Learning curve-the hardest corner: chapter 15 - Racing...IN FRANCE!

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It's great to see you revive this thread. 👍
Yep. I had grown out of it, but then I was listening to a commentary with someone that makes videos on youtube. He said that the best advice he can give to something like this is to keep at it.

This may not be a video, but I am keeping at it.
Whatever happened to the ApocVan?

Just a bit of a flashback:)
*Remember? after SuperGTRacer's 3.5 race?
Whatever happened to the ApocVan?

Just a bit of a flashback:)
*Remember? after SuperGTRacer's 3.5 race?

Oh that van. What has Rykon Zero started with that thing? :lol:
I'm actually planning on maybe doing a silly photoshoot with it for my photomode gallery.
And maybe It'll appear in my story as a cameo eventually.

Also yes I have a fully tuned Honda Life step van ready. It did great in the seasonal race before PSN went down.
Do you think Chuck Norris Polyphony will make an Armageddon Van for DLC? It'll probably be over $1,000 for the DLC itself though :indiff:
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I don't think they would be able to recreate the combo multiplier it has. It would not be the same thing. :dopey:
Do you think Criterion could model the whole of Tokyo and create a 'Burnout: Armageddon"? :P
An early chapter. I may release some of these now. I have some time this week.

Chapter 10 - back to basics

''My god! It's time!''

As I frantically throw a bunch of clothes into a bag, most definitely not grabbing enough socks I simultaneously try to find a map.
After that I chuck the bag into the Silvia's trunk and drive off. Really where I'm going is no big deal. It'll just teach me to drive, as the email application I sent out got accepted.

After a 6 hour long drive which was about as interesting as it sounds I am now here.
Where is here? Here is in the middle of nowhere really. And in the middle of this middle of nowhere is a building. This building is in fact a McDonalds.
Next to it is the racing school.

As I step through the front door there is a lady that quickly makes herself known with a:

''Hello, may I help you?''

''Uh yes I'm here to learn how to drive.''

''Oh of course. They all are. You know there was once this man that came here and he had a white shirt on. I thought he wanted to kill me, because his shirt had blood stains on and a knif...''

''Cynthia! Are you talking too much again?''

''Sorry boss!''

''Uhh I'm... Drake... Drake Hunter.''

''Ahh mr. Hunter. Just go down that hallway and at the end of that go right. After that you will see a plant. Go left right after this plant. Take 8 steps forward and then turn 90 degrees to the left. You will then be facing a picture. Take a look at the picture and think about how lovely it is. After that turn 90 degrees to the right again and go all the way to the end of the hallway and enter the door.''

''What the...''

''Well that's how I get there.''

I think to myself it's just better I leave. I'm still curious about that man in stained shirt thing, but I'm not here for that.

As I enter the hallway that is just left of a very dehydrated looking plant I notice the picture the woman mentioned and think about how lovely it is. I then knock on the door at the end. It has a name on it:

'William Roberts'

''Come in!''

''Umm hello. I'm Drake Hunter. I'm here for the racing.''

Mr. Williams is sitting in his chair and as I enter he turns his chair to face me.

''Ah yes mr. Hunter. We've been expecting you. Please take a sit and take this pill... Don't worry it's candy.''


I had finally cracked. This was all a big joke.

''This place is... hell''

After that subtle hint at my location everything went up in flames and mr. William's eyes began turning red, but then all I could see is black.

''Oww. My nose.''

It had all been a dream.
Don't you just hate it when that happens in movies? But this is not a movie, so it's allowed.
In fact I am currently in a hotel in... just like in the dream the middle of nowhere. And I am here because I have enlisted in a racing school.

Also I woke up because the picture that was above my bed fell off. Onto my face. It is not very pleasant.

I throw the picture on the ground and throw on a pair of jeans and a black shirt with witty text on it. I figure it makes me cooler.

As I run down the stairs (I'm sure I woke many many people up) I was looking for my keys. Yesterday we had a consultation at the racing school and today is the first lesson.

Phew finally here. After something that felt like 60 red lights.
I'm at the racing school. Next to the McDonalds. Like in my dream. I find mr. Roberts in front of the building waiting for me.

''You're late.''

''Yeah. Sorry about that. I overslept, but thank god something fell on my head.''

''Are you ready for your first lesson?''

''Depends on what it is. What is it?''

''Well we're going to be working on your braking and taking off.''

''So basically driving in a straight line and braking.''

''Sigh. It's important. And you've already payed for all this. Feel free to leave. If you would like a refund please buzz off.''

''Alright. What car are we using?''

''A Toyota Vitz.''














-Hey that works''


''Inadequate? Wasn't it good?''

''Well you managed to not get to the cones this time, but that was only good enough for a bronze time.''

''I'm ok with bronze.''

''I'm not. Now try again.''


And that is how the first day went. I did not enjoy driving that little 🤬 car at all.
So if you thought I did. You're an idiot.


-day 2-


''Oh god what now?''

It's 6am and Something woke me up again. I look left and right and try to locate the thing that made a loud sound, when I notice my head is abnormally low.
I get on my knees and look under the bed. Sure enough one of the wooden planks that hold the mattress broke.

I hate this hotel. I really do.

I get up and throw some clothes on, brush my teeth and turn off my alarm clock. I don't even need it anyway. This hotel does the job just fine. Even if it is a bit early.
After eating a mass of bowl-shaped soggy cereal I start getting prepared to go to school again.
Just like when I was a kid. Except this time there isn't homework and I don't fall asleep from dullness.

At 7:50 AM I leave the hotel, making sure I walk loud enough to wake everyone up again.

1 drive later I'm at the school again. William is already here.

''Hello there Willy! What are we going to learn today?''

''Mr. Drake my name is William. Please call me that. And today we will work on your steering capabilities.''

''So things like corner entry and exit speed? Out-in-out?''

''Exactly. I see you have some knowledge of the theory, but we'll see how you do in practice.''

''Challenge accepted!''

*insert pictures of terrible driving here*


*day 3 (Sunday)*



''🤬 off you stupid bed!''

Another one of the planks gave way. I'll have to talk to the manager about this. But not today. It's Sunday and I can do whatever I want. Sunday's too cool for school. :D

Good thing too. I'm exhausted. Never thought a golf could be so much work.

After a healthy (read: big) breakfast and some TV I decided to go explore this city a bit. Maybe go to a cafe.
Actually I've seen a cafe near the hotel that looked quite nice.


The cafe is pretty empty. There's a gorgeous sunrise though. And the waitress looks hot.
Hmm Maybe I shouldn't think this much...


''Huh?... Oh no! Sorry about that.''

It appears that in my thoughtlessness I had bumped into a random guy trying to get to a table.

''Oh. It's okay. You just caught me off guard.''

''I'm really sorry. I'm enlisted into the racing school here and it's pretty exhausting. I need some coffee.''

''Yeah I really need some coffee too.''

''Please let me pay for it. Accept it as an apology.''

''Well if you insist.What's your name? My name is Morgan.''

As we sit down and order two cups of coffee I can't help but wonder what the man does. He looked tired and his clothes were dirty.

''Oh. My name is Drake. So what do you do? Seems like you have a tough job.''

''Oh I'm not really employed. I do some racing from time to time on the track. The one the school uses to practice on.''

''Oh wow! You race?''

''Yeah. I've been working on my car all night. It's a corvette C4.''

''Oh wow. That's some car.''

''Yeah. And it's not the regular kind either. I've spent 3 years trying to get it as close to the Grand sport version. I've even had it painted that way.''

''Whoa man that's some serious car then!''

''Yeah. About 350hp in a car that weighs a bit shy of a tonne and a half. It's a handful.''

Wow. It had just dawned on me that this guy has a really good car. I wonder how he drives. I mean my Jag 'only' has 300hp and when I drove it, it was all over the track.

''Maybe you can come drive with me one day. We could go to a track day.''

''I'd really love to, but like I said I'm enrolled into the driving school. I have lessons all week except on Sundays when I really need rest.''

''Hmm. I don't think you have it next Friday. There's a race going on at that track. One of my friends is going to be participating.''

''Oh really? Well I guess they didn't tell me yet.''

I lied. They probably did, but I hadn't been listening.

''Well if you feel like it we could drive to a track and join a track day.''

''Hmm. We could go to that El capitan track. I heard it's good and not that close by.''

''Hmm. That's not possible right now. It's been mysteriously wiped from the planet. The last reported car to be driving in the area was a Honda Life step van of all cars. Then it just disappeared. And it's not in GT5''

''A whole track just disappeared? How does that work?''

''I don't know. We could go to the Laguna Seca raceway. It's further away, but I think we can manage.''

''Oh I've been there before. Okay sure!''

After that we exchanged phone numbers and drank the coffee. Should be fun on Friday!
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Damn Honda :ouch:
Nice chapter, Maj. I think I need to add some Hondaness into my story :lol:
Nice chapter, although dreams are allowed in movies if it either features Freddie Kruger or it's the product of Chris Nolan's mind.

You make one absurd and silly plot device, and everyone gets on the cameo wagon. That said, this is hilarious. Good work sir, I think I can now confidently say the Life Step is the reason we're missing so many old tracks.
Hmm... actually this may be proof that PD wanted to put the Armageddon van into the game, but they did it too well and it wiped all the tracks that aren't in the game now.

What have you done!?
Chapter 11 - Making progress

-It's Friday, Friday, gettin' down on...-

*Drake throws computer out of the window*

''My god! That's terrible!''

Never before had I listened to a song that would make me throw my computer out of the window. It's okay though, as it'll be back next time I need it for some reason.
Also. It is Friday.
And unlike Rebecca Black I don't have to make my mind up, as I have to drive and I can only use the front seat. I have Laguna Seca to get to.

On the road I can't stop thinking about the Corvette. I bet it's going to look awesome.

-Laguna Seca-



''Hey, Morgan! I'm at Laguna Seca. Where are you?''

''I'm here too''
''I'm here too''

As I hear the voice coming from both the phone and behind me I turn around and notice he is indeed standing behind me.

''Hey Morgan! You ready to show me your car?''

''Oh yes. And I presume this is yours?''

I notice he's pointing at the Silvia.

''Yeah. That's one of my cars.''

''Interesting color choice.''

''Yes. I quite like red. Cranberry red is a perfect shade I think.''

''Right.... Anyway, let me show you my car!''

Morgan walks me towards his car and I can't help but notice the impressive paint job. Looks like it's a real Grand sport.

''What do you think?''

''It certainly looks like the real thing, but does it drive like it?''

''Guess we'll find out right now.''

A quick fee later he was on the track with his corvette.


And the car does look amazing. I bet it's an interesting ride.


Good lord! That suspension is like a fluffy cloud compared to my car.


It would eat my Silvia for lunch though.


And Morgan is a pretty good driver. He seems to be in control of the car. And this is not a very easy track to drive on.



A quick ride later Morgan went into the pits with his cloud car.

''So? What do you think?''

''Looks amazing. Are you going to race it?''

''Most definitely. This car belongs on the track don't you think?''

''I agree. Are you going to upgrade the suspension?''

Oddly the expression on Morgan's face became puzzled.

''Well... No. Why would I? I've been trying to make the car as original as possible.''

''It would probably really help. Didn't you feel your car moving around during braking and cornering?''

''Hmm... Yes, but it's supposed to do that.''

He seems pretty sure about the suspension, so I think I'd better leave it.

''I guess you're right. I think I'll have a drive in my Silvia.''





''Okay, OKAY I'm up!''

This hotel hates me. Over half of the planks are gone now. The Hotel owner will probably say it's my fault too.
It's scary how this school actually feels like. Well school.
Except I have to go there on Saturdays too.
Well I don't really, but I already paid a lot of money and I don't want it going to waste.

One morning routine later and I'm at the school. Willy is there like usual.

''Good morning.''

''Hey there Willy!''

''I asked you yesterday to not call me that.''

''But William sounds boring. Can I at least call you Will?''

''No, call me.... Okay fine. Just not Willy.''

''So what's the plan today?''

''Well I heard you were at Laguna Seca yesterday.''

''Huh? How do you know?''

''Mr Ross told me.''


''Ross? Morgan Ross.''

''Oooh Morgan. Yes I was there with him.''

''How did it go?''

''Oh. Well I had only done a couple of laps. I think I did good. I was about 10 seconds slower than his corvette. However his Corvette is about 10 times the car.''

''Yes. I see you have mastered the art of racing excuses already.''

Is he joking? He never jokes.

''Umm... excuse me? Does this mean I've already mastered today's lesson?''

''No I was merely joking.''


''Today we will be working on throttle control.''
Drake's log that's totally not a diary in any way. 6.4.<insert favourite year here>

This went on for a couple of months. This was no regular school. I sold my Opel for it and still had to borrow money from various friends. Over the course of learning I didn't just learn about racing lines, braking points, shifting, cornering, throttle control and all that. I also learned how various parts affect cars. Not only did I know how to drive a car. I learned how a car works. I learned how a good car works.
And now that I'm home I can start working on the jag, because it's currently a boat.
And I still have contact with Morgan. We became good friends and I even helped him work on his Corvette from time to time. I would have felt proud if me helping him wouldn't result in a busted windshield.
I'm sure it's an easy fix though.
And besides I have a different car to work on.


Drake's log that's totally not a diary in any way shape or form. 7.8.<insert year you inserted above here>

The school helped. A lot. I have been racing a bit and fixing up the Jaguar. I didn't really do much. I threw away the rear seats and some of the fancy doohickies and made the car lighter and I installed an ECU. That's it. I've been saving up all the money, but that's not the point of this entry. The point is that something helped me even more today. More than the school. More than Max or Willy or the Plopy station.
Today I won my first European car race. It pays good and I have been entering regularly. Never winning.
Today was different.

It was a weekly race, and I entered just like last time. The field was very interesting and mixed.


I went to work straight away and overtook a Lotus in the first corner due to out breaking.


The RS200 was a bit harder to overtake, but I did it eventually. So far I'd call this a sucessfull race. I never really got much better than 4th.


I took it easy and made sure to keep it steady.


It paid off. I overtook the Volvo and quickly attacked the Alfa.


It really had no chance. I overtook it on the outside. Like a pro.


The next car was an Audi TT. I could almost hear the commentator: And now we have a brilliant race between a Jaguar XK and the Audi TT. The Spitfire vs the TT. And of course the Jaguar driver is way more awesome than the TT driver. The TT driver smells.

Or something like that...


I had to really put effort into this. And I was able to stay with him.


And soon after this happened


I was so excited and focused that I was overtaking the TT driver. This was the best position I've gotten yet. 2nd!


I was so excited I didn't even notice the first placed car was another Jaguar.
It was also behind me...


And then I just drove.


I was focused and used all the skills I had gotten over the course of my training


I hope it at least provided an interesting race for the viewers. It was a close race all the way to the end.


I didn't make a mistake though. That's a rare occurrence I think.
And I won.


Now logic dictates that I should not have won that race.
I know I was trained well, but... It makes no sense. I shouldn't have won.
But I have an explanation why I won. Like I said earlier something happened that helped more than all the training.
I enjoyed the race.
As soon as I started overtaking the TT something flipped a switch inside me. I was more focused than ever before. More concentrated. I hit every apex and took all the right lines.
Suddenly I felt like I knew what racing was all about. It all made sense.

But that was not the end of the surprises that day. After I had received my prize of a whopping 80k dollars which is the biggest prize I have gotten to date. I noticed the TT driver. He was not facing me so I couldn't put my finger on it, so I walked over to the car.
The driver saw me and turned around.

''It's you!?''
''It's you!?''

It was him. The old driver of the Jaguar. Now I may not have been the best back then, but I can tell you this guy was worse.

''Well congratulations on the win. I see my car is being used well. Did you come here to gloat, because I won't stand for it. I may have to call my mom and then you'll be in trouble.''

''That driving...''


''When did you get this good?''

''Excuse me?''

''I've been training for months now and I've never been a better driver than now. But you gave me a run for my money.''

''Well you're not the only one that was practicing. After my defeat and loss of a car I had enrolled into a racing school. The one in the center of nothingsville''

''Oh I've heard of that one. It is supposedly a rival of the school I went to. The one in the middle of nowhere.''

''Well It's been good to see you don't want to bash me or anything, but I have to go.''

I was really impressed. He's the last person on earth that I thought would be good.
But the world is full of surprises I suppose.
And I'm actually pretty glad for the guy.
Great chapter, and the rest of the story, good humour, one of few that actually make me laugh. :lol: :lol: good stuff 👍
Nice to see any computer with that bitch Rebecca Black on its screen being put in its place. :D
I'd just like to point out, that I will be using the color dark slate gray whenever someone who we don't know or isn't important to the story speaks.
Just wanted to give you the heads up.

And sorry, no pictures this time.

Chapter 12: Planning

''Hey Max! Guess what.''

''Drake! Long time no speak. How are you?''

''I am absolutely swell. Anyway the reason I'm calling you is to say, that the driving school really helped. I have 80k minus all my debts dollars!''

''Wow Drake. I'm really happy for you, but I have to study now.''

''Alright Max. Have fun studying.''


Aww man Max is no fun with all the studying. I don't even know why I call anymore it's always the same. I don't mind racing alone, but sometimes I like to have someone to talk to. And besides. Who am I going to brag to?


''Hurro, may I take your orduhr pwhrease?''

''Uhh. I'm sorry. I must have called the wrong number.''

''Oh hey there Morgan. How are you?''

''Drake! I ought to kick your ass right now.''

''Through a phone? I don't think phones incorporate ass kicking technology yet.''

''Oh really now? I'll find a way. Anyway I wanted to ask you something.''

''Sure. Go ahead.''

''Well I was wondering if you would like to go to Europe with me.''

''Sounds like fun, but I've got plaaa....''

Did he really say what I think he said? The Europe? The place across the pond? The place with the oui oui and the bratwurst mit sauerkraut? The place with the...


''Europe? I uh... errm, but how, when, what, why?''

''Well to answer all your questions: By plane, in a month, I don't know what you mean by what. I'm sure you know what Europe is. Do you? And for your last question: Because if you want to get some racing done. Don't do it in America. The peak of your career can be NASCAR. What a waste.''

''Well... Good point, but Europe? I'm not really sure. People are stranger there with their Dracula's and their diesel cars.''

''You are joking right? You can't be that stupid. And come on. From what you've been telling me over the phone you're good now. I mean you won a pretty tough race. 80k is a lot of money too. Can we talk some time later though? The connection is really bad as there seems to be an interdimensional portal here and it's blocking the connection.''

''Uhh... sure?''

''Alright. Talk to you soon!''

Europe? Hmm. My financial state wouldn't be the best, I'd be going into a situation that's not that hard to screw up, I'd be leaving everything I know behind and it really sounds like a crazy plan.

I like it. But I'll need some fixing up on my car. That 80k minus all my debts is just begging to be used.


Hmm I'm at Gerry's again. Hopefully he can help me with this.


''Drake? Wow I haven't seen you in a long time. Where have you been?''

''Oh... Places. I was wondering if you could help me with my Jaguar.''

''You have a Jaguar now? What kind of help do you mean?''

''Well I got some extra money and am wishing to spend it on the car. I was thinking a suspension kit, a new exhaust system and the like?''

''Well. You're really asking for a lot. And knowing you the money you ran into is something like 100$''

''No it's 80 grand, but that's beside the point.''

I saw Gerry's pride diminished at that one single sentence. He always thought I could never make it without leeching off my parents as I used to. Now I have more money than ever.

''Wow Drake. If I didn't know you were completely hopeless at everything I'd say you stole that money. But yeah of course I can help you with that.''

''Gerry you're the man. How long will it ta.... Why is there a hole in your garage?''

''A hole? Ooooh you mean my oil disposal hole.''

''Oil disposal hole?''

''Yeah I don't like risking my life when someone brings a car that has had the same oil for over 25 years. That stuff's nasty. A drop once dripped on a rock and I swear it turned it to dust.''

''Black holes, interdimensional rifts and acid oil? When did they teach us about these things in school?
Ah who cares. When do you think the modifications could be finished?''

''A week or two. I'm a bit busy at the moment.''

''Okay I'll come back in a week.''

''I said a week OR T...''

Before Gerry could finish his sentence I threw him the keys of my Jag and called a taxi. I hate taxi's.

I'm back at home and we have a lot of planning to do with Morgan. I hope his connection is better.


I go to open the door and wonder who it is.


''Hey there Drake. Hope you don't mind me coming like this, but we have a lot of things to plan.''

''Morgan? How did you get here so fast? The ride from the middle of nowhere is much longer than the time since we last spoke on the phone.''

''Ahem. Plot holes. Do not mention them''

''Oh right. Sorry. Anyway. Europe. U mad bro?''

''I assure you I am in no way mad. I did a little looking around and your Jag and my Corvette can be transported to France by sea for 2000$ a car.''

''That's reasonable. I think I may actually be up for this!''

''Oh and one more thing. My friend is coming along too.''

''Your friend? Who?''

''Remember when we first met in the cafe? When I said you didn't have to go to school on Friday because of the race? Well my friend won that race. Numerous times.''

''Okay and who is this?''

''Her name is Cynthia. And she drives an MR-2''

''A girl?''

''Well of course. Havent you seen all the fan fiction with female racers in them?''

I'm struggling to find a parallel between real life and fan fiction, but I'll go with it.

''Okay. How much power does the MR-2 have?''

''It has 200hp, sports tires, a new suspension, transmission and drivetrain. Also it weighs less than a tonne. She could probably easily beat your Jaguar.''

''Ha we'll see about that after I get my car back''


''Oh nothing. Also. You could have told me this a bit sooner. 1 month? Come on.''

''Yeah sorry. It was sort of a last-minute decision. I wish there were more of us. That way we could help each other out a lot more.''

''Well. I do know someone, that might be up for it.''

''Really? Who? It would be pretty helpful.''

''Oh just a friend.''

We spent the rest of the time talking about the trip, preparations and everything. It was quite exciting really. I really want to go to Europe. My mother is German and I would love to visit that place.

But enough thinking about that. I need to ask if that friend wants to join.



''Hello. Who is this?''

''I'm looking for a Doug. Is he there?''

''Yes. I'll call him''

''Doug! Come on over here. Somebody needs you on the phone!''

Ooooh how exciting. You'll be able to see the new car AND know who Doug is in the next chapter? :dopey:
You're really pushing out a lot of new chapters, Apokalipse. It would be a shame if you suffered some sort of mental burnout because of this, but as always, keep up the good work! 👍
You're really pushing out a lot of new chapters, Apokalipse. It would be a shame if you suffered some sort of mental burnout because of this, but as always, keep up the good work! 👍

Sometimes I feel like I'm close to a mental burnout. :lol:

Chapter 13 is actually already done. I just need to decide when to post it :sly:
But I actually feel like taking the pictures is a bigger hassle. Just takes so long to take the pictures, export them to the XMB, then put them on a flash drive and then put them on photobucket.
What? No throwing up in the oil pan? I hate your story :grumpy:
jk :P Acid Oil and intergalactic portals are better (just).

''Hurro, may I take your orduhr pwhrease?''

''Uhh. I'm sorry. I must have called the wrong number.''

''Oh hey there Morgan. How are you?''

''Drake! I ought to kick your ass right now.''

''Through a phone? I don't think phones incorporate ass kicking technology yet.''

''Oh really now? I'll find a way. Anyway I wanted to ask you something.''

''Sure. Go ahead.''

:lol: :lol:
Chapter 13: Revealing the Jaguar

''Hello? This is Doug.''

''Hey there Doug!''

''What do you want? And how did you get this number?''

''Well the first question may put you into shock, so I'll answer the second. I got this number from googling your name. Yes it is that simple. Your name I got from the participants list of the last European race.''

''Okay. So what do you want?''

''I was wondering if you would like to go to Europe with me and two other friends of mine. We would become very popular racers and have a stable financial state. There would of course be many races and fun times.
You up for it?''

''Europe? Where'd you think of something so stupid?''

''Stupid? It's a great idea! You could use your new found skills!''


''In about a month.''

''So let me get this straight. You want me to go to Europe with a guy who I know nothing about, has been a total jackass to me and took my car.''

''And my two friends.''

''I don't think my mom would like it, but I'll think about it.''

''Alright goodbye!''


One more call to make now.

*pressing buttons*



''Morgan! Hey I just wanted to tell you that my friend is coming along to Europe. He drives an Audi TT.''

''Great news! I can't wait to meet him!''

''I'm sure you'll like him. See you later!''



Everything is going exactly the way it's probably not going to go in Europe. Very smoothly.
I do need to go to the store. I'll need a map, new shoes, new clothes a bag and a fake mustache.
Why a mustache? We'll see.


-At store-

*beep, beep, beep, beep, beep*

Oh come on.

*beep, beep, beep, beep, beep*

Why does this guy need this much stuff?

*beep, beep, beep, beep, beep*

Razors, pencils, rubbers, ligthbubs. Why do I always get stuck behind the person that seems to be preparing for the zombie apokalipse. (hah it's my name! :sly:)

*beep, beep, beep, beep, beep*

''That'll be 9723$ sir.''

The customer hands the storekeeper a 10,000$ bill.

''Keep the change.''


*beep, beep, beep*

''That'll be 80$ sir.''

I hand the man 80 dollars and pick up my map, new shoes clothes and fake mustache. Finally out of there.

''Ohhh 🤬!''

A woman in her twenties just dropped something in front of my feet. It looks like a small book or something.
I pick it up and hand it to the woman.

''Hey thanks. :censored:ing trip requires so much preparation.''

''Oh I know the feeling. Here, I'll help you''

I take one of the bags the woman is carrying. Really I don't do this often, but I can't help but notice that the woman is particularly beautiful. I can't help it. I'm a sucker for women with straight long brown hair.

''Hey thanks a lot! My car is right over there.''

She starts walking in the direction of the car park. I wonder which one of the boring every day cars is hers.


''This is it.''

''THAT is your car?''

''Yes. Is something the matter?''

''But that's an MR-2! That car is awesome!''

''I'm glad you think so. I put a lot of effort into it. It's not the regular MR-2 anymore.''

As I look at the car I notice, that the interior is missing a seat and some lining. Kind of like my Jaguar after I decided it needed a diet.
But as I'm inspecting the interior of the car I can't help but notice an unopened letter. The name on it is 'Cynthia Linnin'.


''Huh? How did you know my name?''

''You wouldn't happen to know a Morgan would you?''

''Yes. He's my friend. What? Why?''

She started to get freaked out, so I decided to tell her who I am.

''I'm Drake. Has Morgan told you about me?''

''Drake? Ooh the guy with the pink Silvia!''


''What? Is something wrong?''

''Nnngnh... uhh... no. So I guess we'll be going to Europe soon.''

''Yes! It's going to be so awesome! I just know it!''

''Oh awesome it will be. Do you want to go for a drink or something? We still have lots to talk about with the whole going to a completely different place thing.''

''Ooh. I'm busy right now, but maybe we can do that tomorrow? I'll give you my phone number.''

''Okay, sure!''

As Cynthia struggles to find a piece of paper and a pen I can't help but think about how awesome she is. I mean a girl, that likes cars, but does not look like a half man half woman? That deserves some respect. Even if they seem to appear a lot in fanfic.
Again with the fan fic.

''Here you go Drake. But I'll go now. See you tomorrow!''

''Alright then. Bye.''

The sound, that the MR-2 makes is phenomenal. It's just a small engine, but I suspect there's a pretty expensive exhaust system installed.


Well it's Thursday.
I always hated this day. In school it's that one day that's the longest. I could get through Friday knowing the weekend is right after that. But I always hated Thursdays.

This Thursday is different though. Gerry called to tell me, that my Jaguar is ready to be picked up. And I can't wait. He wouldn't tell me what he installed, but I gave him a budget of 27000$. I trust him.

I take a cab and can't help but think of how much I hate these things. I have two cars, but I still need to use them so much.


''Drake! Please help! Come quick!''

The tone of voice is disturbing. Gerry's in trouble.

''Gerry! Where are you?''


I finally see Gerry under some mundane old car. There was some purple liquid on the floor. It seemed to be making a hole into the solid concrete.

''Oh no!''

I pull Gerry out from under the car and throw some cold water on him, which was conveniently in a bucket nearby.

''Ugh... uhh. Get the sand!''


Before I could do anything Gerry was up and besides a big bag. He takes a knife and makes a hole. He drops the sand into the hole that the liquid made.


''Gerry... What was that?''

''Used oil. I told you that stuff's nasty.''

''Dude! That stuff's incredibly dangerous!''

''Yeah. Not everyone can work on cars. Right. I believe I have a car of yours.''

My god. Forget all those phony jobs that are supposed to be hard. Forget about policemen, firemen or anything like that. Mechanics really have a hard time.

''Yup. I'm curious what you did to the car.''

Gerry takes me around the corner of his house. There are a couple of rust buckets there, but the car that stands out is a particular Jaguar.


''Gerry! You mad man!''

''Haha I knew you'd like it. It has a new exhaust system and a new suspension. Should get rid of a lot of problems for you. The car now makes about 350hp.''

''Whoa. It looks different too.''

''Yup. Should help with the downforce. I also got you some sports tires. I don't want you killing yourself with some standard tires.''

''It looks stunning dude. The paint job is nice too.''

''Yeah it's a paint that was used on the e-type coupe all those years ago.''

''Gerry you've put some serious work into this car. I can't believe this. Can't wait to try it out either.''

''I'm glad you like it. I enjoyed working on it as the oil doesn't need changing.''

I handed Gerry the money. He really deserves it this time. The car is absolutely beast.

As I was driving home it had already gone dark. We've been talking a for a while at Gerry's. The road is also clear.
I wonder what it can do.




I don't know why I said that in km/h. I don't even know how much that is...


-the next day-

''Hey Cynthia!''

''Hey Drake. Glad you could make it!''

''Yeah no problem. How's your car?''

''Oh it's just dandy. The tires are getting worn though. I usually put sports soft tires on it, so they're easier to burn away.''

''Oh. Yeah I have hard tires on my Jaguar.''

''Oh the Jaguar. I haven't seen it yet. All I've seen is the Silvia. Where is it?''

''Hmm... Morgan seemed pretty sure your car could beat mine. How about you and me go to trial mountain after this and do some hot laps?''

''Now THAT is a good idea.''

We both ordered some drinks at the place where we were and that was quickly gone. We were both anxious to go to the track. We both love cars. But I have another reason. Trial mountain is the track where I learned how to drive. Or at least attempted to.
And now may be the last time I drive on it for a long long time.

''So who's going first?''

''Go ahead. I'll go after you.''


Hah that thing looks a bit silly.



Wow that thing can go fast! And Cynthia's good.


Very good.


In fact


She's brilliant!

Cynthia drives another stunning la pand drives into the pits. She looks pretty tired. And she ought to. That car looks pretty hard yet fun to drive.

''What time did I get?''


''Is that good? I've never been on this track before. It felt pretty fast. Even if I did go sideways a bit sometimes.''

''Oh we'll see.''

With that I go towards my car.

I can remember when I was driving hre in my Opel with Max when I raged at the NSX driver. Seriously who takes a concept to a track day?



I'm better though



I may not have been that bad.



But that was the Opel and this is the Jaguar. There is a slight difference after all.



And I love it

Like Cynthia I drive for another lap. Thinking about this track and my progress and then go into the pits.

''So? How did I do?''

I see Cynthia has a silly expression on her face. Oh no...

''3.44.339. I did it, I did it! I beat your riced Jaguar.''

''What? No way! And it isn't riced. The body kit is very tasteful. Besides I could have gotten an ugly spoiler instead.''

''Point is that you lost and I won. Haha!''

''Okay fine I admit it. But I haven't exactly been driving this car for long. And it looks like you were driving that car since you were born.''

''Hey. Facts are facts. I beat you.''

She's right. But it's not all my fault. While the car is great there's a very slight understeer problem. I bet Gerry the lazy git didn't take his time to set it up properly.
I would also need a new transmission. The car did get to 270 km/h yesterday, but it took about a decade to get there.
Overall I love it though.


I hope you enjoyed this one as it's a bit of a flashback on the old times when Drake sucked.
Also I don't know what to do. I need PSN for awesome photos. :(

Guess almost everyone's going to Europe. Anyway my girl's living in there already. :lol:

I've been planning to have the character go to Europe since the start of my story.
Looks like there's 12 people in the world who actually know how to change oil. Good work! ;)

I'm so glad I made a legendary story, I'll be hearing about it for years.
Looks like there's 12 people in the world who actually know how to change oil. Good work! ;)

I'm so glad I made a legendary story, I'll be hearing about it for years.

Would explain why none of the cars you buy used have their oil changed.

And yes your legendary story is legendary. If your legendary story were not so legendary I would not strive to make mine legendary therefore legendary is legendary legendary. :ill: