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  1. ZokyCRO


    United Kingdom
    It's a joint effort of PD, Sony and FIA of course and the there is some background story and history why I wrote it like that.
  2. Spongeinside


    I don’t get why they split up a small region and left Europe, Middle-east and Africa together in one massive reagion...
  3. tankuroded


    SCEE (or whatever it's named now) covers India.

    Personally too, I would have seen East Asia and SEA split too; in addition to connection issues, I don't really see SEA players standing a chance against Japanese players. During the Nations Cup there was no SEA representative (to be fair, there was no Middle East/African rep either). Ideally, the East/SE Asia split would look like this:

    East Asia: Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea
    South East Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand

    EDIT: Per @Spongeinside suggestion, it would also result in this:

    Europe: UK, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Kuwait, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Malta, Cyprus, Slovakia, Iceland, Israel
    Middle East, Africa, and India: UAE, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman, India
  4. azrilnazli


    Should be grateful, Malaysia in Asia region . All of us will enjoy 4-5 bars connection
  5. viper al

    viper al

    Most of us are adverse to change regardless if it's a positive or not.I initially thought the change from daily to weekly races was a bad idea,now not so.I'm sure PD would appreciate GTP as a whole being a little more supportive and working with them as well to keep improving GTS .They obviously are trying to address the issues with game.:gtpflag:
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  6. cjr3559

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    The additional races won’t make much difference in the results. You’ll still have the same aliens who live in this game and will only become more dominant. There may be a handful of people that get a slight benefit from getting the extra races, but the vast majority will still toil in obscurity.
  7. Keith2324


    I like the idea of being able to join multiple races. Many times you have at least one guy who seems to ruin the race for everyone else. At least now you will have a chance to at best get a better result or at worst get a cleaner race. I'm all for it.

  8. Auditore


    Damn,when i first heard about the multiple FIA races i thought it was a good idea but reading this thread it seems i was a bit wrong lol,i thought that with multiple races people who were punted or were disconnected would have a second chance and not throw their championship away,i remember Tidgney trying to qualify for Manufacturers with his Pug and lost one FIA round because he was punted on Turn 1 and lost another round because he was disconnected(Round 10 i think).

    But i didn't take into account how people with little time won't have a chance competing against people who can race in all slots,maybe altering the points scale after you do the first race could be the solution for this?Example: People who were disconnected get the same amount of points in their second race,people who weren't disconnected and are doing a second FIA race get less points.
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  9. kjeldsen


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  10. Auditore


    The silver lining here is that there is enough time for them to see the effects of these changes so they can change it before the championship starts.
  11. Tassie_tiger


    Yes, it will be interesting to see how it goes.

    It does give those, perhaps predominantly in the lower DR rank races, to have a decent go at completing the race instead of being punted off.
    It must be frustrating to have put some practice in only to have your one shot at the race ruined through no fault of your own.
    Sure, "that's racing", but this isn't exactly like real life racing, and some people simply aren't that good or just don't care.

    As for being unfair, I guess there could be that argument.
    But the goal behind these races is to score points.
    And the amount of points you score is down to your finishing position and the strength of the field in that race.
    So it's already a bit of a luck of the draw as to how many points you can score, even if you win.

    And even if you enter all 5, the only way to improve that score is to perform better against better drivers, in the best scoring room for the day.
    So it's no given that entering all 5 races means you're going to get a huge advantage and get excessive points you don't deserve.

    There's every chance that some people could/should have scored more points than they did (when it was one shot only) simply because they were unlucky and happened to be entered into a lower strength room anyway.
    So maybe this might give those people another shot at it.

    I'm happy to see how this goes before poo-pooing it straight away.
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  12. DriftMethod


    Here's an attempt to find some positive outcomes:
    • Maybe a test to help solve disconnection issues.
    • Less latency should create better racing.
    • Better time schedule for each region.
    • With multiple entries in the FIA events, points might be more consistent between time slots.
    • More opportunities to race in the FIA events! (Which I think is the best part of the whole game.)
    • Changes keep the game from getting boring.
    • With the breakup of regions, more people could have a chance to attend live events.
    • PD has tweaked the format so many times already, I'd be willing to bet the format will change again before the official 2019 season.
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  13. rex1825


    ...make PS4 connect to closest server/server with lowest ping, instead of region lock
  14. TypeOne


    It had this but yeah, I could see how that would irritate...
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  15. Sven Jurgens

    Sven Jurgens

    I'm starting to warm up to the separate servers idea. One observation from driving in low SR.A for a while is, there are proportionally a lot more South Americans in the lower SR ranks. It's just anecdotal non evidence. Next week will be a good test on Monza when the separation happens mid week. It would be better if the penalty system would do the job yet apparently PD has given up on that and is blaming lag... There was nothing laggy about the guy that punted me off twice.
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  16. Ande3200


    First i thought it was major changes to the game. But all good for the players playing online in sport mode. I don't have Much intrest in it. I don't mind having fia as part of the game. But what i have a problem with is that Fia is almost based on the hole game. Cutting many good features out like
    upgrade parts and Gt auto.
  17. Dogwolf77


    United States
    This is excellent news! The “fun factor” just went up for me. Love it!
  18. simsimsheree


    Those are player of the GAME stats, not Sport Mode stats. Barely 100,000 play Sport Mode weekly.
    There is no stat on location of ongoing regular Sport Mode participation. I'd make an educated guess that the US, being pretty wealthy (and wasteful!) probably has a higher percentage of purchasers no longer playing...

    But, on the whole, I'd prefer lower pings over higher participation across regions if the game cannot detect laggers and boot them. GTS's penalty detection seems utterly incapable of detecting ping problems and hands out sometimes draconian penalties for incidents where ping and connection is the only reason they occurred.
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  19. Sander 001

    Sander 001

    I played tonight and there were no changes, I was still racing vs. South Americans and it I don’t think it let me race again. What’s the story?

    Edit: Not that I minded playing vs South Americans, they have many clean racers:)
  20. DriftMethod


    I believe it starts on the 5th with the update.
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  21. isamu


    OK two questions:

    1-With this update, will the daily races still be weekly or are they changing again back to Daily?

    2-Is there a way to change your region and make the game think you're from another country?
  22. yellosnake


    Anything that keeps Brazil out of my races, I am 100% behind.
  23. Tou2istTrophy


    1-They haven’t announced anything about it.

    2-You can’t change the region of an existing PSN account. But yeah, the game believes you are from the region of your PSN account, even if you are across the world.
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  24. splitwindow


    So I hope I'm wrong, but I've got a bad feeling this is pretty much the end for Aus/NZ.
    The player pool is going to be so pathetically small for daily races the game will just die off down here.

    Or maybe it'll be like a big private lobby where everybody knows everybody else?
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  25. azrilnazli


    Aus/nz will probably have their own server with 5bars quality. what a relieve for them, and they no longer have to face the mighty Japanese
  26. 05XR8


    The second part is what I think about the change. The good thing about it is, the scarcity of poor players. There are some nice fast players that many can try to work up to. So, people will be forced to race with them. That's pretty much how the race community works in real life.
    I'm mainly in it for the replays, but there are some players in which I know how they race and we can have some good clean racing.
  27. Akwaaba


    United Kingdom
    At least, if you get disconnected then you get another chance to enter a Manufacturers or Nations cup race. However, it also means that competitors can improve throughout the evening. Part of the fun now, for me is trying to work out the best tyre strategy. Now you can run with one, see out it works and try again. Although, it also makes it harder to compete in both Cups effectively. I wonder why the Manufacturers and Nations Cup races are still help on the same dates?
  28. Ferr3t



    Never been more conflicted - I've wanted this initially, but I'm still on the fence at this point.

    We all have those races where nothing comes together, you get punted or whatever else. That sucks, especially when racing on a track I'm good at and looked forward to all week.

    On the other hand, I'm one of those people who tends to do many practice sessions in advance, just like you'd be expected to if you actually cared about your performance. And sometimes, that in itself pays dividends. There's also something to be said about the way it affects racing behaviour. It makes sense to risk more now in some situations since you get a redo if you snuff it - and I can see that leading to a few racing incidents.

    It'll be interesting to see how it plays out in the long run.
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  29. MrBrunoA


    The current system that counts only your best results throughout the season is already effective against disconnections/bad luck/being hit on the first corner. Multiple chances for the same race will only benefit those with lots of time for the game and will mean that people like me won't be able to compete anymore. It's unfair, plain and simple, and an absurd idea. As much as I love GTS, these changes will force me to quit and if they eventually revert back to the current system, my interest will probably be gone by then.
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  30. sundaydriving


    This looks a bit misguided from PD/Sony.

    The region "lock" is already farce. Look at Russia - it stretches from Japan over to Europe proper.

    I'm assuming these changes are to help combat poor latency to their existing servers but this is going to come at the expense decent match ups. I have no problems with PD putting servers in more regions but I would like to see the match making decide on the server by taking into account the latency AND the strength of field as part of matching. Ditch the region lock entirely. Its stupid.

    As for doing as many FIA races as you want. Hahahahahahahah. No.
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