IRS GT4 Championship Series - Series Complete! Season 2 starts soon!!

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Hey all! The Ballast settings for race 7 have been updated.

The spreadsheets for Points and Ballast have not been updated yet. Those are on my work computer so I will get to it on Monday night. I will post up to let you all know they are updated. In the meantime, here is the points spread not including Pole or fastest lap:

GentlemanRacing = 100
fastone = 94
Viper = 93
Jeeves = 89
Bass = 83
nico = 49
R1600 Turbo = 49 ( +1 for Fastest Lap and +1 for Pole at Autopolis, already confirmed)
RRDZ = 35
nail27 = 34
Alan = 33
tympache = 10

17 points separate the top 5 drivers! It's all coming to a head. @Jeeves_ACBC , @fastone371 and @R1600Turbo Turbo are maxed out on Ballast. @SDM_Viper has dropped down 1% on Ballast. It's getting interesting for sure!

The question of changing the next track has come up. Track selection at the beginning of the season was made to alternate the advantage between high horsepower versus great handling. This should be taken into consideration of a track change is made. It is the organizer's belief that Tokyo is a track that suits the high horsepower cars better than the good handling cars. Any change should be made quickly and only after some test races with as many competitors participating as possible.

Your thoughts?
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Theresa, Wisconsin
Although I strongly dislike street circuits I signed up to race in this series as presented so I refuse to start asking or demanding that we suddenly need to change courses the week before it comes up on the schedule. If I am unhappy with track schedule I should have said something before we started racing or not signed up for this series in the first place. Fast or slow (again) I will be at the next track on the schedule next Saturday.

I know I am not in the running for fastest lap:guilty::irked::irked: but my question is how the heck did @R1600Turbo go 1:51.4 in qualifying?? What an outstanding lap!!!
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Cincinnati, OH
I would like to stay with the two remaining tracks to close out this season...👍

The wall penalty on weak would be fine by me for Tokyo...:)
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Anyone around. I can open up a lobby and we can do some practice races at Tokyo with the wall penalty thing on.

Some quick 5 lappers.

Also - I have to adjust the race length for the Tokyo race. It over a 2 minute lap plus the formation lap.
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Changes to Series Settings I am considering for Season 2:

1. Starting fuel increased from 65% to 75%

2. Tire wear reduction from 3x to 2x. (Fuel consumption may be considered as well)

3. Changes to Ballast reduction based on finishing position. I am considering removing 1% when a competitor finishes off the podium rather than outside the top 5.

None of these changes are confirmed and they will not be considered until Season 1 is concluded.


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Columbus, Ohio