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You forgot to ask him @TB.

It's more likely though he will give us some wise old age Yiddish saying that we won't be able to decipher for 6 years :lol:

:eek: Don't give him any ideas.

On topic, I'm at a loss for what to do for the High Holy Days. I've left my synagogue in Kansas City due to various issues, including distance, a lousy 'transition Rabbi', and people I care about getting shafted by the game of synagogue politics.

Here's the thing. I'm 120 miles from a synagogue worth going to. The one n Joplin, some 30 moles away, is.. insufferable. It was the first time I had ever been to any house of Worship and suspected someone of being on crystal meth at the time. Should I go back to my old shul? Or do I try a different one and just tell them frankly what's going on? I will not go to Joplin.


Let There Be Time!
At the risk of repeating myself:

L'Shana Tovah! Guys, have a joyful and blessed time celebrating your life. Happy New Year!


Now …. where is that other thread? The one we wish our Jewish members a Happy Hanukkah?


My dear Jewish friends,
You are such a small community in this world - and yet, there are so many of you in here . . . as demonstrated in this thread.
I have heard that you feel ignored, that we make too much fuss of Christmas in here, that Hanukkah passes us by subtly, the light from your menorahs casting no brilliance upon the world.
Not so. You have always been a humble people, so you don't even bother to make a thread to celebrate what you are all celebrating right now - as you light that second candle.
In real life I have many Jewish friends - the most humorous people I know - these are folks who can laugh at themselves like no other people I know. I take time to wish them as they wish me a 'Merry Christmas!' in return.
I cannot give you Mecca - it has been taken.
I cannot give you Rome - that too has been taken.
I can only offer you what is ancient DNA, Jerusalem - and celebrate that gift at this point in time with a wish for a Happy and Holy Hanukkah as we celebrate our differences.
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Kansas City, MO
I took a look at this thread for the first time in a couple years. It wasn't wise to look two days after having moles and the attached/underlying sebaceous cysts cut off my face. I laughed so hard that I strained the stitches.

May we find it in ourselves to resanctify that which has been desecrated. We cannot depend on miracles, but we also cannot discount their possibility either.


When I type on my iPhone, the letter v appears between every word. I guess the phone believes that vav is the spacebar. It autofills nearly any transliterated hebrew word, and even capitalizes some.

High-Test's half-baked hemi-cut hare-brained haberdashery of horrible thoughts:

The I can't believe it's kosher cookbook.

'Arthur Bryants' Barbecue Schmaltz, Okonomi-latkes, kosher vodka sauce.