Logitech in financial trouble. "Discontinue... console peripherals"

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by paskowitz, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. paskowitz

    United States New York

    If this includes the DFGT and G27... then the sim racing world is about to get a punch to the face. Lets hope "PC related products" includes the G27. Pretty sad when you company is surviving off of an iPad keyboard... :nervous:
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  2. mrbasher

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  3. LogiForce

    Netherlands Groningen, Netherlands

    Darn... I better get cracking on building that wheel at/with Project C.A.R.E., cause this is looking very bad.
    If Thrustmaster is also gone then nothing is left, cause I doubt Fanatec is able to stay afloat with all the wheel units being returned/replaced either.
  4. Mayaman


    Exaggerations? Thrustmaster? Fanatec?
  5. CLIFFO_83

    Australia South Australia

    Big announcement from a massive peripheral company.....I own heaps of logitech products which include harmony remotes, g25, g27, speaker systems etc...etc.....

    Makes me sad really
  6. paskowitz

    United States New York

    I do not want to cause a slippery slope but if Logitech leaves, then Fanatec and Thrustmaster are all that is left. If either fails, growth in sim racing could be severely stunted.
  7. JogoAsobi


  8. kikie

    Belgium Thuis

    So this means no Logitech G29 with a hydraulic brake and a true-25-bit-no-noice resolution on USB3, 1080 degrees hydraulic driven wheel?

    Oh well, no problem, after all, gaming is for little children. Isn't it? :p
  9. Jet Badger

    Lithuania Vilnius

    I doubt 'G29' would've been(or will be!) anything like that ;)

    I hope the wheels are staying, afterall they're PC peripherals aswell. Logitech knows that they are the only entry level sim racing gear manufacturers and hopefully shouldn't leave that place empty.
  10. neema_t

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom


    If I'm honest, if someone had asked me if I thought Logitech were in financial trouble up to a year ago I probably would have said yes, the fact that they hadn't announced another racing wheel kind of made me suspicious. I wonder if things would've been different had Forza worked with Logitech wheels, though I'm sure their gaming peripherals are a tiny fraction of their profit and racing wheels probably make up less than 1%, less than 0.5% even.

    It'll be really weird if Logitech go under, I'm pretty sure they've always existed. Dinosaurs had to get their iPad cases with integrated keyboards from somewhere. Cough. As you were.

    But yeah, even if Logitech go under I don't think it'll massively impact sim racing. Isn't Leo Bodnar making a G27 board right now? I trust we'll either see other companies pouncing on the void left by Logitech, sim hardware builders coming up with alternatives and Fanatec and Thrustmaster will probably be alright... Maybe. In any case we'll find a way I'm sure. On the plus side: cheap G27s?
  11. kikie

    Belgium Thuis

    It was a joke.

  12. Luminis

    Germany Duisburg

    Let's be honest here. Sim racing is a verey, very niche market. It shouldn't be suprising that companies like Logitech have to rethink whether it's profitable to cater to that market. To be quite honest, what's really suprising is that that market has been catered to for so long.

    It sucks, but it makes sense. Unfortunately.
  13. Mayaman


    But it isn't sim racing making them go under its these damn speculators and speculated earnings and all this BS. Pure capitalism is unsustainable and will always lead to failure. Realistic expectations based on real data and company strengths instead of trying to make a few people rich from speculation. Bah!
  14. amar212

    Croatia Croatia

    Wheel division has been discontinued in 2010 as I was reporting in some other threads in past years.

    DFGT was the last wheel comissioned and manufactured by Logitech.

    Back in 2011 I was told how there are no plans to invest in further development and manufacturing and how all wheel-stocks are moved cross-continentally to finalise the retail presence.

    It seems how everything was 100% accurate.

    We can now be 95% certain how no new wheel from Logitech will be seen in upcoming years, if then.
  15. daan

    Scotland Scotland

    The G25/27 are designed to work with the PC and are not console peripherals.
  16. amar212

    Croatia Croatia

    I know it is a bed news, but I am certain in the validity of info my source told me in 2010 and later in 2011.

    Wheel division apparently does not function for more then 2 years now.

    Despite G-series is a PC hardware, they are wheels in the first place. I am really sceptical about any future for new models because this announcement is absolutely in relation with my info.
  17. guybo

    United States Tampa, FL, USA

    I was thinking the same thing- the G27 is a PC product that happens to work on some consoles (as opposed to the T500 which is a PS3 product that happens to work on the PC). the G27 is the industry standard and the G25 raised the bar for racing wheels. I hope Logitech weathers the storm.

    I'm bummed. I am sitting here in a cocoon of Logitech. I have a T500 wheel, but my last wheel was a G25. I also have a G15 kb, G500 mouse, 10 year old Z5300 speakers, and a MX310 mouse for my sever laptop. I am a Logitech fanboi!
  18. Mayaman


    And this won't lead to cheaper G27. As the word gets out that they're all done, the price is going to skyrocket as people realize they can't get them anymore. Ebay sellers are going to have a field day.
  19. daan

    Scotland Scotland

    I wasn't disputing your info. I was just pointing out that the G-series wheels are PC wheels that just happen to work with the PS3, so the story in the first post doesn't necessarily mean no more wheels (even though your info probably does mean no more wheels.)
  20. pilmat

    Canada St-Hyacinthe, QC

    Does this mean no more newly developed wheels or that the G27 is going out of production? The former I have taken as a given, but the latter would be a sorry day indeed :(
  21. wajdi1977

    Israel Nazareth/Israel

    Wooww..damn ! I was hoping in a new G29 steering wheel!
    Here in Israel there is no Fanatec, and the t500rs costs 600 euro!
  22. AGP5000

    United States 18603

    I feel bad for you wajdi. I currently am selling my 911 Turbo S on eBay, and have had a dozen messages, from a dozen different countries asking for international shipping. At first, I had NO international shipping allowed, but after so many requests, I will offer it.

    It is unfortunate for either political, or economical reasons that this gear cannot be offered on a worldwide scale. My fear is if my wheel has to go to Morocco, Pakistan, Iran :), or Singapore, and it breaks along the way, or let's say shortly after the person receives it, there is NOTHING I can do to help, as compared to here in the US.

    Let's see how this all folds out. I wish you luck!
  23. K_Soze

    Canada Quebec, Canada

  24. Racingworld68

    Belgium Antwerp

    Guess I will have to tressure my G27 (using as a backup wheel now), it could become a collectors item ;)
  25. ItsHim

    Germany Bavaria/Germany

    That's a real shame. So that leaves me basically with the Thrustmaster wheel, which is a luxury product, if my G25 ever gets faulty.

    Lets hope there's something to come out of the former involvement of PD in the development process of the DFGT.

    As has already been said: wheels are a niche market and obviously not a profitable one.
  26. AGP5000

    United States 18603

    I feel the G27 is likely what MADE Logitech money. They are a solid wheel with a <2% return / defective rate. It likely was to many products with not enough interest to support the $$$$. Sometimes getting to big has its side-effects :guilty:
  27. novadave

    Canada Montreal

    well guys if you had plans of updating your pc now is the time to do it .
    the last few months i have had a few interesting conversations with some comrads in the pc industry.
    well we all know that the econony has sucked lately and because of this people have changed there ways of working with pc`s.
    the sales of desktops and even laptops have been in decline for several years now. now the in thing are notebooks and tablets.
    people have gone to smaller sizes and tend to take them everwhere they go. this has had a bad side effect.
    AMD is almost bankrupt and sources are saying they don`t see how they can survive another 2 years.
    Intel has decided to stop making replaceable cpu`s and go away from the ball socket form factor and have adopted the soldered form factor..
    the next generation of cpu`s will be called Haswell and are soldered directly to the motherboards. they will be limited to 3.5GHz and four cores only.
    this means that there will be much less choice for the consumer and at a higher cost to upgrade.
    because of this the gaming industry is scrambling to build games dedicated to the console industry.
    intel will concentrate it`s efforts to create products for console - tablets - notebooks - phones etc. all small form factors.
    the Haswell cpu`s will begin in the second quarter 2013.
    at the moment Intel is keeping it quiet.

    so all in all it is a fact that companys like logitech are and will continue to fall on hard times if the pc industry continues along this path.
    like it or not - we just may loose the G27

    update - this morning Intel has publicly announced that they are getting out of the desktop motherboard business including chipsets within the next 18 months to concentrate on a more profitable smart phone and tablet business
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  28. wajdi1977

    Israel Nazareth/Israel

    I was looking for the CSR-elite but it costs a plenty of money and if you add shipping cost+custom taxes it is really unaffordable!
    It really sucks that Fanatec doesn't want to ship their items to Israel but in the other hand I can understand them, because Israel is a small market!
  29. ussr


    Logitech will still made new wheel cause they are no.1 Company knows that and i am sure that in some time we will be hearing about new top of the line Logitech racing wheel :tup:
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