was best in all aspects, graphics, physics, sound, everything. But it was the atmosphere created by the menus and their aaaaaawwesome music, which caught me :) . Besides, for me, it had the best intro ever in a videogame.
    I LOVE this game.:dopey:
  7. LeGeNd-1

    LeGeNd-1 Premium

    Yeah, I think GT1 is also STILL the best GT ever, and probably the best game that I ever played. Of course, on the technical side (graphics, content, etc) GT1 can't compare with GT2,3,4,5P. But for gameplay and enjoyment, it trumps them all, and in a game, that's what matters isn't it?

    When I first started GT2, I find it incredibly 'bland'. It's not until a bit later that I got to appreciate the number of tracks and cars that I got hooked to GT2. But even then I still like to take a spin in GT1, just for the sake of it. There's this 'magic pull' that keeps bringing me back :sly:.

    Never owned GT3 and GT4, so I can't comment on those two.

    Now I'm playing GT5P, and so far I'm enjoying it. In fact it's the game I played most on the PS3, maybe second to Burnout. But the 'magic pull' is still missing. I don't find myself running home from school to quickly switch on my PS3 and play the game. Maybe GT5 will change that, and I hope it will.

    For now though, GT1 FTW!
  8. Parnelli Bone

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    United States
    I've said it many times before and I'll say it now: all the GT games have features that can potentially make any one of them "the best" when compared to other games. GT does have features that SHOULD have made it into later games, tho :mad: That i will agree with whole-heartedly:

    real-time qualification (not the pansy practice/qualify mode in GT3 & 4)

    Turbo boost dial

    Detailed gearing charts. They're not completely accurate, but so what? They make us tech-heads happy. :)

    Power & torque engine graphs GT2 had these, too, but they got mysteriously dropped in the third game. And they're in GT4, but next to USELESS since there's no grid to go along with hte squiggly dyno lines. If GT5 hasn't got them, i'll publicly cry. :(

    Blue Viper. :mad:

    Various other cars I'm forgetting.

    Route 11 (with the dangerous double-chicane).
  9. loulou221


    The Hi-Fi mode is great too...
  10. mrgscottc


    I just pulled GT1 out of game storage JUST to watch the intro! Don't forget the race modification, generic, but still fun. After you learned it, it had the best way to set gear ratios BY A LONG MARGIN. From GT2 on up to GT4, (I don't on a PS3), the gear ratio set-up has been continually simplified while eliminating useful information in the process.
  11. Parnelli Bone

    Parnelli Bone Premium

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    Yup. It's my favorite intro, too.

    Yea, I mentioned this up above. I'll never understand what happened.
  12. JohnBM01

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    You're not the only one. It's perfectly fine to think GT1 is the best. It just seems to offer a more timeless experience than almost any other GT title. I'm mostly brief with this post, but GT1 is in my heart when I play any other GT game. It's something to look back on even with technology and time changing.
  13. Pupik

    Pupik Staff Emeritus

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    The original Gran Turismo was a simple enough concept, yet rich in content and features, and that's what has made it a success. There's positives and negatives to each iteration of the games, but it's simply hard to fault the original as a game, especially compared to its competition at the time.

    If you're just hung up on needing more cars and better graphics, you're missing the point. GT4 is pretty intense in its content, but it's a sea of different races and events stitched together, which is fun for varying moments, but you become more lost in the choices, rather than "losing yourself" in the storyline.

    Yeah, maybe it is nostalgia; I feel like I spent more time collecting and buying cars in in GT4 rather than racing them. GT can be played with a just a few cars, and you "get to know" them.
  14. Parnelli Bone

    Parnelli Bone Premium

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    Ha! I still "get to know" plenty of cars in GT2 & 4. Problem is, it's taken me years to do so since there's so many of them.
  15. Delphic Reason

    Delphic Reason Staff Emeritus

    I would have to say GT2 is my all time favorite in the series. GT1 was a blast, but only because I had no concept of what the next game would offer. GT2 has one of my favorite features in the GT series... Car History. This was removed from GT3 (rushed to market I suspect). I thought for sure it would be in GT4, but alas nada. If they bring that one feature back, I would be incredibly excited. Looking through all the cars and reading about their history is really a nice treat. I wholeheartedly miss it.

  16. highgroove


    GT2 was the best, it's already been stated above why.
  17. Parnelli Bone

    Parnelli Bone Premium

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    Me too.

    The fact that there's the "museum" feature in gT5P (not to mention the detailed history & movie of each track in this game) gives me hope that car specs, info, & history will make a comeback in 5.
  18. 2thDr


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    Well, I am back, hopefully I will be able to get back into this game again. I miss it...so goood post. I went on another GT1 tear my Senior year of dental school and have had to take some time off this past year while in residency. I have just restarted where I left off, but I forgot what some of my challenges were. Oh well, I may have to look back thru some posts to see why I have a partially kitted Demio GL-x and the same with a Bathhurst. But I did just start my old routine of taking cars through each circuit with the least amount of parts and seeing the results....I have started a few cars over the year when I had moments to play and never finished, I think the Eclipse and Cerbera are still unfinished. I just started a SilEighty, which is fun. But as before, I am going to keep plugging away at my stocked garage and doing side projects that have been suggested by members...so, floor is open....any cool challenges, possibly dealing with a demio or never being passed on hard-tuned with a cerbera???? GT1 is the best, hence why I keep coming back and messing with more cars in different ways keeping log books of numbers....what a crazy game!
  19. mistamontiel


    What are you talking about ?? Sure GT3 didn't have used cars but when you highlighted most of them it would give you information..sometimes about the generation and changes..pretty interesting

    And for those of you who didn't read it on the front page,

    GT1 WAS MADE BY A STAFF OF A MERE 7 PEOPLE. Pretty amazing all they accomplished, don't you think ?? :dopey:

    And I'm sick of everyone saying they took a big leap forward in GT2. What the heck, they couldn't even keep the smooth GT1 graphics. GT2 is sluggish, or rubbish ;] AND THE TIRES say it all. They're not even round anymore..in GT1 the tires were beautiful..GT2 is so easy too xD
  20. littlekevin


    Well you can say GT2 is so easy but it's just because AIs use rubbish cars.. In GT1 the AIs are running into walls and grasses all the time.. and pushing me into the wall. The GT300 series in GT2 is amazing. If you use an average car it will need some skills. Some people just took that Concept Car LM or R30 Skyline to GT300 and won by 30+ secs.. they won't have any fun, will they?
  21. nismotaku


    Gt1 was a great game, but i preffer GT2, maybe because i like to collect cars with racing mod. God why they dissapear in GT3...?
  22. Parnelli Bone

    Parnelli Bone Premium

    United States
    Any GT can be "too easy" if you overkill it with too much power, not just the 2nd one. That's the fault of any of these games; one has to limit oneself.
  23. littlekevin


    Yeah I agree with you PB. Also I think PD should have limited cars in the Special Events. You can enter a Sports Wagan Cup with a Cappucino(correct?) and still win..

    Also I've found out that slick tyres are sooo evil things in GT1(in GT2 it's better).. After installing them cars' handling become strange and unrealistic. I'd rather like being stock, with little power but a wide powerband, and you can actually have some great fun.
  24. TeamStig


    The way I see it (from greatest to worst)
    1. GT2
    2. GT4
    3. GT1
    4. GT3

    GT2 is my favorite because it took what the first game did and expanded it to international status. It not only had more cars, but the lineup was more varied than its predecessor. GT2 also has what are, in my opinion, two of the best original tracks in the series besides Trial Mountain - Rome Night and Grindelwald. The only complaint I have about the game is the lack of difficulty, but all you have to do to get around that is choose an underpowered car. Plus, the various of glitches, typos, and pieces of hidden content are strangely interesting :)

    And GT2 has the best intro! GT1's is a close second. GT3 and GT4's are pretty bad thanks to the music (in the American versions it was Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way" and Van Halen's "Panama," respectively). Why does Europe and Japan get all the good music? :grumpy:
  25. crooky369


    What music was in the PAL version?

    Was it Reason is treason by Kasabian?
  26. Mustangmiha


    Maybe I'm too late in this forum, but if you ask me, GT4 Prologue is and will be the best Gran Turismo ever. It's very simple, unique HUD and camera angles in GT, but very difficult licenses. Still, it has more cars than any NFS. :p

    And crooky369, if you're talking for GT4, yes, it was Reason is Treason by Kasabian.
  27. Red Frog

    Red Frog

    Complete and utter rubbish. Gran Turismo has gotten worse as it's moved along. No offense but it sounds like all you care about is graphics and car count.

    GT might look like crap by today's standards but what's the point of 900 cars and 50 tracks when all the cars are junk and in those 50 tracks only two are worth driving? I'll take 200 cars because the game itself is more fun.
  28. harm1985


    I actually started playing GT1 again a while back. I bought a PS3 last june, but don't own any games yet (I bought it for the BD-live capability that I needed for the Neil Young Archives Vol. 1). Anyway, I was a bit frustrated that I could not play any PS2 games on it, so I put GT1 in.

    I remember I used to like the Prelude a lot, but this time around changed my approach a little, so bought a red second hand RX7 FC, which I gradually tuned to RM. I even attempted doing the GTWC with it, but failed only just, will try Grand Valley 300 later.

    I did find the GTO a bit disappointing, I remembered it to be much better (despite the Turbo lag), so I used the BLUE Viper for a change to win the GTWC.

    After playing for a while, I remembered I had not finished GT4 yet, so that's what I'm doing at the moment (am at 98,9%). And yesterday, I bought a second hand copy of GT2, as I only owned a copy of the US version, which was not compatible with GT1. Crazy huh?

    I do understand the pull of GT1, but the driving is a bit too arcade for me; if you are behind, you can sometimes easily catch the leaders, but if you're the one ahead you cannot get away. What I also find annoying (in any GT) is that the tire wear is unrealistic (too fast).
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  29. shepzki

    shepzki Premium

    I'm also stuck in nostalgia, I love my PS1 and would still rather have a PS1 than a PS3 as the games are just, well IMO better apart from GTA4 which is a blast. However, recently I did try and play GT2 again but it was awful compared to GT4, graphics are really terrible now and the car's just don't handle aswell as in GT4. Obviously that's down to limitations of the PS1 hardware, but still. One feature I do miss from GT2 was the ability to deck out any (nearly any) car in go-faster racing colors, always a hoot to get a really old, terrible car and see what it ended up looking like.:)
  30. matherto


    Typical, you're a graphics/stats whore.

    Put simply, the original GT is so much more fun to play than any of the later games it's untrue, especially GT4 which was mind-numbingly boring.

    Becuase the physics engine is so loose and (nowadays, at least) arcadey, it means the races are manic, the sense of speed is fantastic (versus it being completely absent in anything GT3 onwards) and the cars are genuinely hard to control, something which cannot be said of any car in GT3 onwards (possibly minus the Escudo).

    The AI are crazy as well, they stick to their pre programmed lines for the most part, but they will overtake if they have the faster car, and because it's so primitive, you tend to see a lot of mistakes as well (I'm thinking GV300 here, the amount of times I've seen cars just fly off at the first turn from the second lap onwards is just silly).

    Sure there are less cars in GT against something like GT4 (though to be fair, you will never use more than 20% of the cars in GT4 anyway), but there are a higher percentage of total cars that you would actually want to drive, I mean who the hell really wants to drive the 1886 Benz, or even something trivial like a Citroen C3 or a PT Cruiser?.

    Plus no game since has beaten the original games intro movie. Watching that for the first time made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and it still brings a massive smile to my face everytime I watch it.