I still think GT1 is the best

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    What? GT4 was the best GT!
  2. Tina Branford

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    I agree with Parnelli Bone here. Each and every GT has their own unique ups and
    downs with what features they posses and what not.

    The perfect GT would be something like this...

    Unique menu music for each manufacturer or at least for each region(Like GT1&GT2.)

    GT3's world map(if that can apply) type music for it's main map thing.

    GT4's ability to choose which songs play in racing etc. I love classical music more than any genre next to Nobou Uematsu's and Yasunori Mitsuda's works. So an option to keep only the classical music on would be nice. This is to say I listened to music while driving in the game. I mostly prefer there to be no music while I'm racing in GT.

    Photo Mode this was pretty fun when I got into it back then.

    I have yet to experience GT5 but I am dying to play it very bad. I do not want to either until I have the G27 set-up and all that good stuff.

    All I got now is the G25 with no more GT3 or GT4 which is pretty sad.

    EDIT: Another element the "Best" Gran Turismo would have to posses is of course a realistic virtual driving experience. That is to say as real of a driving experience as a driving sim game can possibly provide.
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  3. Parnelli Bone

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    Add GT1's qualifying system (you only had 1 lap to get it right),

    GT1's pre-race lineup (it explained how much power & weight each car had in plain terms without hiding),

    GT1 is the only game where PD apparently tried to simulate what happens if you lower a car too far (tires rub into fenderwells),

    GT1/2's power & gearing charts (made more sense than any later game),

    a few unique race tracks (SS Route 11, Grindy, Red Rock Speedway, all versions of Rome, etc.),

    GT2's Event Generator

    GT2's long, long list of cars not found in later games

    GT1/2 also had more areas where cars "caught air", like down the Trial Mountain backstretch, although some complain this is unrealistic. :rolleyes:

    GT1: I think each and every car in this game could be RM'd. GT2 still has a long list of RM-able cars. GT3, and GT4 have none of this. GT5: only a few dozen Premiums can be RM'd, but in this respect, GT1 has all the others beat so far.

    GT3 also to this day has the best replay system, with 4 different modes. You never saw the same exact replay twice, even if it was the exact same replay you watched twice.

    GT3 also had a few unique tracks; Complex String, and a different version of SS Route 11

    Some say (and this is opinion) GT3's graphics are "better" than GT4's. They certainly are more vivid.

    You like the music, huh? The thing about the music is that it's opinion. For instance: it's my opinion that this song is best or that one is best. I like some rock music, some hip hop, some classical, some alternative, etc. Somebody else may like Country/western music, though. There is no C&W in any GT game that I know of.

    GT5's music system is really the best because the player can simply add his/her own, far expanding past the actual game music. Of course, comparing the PS3 with its seemingly limitless memory capability is a little unfair to other systems. Therefore, you're right, GT4 has the best pre-PS3 system of music because you could categorize it. But what if you like C&W? :sly: You're stuck then!

    Some of GT4's unique tracks: El Capitan & Yosemite, for instance...

    GT4's B-spec mode is better than GT5's in several ways, #1 being you could share shifts with the computer driver, #2 being you speed up the B-spec mode if you wanted to, #3: you could allow B-spec drivers seperate practice runs on any track (and this did make a difference), GT5 only slams our drivers directly into the race itself...

    GT4 has 3 used car lots featuring American, JDM, and Europeans (GT1 & 2 only have JDM lots, GT5's used car lot is crammed and takes longer to rotate),

    GT3 & 4 also have a "finished" sort of feel when compared to GT5. Everything (especially the cars, the replay effects, everything) looks finished, even if it doesn't always look as good. Granted, GT5 is being slowly improved with DLC, but some "improvements" so far are actually "compromises" imo. They don't always improve the game.

    This is one of GT5's improvements. Photomode is even better for a variety of reasons,

    GT5's physics are the main area of the game (one of the only areas, imo, which feels "finished"). They obviously spent a LOT of time working on physics in this game. It's got GT2's fun factor with drifting & oversteer combined with GT3/4's reality factor (understeer, mostly) + a bunch of new & improved areas.

    GT5 also has a huge list of features which could potentially make it "the best" (despite what you may have read) but again, it's unfair to compare the PS3 to earlier systems. A lot of GT5's bests are mostly due to the fact that PD has a wider canvas to paint on, if you know what I mean.

    Well you better get busy then! :sly:
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  4. Tina Branford

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    Oh yes this too very much so.:tup:

    Yeah this feature is so cool. It helped to know where you stood in a race.

    These made adjusting the gears way better than later games.

    Oh yes this as well. I loved the fact that there were old muscle cars and old Japanese sports cars in GT2&4. Every new GT should have old cars and collector cars. I would also like to see some more 1st generation FB RX-7's in GT as well(at least there was 1 in GT2.)

    That is awesome how you can do that in GT5. In that case when I get a hold of GT5 I'll upload some Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger/Cross etc music into it and play the game with those once in a while.

    Thanks for giving me so much info on GT5 PB. By the way having the Complex String, El Captin and the other unique GT tracks again would be nice I agree.

    So it sounds as though GT5 has very much improved physics over the other games right on.
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    I always loved the fact that the AI were racing in tuned cars, making it more difficult to beat them.
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    Yea it does. It's lame for me to try and put it into words, though, you'll have to get it someday and see for yourself. Anyways, I hope that wasn't too much of a spoiler for ya. I should have typed "spoiler alert" for that. :lol:

    I'm not sure if you can insert your own music for FF or any other games. I only have a few PS3 games; GT5 is the only one that allows me to play my own music.
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    PD certainly has a bad habit of removing great features, there is no denying that.

    The gearing and power curve charts from GT1 are a great example. If those were 10 out of 10, GT2 was a 6, GT3 a 2, GT4 a 2, and GT5 a 4. It just doesn't make sense. And it wasn't just the charts, GT1 lets you change the gearing much more drastically. You can completely change a car's gearing in that game. Later on, you can barely alter the gearing. GT5 doesn't let you get a proper gearing set up. No matter what I do, I can't make a 6 speed car that makes use of 1st gear and 6th gear. The overall gearing is either too long or too short. In GT1, you could set first gear for interstellar travel and then have the other 5 cover a span of 10 mph. You could get any gearing set up you wanted, like you should be able to.

    Qualifying too. GT1 is probably the game most deserving of the title "Real Driving Simulator" because it's the one that really convinces me that that is what PD was trying to make. As time went on, GT seemed to become more and more of a game instead.

    And now, even with a paint system, I still can't get a Blue and white Viper GTS.

    Overall, the quality of GT games has increased (except GT4), but only very slowly. If there wasn't this pointless two steps backward philosophy, GT would be truly untouchable at this point.
  8. Parnelli Bone

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    :lol: True.

    Agreed. I think it's because PD didn't feel it was important, so far as the graphs went. Most gamers don't pay attention to that stuff. Whoever was in charge of the graphs when GT1 was in development was obviously a total gearhead.

    Then you get to GT3, and I think they pretty much dropped the charts altogether? They brought them back in GT4, but they're USELESS without a grid behind them to plot against. PD has made more of an effort with GT5, but they're still not as good as in the 1st or 2nd games. Why?

    And I'm glad a few others "get" why I miss GT1's qualifying. It was really intense, especially since I was still pretty new to virtual racing at the time. Qualifying in real-life is not for pansies; I'm sure it's one of the things that keeps R/L drivers up at night, or taking up Zen or whatever. I got this sort of feeling when doing GT1's qualifying years ago...like I was really on the spot.

    GT3 brought back qualifying, but it wasn't truely qualifying...it was more like a combination of practice & qualifying. Just run as many laps as you want 'til you make poll. :rolleyes:

    Same goes with GT4's qualifying runs, which you could only do during series races (not individual races). But at least in GT4, the Ai had a habit of driving even harder during the race than they did during qualifying. I can't tell you how many times I made poll in GT4, thought I would have a walkover-race, but then found the enemy was walking over me instead later on.

    Pd really has a golden chance to bring this back for GT5, especially during Seasonal races. But I fear it's not even PD's fault. A lot of people would just use qualifying as a way to blow away the Ai even further, since they get a chance to make poll instead of starting downfield. And then they'll complain how much "easier" the game is.

    The solution (in my opinion) is to bring some other sorts of limitations during A-spec & Seasonals. CAutions, penalties, that sort of thing. But I doubt they'll do it. All the pansies would complain.

  9. BrodieBoi94


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    The best GT game in the series?...Wow..hmmm...
    I don't have 5 so that's out of the question..
    But I say it's between 1, 2, and 4...
    GT1 was, and still is amazing...I do have more fun with it sometimes, than any other title...It keeps you contempt the entire time...
    But then you beat it, and you say.."What's next?"
    So GT2 comes along...and you play it, it blows your mind, and then you reach a 2 brick walls...What's new?, and for me especially... Is the desire to create a perfect garage...
    Being that there are so many cars...
    I know you all sometimes look over your gt garage, and say "This is a huge mess, why do I have all of these cars?...I don't even drive 90% of them."
    This for some reason is a problem for ME.
    This bores me...
    I can't have exactly what I want in my garage..
    Now in gt4...
    There are so many races, tests, missions, courses, cars....
    When you 1st get it, you nearly crap yourself...
    Then you beat the game, and once again comes the question..
    "What's next."...
    And once again for me comes the idea of the perfect garage...
    But this time you have over 700 cars to choose from, and a photo mode to "DOCUMENT" your garage...
    GT4 is the best title to me because you can take the time to go through and create your dream garage pretty much...
    Then you can take them to a "KABILLION" different locations, not just to drive, but for photoshoots too...
    GT5 is probably best, but I don't own it...I've only played it multiple times
  10. sheene76


    I've got to agree with you on this one, I'm a bit of an old timer & have all the GT games. GT1 has to be the most rewarding game to complete, I remember it took ages to do the licenses, compered to GT5 which I did in an afternoon. The only real up side with GT5 is that it looks awesome in HD on a 46" :-)....many happy memories of GT1 though & still very playable.
  11. Alex p.

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    I think also GT1 is still the best and that's why I made this:

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    IMO the best Gt game would be one with all the cars from every game, EVERY track that ever appeared in the games. All the menus would be Gt1 themed (the rock/electro music). It would be great if you can tuyne your cars to the max (Gt1) (kinda like how you can make a old GTO (200+ HP) to like 900! I wouold keep Photo Mode, because thats pretty fun. The menu has to be Gt4 theme because, to me, that was the most easiest menu yet it was interesting. It would also be great if they put in some REAL music to, with the customizable soundtrack. I also liked Gt4s replays so that would be in there. I would also like boost back. I would also like Brakes avaliable in the tune shop. We especially need racing mod back! Hmmm? I think Im done?
  13. Ravicale


    My opinions:


    GT1: The only one with a real sense of speed, though at times it just feels arcadey it is very fun 8/10

    GT2: takes longer to get going and has frame-rate issues however it has much more realistic physics in my opinion (though they can be quite glitchy, even in 1.2). 7.5/10

    GT3: Solid but sterile feeling, physics feel cheap at times 7/10

    Gt4: Good, though I found body roll a tad bit too high and the tires to be a little on the sticky side. very close to GT3. A little less sterile 7/10

    GT5: The road actually feels like it has texture to it, the cornering and acceleration feel great, braking is solid. I do dislike the face that cars still feel somewhat glued to the road, slightly less sterile feeling. 8/10


    Gt1: Lack of events, a large enough number of cars, lack of tracks, doesn't over use licenses 7/10

    GT2: Perfect number of events, great number of cars, enough tracks, plenty of licenses (just below annoyance) 9/10

    GT3: Too many events for the amount of tracks, not enough cars, a good number of tracks but lacks many good ones and variety, just a few to many licenses, no race mod :nervous: 6/10

    GT4: Swarm of events, so many cars you will never drive them all, plenty of tracks, too many licenses (coffee breaks, wtf), no race mod :nervous: 8/10

    GT5: Too few events, Enough cars for everyone in china to have a unique one, Good number of tracks, optional license tests, though the lack of events and levels hurts the game, too few race mods 8/10

    Personal opinion:
    Gt1: 8.5/10 (amazing game, very fun, but just lacks a truely lasting punch)
    GT2 9/10 (Perfect amount of content, buggy and framey but overall charming)
    GT3 7.6/10 (Gets Repetitive)
    GT4 7.8/10 (Too much to browse through, not my favorite physics)
    GT5 8.5/10 (Great physics for driving, laughable car deformation, odd in content)

    Statistic opinion:
    GT1: 7.5/10
    GT2: 8.3/10
    Gt3: 6.5/10
    Gt4: 7.5/10
    GT5: 8/10

    Very different in ratings :p but overall they are all good games.
  14. Parnelli Bone

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    Cool, I like this idea.


    GT1: For its day, GT1 blew away any other driving game I ever tried, not that I tried each and every one of them, but still. Mario Kart and Cruisin' USA this game GT certainly was not. The concept that a car could actually understeer, and you could push it to a certain limit before its tires would "break", the fact that PD considered real-life concepts such as slip & grip angles? The game was ahead of its time.

    Let's also factor in the fact that almost all of GT's 166-ish cars handles a little differently from one another. Front drives, rear drives, all-wheel drives, different makes and models. They're all a little different (or sometimes a lot different). But other than some JDM models, I highly doubt PD actually got around to driving the real-life versions of each and every car that's in this game.

    But driving cars in GT now, compared to what's going on in today's virtual driving world? GT doesn't really feel so realistic anymore. There are plenty of times when cars should be understeering on entry and they don't, for instance. GT feels surprisingly arcadey, compared to later games. But for its day, the first GT did get a lot of things going which I and lots of other gamers had certainly never seen before. 7/10

    GT2: I've always thought GT2 is the most "fun" game, so far as driving goes, and I still stick by this, but it's not all fun. There is more understeer in this game for instance, and one must prepare for this. And as Ravicale says above me, the pop-up and glitchyness is out of control in this game!

    But it's still very fun, driving this HUGE list of cars, each of which (again) handles a little differently than the others. Getting in a Suzuki Cappucino is just as fun as getting in a Speed 12, each driving experience is different from the other, and the rewards and detriments of each and every vehicle can still be explored. 7.5/10

    GT3: GT3 is my least favorite. What PD started to do in this game was "sterilize" a lot of cars (especially rear-drives). It was no longer easy to drift a Camaro or even a stock Viper...all a sudden it was like oversteer was generally cut in half. This game also didn't feel as "speedy" as the first two. Chase cam was now useless and HUGE, which forced drivers like me to use bumper cam. Driving at High Speed Ring or even the Test Track no longer felt as exciting as it did.

    GT3 introduced a few new realistic concepts, though, and now we started to see lots more cars would exhibit lots of wheelspin (tire smoke) in 1st gear, when previously these cars would only get a little recalcitrant before. Traction control and ASM started to make more of a difference, too.

    One of the things which made the first 2 games much more fun than GT3 is all the bumps in the road. The fact that tuning, especially, seemed to make more of a difference in slower cars. GT3 smoothed out a lot of the bumps. It was no longer possible to "catch air" in the middle of the Trial Mountain backstretch, for instance. More realistic? Yes, but also not as fun. 4/10

    GT4: The sterilization trend started in GT3 only gets worse in this game as oversteer (fun oversteer) is just about gone with a long, long list of rear-drive cars. Drifting is virtually gone, unless you're driving a few mid-engine or rear-engine autos. Understeer is still a huge factor as it was in GT2 and 3, but now about 70% of the cars in this game do nothing but understeer in this game. Oversteer issues are much rarer, unless we're using lots and lots of power.

    But PD did refine a few real-life concepts. Yes, it was virtually impossible to drift, but the finer concepts of lift-off oversteer, throttlesteer, and sometimes body-sway oversteer were still with us. But depending on the car, oversteer was either absent, or not as present as it should be.

    GT4 does feel speedier than GT3, though. We can also choose a hood cam along with 1st person and chase cams. Plus, there's more tracks, more bumps, more things to consider (compared to 3) while driving and racing in this game. 6/10

    GT5: GT5 introduces the entire package now. We've got Premium cars, with full dashboards, so that it looks as if we're driving, and Standards with generic "dashboards". I'm personally addicted to inboard cameras in this game, and only use the other views for certain situations.

    One of the best things about 5 is that oversteer is back. Understeer is still with us, but I've noticed a lot of cars also don't understeer on-entry all the time. A lot of the finer qualities of driving are more pronounced. 8/10


    Gt1: Again, for its day, the fact that GT had around 166 cars was a milestone. The fact that GT included a lot of ordinary bread & butter types was also really cool. I personally loved taking a Civic, tweaking it up as far as I could go, for instance, really seeing it blossom from Zero to Hero. It also had a lot of tracks, I forget how many, but certainly enough that I was never bored! This game also had a long list of features dropped during later games, features such as real-time qualifying sessions, turbo boost dial, REAL power/torque and gearing charts, etc.

    But compared to now, GT1 is, of course, lacking. It's not the fact that there's "only" 166 cars, it's also the fact that virtually all of them are from the JDM market. When I was exploring GT years ago, I could only stick with it for 4 months, because I was so eager to try the longer list of GT2's American and European vehicles. 5/10

    GT2: PD introduces even more cars to the line up...well over 700. Nobody seems to agree exactly how many there actually are, since Gamesharkers can extract a long list of extra models hidden in the game's coding. The overall list of tracks grew, too, although PD nixed S.S. Route 11, which irked a lot of gamers at the time. Doesn't bother me, though...the list of new tracks in this game (Red Rock Speedway, Grindy, etc.) make up for this loss. GT2 also had us off-road for some racing.

    But compared to the first game, there is stuff missing. Not every car could be race-modified, for instance, although lots of them still could. Also, a lot of cars in GT2 are arguably "useless". Lots of Kei cars, and also some cars which had really short racing careers (even after tuning). There's more racing in this game, but arguably they could have cut some of it (especially all those 1-make events) and should have concentrated instead on all the stuff GT had that got nixed in GT2. Starting in 6th place every single time, for instance, gets to be a drag.

    It's difficult to plan ahead and see if your car can actually make it. The horsepower restrictions are useless for more experienced gamers. It seems for every cool thing GT2 has, GT1 had stuff which is now missing.

    But it's that long list of cars that finalizes my score. I stuck with GT2 for YEARS because of all this exploration, and still never got around to driving roughly half the cars in GT2. 8/10

    GT3: Pretty graphics, but not so much content. Much less cars than GT2, for instance, and the ones which do appear can no longer be race-modified. No more used car lot. I understand GT3, being PD's "next gen" game, needed to have an improved look, but there is overall less content. GT3's technical aspects (torque & power charts, qualifying, tuning, etc.) are also dumbed down or absent. NO MORE RACE KITS big, big issue, which means lots of cars which previously could make it from the Sunday Cup to the World Cup in GT and GT2 might now get stuck in the Amateurs.

    But the concept of maintence was introduced in this game, in the form of oil changes and engine break-in. That was very cool. S.S. Route 11 also made a return, and PD did introduce a couple new tracks. GT3's replay systems is also the best in my opinion, because it had 4 different modes, which means watching replays was fun because you never knew which camera angle you might see next.

    But overall, content is lacking. As Ravicale says, "too many events for the amount of tracks" was one of my main probs with this game. After awhile, I did get bored with GT3, and not just because of a lack of cars. 4/10

    GT4: Here we go. Lots more cars, and more tracks, and (importantly) a few more real-life tracks, too. More tuning options, and actual tuning houses compete with the dealerships. The racing (my opinion) wasn't quite so bland as it was in GT3, even though oversteer was now largely gone. The used car lot was now actually three used car lots, and for the first time included Euro, Korean, and American vehicles. Trucks and SUVs are also in this game. The content in this game improved overall, but there's still a few issues.

    Once again, for everything introduced, it seems PD cut something else which was really useful and/or just cool to have. The replay system got dumbed-down. Qualifying was nixed, except during series events. There's too much stuff to list...I'll just give my vote now. Lol. 7/10

    GT5: Being the next-gen game, GT5 introduces lots of new features and concepts, but I'm really glad they didn't nix some other features. All 800+ of the cars from GT3/4 are still with us, for instance. Lots of people complain that the Standards should have been cut, but I'm glad they're here. GT5 never feels "finished", since updates keep improving the game overall (arguably).

    For the first time, we can now race against not just 5 cars at a time, but up to 15! Paint options are with us, and we can paint aftermarket wheels as well, on Premiums and Standards. Lots of Premium cars can be race-modified once again. Online racing only keeps getting better and better, and for lots of gamers this keeps them coming back.

    But, there's problems. The actual gameplay of GT5 is lacking. Some of the racing is still great, but there are now less events overall, in comparison to any other previous GT. We can no longer qualify AT ALL, which brings us back to GT2 days. All the races are now rolling-starts, and we always start in the middle of the pack. Seasonal events add content, as well as LOTS of money, but overall the experience feels somewhat dumbed down in comparison to some other games.

    We can toggle damage, penalties, and maintenance issues during Arcade mode and online, but can't do this during the actual game. B and A-spec racing is now seperated. ...the list goes on and on. Bottom line: GT5 could be so much better than it is. It's got some new stuff, but once again cuts lots of other stuff in the process. 7/10

    Personal opinion:

    Statistic opinion: