Learning curve-the hardest corner: chapter 15 - Racing...IN FRANCE!

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    So maybe some people remember that I started a little race story all the way back in August. For those that don't here is the link. Click on it, read it and then read this.
    Please? :)

    Chapter 6 - Still nothing interesting happening

    ''So Oliver, who is this guy you know?''

    ''He's a Citroen fan. Maybe he'll want the car.''

    ''I hope so, because I don't want to drive it for another minute.''

    ''Be glad you get to drive for once.''

    -3600 seconds later-

    ''Okay we're here...''

    The car stops and I hear the door open, when suddenly I hear a noise... The kind of noise a bag of potatoes makes when it hits the ground.
    Max fell out of the car.

    ''Oh thank god, I'm out! It's like an oven in there!''

    ''You don't like it?''

    ''Oh I love it. I really love the way it can hardly go up a hill, it's pink and it HAS NO AC''

    ''Why didn't you say so I'll sell it to y...'' ''ZIP IT!''


    Oliver knocked on his friends door. Soon a man opens the door. I'm surprised Oliver actually knows a man past his thirties. He has gray hair along the sides and a Citroen shirt, that looks like it has been washed regularly.

    ''Hey Neil''

    ''Hi Oliver. What are you doing here?''

    ''We're here to sell you a 2cv''

    ''WOW really? That's... sorry I can't buy it.''

    ''But you only have three!''

    ''Yeah and the mrs. is getting sick of them.''

    ''Come on. It's a special color you don't have yet.''

    ''Oh really? Is it blue?''

    ''No. The colour doesn't really matter does it?''


    ''No, that doesn't matter. It's in great conditio...''


    ''Alright, alright... It's pink.''

    ''No deal.''

    As soon as I hear that I look around and I see Max has his eyes wide open in shock.

    ''Guys... You have exactly five minutes to get rid of that car. I did certainly NOT drive for that long in an old oven for nothing! Andi if you do not you will be sorry!''

    I find it really rather amusing, that Max is usualy the calm tempered one, but something like this really makes him mad. I need an excuse to think of quickly.

    ''Neil, who's that at the door?''

    ''Nothing love, just some friends.''

    ''You had better not be buying another 2cv!''

    ''No love! In fact they're just about to leave now.''

    I hear someone coming over in slippers. I presume it's Neil's wife.

    ''Who are you?''

    ''Oh well we are just some friends sto...''

    ''Yeah right. You think none of you never came here before? We have enough of these useless cars!''

    ''Love please!''

    ''Quiet Neil.''

    ''Well where is it then?''


    ''Well the car! Where is it?''

    The wife or ''love'' is getting a bit agitated. Sorry Neil.

    ''It's right around the corner.''

    ''I knew it! Neil you liar! Don't you lie to me like that.''


    ''No butts! We don't need any more of this junk.''

    Suddenly to my surprise (and probably everyone elses) the wife runs out and looks around the corner in her slippers. Only god knows what will happen when she actually sees the car if she reacts like that just when we mention it. So I cover my ears in fear of any potential ear drum bursting yelling.

    ''Ooh well this is not bad.''


    ''What a lovely color!''

    ''Pinch me. I must be dreaming...''

    ''Well dear mrs. Neil's wife this wonderful car is available to you for purchase right now!''

    ''Oh no what am I supposed to do with my old RX-7''

    Well that's it. No way we're selling anything now. I was about to leave, but it seems my friends have a tendency to do things I don't suspect. That can be annoying at times.

    ''We'll trade the cars then!''

    ''Well I don't know. It doesn't seem like a useful car.''

    ''Nonsense! It's like one of those electric city cars. They don't go really fast, but they're perfect for grocery shopping. Well except it's not electric and it's old and has none of the modern accomodations we got used to, but never mind that, it has a beautiful err... steering... wheel.''

    ''What do you think Neil?''

    Neil seemed to be picking his nose at the time.


    ''Then it's settled! We will exchange keys and off we go then!''

    And with that it's all finished. I don't have to see that thing anymore. I had grown tired of it after one drive. And I get a half decent car out of it too! Well. I hope so.

    ''So the RX-7. It has two seats. Someone will take the train I suppose.''

    ''Not it!''

    ''Not it!''

    ''Not i... nooo!''

    ''The train station is that way.'' *points that way*

    ''But it's my car!''

    ''Well no offence, but who got you the car? Yes it was me and Oliver.''

    ''Mostly me, but yes.''

    ''Well but... Oh fine, take it.''

    I watch the car leave and head to the train station. I just hope I didn't forget my wallet. It's in my pocket probably... right?


    -The next day-

    Oh what time is it? 12? Brilliant I slept through a third of the day. I throw something that looks edible into my mouth and then proceed to call a taxi, which then takes me to Max and Oliver's house. I then proceed to ring the doorbell. Soon after Max opens the door.

    ''Hey, how was the train ride?''

    ''Awful. I ended up hitch hiking.''

    ''Did you forget your wallet?''

    ''No I just... Don't like trains. Can I have my car keys?''

    ''Sure thing. It's a fun little car you know.''

    I take the keys and head on over to Gerry to give the car I got a nice thurrough check up. I still can't believe I. Oh. I mean Oliver and Max were able to trade that thing.

    -several minutes and a couple of seconds later-

    I drive up to Gerry's place and geto ut of the car.


    ''What! Are you here to pay me for repairing your car's?''

    ''No, but I do need you to check this car out. See if it's any good will you?''

    ''No. You already owe me for the other cars and now you want me to find even more garage space for another rust bucket?''

    ''Well I could bring a 2cv here. In pink.''

    ''You know that you have a way of not making sense at all?''

    ''I have been informed, yes.''

    ''Fine. Give me the keys and I'll have it checked up.''

    ''You're awesome Gerry.''

    ''You're not Drake.''

    And so I am driving in a taxi. Yet again. I really need to get those cars back.
    At home I play some more Plopy Station to try improve my driving skills. Even though I kind of lost hope. You can't get driving skills from a video game. I mean it's not like there's a competition run by the game develloper called GT academy or any... I'm getting off track again.

    -The next day-


    Hey I actually woke up at 9 today. This should be a good day.

    I eat a bowl of cheerios and brush my teeth and do all the other early morning things everyone does and then decide to NOT call a cab. I walk. It's only thirty minutes anyway.

    I come to Gerry's place after 50 minutes of walking (yes my assesment of 30 minutes was wrong) and quickly find him looking for something in what can only be described as a pile of old doohickies.

    ''Hey Gerry! How's my car?''

    I am surprised to find Gerry giving me a smiling expression back.

    ''Hey Drake! That car you bought is great!''

    ''Oh. no rust?''

    ''Not only that, but it seems, that someone installed a Sports ECU in it, a Racing filter and a couple of other goodies as well.''

    ''Wow really? I doubt it was the woman I got it from. She probably bought it used from somebody.''

    ''So listen. I've been thinking about not giving you the car back.''

    I take a minute or two and try to think of something smart to say, but all I say is.


    ''Oh let me finish. I'll give you the repaired Silvia of yours and the Opel for free!''

    ''Wow really? That's ama... ohuawh wait. I don't know. I don't think it's worth it.''


    Oh I have him now. I can see he likes the car and I'm not letting it go that easily.

    ''Well it is a very nice car from the eighties. I'm sure you could sell it for a profit or even keep it as your own.''
    After some thinking and silly facial expressions Gerry finally answered.

    ''Okay fine. I'll give you an aditional $500. How about that?''

    I wanted to ask for a bit more, because I'm like that to my friends, but decided not to. Better not make Gerry too disapointed or else he might not like me or something. I can't see why. I am so likable.

    ''Alright Gerry you have yourself a deal. Hand me $500 and the keys and I'll be on my way.''

    ''Perfect! I have the keys with me megically as we speak so here you go!''


    I call Max on the phone and tell him that he needs to get to Gerry's because I got both my cars back. He was there soon enough and we were on our way to my house.

    ''Wow, you really got a good deal to get these back.''

    ''Yeah I know. Gerry's the man!''

    So life is finaly getting back on track. If I ignore the fact that I stil lam lacking money and I'm still not really a good driver.
    We shall see in the future.

    Well this chapter took a while. I was waiting for GT5 you know. It had nothing to do with laziness I assure you. I will try and bring out new chapters once every two weeks from now on.
    And I apologise for this one being dull and boring, but I had to ge out of the carless state somehow.
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    Great chapter, Apokalipse!
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    Ah, the memories. I'll now take this time to assume you purposefully misspelled "Learning" in the title. ;)
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    Yes. That was on purpose. It had nothing to do with the fact I posted it at 1 am. :)
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    Dammit :mad:
    You've made me give into peer pressure!
    First DK, then Roj, and now you, Maj! I reckon there needs to be a great online meet together for the Mother of all Crossovers :lol:
    (Don't worry, we can all "tie" so our characters don't suffer defeat :p)
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    Mine's fine with suffering defeat. It's his "thing". :lol:
    Also I am planning on releasing the next chapter tomorrow. Sometimes it takes a month sometimes it takes a week :lol:
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    Good one! I really do like how that Mrs. Neil changed her mind from a lion into a... I don't know :lol:

    I'll be here looking for more mate!
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    New chapter time! But before we do some might find, that this new Silvia has a wing. It is in fact a Silvia K's and the old one in GT4 was a Q's. The K's is better.
    However I have a solution! Pretend, that Drake was so bad that he made it seem like the old silvia was a Q's while in fact it was a K's all along.
    There... now that that's out of the way. Enjoy the chapter.
    Also consider this as an apology for the bland chapter 6. ;)

    Chapter 7 - An enemy

    Ahh what a nice Saturday it is. I got my cars back and me and Max are thinking of what we should do next.

    ''So you got both your cars back! Are you going to go back to doing the Sunday cup series?''

    ''No. It's boring, slow and I have reasons to believe the commentator is mentaly retarded.''

    ''Yeah he wasn't ever really enthusiastic about you winning, was he?''

    ''Oh no it's not that, it's just that he called my silvia pink. I mean it's obviously cranberry red.''

    ''That joke's getting old you know.''

    ''I am being serious.''

    I would love to argue with Max some more. That's always fun, but I just remembered I heard about a race recently.

    ''Anyway how do you think my Silvia would stack up with some FR cars?''

    ''Well what kind? Are we talking about M3 GTR's here? Because in that case not so well...''

    ''Some RX-7's, 350z's and things like that.''

    ''The silvia lacks in power a bit really. What are you going at with this.''

    ''There are two races being organised for FR cars. One at Trial mountain and one at Grand Valley Speedway.''


    ''In about four hours. I actually already signed up.''

    ''WHAT? Why do you not tell me these things?''

    ''Must have forgot.''

    ''Sometimes I think you deserve to lose.''

    With that Max starts wondering all the different opponents I could be up against and how well could I do.

    ''I think I'll get ready for the race now. You should go get Oliver. I'm sure he'd love to come.''

    ''Sure thing.''

    Max seems so nervous about this. And he's not even racing. I feel really relaxed. I think I'll just get on the track open the window and drive with my elbow out my window laying back on the seat and casually driving. Quickly of course. Yeah that's what I'll do. Maybe I should wear sunglasses too.

    -3 hours and a half later-

    ''Oh man, oh man, oh man what did I get myself into? :scared: I'm going to loose. I saw Skylines and 350z's and oh no, oh no.''

    ''Haha you're going to fail.''

    ''Shut up Oliver or I'm going to let out my frustration on you.''

    ''Okay okay!''

    ''Drake it's only 15 minutes till the race. You should get ready.''

    ''Right right. Ready. How bad can this be?''

    I'm now driving to my position. I'm actualy not last this time for some magical reason. But there is 10 of us this time. I only ever raced up against 5 people at a time. I wonder why?


    ''Fast cars in front of me.''

    Commentator: And today we have a nice lineup of some Nissans, Mazdas and even a Mercedes!

    ''Fast cars behind me. And is that a Shelby series one? Losing is imminent''

    Commentator: But by far that Shelby is the most interesting vehicle here today! We're in for a race!



    ''Okay GOGOGOGOGOGO!''


    ''Go, go, go!''


    ''Err... go... please.''


    ''Oh this is great. That 6th position really helped a lot.''


    ''Actually this could in fact work!''


    ''Haha. Take that! Overtaking on the outside like a pro right here. :sly:''

    Commentator: Very interesting start! The pink Silvia is flying past the others in the corner.

    ''Ahh where did the road go?!''

    ''Whew. I managed that and am now third! Oh yes. I am great. I never really doubted this for a second! Kind of.''

    ''A straight. Good thing the cars behind me are a bit behind.''

    Commentator: That Silvia is going to have some trouble on the straights, but perhaps he can pull it off with the corners!

    ''Must regain time.''


    Commentator: And yes that Silvia is far superior to the others.

    ''Wow I missed this car a lot. My nice Silvia.''

    ''Oh look. It's THIS corner again.''

    ''I hope I have enough lead.''

    ''Oh no! Power activate! Initiate turbo boost. Save mee!!''

    Commentator: And it looks like the Silvia is getting a run for its money yet again!

    ''Thank god for corners. That Shelby hasn't got a chance!''

    ''Noo! Driving skills. You fail me once more!''

    Commentator: Oh and a terrible mistake by young Drake Hunter in his Silvia! The Shelby will surely overtake now!

    ''Noo! Decease! I insist you must not pass! And the Stupid RX-7 is gaining on me.''

    ''Yeah. Who needs tires anyway?''

    ''Okay if I really try I can do this. I know I can! I will concentrate and pull off the most amazing move I have ever pulled off. It will be spectacular!''

    ''Oh poop.''

    ''Yeah. I didn't want to win anyway. It's too overrated. Or something.''

    Commentator: And that is the end of this race folks! Soon we will have the higher power cars.....

    Well I don't think that was half bad really.

    ''What did you do?''

    ''What do you mean?''

    ''You almost won!''

    ''Yeah. Too bad I goofed up on that one corner. Bad luck.''

    ''No, it's a good thing! I was sure you'd be at the end of the pack at all times!''

    ''Hey thanks for the vote of confidence man!''

    ''You really know how to make a compliment sound like something bad bro.''

    ''I was just telling the truth. Anyway how much do you win then Drake?''

    ''For second place I get around 7k.''

    ''Wow! That's the best prize you have gotten yet!''

    ''So let's go celebrate!''

    ''Booze is on you!''

    -The next morning-

    ''urrnwah!*groan* *moan* *yawn*''

    Oh man I probably shouldn't have celebrated so much yesterday. Needless to say I feel terrible. What year is it?

    *ring ring ring*

    ''Oh shut up phone.''

    My first instinct was to throw it out the window, but I came to my senses and at least looked at who it is.

    ''Oh it's just Max''


    ''What is it?''

    ''Quit being hungover and get outside. We need to get to Grand valley speedway!''

    ''I'm not hungover I'm just tired... and what are you talking about? The race is in 5 hours.''

    ''It's 1pm''

    ''Oh. I'll be right out.''

    :censored: I could have sworn it was at the very most 9am! No no no!

    -one incredibly fast wardrobe change later-

    I run out the door and see Max waiting in front of my car.

    ''Hurry up drunk.''

    ''I believe that I am true in saying that you drank more than me.''

    ''I guess I could handle it better.''

    And it's one of those situations now. I would love to say something witty back to Max but decide not to. What's the matter with me? Perhaps I'll pick on him on the way.

    ''Yeah, maybe. Let's go already!''

    - 2 hours later!-

    Well I didn't pick on him. I have so much more on my mind. The race, the car and everything. This is great I used to not think of races at all. I just did them.

    ''I'll confirm you're here and ask about things and you can wait here and play with barbies or whatever it is that you do.''

    ''Hey you're the one that's trying to get away from me! I wonder what you do when you're alone.''

    As Max leaves suddenly I see a dark figure coming towards me. He is concealed by the shadows. Looks like he has something to say.

    ''Hey you!''

    ''What, me?''

    ''Yeah you! You bumped me on that last race you know!!''

    Okay this confused me. Firstly did this guy come all the way here to tell me just that and I also don't remember hitting anybody.

    ''Excuse me? I don't think I did. In fact I'm quite sure of it!''

    ''Oh yeah? At the start of the race I was the Jaguar.''

    ''You mean the one that finished last?''


    ''Take it easy man!''

    ''In a week we're having a race. One on one mano e mano.''

    ''Umm... Why? Where?''

    ''This is a battle of honour! I will defeat you I swear! Be there at Laguna Seca at 4pm. Saturday.''


    ''Lets do a pink slip? You win you get my car. I win I get yours.''

    Hmm. Should I take this up? I mean he looks pretty mad even though I didn't even hit him. The man is clearly delusional and he was last anyway.



    With that the man leaves and lets me be. In a couple of minutes Max comes back.

    ''Hey, you start in 6th like last race. Did I miss anything?''

    ''Nothing worth mentioning.''

    ''Alright then. Get ready.''

    I go to where I parked the car and get in as I drive to where I start I have my thoughts. Maybe I did a mistake?

    What if I lose the car?

    Commentator: And everyone is off to a start with the Silvia having some problems with speed!

    Ah well.

    It's a hunk of junk anyway.

    Commentator: And the Silvia is sure giving everyone a scare! It's by far the fastest through those corners.

    ''Take that Corvette!''

    Wow this isn't that bad, but now the worst part is almost here.

    The straight...

    Oh give it a rest Corvette. You're not built for corners.

    This BMW is though.

    Haha! This corner rocks!

    Just have to keep up the speed...

    And I'm at this corner in no time!

    Last lap and last car to overtake. Let's do it!

    And I can do this!


    You don't intend to stop going fast now, do you?

    Or you for that matter


    Wait was that the finish line? Did I beat this Skyline? What?

    I drive off the track to the car park place and find Max.

    ''What happened?''

    ''Well there was a race right now. It was fun wish you'd have been there''

    ''Very funny! Did I place before the Skyline?''

    ''You did indeed.''

    ''Oh yes that's another 5k right there!''

    ''Well I didn't think I'd ever say this, but you are improving!''

    ''People just need to stop putting sand under my car!''

    ''Haha. Funny how that happens every time you go too fast through a corner.''

    ''Yes. And now I need to prepare for next weeks race.''

    ''What race?''

    ''Did I say race? I meant...''

    ''Well. Yeah there's a race I need to tell you about.''
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    Great story so far! Good idea of a "Pink" Silvia S13 racing. Keep up the good work! :tup:

    -Also I found a typo here

    Here too.

    They should both be Lose
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    Thanks a lot!
    And I fixed both those now. Thanks for the tip.

    And the car looked much more pink in GT4 :grumpy:
  11. Ryou


  12. Apok

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    If you're lucky enough you can make it look pink. The front end of the car looks pink in picture 4. It's probably due to the lighting system. Making my cars look all non-pink like :lol:
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    New Zealand
    Nice Chapter - you forgot the vomiting in the Hangover scene :lol:
    If I see a pink Cranberry Red anywhere, expect a gift ;)
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    That gives me a little giggle :lol:

    I like your story mate! Lots of scene that I think funny, and intriguing but whatever, I can't wait to see what happens in Laguna. Mano e mano!
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    How did I NOT think of that! :grumpy: :ouch:

    But yeah I'm always up for some pink cranberry red.

    And thanks Ahmad. I already have a plot set up for that mano e mano thing.
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    I thought you could buy a Cranberry Red Silvia in GT5...oh well.
  17. Apok

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    It is cranberry red. In fact if you look at some of the pictures. Like I said before picture 4 looks a bit pink. :)
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    Yeah - it's on the S13 Silvias, and a Chevelle (sp?)
    I had a look at the S13 Cranberry Red. I'm not seeing any Cranberries - Raspberries, yes.
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    I have read the whole thing in the past 20 minutes or so and I have to say its one of the funniest threads on GTP. I especially like the Appkalipse"god voice" bit.:lol:
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    Thanks a lot akmuq. I appreciate it.
    Also I don't think I will be able to deliver next weeks chapter on time. I have one ready for this saturday, but I've hit a minor writers block and we have a lot of school things to do.
    Just a heads up that it MAY be late.
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    Chapter 8 - Epic battle!

    It's now Monday and I still haven't told Max about the race.

    ''So, this race you were telling me about. What's that all about?''

    ''What race?''

    ''The one you told me about after the race where you totally blew it.''

    ''Which one. I regularly blow it.''

    ''Will you quit stalling and tell me about the race!!''

    ''Alright, alright calm down. At the beginning of the second race a man came up to me while you were away.''


    ''Then he said that I hit him and that he wants me to race him on Saturday.''

    ''Oh. Could be fun. I don't remember you hitting anyone though. Maybe a bit of light contact, but nothing serious. Who is this guy?''

    ''The one that was in the Jaguar XK.''

    ''You mean the one that placed last?''

    ''That's the one!''

    ''Well you may loose. The XK can easily beat your silvia and it looked like he was being held back by the other cars, so don't expect a win.''

    ''Well that's the thing. I have to win.''


    ''I just have to win this. Trust me.''

    It's now Tuesday and I still haven't told Max that the race is a pink slip. Me, Max and Oliver are playing the PlopyStation.

    ''What track should we play now?''

    ''Let's go on Laguna seca again.''

    ''Again? Why?''

    ''Is it my turn yet?''

    ''The race on Sunday is on Laguna seca. Also no Oliver.''

    ''You're taking this race a lot more seriously than usual. What's wrong?''

    ''Oh nothing. I just don't want to loose. It would be bad.''

    ''It's just a regular race, isn't it? Nothing to loose really.''

    ''It's probably a pink slip.''

    ''What? No! Of course it isn't. I'd never agree to something as stupid as that.''

    ''Drake. Is this a pink slip race?''

    ''Hey look, a bird!''

    Ah I need to distract Max now. He can't know about the pink slip thing or he'll possibly blow up.

    ''A bird?'' *looks away*


    ''Hey! What the :censored: man?''

    ''Uhhh. My fist slipped.''

    ''What's your problem?''

    ''Oliver it's your turn.''


    Wait... Did I really agree to a pink slip?

    *phone rings*


    ''Hey Drake! Sorry me and Oliver can't come today. There seems to be a black hole in our refrigerator.''


    ''Yeah. We need to call a refridgerator person to repair this, but the black hole already sucked in the phone lines and our cell phone. In fact I have no idea how I am calling you.''

    ''But who is going to drive the XK home for me if I wiiii....... never mind?''

    ''Wait, what?''

    ''See you Max!''

    I put the phone down and go into my car, making sure I don't lock the door of my house. That would require effort... and I lost the keys.

    -One drive later-

    This seems to be the place. Now where is my opponent?
    Oh wait there's an XK.

    ''Ah there you are! I was sure you would chicken out of this one!''

    ''Hey, where is the driver?''

    ''Don't try and be funny, it's me!''


    Okay this can't be him. This is not the dark and mysterious person who asked me to race a week ago. I mean, he is wearing a neat perfectly white shirt which only needs a tie and he'd look like a businessman, he has glasses that look like they came straight out of the eighties. Oh and his voice. It doesn't sound dark and mysterious. It sound like Kyle's voice from South park. Not the regular Kyle, but Kyle's cousin Kyle. In fact he looks like him too... Did I mention I like South Park?

    ''Well don't just sit there in your car, let's get going!''

    'Uhh... right. Hey wait. How do you even know I hit you?''

    ''Well there's a scratch right there.''

    ''That isn't necessarily from me, is it?''

    ''Well you were the only one to ever be behind my car the whole race.''

    ''Ahahaahaha!! Well I guess you have a point!''

    ''What's so funny?! Oh people laugh at me too much. Now shut up and sign this.''

    ''Whatawho now?''

    Suddenly some lawyer looking people come out of nowhere. Five of them too.

    ''Mister Hunter. By signing this document you agree, that by entering this two lap race you are aware you must hand over your car in case of loss *insert more boring BS here*''

    Hmm my last chance to chicken out of this. Should I?

    ''Well come on! My mother said I need to be home soon for lunch.''

    ''Do you have a pen?''

    And after a sign of a document later I'm now on the start line. In second place.

    ''Hey, why do I have to be in second? You challenged me!''

    ''It was all in the document!''

    ''That's :censored:''



    ''Well he’s faster down the straights. Even though he didn’t give it full power for some reason. Preserving the tires?''

    ''All I need is a way to get past him.''

    ''Awh Jesus he’s gonna craaash into me. I know it.''

    ''Oh. Err… That works!''

    ''Oh no, that was bad!''

    ''Hahaha! Take that! I AM A DRIVING GO…. No I’m not doing that.''

    ''If I win''

    ''I’m going to have one sexy car.''
    ''And he’s not very good either. ''

    ''Oh god, that corkscrew makes me so nervous!''

    ''Hey wait where is he?''

    ''Take that! Gosh I sure am brave overtaking! My mom is going to be so proud! I’ll tell her all about this.''

    ''I can still do it!''

    ''Oh god you’re a crazy man! This isn’t good for my heart! I’m going to have problems because of this when I’m old!''

    ''Oh go away, go away!''

    ''I have a feeling this makes him nervous!''

    ''Haha corner exit speed!''

    ''A bit of a lead would do good though.''

    ''Lead… please! Lead!''
    ''Oh Jesus he moved slightly to the left! What should I do?''

    ''I’ll move slightly to the right then.''

    ''Oh no! He moved slightly to the right too! He’s a smart fella!''


    ''Oh my god I have a Jaguar! I won!''

    ''My mother will be so mad at me!''

    I stop the car and step out proudly. I’ll claim my car now. ''

    ''And she’ll say: I told you you shouldn’t have done it! I was right''

    ''Keys please.''

    To my surprise he gave up the keys with no hesitation.

    ''And then I’ll have to leave the house.''

    As I walked away I almost felt sorry for the guy.

    ''And I’ll be penyless and will have to live in a box.''

    But that would be too out of character.

    ''And then I’ll do drugs and become one of those smelly people on the street.''

    I pull out my phone and call the car moving company.

    ''Hello. I would like to move a car from the Laguna seca track to *imaginary address*''

    ''And then I’ll get in trouble with the police.''

    I could have driven home and got a taxi, but I’ve grown tired of those. They are boring and they smell and I use them far too much. So there.

    ''Then I’ll go to jail.''

    Soon the truck came to pick up the car. Mamma’s boy left already. He was smart and called a cab. Not like he would need a truck to haul a car. :sly:

    ''What car should I tow''

    ''The red silvia…
    well... actually tow the Jaguar.''

    So now I’m driving home in my Silvia. I could have driven the Jag. The new Jag. But this car deserves a goodbye. It’s been very good to me and helped me get better at driving. It deserves a final drive. I’ll still use it. Probably not for racing though.

    Goodbye my pink Silvia. It’s been fun


    Special thanks to:

    Wienish for driving the Jaguar.
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    Great chapter Apokalipse!
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    I actually feel sorry for the Jag driver. Drake sounded like a total douche in this chapter.
  24. Apok

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    Well besides slowly making him a better driver I'm trying to make Drake become a better person slowly as the story goes by. If you take a look at chapter 1 you will see he had no regard for clean racing or being a good person at all.

    Oh and don't worry the Jag driver is going to be back as I'm planning on making him a regular character.
    He'll be the villain I suppose. :lol:

    The point I'm trying to make is, that Drake is supposed to be a bit of a douche. See this?

    As I walked away I almost felt sorry for the guy.

    ''And I’ll be penyless and will have to live in a box.''

    But that would be too out of character.

    And thanks for the kind words SVX.
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    Are ya gonna paint the Jag pink red? :p
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    Nice chapter. The weird thing is, I was listening to this...

    At 1:13 a song plays, right when I read about him saying goodbye to the Silvia. I thought it matched perfectly. (That song doesn't last very long)
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    great chapter :)
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    A new thread and I have not posted in it yet!

    Good to see you continued writing your humorous and interesting story. :D :tup:
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    Thanks competizione!

    And I never stopped really Magic Racer. I just had a bit of a break. :D

    Also this weeks chapter is delayed. You'll have to wait another week. :(

    Haha 1 week yeah right.
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    Chapter 9 - It's all fun and games before someone becomes penyless.

    What now.
    It's been so long since I've gotten the Jaguar. And things just turned for the worse...
    I'm out of money again.
    And I still can't drive. I'm too used to the silvia's handling.
    Or I was. I don't know. I haven't driven it much.
    I wish Max could help me... I'm going in circles.

    -4 months earlier-

    ''Drake! Wow, I mean... How, why? When?''

    ''I won the race because I'm that good and about a week ago.''

    ''Wow. Why didn't you tell me?''

    ''I thought you would try and talk me out of it.''

    ''You bet I would. What if you lost?''

    ''Well I still have the Opel speedster.''

    If anyone's wondering yes we're talking about the race where I won the Jaguar. And Max is quite surprised.

    ''So what awesome races are you going to win with it?''

    ''Well I haven't really raced it yet. I don't even know how it feels yet, but it feels much more soft.''

    ''Yes it is a premium car and it isn't really built to be the most nimble. You sure you can handle it?''

    ''I think so... I mean... Yes! Of course I can! In fact I'm going to go try it out on the track tomorrow. Are you going to come along?''

    ''I'd love to, but in fact I have work to do. I have to go to the university now.''

    ''Oh... Maybe some other time then.''


    *driving on the road towards trial mountain*

    Hmm I sure hope Max will still have some time to help me out with driving. Especially if I find out this car is too much of a handfull.

    And I guess it's already time to find out.


    It is very comfortable.


    And fast, but what does it do in the corners?



    The back end comes out pretty easily. And not in an easy to controll drift car manner.


    I'm still alive somehow. I need to get used to this car. And quick. I wish Max was here to scream like a little girl.


    Oh it's the end of the first lap. And I haven't crashed yet.


    I probably shouldn't be doing this, but I'll do another lap.


    Or not! This wall disagrees with me! NO!


    Oh god


    I have a feeling, that


    I SUCK!



    Oh god. I need to do something about this. This is a car that could bring me up to the better ranks of racing.
    I'd better head on home.


    -present day (Max)-

    ''Oh man It's been months since Drake has gotten his Jaguar. How do you think he's doing?''

    ''He's probably already crashed it. Haven't you talked to him at all?''

    ''No... After I went to university we haven't talked much. He has invited me to come to some of his practice sessions on Trial Mountain, but I've been so bussy. Real life caught up I suppose.''

    ''That's why I'm not in the university.''

    ''No it's because you're still in high school.''

    ''Excuse me, but I believe it's fair to point out it's the last year of high school! Thank you very much!''



    Well. I won't give up just yet. In fact I think my road has just begun. I'll tame the Jaguar sooner or later.
    And the jag's just the start.

    *Drake leaves his computer. On the computer is an email that was sent out as an application to a 'different' driving school.*

    Yes I've returned.
    With a really short chapter.
    I have no excuse.
    I am lazy.