[LET'S DREAM] - If Kaz asked you for advice, what would you do to upgrade the GTS?

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  1. th3o


    I dont think i have a big problem with this. I want the game director to make the game he thinks is the best. What good would it be to have him do a game that the community wants that is then half-assed done in its quality?
    I rather have the vision of the director but then really really good and polished instead of badly executed fan wishes.
    I think it showed with GT 5 and 6 that maybe this kind of game was not really his passion anymore after 1-4, so he took a different route. Lets cut the man some slack. After all he is a perfectionist and a petrol head and loves racing in the real world. I think thats quite a good base.
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  2. redhed17


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    A few of my thoughts, from a non online racer/user.
    1. Update more often and keep users informed. The pre-Christmas update was welcome, but when and what is happening next. The plans they announced are quite vague. They may want to live in their bubble and be secretive, but users need more interaction now imho. The game is already out, you need to keep the users you have, and maybe attract some more, possibly away from using/buying other games, by giving reasons to stay/buy. If no one knows you are going to add stuff, once the initial release and Xmas sales have past how do they attract new users if they are reading reviews based on release reviews? Advertise how they are going to improve the game, if they are, :) and you keep it relevant to potential buyers imho. You also inform current users and maybe give them a reason to keep using a bit longer.
    2. Every track from all previous games. As that may not be feasible, though I don’t know why, poll users to rate their favourite tracks from all the games and work back through adding the most popular ones.
    3. Lots more real cars. In an ideal world every car from every previous game, but at least every manufacturer should have all their current line up at least imho. Finally get the Porsche license and have hardly any of their cars. No road Audi R8, why? :confused: People all have their personal lists of what cars they would like from previous games, but there are certain super cars that should be in there,
    4. If you add odd vehicles, Cobra, F150, VW Bus etc, also add at least one similar vehicle to race against. It is supposed to be a racing game isn’t it! :rolleyes:
    5. Have more of the game useable and savable offline. Since the last update I have had some no Network connection problems, having had none previously and so much of the game is gone when that happens.
    6. Have any downloaded Decals actually saved on the User’s PS4. I had no Network connection the other day so I thought I would make a Livery and all the Decals I have been downloading are not available with no connection. I think they are limiting downloaded Decals to 1000, so all those would take up about 15Mb. If they don’t want to use up the PS4 memory, though 15Mb is hardly a lot, allow them to be saved to my USB pendrive. Doing this would also keep Decals from disappearing.
    7. Add the ability to order the downloaded Decals, at least into alphabetical order. Unless you can do that and I have missed it. :) I know you can put Decals into collections, but not everything fits into a category.
    8. I liked the Seasonal Events of GT6 and would like something similar. I know you can make your own races, but having someone else impose rules for Cars, Tracks and types of race led to some interesting cars and situations I wouldn’t have tried. It also kept me playing GT6 for many years.
    When you start to think about things the list starts getting bigger and bigger, so I think I’ll stop there, because these were just off the top of my head and after reading what has already been posted in this thread.
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  3. Foofer37


    Fix multiplayer.
  4. CeeJay


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    Please add more tracks, Kaz. I'd take the fantasy ones from the old games. Anything. This game desperately needs more tracks. Also, this may sound weird after what I just said about needing more tracks but I really need you to delete anything with the name "willow springs" from the GT database and never bring it back. You're the best, Kaz! :cheers:
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  5. RaceFace85


    Less aggressive default LSD acceleration settings for RWD cars for better drivability without TCS.
    A value of 20 is more than enough. The default value of 40 is too high.

    This is my only one wish.
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  6. BrunusCL82



    But as the prophet said: Temperance in all things is good.

    With all due respect and admiration to Kaz, I feel that Kaz often uses GT as a personal trophy shelf. I have great friends who play the GT franchise, and it is almost unanimous how much they regret about VGT cars, for example, and some decisions about the extreme work with scape mode and a rather weak job as to the number of race tracks . Some examples.

    Every product needs to have the identity of the director or producer. Obvious. That is having personality, identity. But the director can not live in a bubble and be oblivious to the urges of the community. After all, the game is sold to the community, not to its friends and sycophants.

    A little from here, a little from there. Balance is always good.
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  7. ThionER


    Allow for the gamers to adjust speed steer, deadzone and for motionsteering: allow the users to adjust maximum inclination. The 1.10 destroyed motionsteering. And i belive the game had less speer steer at launch....

    I tried to make a tweet about it. I'm not a twitter expert or something but retweet and like it is maby good? https://mobile.twitter.com/ErikSweden85
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  8. ThionER


    Redo all the n100 to n1000 classystem. Like it is in forsa instead where the cars laptime is which count. Not some stupid horsepower without taken into account the rest of the car.

    And one more stupid thing. Did you know that the wightlimit thing in online lobbies is for MAXIMUM WEIGH!!!!!! NOT MINIUMUM which would be the thing people would like to use a limiter for. Trow away the n system and replace it with a b c d e f g etc. L
  9. Blown03Cobra


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    I'd say focus on new tracks. Although new cars would be nice there are plenty to choose from.

    Bringing back the weekly challenges would be nice. It always did a good job of introducing you to a car that you may have never really gave a chance.
  10. BigDawg_1281

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    Besides the obvious, add more tracks...

    I would like to see multi-class races.

    I think we should have more options for windshield banners in livery editor. I would really like to have a car manufactor one for each car, as well as a car make. Really wish we could edit the colors too. I like the Porsche and BMW ones, sometimes they don't fit well with the paint scheme though.
  11. D3V


    My "I'd like to see improvments"-List
    • Ability to make the Ghost more invisible (not that hard to do)
    • Ability to load Ghost's from Friends (perhabs thats possible, but i'm too dumb to find out how)
    • Better Support (more Settings) for SteeringWheels (like in ProjectCars)
    • a much better Penalty-System
      (Example: I drive a Race, then my opponent takes a "cheat"-Shortcut to get in front of me (cause else he can't overtake me), then he makes stupid nonsense Stops (i crash into him, and get bad ratings). It should be possible to make such asses "invisible", i mean it should be possible to drive through them (like he is a Ghost). Then he had to get rid of his 5-10sec Penalty without playing a dumb brake obstacle for the other (good) players.)
      (other Example: if you get used as a brake from the driver behind you, (getting pushed out of the Track), i don't see why i should get bad ratings for that, or huge penalties, it wasn't my fault... i like the "S", afraid of getting kicked out cause of such stuff)
    • Ability to save Daily-Race-Replays
    • and again... much much better Penalty System (let's say Black-Flag)

    • (EDIT--> Forgot something very important... Yellow-Flag BUG. Overtaking is prohibited... that's an annoying bug (what should i do... Handbrake or what)

    • Tracks (a lot of)
      - Laguna Seca
      - Macau
      - Pau
      - TouristTrophy :-D (never gonna happen)
      - ..... loooong list (all Classics)

    • Function to "report" stu*id CrashKiddies after Races (or the Function to ignore them, that i never had to race against them anymore)


    • Compared to other Rally-Games, GTS is very poor (my opinion). So a fun-mod where the gravel gets tarmac, and we could use it for "Drift"-Races would be such a fun... (imagine a Cobra-Race arround Fishermans Ranch on Tarmac) :D
      (not the GTS Drift Stuff, a normal Race without TCS, Stability Stuff and so on)
    Hey... Topic is called "LET'S DREAM" :dopey: :lol:

    (Sorry for my English...)
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