Kazunori Yamauchi Has 'No Intention of Stopping' GT Sport's Free Updates

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by GTPNewsWire, Mar 22, 2019.

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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: GTS' post-launch support is a textbook example of how companies can manage expectations. The cars that have come to the game so far have predominantly been ones players saw in the PS3 era — cars that were explicitly labelled as PS4-ready — and they're coming between four and five years after the last game. There's no cost associated with them though, and while Polyphony isn't alone for taking that approach, the shadowy teasers each round definitely help build up anticipation. So does the sprinkling of genuinely new-to-franchise content. :tup:
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    GT Sport creates value for Sony and PS Plus. PS Plus needs the content for generating subscriptions. I'm sure I'm not the only one who subscribed to PS+ just for one game and Sony certainly recognizes the value of GTS's active community. It's all connected and my point is that currently PD is managing the costs of the monthly updates because they see the potential of building a solid community and esports game, while pleasing Sony with PS+ subs. So, there is already a monthly fee associated with GTS, even if it's an indirect one.

    For the future I, and others here, can see GTS becoming a service with a monthly fee of its own, and in this case, it won't make sense to pay two different fees for one product. Would be so stupid from a business perspective that I doubt Sony would try it.
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    They are not fREEEEEEE :p
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    I hope gtplanet has no intention of stopping these head shots GT-Planet-interview-Paris-4-600x338.jpg GT-Planet-interviewParis_1-600x338.jpg

    Also is that the exact same motion in both shots?
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    I see where you are trying to go with this, but it's a myopic and flawed viewed on what you are paying for. Sony is a corporation with plenty of divisions that act as completely separate entities from each other.

    It would be the same as saying "I bought the car, why do I need to buy fuel?" After all, fuel makes the car move, ergo, fuel should be included.

    PS Plus is a service that is separate, wholly and completely, from Polyphony Digital. The fee you pay for PS Plus goes to the PS Plus service for the maintenance of the network, pricing specials on games, etc, etc, etc. PS Plus is not a requirement for your purchase of GTS and no part of that fee is used in the development of GTS other than technical support.

    The money you paid to purchase GTS (assuming you bought it new) is money that is used to fund future iterations. The funding for GTS came from earlier iterations. If you prefer to not pay any monthly fee for PS Plus, that's fine, you still have the game and the updates.

    None the less, GTS will likely never go the route of SaaS with a recurring fee. For this game, it makes the most sense to ship out iterations every so often.
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    Sorry I didn't find the option to edit my post and add your quote. Feel free to merge with the other reply.

    I'm sure PD held some content just to release it as "free updates" later, but it's difficult to estimate how much content a game should have for the original price. I don't play many games, but my impression is that GTS has A LOT of content now and it's worth much more than the US$ 60 I paid originally. And personally, I like the idea of holding content to release it later. It's smart.

    Having said that, even if they had all the new tracks and cars done two years ago, they're actively updating and fine tuning GTS, and spending money on the in-game and real world events. It feels like a live service already to me.
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    You can download and access all DLC (provided it isn't Sport Mode or Open Lobby specific) without PS Plus.
    You have access to all features in GT Sport, except for online racing, without PS Plus.

    PS Plus is in no way game specific, and twisting and turning doesn't change that fact.

    And regardless of what other people think, GT Sport being treated as a "service" does not equal requiring a monthly fee in the future.
    That idea sounds extremely (to the point of never going to happen) unlikely to me.
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    If they did it right, so more proper real life tracks, greater diversity of racing car classes including historics and stuff from the 80's 90's then yeah i am good paying a monthly fee.

    I basically want Project Cars II with the daily races and ability to use a controller. Oh and without the 12 billion PC2 bugs.

    Happy to lose rally and snow to save resources.
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    According to the implementation of the race cars in GT Sport, i think the GT1 class and the early 2000's LMP cars are really unexplained in the game :(
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    The extent of Sony's interest in PS+ subs and GTS is something only a Sony executive knows for sure, but I also think it's myopic from your part to not see that everything is connected. I'd doubt that PD, being a subsidiary of Sony, is not integrated in their broad strategy. Ironically, Gran Turismo is a game that supports 4K and HDR (I know these two are becoming common, but for sure this is a requirement forced by Sony and not only a design choice), PS VR, and iirc, even supported 3D once just to add value to Sony in their TV business. Wasn't it even used to showcase 8K TVs recently? GTS is integrated into Sony's strategy to value its games business AT LEAST.

    Would be shocking to me if Sony neglected all the synergies between its products at least inside the same division. Most probably they're much smarter than you think and see GTS and a good seller of PS+ subs, among other things.

    Yes, indeed. But offline is obviously not the focus for them. They barely created any offline content using the new tracks and cars.

    As for not becoming a paid service, isn't it the goal for pretty much everyone right now? Why would they stick to the old model of making one sale when the world is showing there's a lot more money do be made when you engage your audience for longer, with live services?
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    This will be a controversial opinion, but I'd rather they take that approach in the future.

    A game releasing with 500 cars at launch makes me focus on the cars I want at the start and not touch most of them. This content staggered release actually makes me spend time with a more variety of cars.
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    Yeah, it will only be selectable rain and not dynamic weather (but I don't care), for snow tracks I wouldn't know if it will ever be added
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    This should dispel any ideas that long-running cars have been "axed" from GT Sport.

    cough cough
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    United Kingdom
    Doesn't surprise me that content is Free

    I see it as part of what the game should have launched with.
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    While they could certainly advertise the graphically upgraded GTS as a PS5 launch title, it would probably be a bad idea because:

    1. A launch title should be something new. But GTS isn't. Actually it will be about 3 years old when PS5 is released (assuming in autumn 2020). Forza Motorsport 8 will also be released next year and it would probably make the GT franchise look bad if they couldn't offer something new.

    2. While I have no doubt that GTS would look great on the new console with improved graphics and native 4K, it would still be somewhat underwhelming in terms of graphics. People are gonna want a racing title that looks significantly better than Driveclub (it's the earliest AAA racing title on PS4 afterall), but given how amazing that game looks even by today's standard, it's gonna be impossible for GTS to look a lot better than it unless they remake the entire game with new engine, which we all know won't happen.

    That being said, if they decide to improve the graphics and some other features and make it available on PS5 I would glady buy it again, PS5 launch title or not. BUT they better find a way to make the save file compatible with the new console or to allow the progress to be caried over to it. I certainly would not start from scratch again after having put hundreds of hours into the game.

    Exactly, "free" and "at no additional cost" are two different concepts.
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    I recently fell in love with GTS again, so this is great news. This service approach serves the game well. Its just great we are able to return to the game and find new stuff every month. It is a rare thing getting so much post release for free and its pretty obvious GTS improved big time since 2017. Cant wait to see what 2019 will bring.
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    I can agree with your second sentence. When I first saw that white Gr.4 Atenza, I didn't care for any other cars in the game. It is, pretty much, the closest thing to my avatar.

    Anyway, this is the only game I have on PS4 and if it's going in the way of Grand Theft Auto V, as long as the content is free, I don't mind. Again, I always relate GT to scale models, RC, slot cars. Only thing is, this is so convenient, I don't have to order anything, the manufacturer sends the cars directly to me and I can choose which ones to use or not use.
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    The point I was making is that you are off-track trying to connect free DLC with PS Plus.
    As I say, you don't need it to download and access the content, and even if some of it hasn't been incorporated into the Campaign, you can use it as much as you want in custom races.
    Even 2 player battles with your mate if you wish.

    As for the "paid service", this is the PlayStation platform.
    To my knowledge there are no PS games that use such a system.
    The only thing I can think of similar to that would be PS Now, where you subscribe and pay to get access to games without having to purchase them.

    Anyway, I've already paid for GT Sport.
    Why would they then turn around and start to charge me to continue to play it?
    If they want/need additional funds to continue supporting the game and providing DLC they can simply start charging for the DLC.
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    Who thought otherwise?
  21. Lee x sensai

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    PD could release GTsport spec 2.0 if they want rerelease for PS5 and continue update on there while have save option from original game.
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    I can see where GT Sport Spec 2.0 can and where it wont work.

    First of all, there were issues with GT5 pre Spec 2.0 that needed addressing. Does GT Sport have that issue?

    GT Sport will require a major overhaul at the end so it becomes a reasonable single player experience. I dont feel like they will drop it like a dead fish and leave us with a dead game.

    So in that respect they should be rolling up a huge final update that makes the game playable at the end.
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    I personally thought it was really encouraging he referenced Spotify and iTunes. It demonstrates how PD are increasingly taking inspiration from other parts of the entertainment industry, the delivery of content, and what have you.

    We can argue back and forth about our favourite cars & tracks. But what’s really held GT back in the past is a reluctance to look out beyond their own studio. Learn from the competition to improve their own product. That now appears to be happening.
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    Oh no... Now I have to buy an extra HDD for my PS4. **** you Kazunori Yamauchi.
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    Not Kaz fault for someone's poor storage management.
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    You’re not wrong. But the amount of storage these games take up was a huge oversight. AAA games regularly exceed 100 gigabytes in size. Imagine if the PS4 was advertised as only being able to support 3 games at one time?
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    So, next part, we have be answers about new circuits?
  28. Pururut


    Im pretty sure Sony gives some of the Ps+ cut to Pd for making new content. So Updates are only free if you arent subscribed to Ps+. Otherwise always some of the money you gave will go to Gran turismo content. Even if you dont have the game.

    There is no other way Pd can get enough budget. Microtransaction alone will never be enough for a monthly update.
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    It looks like there will be no physical release of "GT Sport GOTY / Full Edition" and installments of the next Gran Turismo which is believed to be called GT7. GT Sport will get continuous support as esport games as the same as Counter Strike, Dota 2, etc., and even this seems to be applied to PS5. OK, I'm fine with that.
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    I’m fine with that as well. When R* re-released GTAV on the PS4, they supported a save-file transfer from the PS3 version. If GT Sport was re-released on the PS5 with massive upgrades and I could just transfer my save file over, I would buy PS5 day-one and re-purchase GTS.
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