If you could take over Kaz's job, what would you do with GT7?

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  1. Quakebass


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    Finish it.
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  2. gamermaniac55


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    I would add a Koenigsegg.
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  3. Harsk100


    If I was Kaz, I would do the following:

    1. Getting rid of standard cars all together and start the modelling of standard cars from the ground up. There are duplicates and they need to be merged in one car, per generation.

    For example:
    Nissan GT-R [R34] has the M.N.P. III Colour. So, I would put the M.N.P. III Edition in Skyline GT-R R34 1998-2002.

    The structure would be:

    Country> Manufacturer > Car > Tuning > Trim Options

    2. Being an partner of Turn 10 studios and develop a better GT with high quality.

    3. Building every track each year. For example, we got Suzuka 2014 has been updated.

    4. Adding cars as DLC for every update. This is also for tracks and features.

    5. Adding the most important features first like Livery Editor, Engine Swaps, better Al, etc.

    6. Making the graphics close to the realism.

    7. Include also the motorcycles in GT7 like the PGR4. TT + GT7 = Complete Game with Bikes and Cars.

    8. Record the sounds and putting the correct sounds.

    9. Hiring more people to help PD to record the sounds, modelling a car.

    10. I would throw away absolutely everything except for Premium cars and Tracks from GT5 & GT6. As Turn 10 studios says: We won't reuse anything, everything's got to be done from ground up.

    Well, if PD follows these steps, the GT7 will become an better game. And I would also put this game for PS2, PS3, PS4, XBOX, XBOX 360, XBone and for PC.
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  4. Prenny


    Release a complete game and not an unfinished game and finish it with updates.
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  5. Matej

    Matej Premium

    I would take a mini vacation and monitor progress of Gran Turismo from a third person perspective, far away. When you're into something for too long, you fall into slump and can't decide what is wrong or right anymore.

    Backing off a little bit would bring the series to the top again.
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  6. copes24


    I would rework the "Original" tracks so that they meet FIA regs. Trial Mountain for example is unrealistic and too arcadey with that kerb that nearly flips your car and those yellow road markings.
  7. CSMDuty11


    Russian Federation
    Return cars from Gran Turismo 2, LITERALLY EXPORTING THE MODELS FROM THE GAME and use the models for cars that aren't already in the game.
    Just to piss off the community! :lol:
    Oh, and make the 156 premium.
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  8. Shimazu


    GT2 has the best car list ever
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  9. Griffith500


    Why exactly do they need to meet FIA regulations? The FIA don't govern all vehicular activity, you know.
  10. Strittan

    Strittan Premium

    It wouldn't be Gran Turismo without Kaz obviously, but let's say I'm his advisor and I have a big influence on him.
    • I'd tell him to get rid of the PS2 cars, and try to avoid making duplicates, e.g. one R34 GT-R plus eventual tuning company versions (Nismo, Mine's)
    • I'd try to make the 'Racing Modification' return, and be available on all cars that has a racing version in real life, e.g. the BMW E30 M3 (if included) would be turned into a late 80's - early 90's DTM race car when applying 'Racing Modification' to it.
    • I'd convince him to make a user-friendly livery editor, in which you could choose between real life liveries or design your own by using several patterns, mixing different colors (solid, chrome, metallic, flat) and painting roll cage, front wheels and rear wheels individually. Also, no matter if choosing a real life livery or create your own, you'd be able to choose number (with different fonts) and your name would appear on the car (usually the rear side windows)
    • A great amount of work would be put into making the online mode as solid and lag-free as possible.
    • An even greater amount of work would be put into making the cars sound right. This includes proper transmission, drivetrain flex, downshift and tire sound effects.
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  11. copes24


    Like I said some of the tracks feel arcadey to me. What better way to make the tracks feel more realistic than to follow the same standards as the top real world circuits?

    Its fine if you disagree but try and leave out the condescension next time. I never said anything about the FIA governing all vehicular activity.
  12. Griffith500


    But the tracks aren't unrealistic per se (although, given that they don't exist, I'd question the need for them to be realistic), and making them to FIA standards won't make them any more realistic anyway, unless they are supposed to be FIA sanctioned circuits.

    But they're not. Because real world circuits used for real world motor racing exist outside the scope of the FIA, and also because they're not (meant to be) real.

    To arbitrarily and artificially force all games to conform to a limited expression of what the real world contains, you are effectively defying what constitutes reality, and arguably contributing to an actual lack of "realism".

    Besides, "safe" tracks tend to be boring compared with what you could get away with if safety weren't a concern. Say, in a situation where there was no risk of anyone getting hurt. Like in a computer game, perhaps. :)
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  13. myato1


    Puerto Rico
    A professional dragstrip.
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  14. Parnelli Bone

    Parnelli Bone Premium

    United States
    I would frickin' retire. :) Pass the torch on to someone else. I wouldn't distance myself too far away from the series though, I'd want a spot as some sort of chairman. I wouldn't want to be King anymore, though.
  15. Rautz


    If I had my way there would be a GT Mode disc and an Arcade mode disc. GT Mode would be all the usual GT goodness minus the standard cars, time trials, used car dealerships and morpheus mode.

    I'd sell a Pro Edition that came with LED Covered gloves too so the PS4 camera could track your hands on the steering wheel/flipping the bird to a car your overtaking


    The menu needs to be streamlined to a quick navigation system. It'd still be a typical menu layout but with the addition of hotkeys to get around via the use of the shoulder buttons to get to specific areas of the menu. Eg whilst I'm at any sub menu of the game depressing a certain button corresponds to where I get taken L1: Licences, L2: Dealerships, R1: Race Tracks, R2: Garage... or something like that like the original Gran Turismo had

    Qualifying is back. It should never have left.

    Standing start is back too, but my AI is smart enough that racers wont overtake the entire pack at the first corner.

    I like the option during championship series' to skip straight to the beginning of the next race round once you have finished the previous race. None of that Exit; Go to next; Start Next stuff to scroll through if you dont want to.

    I'd theme weekends around big race events. October would see something like Group C RX7s, XY Falcons, VL Commodores, Winfield R32s etc under a Bathurst themed update pack.

    I'd bring back Driving Missions for these race events too. It'd have to be paid DLC and rather difficult to achieve with proper rewards like genuine racing liveries(that you can never ever bloody purchase), personalized plates and other cosmetics that give absolutely no advantage on the race track.

    Missions would be based on real life events like for instance going from 3rd to first in the last lap:
    or perhaps re-enacting lap record moments like this:

    Lan play this game needs lan play.

    Smart phones and PCs could be used to give "team orders" during endurance races. Enduros can be played against AI(AI is actually intelligent this time round rather than being automatically inferiorlike in past GT versions), against others online or for the superior atmosphere against others via LAN.

    I'd be all over team racing especially for endurance races. It would need to have some organization so you'd have to register your teams of 3(like registering for a club on Driveclub). Endurance racing would have the option of running the full race live or a resume race mode. Resume race would allow racers from different timezones to be in the same team though obviously resume race would be against AI only. Damage/deteriation would carry over to the next driver just like it would in real life.

    Spectating someone else racing would be like sitting at home watching a motor race from fixed cameras along the race track /helicopter shots or hood cam/in car camera. No chase cam etc. Though it would be more intelligent with the ability for the spectator to pull up the monitor view to allow the spectator to study the drivers racing technique, driving lines, throttle/brake work and, if the driver(or in the case of enduros - team) allows it, the spectator can even see what settings the car is using.


    Visually this would be a watered down version of GT mode to try achieve a higher locked 120 FPS, less cars on track, no damage, less polys etc and it would have 1 camera view specifically for the morpheus.

    Arcade mode will theoretically have more cars than GT, I'd be using all the tracks from past GTs as well.

    Standard cars are still in this version of the game because they are apart of what made this game what it is today... j/k I just like having a ton of RX7s.

    Time trial is more suited to Arcade Mode, so too are things like Sierra Time Rally. These will have a decent leaderboard setup so you can compare yourself to others in same vehicle/region/date or of course see where you're rated in the world.

    You have access to your GT mode garage and there is a free Used Car dealership full of "standards"(though you can not access these cars from GT mode or even see them). Actually its not full, it's dependent on the standard cars you export from GT6. They'll need to have custom parts already installed before exporting since Arcade Mode allows you to adjust your settings on the car to sports specs but Arcade Mode doesn't have a credit system so no point in having a mod shop to buy parts.

    Winning races is about winning garage space to house more cars, unlocking more tracks, personalized plates and unlocking paint chips that can also be added to your GT Mode paint chip collection.
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  16. useauget


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    great job,love the way your putting new seasonals on,the game is becoming something else entirely,looking forward to gt7
  17. JR98

    JR98 Premium

    United Kingdom

    Start off with Cr. 20,000 and can buy any car they like. Then you can either start events OR do licences


    Overtaking Challenge: Overtake 4 Cars over a lap of the track

    Trial Mountain: Early 90's Japanese Tuners
    Player: Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (R32) '94
    Opponents: Mazda RX-7 Efini (FD) '91, Toyota Supra 3.0 Turbo A '88, Acura NSX '91, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI '96

    Deep Forest Raceway: European Sports Cars
    Player: Jaguar XKR-S '11
    Opponents: BMW M3 Coupe '07, Mercedes Benz C63 AMG '08, Audi RS6 Avant '08

    Suzuka Circuit: Super GT500
    Player: Honda Takata Dome NSX '06
    Opponents: Toyota Castrol Tom's Supra '97, Lexus PETRONAS Tom's SC430 (JGTC) '06, Nissan Calsonic Impul GT-R '06

    Daytona Road Course: American Race Cars
    Player: #48 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet SS NASCAR 2013
    Opponents: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 LM Race Car '06, Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II '06, Dodge Challenger SRT-8 LM Race Car '08

    Tsukuba Circuit: Tuned Cars
    Player: HKS CT230R '08
    Opponents: High End Performance G35, HPA Stage II R32 '04, AEM S2000, RUF RGT '00

    Nurburgring 24H: GT3 Race Cars
    Player: Nissan GT-R GT3 NISMO RJN GT Academy '13
    Opponents: Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 '11, Audi R8 LMS Ultra (Audi Team Phoenix) '12, BMW Z4 GT3 '11

    Nurburgring GP/F: DTM
    Player: Mercedes CLK Touring Car '00
    Opponents: Opel Astra Touring Car '00, Alfa Romeo 155 2.5 V6 TI '93, Audi A4 Touring Car '04

    Time Attack:

    Deep Forest Raceway: Honda Integra Type R (DC5) '04 - 1:18
    Trial Mountain: Ferrari F40 '92 - 1:35
    Suzuka Circuit: Toyota Castrol Tom's Supra '97 - 2:00
    Nurburgring GP: Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 '11 - 1:45
    Daytona Superspeedway: Chevrolet SS NASCAR 2013 - 0:40
    Nurburgring Nordschleife: Nissan GT-R Black Edition '12 - 7:30
    London: Lotus Evora '09 - 1:25
    Special Stage Route X: Chaparral 2X VGT - 3:30
    Special Stage Route 5: Toyota GT-ONE (TS020) '99 - 1:30
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  18. tankuroded


    >tfw no Wii and Wii U /s

    Seriously, why would a Sony first-party dev release their game for rival platform(s)? :boggled:
  19. Griffith500


    Out of great love and respect for mankind. (lol).
  20. JDFSSS


    1. Develop the game for pc only (consolololol). No more 30 fps, low resolution struggle.

    2. I would get rid of all the stupid, unnecessary cars (most or all of the non-race cars). If the game had 50 cars that would be more than enough.

    3. Get rid of all fantasy tracks, and add more real tracks if possible.

    4. Make multiplayer the priority. I would completely scrap the single player aspect of the game if that was necessary for a high quality, competitive online experience. I wouldn't be happy to get rid of single player though =(.

    5. Buy the F1 license and add all the f1 cars/tracks.

    6. Get fired/run the company out of business, unless my plan is a massive success then I would retire and buy a yacht.
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  21. JR98

    JR98 Premium

    United Kingdom
    1. PD work for SONY so that's inpossible
    2. One of GT's main strengths is its car variety
    3. Fantasy tracks are what make GT unique
    4. SP makes up 75% of GT6 so that's impossible
    5. Not gonna happen
    6. So you plan to ruin the GT franchise? Then points 1-4 make ALOT of sense
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  22. JDFSSS


    1. Well, I wouldn't say it's impossible for PD to develop a PC game. More like, highly unlikely.
    2. It's arguable that having lots of cars is a strength. In many ways it's a weakness. Certainly core gameplay would be better without so many cars.
    3. Just because it's a unique feature, doesnt mean it's worth keeping. Having more and better real-life tracks would be more valuable to me (and probably many others) than some fantasy tracks.
    4. I dont know where you get the 75% number from or how that makes it impossible to make multiplayer the top priority.
    5. I think another company has the license now, but it could happen if u throw enough money at it.
    6. I acknowledge that my points are not the best business decisions, but I don't care about hypothetically making good business decisions.
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  23. JR98

    JR98 Premium

    United Kingdom
    1. Yea it is, PD are funded by SONY so without them there is no GT
    2. So you want PD to remove most of the cars just to improve gameplay?
    3. And lose out on over 20 tracks?
    4. SP is a huge part of GT, always has been
    5. Codemasters are the only ones with the licence because they make the official game
  24. JDFSSS


    1. I know. Sony has the capabilities to develop a PC game if they wanted to, and they will want to because I will make them do it once I become Kaz.
    2. Yes. I would rather have a deep game with good core gameplay that is fun to master and competitive than a bunch of novelty cars which I would only drive a few times or not at all.
    3. I believe the resources used on fantasy tracks could be better used on other aspects of the game. Like real tracks.
    4. Agreed. I love single player, but I would give it up completely if that's what it took to get an awesome multiplayer experience.

    I noticed a lot of the suggestions are like "make this better, add this, add that, make everything perfect without taking anything out." The fact of the matter is, you're not going to get a high quality experience with so many features/cars/tracks/game modes.
  25. JR98

    JR98 Premium

    United Kingdom
    But you are taking out all the stuff that makes GT great!!! You are wanted to remove most of the cars and all of the fantasy tracks!
  26. JDFSSS


    I think the franchise needs big changes to become a great game.
  27. JR98

    JR98 Premium

    United Kingdom
    Course it does
  28. GTPVenomZombie


    Bring back Drag Palm Strip that was originally meant to be in Gran Turismo 2, along with the drag cars and racing modifications. All the original GT tracks (Yes Red Rock Valley), if I promised anything I would create them before I promised it so it wouldn't disappoint people in the long term, bring back Used dealership, Endurance Races, delete all the clones (or make them for certain regional games), ask the target audience what they would like to see then would apply it, actually improve the engine noises, get rid of the stockyard (2500 garage limit), cant think of anymore lol... But yes, if I was in Kaz`s shoes right now, I would do my best to endure you got all what I said. But I`ll never be lol, but its interesting to think about. :D
  29. MrUnknown

    MrUnknown (Banned)

    More Skylines.

    Everybody loves them.
  30. JKgo


    ..........Something relatively easy to do, methinks: adjustable volume for user BGM. Man, levels are too darn low and can't hear 'em properly....I'll definitely sort this out for GT7....