[LET'S DREAM] - If Kaz asked you for advice, what would you do to upgrade the GTS?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by BrunusCL82, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. BrunusCL82


    In a possible world.

    Firstly, it would try to increase the number of employees or outsource some sectors of creation, especially the team of creation of circuits.

    It would divide the year into four parts. Just as DICE did with the BF franchise, every fourth part of the year I would launch a pack of circuits and race cars. But with each end of the month I would continue to launch street cars and vintage cars. Maximum number of twelve cars.

    By the year 2018, I would release the four DLC packages.

    Each package would correspond to one region of the world ou country. For example, packages Asia, Europe and America.

    And you, guys?
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  2. eran0004


    I would advice him to hire me for designing new tracks and a new course maker :p
  3. JacksHerer


    United Kingdom
    It would be all about PSVR for me. I would be happy seeing the other cars as shoe boxes if I could play the whole game in PSVR.
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  4. Stotty

    Stotty Premium

    United Kingdom
    More real tracks please... Spa, Silverstone, Monza, RBR at least. Plus the old classic GT tracks.

    Mostly happy with everything else :)
  5. SVT Cobra GT

    SVT Cobra GT

    United Kingdom
    To simply add more variety. No duplicate cars or fantasy racing cars.

    More tracks, even if they're fantasy ones.

    To also do more to combat bad online drivers.
  6. JacksHerer


    United Kingdom
    I would like the ability to get out of my car and combat bad drivers, similar to GTA abilities.
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  7. meck_rb7


    Our own scape photo's and replays in the main menu.

    More stats.

    No more liveries or stickers that dissapear after 2 days when you search for them.

    TC with 10 options like in GT5 in stead of only 5.

    Get rid of the fuel warning.

    More real life tracks.

    And i bet there is a lot more.


    Show us QP, FP and if somebody has pitted from everybody after the race.

    When you are scrolling down, select something and go back, it's annoying to be all on the top of the screen again. They have to fix that.

    Paint colors should be able to save.

    Save multiple layers so you can actualy make your own stickers in stead of uploading them via pc.

    Custom helmet and suit livery.

    And like i've said, there is much, much more.
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  8. baldgye

    baldgye Premium

    I think the idea of getting him to drastically change his team is kind of pointless, so instead, I'd focus on quality of life improvements that don't require a bigger team or them to spend months producing them;
    • 20 lap Sport races, that are open for a week rather than a day.
    • Multi-class events for SR-S (99) players only, minimum DR-B (DR B so I can play :sly: haha), with DR deciding which class of car you would have access too (for example LMP1s for S, LMP2s/GT3s for A GT4's for B.
    • party/clan support for Sport mode, or match making for parties based on combined SR and DR that won't effect your personal SR and DR ratings.
    • The ability to change livery when in an event/lobby and switching cars.
    • Special XP bonus periods during certain times
    • XP bonuses that carry for periods of time after players rank up in SR and DR with bigger bonuses and longer periods of bonus XP for attaining a higher level.
    • A proper separation in the GR3 and GRX classes.
      • GRX be split into three sections; LMP1, LMP2 and VGT.
      • GR3 to be split into two sections; GT3 and GTLE.
        • GT3 is what GR3 is now
        • GTLE is a GR3 car that comes fully upgraded via the mileage upgrade system
      • These changes would be reflected in Sport mode by coloured number boxes
    • Allow you to put decals on helmets
  9. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D Premium

    One thing has happened for me already. I wanted faster bots. After midnite passed, the bots suddenly became distinctly faster. They are kind of aggressive all the time. They don't clump into groups, but hopefully that's coming. Also, my wheel abruptly became much stiffer. I couldn't win from the back of the pack anymore. I'm super happy.

    I want all the tracks from the past. Every one. I want all the cars too, but since this is a motorsports oriented game, I want 20 car packs from various racing leagues and sporting groups. American Lemans, various Touring Car leagues from history... lots of them. I really want to see a Touring Car pack from late 90s to early 2000s, with F355 Challenge and Maranello, Calibra and Astra, Ford GT, Diablo, 300ZX, TVR Sagaris... eh, I'm wishlisting in my sleep. But it's fun.

    This is proving to be the most fun I've had in a racing game in ages, just making races in Arcade Mode. Oh yeah, and I want a Race Campaign Builder, not just a single Race Maker. And Course Maker III.

    And suits, unless you said that already. My eyes are getting bleary. Good list by the way.
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  10. AKps3


    1: Please rework/fix the penalty system
    2: It would be great if we could change/chose the liveries at the car selection screen. This would save a lot of time at the Scapes mode or Online lobby
    3: Suspension/Camber setup at the Livery Editior
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  11. BigDawg_1281

    BigDawg_1281 Premium

    United States
    I like this idea. I think you could expand it to DR C even. Mainly, I just think it would be fun to have multi-class races. I agree that grouping classes by DR is probably the only way.
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  12. baldgye

    baldgye Premium

    No reason for them not to have them open to everyone with 99SR, so like B have LMP1's C GT3's and D have GT4's :D
    It's something pretty basic and straightforward if you think about it. The leg work to get it working has already been done with the cars being in groups, people being rated etc
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  13. BigDawg_1281

    BigDawg_1281 Premium

    United States
    I think it would be great fun! I really feel like it could be easily implemented as well. We have it in SP, why not in sport mode
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  14. Sven Jurgens

    Sven Jurgens Premium

    Very much this. Sport mode races in PSVR is my dream. And on the Nurb 24 please. You can't tell me the ps4 can't render 20 ps2 car models in VR. If not use the ps1 car models.
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  15. eran0004


    Yes. Let's give the bad drivers a tank and see how that works :lol:
  16. Sagaben


    Some kind of driver change system would be great. Would really open up longer endurance events.
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  17. Lebowski


    I would advise him to make his mind up once and for all - is it The Real Driving Simulator or is it like any other racing game? If it's real then ditch the stupid fantasy tracks and fantasy cars and if its like any other then stop the false advertising. Oh and come up with an SR system that actually works.
  18. TetsuKobura

    TetsuKobura Premium

    United States
    Make Sport Mode have at least 5 races: 3 daily races like they are, and 2 additional races that are weekly and allow tuning.
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  19. RX-7_FD3S


    Hire people at PD so they can do what's needed (more daily races, more classes uses (more N class races).
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  20. Metalogic


    United Kingdom
    More tracks, but focus on quality of modelling, rather than just sheer quantity (same goes for any new cars). Improve the SR system - I like the idea, but the implementation needs improving. Improve the FFB when using a wheel, other race sims have better FFB. When using a controller with motion control, revert to how it was before the 1.10 patch, was much better then.
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  21. OldSilentHill


    Just 2 words:


    Actual fast and instant team race battles with friends. Clean ones.
  22. jpine324


    United States
    With the amount of detail in this game especially on the pro, I would like to see a car walk around where you could start the car, open doors, hood, etc.
  23. pedrocor


    1 - Get ride of the Nx00 classes, bring back Performance Points to pair the cars and calculate bonus multiplier on GT League.
    2 - More content on Endurance League
    3 - More real world tracks
    4 - Stop wasting time on VGT cars, use that time in something more useful, it's obvious from this topic there are many ways more sensible to use the time.
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  24. Lord Protector

    Lord Protector

    Dynamic time cycle
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  25. RealJaySee


    1) The biggest problem with every Gran Turismo : a decent AI difficulty. Starting on p10 and finish 1st in a 2 lap race is lame.
    I wasn't planning on buying GTS as I knew this would be the case again. I only bought it because of the livery editor :p Luckily you can ignore the offline mode as the online mode is pretty good :)

    2) Decent rally tracks. No 20 meter wide roads, but tight and tricky rally stages like in WRC.

    3) Every car brand should at least have one classic car

    4) More cars - more tracks (duh...)
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  26. fikridroid


    Offline save with random verification in place when connected online, and everything I wrote on the 'Build your own DLC pack thread'
  27. GBalao888


    They really need to improve Arcade Mode in several ways:

    • Instead of only eight rental cars, Polyphony should put every car featured in the game in Arcade Mode right off the bat, including future cars through DLC's and updates so we can drive anything we want even before we want to buy the car, or just for the thrill of it. The car selection, if ever should be sorted by category (garage cars, Gr. N, Gr. 4, Gr. 3, Gr. 1, Gr. X and then Gr. B). In Forza, Assetto Corsa and Project CARS, they allow you to drive every car the game has to offer in their arcade and free play modes (with Forza's addition of allowing you to use garage cars which have been bought, won and/or customized), so why can't Gran Turismo do it?
    • They also need to add qualifying sessions and practice sessions like in Assetto Corsa for standard Arcade races and custom races. They should be optional and should give you an incentive to earn more money and XP if you practice and qualify, for a full race weekend.
    • Some race settings from Lobby mode should also carry over:

    The ability to show visual damage or not (Car settings)

    Balance of performance

    Power limits

    Weight limits

    Maximum tire rating

    Minimum tire rating

    Quick-tuning restrictions

    NOTE: If Quick-tuning (adjusting only the power and weight of a specific machine) is disabled, only cars from a specific N sub-class can compete against each other, because usually a race with road cars will involve road cars not originally from the N sub-class of the car you're using.

    Power, weight, tire, drive type and aspiration limits (Car settings)

    Detection of wall collisions (Penalty settings)

    Side collision penalties (Penalty settings)


    Since I mentioned practice and qualifying similar to Assetto Corsa, it shouldn't just be for Arcade Mode but also the campaign (the GT League) and on the lobbies. On the GT Leagues it will also be optional like in Arcade Mode but on the lobbies, if ever, it's mandatory.

    The usual extra content such as new cars and tracks, since I have a list of cars and tracks that I really want to see in the game.

    More campaign events for the GT Leagues, and if new tracks arrive, more events in the Circuit Experience mode.

    Some road cars are very mismatched, most especially in the N400 class, with the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor being too slow to compete against other cars in the N400 class (well it's a pick-up truck) and that the Lamborghini Countach is ridiculously overpowered (almost as fast as the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which is in the N500 class). For Gr. N and Gr. X cars, I think it would be nice to see the PP system returning to fix this issue.

    Another thing that's ridiculous is that the Volkswagen hippy van is in N100. They should make a sub-N100 class (for cars with 50hp up to 89hp) and a sub-N50 class (from cars with 1hp to 49hp). This would mean that the Volkswagen hippy van will be in sub-N50.

    Corrections to car specs:

    Some cars have incorrect and fake specs, and that this needs to be corrected, such as:
    1. Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 '12- 591hp/1200kg (FR)
    2. Audi #8 Audi Sport Team Joest R18 '16- 984hp/875kg (M4WD)
    3. Citroen GT Road Car '08- 646hp/1400kg (MR)
    4. Nissan #23 Nissan Motorsports GT-R LM NISMO '15- 1250hp/880kg (FF)
    5. Peugeot L500R Hybrid Vision Gran Turismo '17- 493hp/1000kg (R4WD)
    6. Peugeot L750R Hybrid Vision Gran Turismo- 750hp/825kg (R4WD)
    7. Porsche #2 Porsche Team 919 Hybrid '16- 900hp/870kg (M4WD)
    8. Toyota #6 Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid '16- 986hp/870kg (M4WD)
    9. Toyota #7 Toyota Racing TS030 Hybrid '12- 830hp/900kg (MR)
    10. Zagato Iso Rivolta Vision Gran Turismo- 997hp/1129kg (FR)

    If ever, the physics of some of the cars mentioned here will have to reflect on the new changes.

    The Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 will also have its torque set to 516lb/ft.

    The specs of the Zagato Iso Rivolta Vision Gran Turismo is exactly how it was supposed to be in real life, being powered by a 6.2L twin turbo Callaway Corvette V8 producing 997hp mated to a ten-speed gearbox and weighing 1129kg, with a top speed of more than 365km/h.

    The SRT Viper GTS '13 should be re-classified into the N700 class. The same will also be done to the Citroen GT Road Car '08.
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  28. baldgye

    baldgye Premium

    Why would that make GT League any better or interesting?
    The AI is painfully slow, instead of having 1/2 laps of fighting them and then coasting to the win, you'd just be doing essentially time trails, lapping well ahead and coasting to the win...
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  29. elderflower


    United Kingdom
    Bring back La Sarthe and have an actual 24 hour race :cool:
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  30. TheNuvolari


    Free DLCs. THANK YOU.