Learning curve-the hardest corner: chapter 15 - Racing...IN FRANCE!

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    Shh! Legendary might hear you! :nervous:

    Yeah, I actually stayed away from these race stories because I was disappointed in myself for dropping In The Blood. Then I realised: a good story trumps all.
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    Hmm I actually did the exact same thing. When I stopped the chapters I stopped visiting the whole section, but then I figured I am being stupid and started writing again. :tup:
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    A great new chapter, Apokalipse. :tup:

    Used oil is really corrosive stuff. :lol:
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    3 second difference maybe because of the tires. Maybe. Good to see Drake improve too.
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    Wow, it's good to see how the Jag turned out, and also to see how much Drake has changed
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    :tup::tup: for the MR2 love! It's good to see another one out there!
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    Awesome chapter! I really enjoyed it. I love your writing style. Keep up the good work! :)
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    If you don't mind me asking, what's the exact color of the Jag?
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    Not pink Cranberry Red :p
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    That's very helpful.
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    It's a color you can get on the old Jag E-type.

    Opalescent something metallic.
    I'll check when I can and edit this post for you.

    Also the next chapter will be up as soon as I get some pictures from online, which will be sometime after friday.
    As to why I couldn't get pictures before that's pretty self explanitory.

    It's opalescent dark green metallic.
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    Chapter 14 - France!​

    It's the day of the trip is the first thing I think of when I smack the alarm clock as I always do, when I notice it didn't even go off yet.
    Odd. It seems that I'm so excited that I woke up early. Now that takes SERIOUS excitement to get me out of bed early.
    I get out of bed, throw some clothes on and go towards the bathroom where I brush my teeth, when I remember that my excitement may have been a bit too quick. I still have a bus drive to the airport, as I drove my car to get transported to Europe yesterday, and after that I have a long drive on the plane. Traveling is always nice when you think about it. Unless you're doing the thinking on a plane or bus. Then it doesn't seem so nice.
    After those deep thoughts I eat some food and watch television like usual. Probably the last time I'll do something usual in a while. Now that I think of it, we didn't really prepare for this so well. Too late to turn back now.
    After a goodbye to my television, plopystation and most importantly my Silvia I am now at the airport. I hate airports. You're either late or you are on time and need to wait for hours anyway.


    I snap out of my day dreaming about airports and notice Morgan and Cynthia are already here.

    ''Hey there!''

    I just now notice Cynthia seems to have twice the luggage that I and Morgan have. Strange.
    Oh wait she's a girl. That's normal then.

    ''So I hear you already know Cynthia.''

    ''Yep, we already did some racing on trial mountain.''

    ''Where he lost.''

    ''Well... The car was new!''

    ''Oh really? Then why did... blah blah

    Cynthia looks gorgeous... Hmm I wonder when I stopped using 'hot' to define girls I'd do naughty things to. Or maybe I never did and I honestly think she's gorgeous. Or I'm just blocking out her bragging.

    Blah blah... and you drove on that track before!''

    ''Sounds like you had a great time, but I think we should wait in a cafe for the plane and your friend.''

    I look at Morgan slightly confused, but then I remember Doug.

    ''Oooh Doug! Yeah he should come... I think.''

    ''You think?''

    ''Well we're not the best of friends, but I'll tell you about that later okay?''

    ''You're kidding rig...

    Suddenly that cafe idea seemed like a fantastic one.

    ''There's a cafe, let's go there!''

    ''Yeah let's. I'm getting tired of hauling this luggage around.''

    Oh wow. I wonder why.

    A couple of minutes later Doug joined us and I was able to introduce him to Morgan and Cynthia.

    ''Doug! Sit down here.''

    I show him a chair and act friendly to show Morgan how wrong he was.

    ''Oh so you're Doug then! Hello, my name is Morgan. I believe that we'll be going to Europe together.''

    Doug and Morgan shake their hands.

    ''Yes, I was led to believe so. And you are?''

    Doug extends his hand to Cynthia which looks at him blankly for half a second and then shakes his hand like Morgan did before.

    ''Oh, I'm Cynthia. Sorry, I was thinking about something.''

    ''No problem Cynthia. So I heard you drive an MR2.''

    Cynthia suddenly became more enthusiastic when her car was mentioned.

    ''Yes I do! And I did some work on it too! It can easily beat Drake's Jaguar around Trial mountain.''

    I let out a bored 'mhm' and start drinking my coffee letting Morgan and Cynthia get to know Doug.

    After a long wait and infinite checking of everything from our identity to our luggage we finally made it to the plane.

    ''This is going to be fantastic! I can't wait to se all the places, meet all the people and most importantly, see some cars!''

    ''Yeah. We must go and race on the Nurburgring sometime.''
    Morgan and Doug continued their chat about the Nurburgring and I started exploring for a comfortable sleeping position, when I feel a tap on my shoulder. It's Cynthia.

    ''Psst, Drake. So about your friend.''


    ''Yeah! He looks kind of like a...''


    Cynthia lets out a small chuckle at my remark.


    ''Don't worry. I'm sure you'll grow to like him more later on. He's a nice guy... I think.''

    ''If you say so.''
    After that the flight went by uninterupted. Miraculously there wasn't an annoying small kid somewhere near me. If there was I would make a witty remark. The flight was very exciting. If you like clouds and terrible TV.

    ''Uhh. I hate long flights.''

    ''Yeah. Me too. What I hate even more is all the security we need to go through.''

    *x-rays, passport checks and metal detectors later*

    ''So how will we pick up our cars?''

    ''Well first we're going to the hotel. I guess we should ask around at those taxi stand things that are everywhere''

    I HATE TAXI'S! They're usually a boring old car with those stupid lamps on their roof and they smell bad and I don't know why I keep driving in taxi's all the time. I have two cars! And they're too expensive. All they do is park somewhere and wait for people like me. People like me then need to pay a rediculous amount of money for anything over a 5 minute trip.


    ''Huh? What?''

    ''You were day dreaming. And you looked agitated.''

    ''Uhh... yeah. Sorry about that. Taxi it is.''

    -one taxi drive later-

    ''Oh wow. It's so late already.''

    ''Well we would have been here sooner if Doug hadn't been negotiating for an hour.''

    ''Hey. There's a difference between all those taxi services you know. And in the end I saved us about 20 cents.''

    ''Hey. Maybe we'll buy you a lolipop later since you were so effective with our time. Can we please go to our rooms now?''
    *The next morning (IN FRANCE!)*
    ''Aaaah.. What is this?''

    Something woke me up from my sleep. It's hard. And heavy.

    ''Drake! Are you alright?''

    I push the object away from my face.

    ''What happened?''

    ''It seems a painting fell. On your face.''

    ''I'm getting deja vu.''


    ''Never mind. Is Morgan up yet?''

    ''Yeah. He's brushing his teeth.''


    I get off the bed and throw the painting into a corner. All I remember from yesterday is staring at the chair in front of me on a plane. That took most of our time, but I also remember one thing.

    ''Wait. So why did Cynthia get her own room and we get to be cramped in here?''

    ''Don't you remember? She said she wants to be in her own room as the only representant of the female sex.''

    ''What? That makes no sense! And we need to be here?''

    ''Well you can pay for your own room if you want to. You'd have to pay for one with three or four beds though. All the others are full''

    I let out a sigh

    Suddenly I hear a knock on the door.

    ''I'll get it.''

    *door opens*

    ''Hey Doug. Are you all awake?''

    ''Yeah we are. Come on in.''

    By this time Morgan came out of his bathroom after the longest brushing of teeth ever.

    ''Good Morning Cynthia. Sleep well in your room?''

    ''Yes, it was very... roomy.''

    ''Funny. What do you think we should do?''

    ''You organised all this. There has to be a race track somewhere around here, right?''

    ''Ah race tracks. Of course. There is one. It's called Cape ring. It's a pretty new track, but is getting quite popular already. We're bound to find some sort of race for us. First we need to get our cars though.''


    ''MY CAR!''
    ''MY CAR!''
    ''MY CAR!''

    ''My car.''

    ''Awesome! I feel like going to that track right now!''

    ''Actually, shouldn't only one of us go? Seems like a waste of gas for all of us to get some information.''

    ''Actually, that's not a bad idea. We'll all get to drive our cars to the hotel anyway.''

    ''I'll go.''

    ''You sure Drake? Do you even know where it is?''

    ''Oh knowledge is not the point here. I have a GPS system. :sly:''

    ''Okay. If you say so.''

    Morgan gives me the adress and I fiddle with the GPS device.

    Suddenly there's a sound of a Jaguar XK speeding across Bretagne.
    It doesn't seem to last long though. Time flies when you're having fun. And I had fun, so I'm already here.


    The track is filled with racers, spectators and most importantly the sound of cars.

    To my dismay though I can't find anywhere I can get a good view of the track. I spot someone with 'staff' written on their jacket. That's good I assume.

    ''Umm. Excuse me.''

    ''Bonjour. How can I help you?''

    I breathe a sigh of relief. His english seems to be fine.

    ''I'd like to ask if there are any events scheduled. The kind that people can enter.''

    The man points to some booths. I assume they're sign up booths.
    I go towards the first booth and talk to the man.

    ''Hello. A man said I can ask about events here.''

    ''Yes. What do you want to know?''

    ''Well I'd like to know if there are any events people can enter and race in.''

    ''Yes. I have a list.''

    The man points towards a list that I haven't seen before.

    ''Oh. I see. Thank you.''

    Hmm. The list is confusing. There's a timetable, but the requirements are in

    something called 'PP'

    ''Excuse me, but what is this?''

    ''The man in the booth looks at me with a confused face. Those are performance points.''

    ''Performance what? What's that?''

    ''Points that your car gets if you get it checked. They are determined by your cars specifications. If you have a list of your cars specifications I can get it sorted for you. These points are used in a couple of different tracks all over Europe.''

    ''A list? Wouldn't they need the car for that. I could put some false information here.''

    ''You could, but every car is checked after any race that it participates in.''

    ''Doesn't that cost unnecessary funds?''

    ''Admission fees cover that.''

    ''Makes sense. Thank you. Can I also give you some specifications of my friends' cars?''


    I make a quck call to the hotel. Luckily everyone had a list ready by pure coincidence. I wrote them down and handed them to the man with our contact details.

    Suddenly the sound of screeching tires can be heard that forces everyone to turn their heads.

    I like France already!

    Sorry about the delay... again. First there was the PSN thing and then my TV broke down...
    And in the end I wrote a chapter with no pictures in it. :lol:

    On the bright side, this means I can write another chapter because I have the pictures now.
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    I'm glad you continued the story. :tup:
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    Hey it's fine, you did good. Nice way to work in the PP. Can't wait for the next chapter.
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    Yeah, the chapters good. It's been awhile, and now we get a chapter :) Thank you
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    Thank you!

    Thank you! I'll work on it during the weekend. Or maybe on Friday.

    Don't thank me. I love doing these. When I was releasing a chapter every day I wanted to continue that, but PSN not working threw me out of it.
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    Pretty good. Looking forward to the fun. :tup:
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    Chapter 15: Racing... IN FRANCE!

    ''It's here!''

    ''What's here?''

    ''The e-mail!''

    ''What e-mail?''

    ''The one with our performance points!''

    Doug, Cynthia and Morgan arranged themselves in a half circle around my laptop.

    ''Mine has 470 pp''

    ''Haha 474, my car is better! In your European car driving face!''

    ''Mine has 445''



    ''This has to be a mistake!''

    ''You're going to be driving around with kei cars probably.''

    ''Actually, does anyone know what kind of car represents these pp values?''

    ''No not really. I mean 424 is probably around kei car territory.''

    ''Very funny. Especially considering I beat your Jaguar.''

    ''I was not in the mood.''

    ''So we have our performance points which are not wrong at all, since my car is the best of all.''

    ''I took a picture of the events list on my phone.''

    I pull out my phone and start searching for the image.

    ''Massive screen I must say.''

    ''If you'd like you can drive to the track yourself you know.''

    We somehow decipher the mess of pixels on the screen.

    ''I need to go guys.''

    ''What? Where?''

    ''Race. At the track. Bye!''

    ''Uhh... Bye!''

    ''The race starts in two hours. I'll leave my phone to you guys, so you can check the list.''

    ''Good luck!''

    ''Don't break my phone please.''

    *Drake leaves room*

    ''Let's play hockey with it!''

    ''Well, I'm here!''

    I head over to the man in the booth which helped me last time.

    ''Hello, I would like to enter the race.''

    ''Name and car please.''

    ''Drake Hunter. My car is a Jaguar XK.''

    ''Okay. That'll be 150€ in entry fee. You're starting in 4th place. In the middle.''

    I hand the man the money.

    ''So what are the prizes?''

    ''5000€ for first place and 2500€ for second''

    As I walk away I can't help but feel a bit surprised. That's not that much money considering I won much more back home. But I can't forget this place is incredibly popular especially considering it's new. If you want to get recognised this isn't a bad place to start.

    Commentator: And today we have a fantastic race scheduled. Starting in pole position is S.Lipz in his BMW 1 series. In second position is S.chevar in a Mazda MX-5. In third is D.Brady with a fantastic looking old Corvette. in 4th place is a newcomer to this track. Drake Hunter is here with his three friends from America. And is driving a Jaguar XK.

    How does he know about my friends?

    Commentator: In fifth position is someone you all know, so I won't bother telling you who, because it keeps the readers guessing.

    What? Who?

    Commentator: In sixth position is U.Strike in an NSX type R and in last is ''Jai-AE86'' in another MX-5.

    Why is this all in english anyway? Everything seems so convenient.



    I look around and notice all three of my racing comrades standing there.


    ''What are you doing here?''

    ''You didn't think we'd miss your first race in Europe did you?''

    ''Of course not.''

    I don't need this. Not only is this my first race in Europe, it's also the first time I'll race competitively in front of my friends. Apart from Doug of course.

    As I make my way across the pit lane I wonder how I'll do. I wonder what the mystery car is too.

    One would think that after a lap on the track I'd at least remember something, but as I park my car in 4th position I notice I know just as much as I knew the first time I came here a couple of days ago. Nothing.

    Commentator: And everyone is ready!


    ''What is that?''

    I didn't have time to think as the lights turned green, but I was referring to the eyesore on my right.


    Commentator: Looks like the Corvette is having some problems, but on the other hand the NSX is coming in dangerously close.

    ''He's on the outside though.''


    Commentator: Looks like Hunter is having some understeer issues, as the NSX was able to take the inside.



    ''Thankfully I have plenty of power.''


    Commentator: Amazing! It seems that this track is a bit tough to handle for some!


    ''I need to floor it. That BMW is getting away.''


    '':censored:, :censored:, :censored:! That thing is right behind me too!''


    Commentator: The MX-5 overtook the Jaguar and is going for the BMW!

    ''When did that happen?''


    ''He is struggling with some oversteer though. I can still do this.''


    Commentator: Oh, that had to hurt. Looks like Drake is indeed struggling with understeer.




    ''It's no use. None of us can get a substantial lead.''


    ''I just can't let the pressure get to me.''


    ''No! Not this again! Curse you Gerry and your lazy suspension tuning!''


    Commentator: With only two laps to go and a fantastic battle between the Jaguar and Mazda all odds are open for second place!


    ''I need to be more careful.''


    ''I have the inside!''


    Commentator: Fantastic overtake by Drake Hunter! The Mazda has some problems with oversteer it seems.


    ''I need to concentrate!''


    Commentator: Amazing! A reversal of roles for this corner! It seems that Drake is going to end in 2nd place!


    ''The BMW?!''

    Commentator: And Drake has a chance of finishing first!


    ''I must pressure him into making more mistakes!''


    ''He's fast!''


    Commentator: Looks like Drake isn't the only one going for first!


    ''I can do this! I can't be the one that makes a mistake!''


    Commentator: And Drake takes the lead!



    As I drive out of the track I can't believe it.

    ''You won!''

    ''I won?''

    ''You won!''

    ''I woooon!''


    5000€ and mindless celebration happiness later the track is mostly empty. People went home. And we're one of the last there.

    ''We should go home. And celebrate more.''

    ''WITH BOOZE!''

    ''Yeah, let's go!''

    We make our way to our cars. Just as I'm opening the door of my car I notice someone coming towards me.


    ''Uhh. Yes?''

    ''Great job on winning. What's wrong with your car?''

    ''What's wrong with my car?''

    ''You understeered very much.''

    ''Oh, yes. Bad suspension tuning.''

    What is this short skinny man trying to do?. Can't be too bad, can it?

    ''Can I help you?''

    ''No, but I can help you. I can fix your suspension.''

    ''Oh. I'll have a look around for tuning garages myself, thanks.''

    ''No. I will do it for free.''

    ''What? Why would you do that?''

    ''Well I want to see you race. Let's keep it at that for now.''

    ''Well thanks, but I'll think about it first.''

    ''Here's my card.''

    Oh my god. This is hilarious.

    ''Le Croissant tuning shop?''


    ''Le Croissant? BWAHAHAHA''

    The man seems unaffected by my laughing.

    ''Call me when you make your decision.''

    ''Wait! I want to ask you something. You're here often right?''


    ''What was that car that started in 5th position?''

    ''Oooh, that was an ARTA Garaiya.''

    Well that tells me a lot.

    ''It is raced by an unknown racer only known as the shadow. People say he's a retired professional racer.''

    ''Well he can't be very good. That car looks like it should lap me. Twice.''

    ''He always limits his car way under the limit of the race. He limited his power, so his car was measured exactly 400pp.''

    ''Why does he do this?''

    ''I don't know.''

    ''Okay, I'll have a think about your offer.''

    With that I start my car and drive off.

    That guy is strange. But somehow he seems trustworthy. I need to sleep on it.


    Special thanks to:

    Schevar (Not sure what the GTP name is)

    for driving the cars. And letting me win. :lol:


    And I also have a special announcement to make. This chapter is a bit shorter than I hoped. Mostly because I don't have footage. Again. So I'd like to host some another online event. They would be races against the three other cars, so the Corvette, the MR-2 and the Audi. So if anyone is up for it it would be great if you could show up and bring some cars with matching performance points(stated in this chapter).

    This would be held on monday 9:00 PM GMT.
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    Nice chapter, I new you would release one soon after I sort of reminded you. :tup:, and I would love to participate for the next with my MR2, I love that thing.
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    Nice. :tup: Jai-AE86 has some mad skills.
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    Awesome! I wish that GT5 had just a bit more events so I wouldn't have to organise something for every chapter.

    Yeah he does. Are you coming on monday?
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    Much appreciated, I was going almost all out until the final straight where I slowed to let the Jaguar pass! :)
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    :lol: Good chapter, though I found the vehicle choices a bit strange ;) :tup: Awesome
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    I don't think I'll continue this story. I hate to do that, but in reality it's not a very good story. The main reason is that I didn't know how to write a story when I started. And that translates to the later chapters. I don't feel like putting too much effort into newer chapters when the start wasn't great. I just don't feel motivated.
    However it's not all over. I've been thinking before that it would be a good idea to start a new story, but I would hate having two stories open at the same time and by doing this it lets me start a new one. This won't happen soon though. I need to get a good idea first and think it over. Something I didn't do with this one.

    This brings me to a question.
    Does anyone actually care anymore? :lol:
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    School has started, and Interest drops with it:yuck:

    I care, since I have plans on continuing my story, and still read new stuff by other authors.
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    Believe me in saying that I hate dropping it unfinished, but I feel like I could make something so much better.

    And school has nothing to do with it, considering I didn't write anything during the whole summer holidays.
    Okay, that's a lie. I started work on the next chapter.
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    Years later, Drake, Doug, Morgan, and Cynthia are still drinking booze.
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    You should make some gt6 stories