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  1. ctdc67


    For me unlocked. I personally don't have time to unlock content in a game and if I had time I think I would still want everything unlocked.
  2. MagpieRacer

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    Depends on the game really. A gane that relies on the unlocking as a key part of the gameplay would be somewhat ruined if it was all unlocked. But games like pCars and F1 2020 there's benefit to having everything unlocked.
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  3. Dave A

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    It depends if I want a game that’s a quick blast or that will tempt me to work through a career/campaign mode I suppose. GT4 with no prize cars would lose a lot IMO, it’s a game designed to reward and surprise players as you progress.

    I think there is a market for both approaches. Like you @ctdc67 I don’t have much time dedicated to gaming anymore, but I still enjoy discovering new content as it unlocks.
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  4. Rage Racer

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    I'm fine with locked content when the game motivates you to progress further and get rewarded, but not when it takes multiple dozens of hours to unlock or farm money for a new car.
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  5. Tired Tyres

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    Both. It depends on the game.
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  6. T0MMY3688


    I don't mind lock content if there is a good progression for the player to go through and it really depend on the game.
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  7. Racing_Miku

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    Middle fence when it comes to locked/unlocked content.

    Part of me loves locked content when I have time to do the work and effort required to achieve that unlock but normally I prefer having unlocked content that I can just play with at the time but it depends on the game.

    Examples I would have are GTA Online's recent DLC's have put very difficult/almost impossible conditions to achieve the requirements and even then the content being given probably has slim chance of being used.

    F1 2020 - new driver gear/poses that have reasonable goals to unlock in game and can be done without having a hefty grind at the same time.

    The only time locked/unlocked content can be really poor is games that allow you to buy all of that content for real money and whilst yes we can all do that it does still create an unfair advantage to those who want to do it via the game's challenges.
  8. Robin

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    As somewhat of a casual gamer I prefer if there is locked content that it's not something you have to excessively grind for. I think there should be the incentive of working towards unlocking something but sometimes the developers overdo the steps needed to achieve it.
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  9. Wolfe

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    I don't care for a truly excessive grind -- I play RPGs, so I'm accustomed to some grinding -- or certain kinds of locked content, like Forza's unicorns for example...but I cannot think of any game that I personally felt was made better by having everything unlocked and accessible at the start.

    A game with everything available straight away tends to hold my interest about as long as a game I've already beaten, because that's what it feels like.
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  10. eran0004


    Sometimes the journey to unlock new content is greater than the content itself. Rockomax parts in Kerbal Space Program are pretty nice, but not as nice as the adventure of sending an expedition to Duna in order to unlock them.
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