Meet Arctic Truck's Latest Icelandic Super Jeep, the Isuzu AT35

United States
Me being originally from a small third-world country, I feel a bond with these light, 4-cylinder trucks. They are very common around those confines of earth.

Toyota Hylux, Mitsubishi L series, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara (a less-equipped US-market Frontier) and the VW Amarok were strong in the market.

The Hylux is still my favorite, but the Arctic Trucks treatment on this Isuzu looks a lot better.

Joey D

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Holladay, UT
GTP Joey
I had no idea Isuzu was still going.

I think they're still in partnership with GM since the D-Max is based off a Colorado to some degree and the MU-X is the Trailblazer in other countries. I think their primary focus though is light commercial trucks instead of passenger cars. I don't think they're sold in the states any more though.

Fun fact: one of the models of the D-Max is called the Utah, which I assume they called it that since Utah (the state) is the more barren, less thrilling version of Colorado.
The Bronx
Still sell decently here in Oz. Funny though, when I came here, the Trooper II(my favorite Range Rover lookalike) was sold as a Holden Jackaroo.

Silver Arrows

Brandon, MB
They could probably sell these light trucks fairly effectively in the US/North America, if it wasn't for people's misconceptions slash the chicken tax.